Name The Baby Christmas Elves!

Name The Baby Christmas Elves!
Name The Baby Christmas Elves!

Do you remember what happened last Christmas Day at the North Pole?  Twelve baby Christmas elves were born!  After all, all Christmas elves are born on Christmas Day!

You did know about the baby Christmas elves, right?  Would you like to hear more news about them?

Well, everyone at the North Pole has been enjoying the babies.  They are a lot of work though!  Can you imagine having twelve babies?!

I know everyone wants to see pictures of the baby elves.  But, I should tell you something.  You should never take a picture of an elf.  They do not like it.  It freezes them!  So I`ll have to see if there is some way for everyone to see the baby elves that does not freeze them.

Peppermint Sparkles (she is the Mommy) LOVES all the names you have given us!  There are so many great names from which to choose.  She did not see a single name she did not like!

The baby elves loved the names too.  Peppermint Sparkles would read the names to her babies.  It was funny the way the baby elves reacted.  One of the baby elves would hear a name and get really excited.  The baby would laugh and giggle and roll and toot!  That is how Peppermint Sparkles knew a baby elf liked a name.  So that would become the baby’s name!

Name The Baby Christmas Elves!

All the baby elves have names now.  All, that is, except two – a baby boy and a baby girl.   Those two elves seemed to like all the names the kids gave us.  Peppermint Sparkles would ask them if they wanted this name or that name.  But they would always say “No!”

Then I told them the story of how Georgie Gingerbread and Blizzard got their names.  I told them how all the boys and girls voted for their names.  The two babies started to laugh and giggle and roll and toot!  That is how they let us know that they wanted YOU to vote for their names.  Would you like to help name the baby Christmas elves!?

You can vote as many times as you like (but just once a day please).  You can pick a boy name and a girl name.  After the voting is over, I will tell you the names of ALL the baby elves.

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Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus

P.S.  Is it fun to vote for the baby elves names?  Would it be funny to see a baby elf laugh and giggle and roll and toot?  (You can  leave a message for me.  Or, scroll down to see what others have written!)

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280 special messages to Santa about “Name The Baby Christmas Elves!”

  1. Girls- Boys-
    Magic Blitz
    Sparkle Elvis
    Twilight Elfie
    Snowy Dash
    Joy Prance

    Merry Christmas Ruby!
    Such wonderful names!

  2. Is Katie a good elf name? Why isn’t she acting naughty or is that just how she is? How’s she doing? I got her 2 presents. Tell her I hope to see her soon

  3. Can I name the baby elfs pleases id like to call the girls: Miley Moo, Jingles and Holly-bells. The boys could be called: Ronny-ribbon, Buddy Jr and Woody. I hope they are being good little elfs.
    See you very soon Santa xxx

    1. You should name the elf’s Girl :: Chocolate. And if a boy :: peanuty

      Merry Christmas Yizza!
      Such wonderful elf names!
      Did you know you can talk to an elf any time you want? You can!

  4. I think you should name the girl elf Little Green and the boy elf Little Red.I hope you got everything you want this Christmas. Lots of love to everyone at the North Pole.From Anya Alband.

  5. For a boy Frosty of nog would be really good. I love eggnog.
    For a girl elf I will pick Twinkle Glitter, like Tinker Bell.She would be my best friend.
    Thank you for letting me help to pick out your elves names.

  6. We would never take a picture of a elf cause it will freeze. Selfie Elfie would be a good name for the most beautiful elf.We hope you like our names for the elf’s.No one will ever be sad as long as they believe in . No one is ever too old for christmas.or to old to believe in you.When you are you should always believein you.

  7. dear santa for a girl baby elf name would be Jessica I like that one. for a boy I like Zach. have a wonderful Christmas. from Khloe.

  8. Hi Santa it’s me Rayanna I was wondering if it’s on the nice list or naughty list?? just wishing you a Merry Christmas ho ho ho


  9. Dear Santa, I would like 2 elves one to be a big and other to be a girl I want the girl to be named twinkle and the boy to be frost well bye Santa merry Christmas

  10. Santa, you know Shnitsel, right? Well you have to cause he’s and elf on the shelf! I really miss him and you wouldn’t mind having him come on thanksgiving would you? If you have two girls and another boy that doesn’t have a home I won’t mind, send ’em over with Shnitsel! Love Emma Ryann Schlicher. (Just so he’s know my new address. Just tell him to look it up. 😉 )

  11. how do you vote?

    my top 4 fave: buddy gumdrops,cocoa cuddles
    merry belle, jingles jr.

    someone please tell me how to vote!!!
    merry x-mas!

  12. Dear Santa,

    I am a mom and my daughter, Lauren asked me what I wanted to say to Santa. There is nothing I want to ask for as I have everything that matters to me. I have a wonderful family and we live in a nice home and both my husband and I have jobs and we feel very blessed with our simple but happy life. I received the best gift ever a little more than nine years ago when I gave birth to my twins, Michael and Lauren. Their dad and I had wanted them for a long time and we are so happy to have them. I believe you must have had a hand in helping us to have them and I will always be grateful and believe in the magic of Christmas. Merry Christmas Santa!! Love, Jodi

  13. Hi my name is mackenzie and i love christmas all of the elves and santa mrs.clause. By the way what is mrs.clauses name thank you love you bye

  14. can you please give us another elf on the shelf please oh please and make Mikey stay please oh please with a cherry on top

  15. Name suggestions for the two baby elves:
    (Girl)Sugarplum Gumdrops
    (Boy) Nutty Nutcracker
    (Girl) Merry Mistletoe
    (Boy) Snowy Jack Frost
    (Girl) Holly Hot Chocolate
    (Boy) Nicholas Presents


  16. Santa please put some photos of the baby elves i bet they’re cute

    how about these names…….
    Destinee the elf (girl)

    Peyton the elf (girl)
    mumby the elf (boy)

  17. Dear Santa this is me Alicia.I think u should name the boy Jingles Jr. for the girl I think u should name her Cocca Cuddles.See u soon Alicia.

  18. if thre is another baby elf born and you are having trouble naming it you can take some suggestions from me if you like

    melody the elf
    twinkle the elf
    spirit the elf christmas the elf
    celebration the elf
    reindeer junior the elf
    jack the elf
    christina the elf
    magic the elf
    jason the elf
    hols the elf
    robin the elf
    toffie the elf
    moonlight the elf
    p.s is an elf age of 99 still young!

  19. We think those name are fantastic ! The baby elves sound very very cute !how old are they now santa ? Tell there parents congragulations as we never new about them ! We hope you are all okay at the north pole . i bet there all a handfull .
    love from courtney and kayleigh xxxxxx

  20. santa clause, your are awsome and so are the elves and reindee, and of corse, Mrs. clause!!!! I never knew that there are baby elves! the north pole is full of magical things! I wish I could visit the north pole, it sounds great!

  21. Hi Santa I’m so excited for Christmas! P.S: Do any elves go on your sleigh with you?
    P.P.S: Can you wake me up this year and give me a photo of your self for me to keep because I love you!

  22. hey santa its max i will be very happy if i get the things i asked for. tell all the elves i think they r awesome and merry christmas.

  23. Dear Santa,I love all the names and hope that the young elves will learn to make toys someday.I can’t wait till Christmas Eve and then you can meet my elf.Her name is Jingle.She even wrote back to a letter I sent her!

  24. Hi Santa, Can you remember to bring my friends at the shelter some fun things for christmas. Thank you santa I know you will cause you are the best. I love you santa

  25. i love this website it i sso good i love all of u over at the north pole i better go and get my hat and scarf on for this winter

  26. Hi! I loved all the names you could vote for! Unfortunitely I was too late to vote but I hope the elves love their names! Thanks for reading this! Bye!

  27. It might be hard being an elf. Give this note to Miranda.Hi Miranda how are you doing.I want to be an elf for one day.Can you vist me every year in Dec. I miss you a lot.Baby elf names are cute.

  28. I like the name Cocoa Cuddles it so sweet, because I love chocolate, chocolate is yummy. Santa do you like cocoa too? 🙂

  29. hey santa i rember when you called me and gave me a video last year! all my friends were sooooo jealous! thanks santa you rock keep it up!peace tell roudough i said “Hi!” ttyl love, jillian kenney

  30. i love the name Marianne Reenea Isabelle and whatever the last name is,but some people don’t like 4 names 4 a single child but i don’t care really i would atleast have 3 names like example:amber leeane wilder but gues what my coisin she’s married and she’s having a girl no names yet

  31. I have good elf names too! Frosty-Lake, GlitterDust, smooshy-love, stawberry, Peach-Cream, Mistletoe, Sweetberry, Bella, Twirly-Whirl, MarshMello, Candy-cane, Rubber-Gumdrop, Sugar-flake, GingerBread and Bubble-Love! There are some names! I Love you!

  32. Hi Santa!My favorite Christmas Elf Name would be Jing-A-Ling! It is so cute! I have an elf on the shelf you gave me! I named it Snowball! Love you!

  33. If there was some more voting, I would choose Merry Belle for the girl, and Jingles JR for the boy. Aren’t those the cutest names ever!

  34. hi santa please can u take a pither off the bady elfs i beg you but its ok if you can not love you so so so so much shona gallagher

  35. santa can you have your elves mmake a special camera to take photos of the abay elves because i think my lf on a shelf in a baby elf. xoxoxoxoxo

  36. Hi Santa
    I love the work you do to make kids all over the world happy!!
    please send me some pics here’s my e mail adress

  37. I have some rlly cute names for th baibe elvz.

    gyrl- pom-pom, lucie, elvea, sugarplum smile, bauble belle, jingle jessicca, jolly jinx, elfy ella, alana,glittergloss, moonshimmer, lillien, jaide,rainbow glitter, ribbontwirl, mistletoe, or little lulu jingles.

    boy- junior, jingle, or jinx.

  38. Hi Santa.
    I cant wait till tomorrow morning!
    I wish you all the best with the baby elves.

    Merry Christmas,
    Lots of love,
    Amber X X X X X X X X X

  39. Heyy Santa my sister Taylor and I were just wondering if Twitterbug was an option because you or mother elf are always twittering?! HAHAHAHA!

  40. I really want to see picturs of the baby elfs please put them online i wish them luck i REALLY want a baby sister for christmas:)

  41. Hi Santa I really liked the names first for a girl hot cocoa! and for a boy egg nog!!! so that is my vote! I love you santa!! BYE BYE!!!

  42. To santa thankyou for the letter i love
    it so much im gonna show my friends. But
    i have a problem some times i wake up
    in the midle of the night and i cant get
    back to sleep but your magic so can you
    put a spell on me to stay asleep all night.

  43. i loved the name rainbow sparkles it cheers me up well all those girl names was too good and i didn’t know witch one to pick [vote], i meant.

  44. I would name the baby elf Holly Plum because I think that name is verey cute and cuddly!!!

    p.s. You are the nicest man on earth!!!
    Merry Christmas!!!

  45. hi Santa i just discovered your website it is really cool! just like you! my 2 brothers eli and damon are nice and naughty sometimes they are good and bad but on xmas day they are good!

    from shernya and damon and eli

  46. Dear Santa i love you so much i carnt believe that the Elves have that many babies at a time its so amazing that that thay have so nuch babbies !!


  47. i have a boy elf on the shelf and when i looked at him he looked like a buddygumdrops.and i like cocoa so i picked cocoa cuddles.

  48. Dear Santa,I love it when you write blogs because it like your telling in person but on the computer .Also last year when i went to my friend’s house ,Jonna Hanner, you droped your card and i got to see how you look like. I hope you got it back.

  49. Thanks for letting me vote on the baby elves names. I hope they like our choices and hopefully you can figure out how to take their picture without freezing them. I think they will be cute. XOXO

  50. All the names are really cute, it was so hard to decide! “Rainbow Sparkles” is a really pretty name but I chose Cocoa Cuddles because I thought it was funny and cute.I chose Jingle Jr. for the boy I think…I forget.

  51. I think the baby elves are sooo cute. I would love to be able to see them. I would love to be your helper so I could look after the baby elves.

  52. i really love these names:for the girl Holly Plum,for the boy:Alfie i really hope you like those names too!!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS & have a happy new year!!! ! 🙂

  53. Dear Santa, my elf that you gave me until Christmas isnt doing enything fun.Can you send a letter of what to do to get his magic working to have fun.Iwant toget to have a present from him because all my friends that have an elf got a present or did something fun. Love always, Isabel .p.s.thankyou so much for Gingerbread

  54. I did send an email and I did ask for a wii and a china doll and my Mum has just said that I am probably getting a wii from her and getting a china doll from my auntie. Hope you have a great christmas.

  55. Here are a list of boy and girl names:

    Girls: Boys:
    1.Holly 1.Beetle Bug
    2.Hannah 2.Bernie Blue
    3.Susie Claus 3.Peppermint Ralph
    4.Sweety 4.Pilly Pig
    5.Ginger Angel 5.Timmothy
    6.Gayle Avery 6.Terry Tay

  56. Star, Tree, Bulb, Snow, Angel, Billy, Enzo, Maggie, Wreath, Bow, Tinsel, Moose. I think these names are really great for the new baby elves!

  57. all the names are xtra cute, i wish i was called merry belle. i’m an elf if you want to know why i have a weird name.
    i can tell you that all the baby elves are really cute. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

  58. I love baby elves! To bad you gy’s can’t
    take picture’s.Rainbow Sparkles is a great name! Tell Peppermint Sparkles I like her name allot! P.S. some of my friends believe in you!

  59. Thank you for sending us a baby elf again. we enjoy his company. He goes crazy for peppermints.Could you please tell us his name because we keep calling him baby elf.

  60. Dear Santa,
    Merry Christmas! I’m so exited because we get to
    spread Christmas cheer Even more by choosing elf names!
    I chose Merry bell for the girl and Jing-a-ling for the boy
    because I think those are cute names in fact I think all the
    names on the list are cute! I bet it’s hard work looking after 12 babies!
    From Melissa.

  61. I love thinking of cute names for babies. I hope Merry Belle wins for the girl name! I love it! Do you think Christmas comes faster when you get older because that is what is happening to me?

  62. dear santa,
    can you send a picture of a baby elf?
    do they cry alot? thank you for writing me back from my first email!!!! most of my friends do believe in you!!! are the reindeer really magical? oh one more thing can you tell me when rudolphs birthday is please!!
    yours truly,

  63. Santa,

    Santa I really want Christmas to be here.I really cant wait so thats why I talk alot about you.You make christmas fun to sneak into the house at night.Please try to get me night vison goggles for christmas love Justin.

  64. theres SO many names but the 2 that i picked i like the most! i wonder if there r going to be any more this year? so long,

  65. Elfis Presley! He’ll grow up to be the Elf who brought rock and roll to the North Pole! Viva Las North Pole and Toy Factory Rock! His line will be “Thank you, Thank you very much, ladies and elfmen!”



  67. i liked thoughs two names because i met an elf befor whos two kids were just about to dye and thoughs were there names!
    and thats why!

  68. Dear Peppermint Sparkles,

    I would name the girl Sarah, Clara, Beth or Megan.You should name the boy Josh, Mike,Will or Logan.Bye and tell your baby’s I said Hi.

  69. I can`t wait to find out what the names will be!The names I voted for,Jingles.Jr and Merry Belles, are winning!I hope they win.Hope all`s good at the north pole!

  70. Hey santa i love you i hope you come to my houses love me and i love Those raindeer to. p.s i hope you give me lots of presnts

  71. thats a cute name that i had picked for your baby name and merry christmas and i love you ms. and mr. claus and i love you to cocabye

  72. Hi Santa I think you and Mrs. Claus should call the baby elves Bernard, Charlie, Judie,. Scott, Millie, Maddy, Fussy, Silly and Patrick. Hope this really helps you both love Jordan

  73. Hi santa i am at school right now, i just wanted to tell you that i love the name holly for one of the elves.

    Ps. i still believe in you, no matter what people say!!!!


  74. i hope i get a chick for christmas P.S. tweet tweet!!!! write to you later. o one more thing my sister should be on nauty list please

  75. dear santa iam already done writing my christmas list to you! this year iam thinking about leving you a little gift i sure hope you like it i did what you said and i came to this site my family said it was ok if i get a puppy i will love and care for it please think about i reay want it! well i have to go take a bath have a merry Christmas!

  76. HEY! I dont like bionicals! or did your letter get mixed up with someone else’s letter THANKS love the understandable one kali

  77. santa claus may you please say to the i love them and i love you to of course and say i love everyone in the nouth pole

  78. I didn’t know that there was already 12 baby elves at the orth Pole! But i think Peppermint Sparkles should name the baby what means the most to her!

  79. i bet the baby elves were so cute! 🙂 i wish i could of saw some pictures. 🙁 thats to bad. see you on Christmas (i hope)

  80. I love you and the baby elves. I also love mrs.claus and all of the rest of the baby elves. I love all of the reindeers and hope they have a great christmas,too.

  81. Dear Santa,
    I just e-mailed you! Sorry if I’m bothering you! You are so fun to talk to! I really enjoy talking to you and I hope we can have some conversations! I hope I’m being good;)Just one last thing before you go, can you e-mail me on my real e-mail, well if your allowed to. I love you A LOT. Thanks, Natalie

  82. Hey Santa! I really want you to name one of the boy elves Cinnomen and one of the girls Ginger. I hope to see them on Prep AND Landing soon.


  83. I really hope you name the boy elf Jing-A-Ling. I don’t care what you name the girl elf. I like the name Jing-A-Ling because that is what I used to call my fat cat. It would mean a lot to me if you named the boy Jing-A-Ling. Thank you, Ariel.

  84. Hello santa
    I like the story about the baby elves and i hope you remeber me from email santa as from your letter i came to this blog and wrote this comment .Thanks for all your love

    best wishes Tulsi

  85. can i please name them santa i will name them /bob/charlie /rachael
    maise/ annblla / emily /keren / jo / sophie / jason / ben / Ilina /

  86. Hi Santa,
    I will not be hand writing you a letter this year because my parents think I am too old. I’m not! I will not be writting a wish list this year either because I already have everything I need and it would be selfish to ask for anything more. You probely won’t remenber me but I met you once in Boston America. I know it was you because you wore a red velvet suit with gold buttons and soft white trim. It wasn’t a cheap suit like the pretend sant’s wear. All I want for christmas this year is for all my friends to believe in you again. Me and Kathryn are the only ones left in our class. Anyway I have to go because I am home alone and my dog Jazz is barking because she wants to go outside. Hope you have a wounderful Christmas and that you get everything on your wish list.

    love Abbie
    (From Northampton)

  87. how do you make a name for the elfs?because i have a really really cute name!!! :):):): Di will tell you….. for the girl fluffy fir.and for the boy little antlers!!! what do you think?cute or what!!! :):):):D

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