Mommy & Daddy Reindeer!

Whos the Daddy?
Who’s the Daddy?

We have exciting news at the North Pole!  It is about the little reindeer!  You did know a little reindeer was coming, right?  Would you like to hear the news?

Well, I should start by saying something.  The little reindeer still has not been born!

But, I am excited.  Mrs. Claus is excited.  Mommy and Daddy reindeer are excited.  This is just too exciting!  Are you excited?

And we have good news!  Mommy reindeer is doing very well.  She was at the reindeer doctor yesterday.  The doctor said everyone is doing very well.

The reindeer doctor listened to Mommy reindeer’s tummy.  He listened to the heartbeats.  He heard something special.  He heard jingle bells!  When he hears jingle bells, the little reindeer will be a flying reindeer!  That is exciting news!

I think some of you heard the jingle bells too.  Do you remember hearing the “little reindeer sounds”?

Little reindeer heartbeats and jingle bells!

That was the sound of reindeer heartbeats!  If you listen really hard you can hear jingle bells too.  Can you hear the reindeer heartbeats and the jingle bells?

And there is more exciting news!  Mommy and Daddy reindeer told me they want everyone to know who they are now.  Are you ready to find out?  OK, the Mommy and Daddy reindeer are…

Oops, wait a minute.  A little boy who lives close to you was being naughty.  I have to put him back on the Naughty List.  I’ll be right back…

OK, what was I going to say again?

Oh, yes.  The Mommy and Daddy reindeer are… Rudolph and Clarice!

Rudolph and Clarice LOVE all the great names you have given them!  They say it is really hard for them because all the names are so good. You can still leave Rudolph and Clarice a message with your name for the little reindeer!

Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus

P.S. When do you think the little reindeer will be born? (You can leave a message for me. Or, scroll down to see what others have written!)

87 special messages to Santa about “Mommy & Daddy Reindeer!”

  1. I hope their baby is doing well! Otherwise I will be sad. Also please tell Rudolph and Clarice I said congrats! PEACE!

  2. Dear Santa, Rudolph and Clarince,
    I think the baby raindeer will be born on Christmas Day. (P.S. Can I see a picture of the baby raindeer? Thanks. Love your old jokster April ✌️⚽️

  3. I think that you should name the new reindeer Jesus if it is a boy because that is what christmas is all about,jesus…………….. and if the reindeer is a girl you should name her mary so anyhows ill see u tomorow xoxo

  4. i think reinders are really cute and i have never seen baby reinders before but i think they would be really cute!

  5. I wish you some raindeer luck and tell me if it’s a boy or a girl.i’m going to be so excited when the news goes out on the day they have a baby.

  6. is rudolph real

    Reply from Santa:

    I sure hope he is! Otherwise, who will guide my sleigh?


  7. i am so happy for u two
    !!!!!!!!!!!!!! i think if its a girl call her bonnie and for a boy blizzard! i think the baby will be born on the 25th!

  8. ohhh! How exciting! Hope it will be a girl! GIRLS ROCK!!!!!!!!! Only joking. Itll be BEAUTIFUL, girl or boy!!!!!!

  9. hi santa hi annie how are you
    im good do you know who this is?dad
    NO its santa silly
    omg are you ready for christmas
    yes why did you think it was your dad
    cause he writes to me every day
    is he a good dad?
    he must love you very much
    Bye for now i have many other little kids to talk to, see you on christmas eve, remember to go to sleep early and no peeking on santa

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  11. When Christmas comes I get what I want because I always act good and I never be bad so that why I get what I want for Christmas.

  12. Santa I think the baby reindeer will be born on Christmas day. And I think the baby’s name should be Morgan.

  13. PLease name it Marshmellow if its a girl and if its a boy name it cracker please please please o please

    Anthony & Tianna

  14. YAY!!! I guessed right i’m so happy for them I think the reindeer will be born on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day or Winter. That would be a great present for Rudolph and Clarice if it was on christmas eve or christmas day. Congratulations to every one at the North Pole

  15. hi santa, please please email back
    me xx

    Reply from the Elves:

    So many kids want to talk to Santa right now, the best way to reach him is at . He will write you back right away!

    If you’d like to talk to someone because you are sad about something then the best thing is to talk to your family about it. If you still want to talk then you can always call the great people at one of the phone numbers on this page: (make sure to choose a phone number for your country!). We like to think of them as “elves in training”!

    The Elves

  16. i think the baby reindeer will be born on christmas eve of maybe christmas day. here is an idea of what you could call it.
    boy :danny

  17. Aww that is so exciting a new reindeer is going to be born!!! How about you name it Lashes, Zoomer, Lucky or something like them? We don’t know! Well anyway, we hope everyone has a great Christmas! MERRY XMAS!

  18. Oh My jumping jingle bells!! when i first heard about the new born reindeer, I was soo surprised and excited!! And still am! I think the baby reindeer will arrive eihther on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. Good luck to Rudolph and Clarice!!

    – Danielle

  19. I really want a baby kitten for Christmas. I love them and I want my cat Bubba to feel better since his brother had to be adopted into another family this year. Can you please give me one? I’d really like it. I’d take good care of it too!

    Reply from the Elves:

    The best way to make sure your wishes get into Santa’s book is to email Santa. They go straight in that way! If you put them on this blog then someone might forget to add them 🙁

    Merry Christmas!

    The Elves

    P.S. What’s the magic word? 🙂

  20. Oh!Rudolf you have got now a baby raindeer.I think it will be a buck and could you call it ploto.Thank you

  21. congratulation! i knew that it would be ruldolph and clarice!i think it will be born the 23 or the 24 you should name the baby reindeer…

  22. Heyy i am going to tell you when the baby reindeer is going to be born i think it is going to be born on the 23rd or the 25th of december 2008…. LOTS AND LOTS OF LOVE TANISHA…xoxx

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