Ninjabread Men – Santa’s secret army of Ginja’s. Read about them here!

Ninjabread Men
Ninjabread Men or Ginjas  (hiiiiya!)

I have a secret to share.  I have kept this secret for many years.  Of course, I would not normally tell anyone.  But, you are different.  I trust all of you.  Can you keep a secret?  I know that you can.  Okay, here goes.  My story starts on Christmas Eve, many years ago.  That was when I first met the Ninjabread Men.

Yes, one Christmas, years ago, I was flying around the world.  I was delivering presents.  I was so happy. Then I saw something I did not like.  Someone went down a chimney.  It was not me.  Who could it be?  I followed them.

When I got into the house, I hid.  I saw a green fellow.  Here he was taking all of the Christmas presents.  There he was taking the decorations.  Everywhere he was taking the food!  He was up to no good.  Then he saw me.

“Hello, Santa,” he said.  “I am here to steal Christmas.”

Who would have thought?  Why would you want to spoil Christmas?  I did not know what to do!  He started throwing things.  Carrots and tinsel flew towards me.  But I could not get out of the way.  I did not want to be hit by a mince pie!  So I closed my eyes.  Then I waited.  But nothing happened.

Ninjabread Men to the rescue!

When I opened my eyes, I saw them.  One hundred Ninjabread Men.  They were Ninjas.  They were Gingerbread.  No, they were Ginjas!

They jumped into the air.  Then they kicked, and they punched.  They stopped anything from hitting me.  The funny, furry, green fellow frowned.  He did not expect that.  Then he threw some more stuff.  The Ninjabread Men stopped the stuff.

Suddenly the green fellow ran towards me.  Then the Ninjabread Men charged.  The green guy got scared and ran away.  That was how I met the Ninjabread Men.  And that was how I got a Ninjabread army.  Now, they protect me wherever I go.  They hide in the shadows.  They only come out if I am in danger.

Well, there you go.  Please, can you keep my secret?  Can you imagine what a Ninjabread Man looks like?  Do you like to draw pictures?  I would love if you could draw a picture of one.  Do not forget to give your Ninjabread Man a name.  They don’t have any names!

Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus

P.S.  I would love if you drew a picture of one of my Ginjas.  I’m sure they would love it too!  Draw your best picture and send it to me.  Do not forget to give your Ninjabread Man a name.  Leave me your drawing here or you can just tell me a good name for my Ginjas.  Also, you can scroll down to see what other people have drawn or their name ideas.

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14 special messages to Santa about “Ninjabread Men – Santa’s secret army of Ginja’s. Read about them here!”

  1. Avery Is here I will love you and kiss your face and then you and I will get a dog and go to bed or you have to get my house and then go to eat and

  2. I loved this story so much!! This story was a great story!! I hope santa and the elves and reindeers have a wonderful Christmas and a happy new year!! When you come to my house Santa and put the gifts under the tree, there will be a rapped up present that say Santa on it, I want you to take it and keep it. It will be a suprise for you and your wife,elves, and reindeer!!! M.E.R.R.Y. C.H.R.I.S.T.M.A.S

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