No Christmas? How Can You Cheer Up Santa Claus?

No Christmas? Was it a bad dream?
No Christmas? Was it a bad dream?

No Christmas? I love Christmas!

It is the time of year I like best! When it is Christmas, I love to deliver presents to children all around the world.

When it is not Christmas, I love to make toys. I love when families come together. I love all the good food. And I love the songs. I love the joy. I love the laughter. Yes, I love it all.

Yesterday, an elf came to me in tears. He had a dream. A nightmare actually.

In the nightmare, Christmas was cancelled! This is what happened.

It was a regular day in December. Many people from around the world were preparing for Christmas. Then aliens appeared and fired their humbug lasers. Christmas was gone. All trace of Christmas was zapped. It all went in their spaceship. They stole Christmas and then they flew away. People were sad.

But, life went on. It did not make much difference at first. Children went to school. Adults went to work. Kids played. People ate food. Life was much the same. Then December 25th got closer. No one was chopping down Christmas trees. The forests were getting darker because of all the trees. No one was buying turkeys to eat on Christmas day. Now there were more turkeys running around.

The turkeys went to live in the dark forests. No one was singing Christmas carols, which made everyone sad. No one was buying Christmas presents, so all the stores closed. Families were not travelling to spend Christmas day together. All of the airplanes and trains were thrown in the garbage. The world was a sad place.

No Christmas?

Then December 25th came. That used to be Christmas day. Children woke up but there was no Christmas! There were no presents. No toys. No food. There were no families. No nothing. They screamed. The world screamed. They scared the turkeys living in the forests. There were probably a buffalo-billion turkeys. They ran out of the forests and took over the world.

Then the elf woke up.

Thankfully, it had all been a bad dream.  I cannot imagine Christmas being stolen. What would we do without it? Can you imagine a world without Christmas? Without me? I do not want to think about that bad dream anymore.

Santa Claus

P.S.  Can you help to cheer me up? Can you tell me what you like most about about Christmas? You can click here to tell me or, scroll down to see what other people like about Christmas.

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15 special messages to Santa about “No Christmas? How Can You Cheer Up Santa Claus?”

  1. I love Christmas. Do not worry Christmas will always be here.Nobody can steal Lords birth!!!

  2. I like and enjoy Christmas because there’s holiday spirt I also like making this for Christmas and also watch and see my advent calendar by my Christmas tree I like to watch the Christmas tree I also try my very very best to detect Santa’s Ho Ho Ho and Jingle bells and spot for a red nose reindeerSantas sleigh I really try my best but I never ever get to get a sight but I always still have spirt in my heart love Amanda Merry Christmas enjoy your Christmas and remember you are special in a type of way

  3. At about nine years old I didn’t care about Christmas anymore, because I was all alone besides my mom. It was a sad time in my life. I got all the gift I could ever want but that was not enough for me to be happy. Now I have my brother back and I am happy once more. So even without you Santa or without present it wouldn’t matter to me. As long as those people who are dear to me know how much I love them. Both here on Earth and in heaven. For that is what matters the most during Christmas and all year long. However, I am thankful you do exist and give present to those who need that and that you help us all share the love and warmth of the Christmas spirit. . Thank you Santa for doing that.

  4. What I like MOST is happy; joyful people wishing people, “Merry Christmas”. I really love the Christmas lights, the display windows in the stores in NYC, Christmas snow, the smell of Christmas trees (I like not having to cut them down to bring them in the house), the nativity under the tree and in the yard (PRAY cause there aren’t many nativities in the yards of people in my town anymore) thinking of the animals and reindeer at the North Pole, I adore the misfit toys, Santa’s laugh (I STILL want to catch Santa leaving my present) and sleigh bells, the sound of reindeer hoofs on the roof… I Love you, Santa Claus. OXOX Please give my Love to everyone at the North Pole (and to ALL).

  5. Oh no! Well, at least it was only a dream. No Christmas! But i gotta say:
    Keep on Keep’n on.
    If that ever happens, We will fight to get Christmas back!
    (Does anyone have a spare spaceship)

  6. The thing I love most about Christmas is you Santa Claus! I will always love you! I love the Christmas carols and watching the Christmas specials on TV! And I’m especially glad it’s Jesus Birthday!

  7. Santa, I hope you are not down. You should be happy that the elf had the dream, not in reality. I am putting out cookies and coke a cola. Always, under my fire place.


  8. Don’t worry Santa, it sure was a bad dream. No force has the power to take Christmas away. If they even try all of us (the kids) will fight them and get Christmas back.

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