A new Christmas Game – Reindeer snowball shinty!

new Christmas Game - Reindeer snowball shinty
A New Christmas Game – Reindeer Snowball Shinty!

The reindeer invented and played a new reindeer Christmas game called “snowball shinty” today.  Blitzen had learned all about it in a book about Scottish sport.  It is a little bit like hockey played on grass.  The players have a stick and they hit a hard ball.

Blitzen thought he could create a brand new Christmas game using some things we have at the North Pole.  The reindeer could use big candy canes as hockey sticks and a Christmas tree bauble as a ball.  They tried using a snowball for a ball, but well, you can imagine how that turned out!  The first time one of the reindeer hit the snowball, it went SPLAT!  HHHOL!

Rudolph, Dancer, Prancer and Vixen made one team.  Blitzen, Comet, Cupid, and Dasher made the other team.

What an exciting game it was!  Rudolph’s team scored the first two points ever in this new Christmas game.  His nose glowed red, just like a goal light!

Then Blitzen’s team scored two points.  The reindeer were running and flying from end to end.  But time was running out.  The next team to score would be the winners.

Who Will Win The Christmas Game?

Blitzen gave the bauble a mighty WHACK!

It flew high through the air.  Uh! Oh!  Then there was trouble.


The bauble hit the star at the top of the North Pole Christmas Tree.  BOING!  It bounced off and landed on the toy workshop roof.  SWOOSH!  It slid down the roof in a big pile of snow.  FLUMP!

The snow landed on Donder standing below.  BRRRR!  Donder shook his head.  FLIP! His antlers flipped the bauble into the air again.  Where would it go next …?

The bauble sailed through the air at high speed.  OUCH!  It hit Blitzen right on the butt!  But guess what?  It bounced off Blitzen and straight into the goal.  Blitzen’s team are the winners!  Ho, Ho, Ho!  What a lucky shot for Blitzen!

Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus

P.S.  Have you ever invented a new Christmas game (or any other kind of game)?  Have you ever played a lucky shot in a game?  You can click here to tell me about it or, scroll down to see what other people have written!

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  1. Megan. Would. Some horse. Suff. And. Lost new. Funny. Thing. Should. Baby. Rain der. Is cute. Fro. A boys Tom. And girls. Name shally

    From Megan

  2. hey Santa I know this is not a game but still I hope you like the song. oh before I start I want you to know that it is only part of the song [because I only made up half of it LOL]so here it is. the smell of candy canes and joy in the its pretty easy to tell Christmas is almost here. so tell me if you like it. bye.

  3. well i created a game for the elfs its made a game for all the elfs just for them well you get tiny cand canes about the size of the elfs and you get the elfs in a circle and then you run around the candy canes and then one of the elfs stand out of the circle and calls out chistmas and they stop hoo ever does not stop has to do a funny christmas dance to rocking around the christmas tree and thats my game please tell the elfs about it during there free time.

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