Ho! Ho! Halloween Trick-Or-Treating

Halloween Trick-Or-Treating
Would you like to get this when you are out Halloween Trick-Or-Treating?

We have lots of fun at “Ho! Ho! Halloween” at the North Pole.  We have a Happy Halloween North Pole style!

We play Halloween games.

Keep reading to find out what else we do!

Then we do Halloween crafts.   One of our fav is carving pumpkins.

Clumsy the Elf’s Hallowe’en pumpkin
Clumsy the Elf’s Hallowe’en pumpkin

Clumsy is really good at carving pumpkins. Some of the elves carve peppers or turnips too. Carved turnips can look really scary or funny. Did you know people used to carve turnips long before carving pumpkins was a thing?

After our carving party, we dress up in our Halloween costumes and go Halloween trick-or-treating!  Of course, we stay safe when we are trick-or-treating.

Halloween Trick-Or-Treating At The North Pole

Everyone loves to go Halloween trick-or-treating!  The elves love to fill their goody bags with treats.  They knock on a door and say something silly like:

“Trick or treat, smell my feet.
Give me something good to eat”

Then they get something yummy.  Sometimes they get a candy cane.  Other times they get Christmas candy.  And sometimes they get fancy imported marshmallows for their hot cocoa.  Of course, they always get an extra special cookie from Mrs. Claus! Mrs. Claus always gives the littlest elves an extra cookie.

But, if they say “Trick or Treat” at one house, they might get a trick!  That’s the house the  old GrinchyClaus lives at.  He waits for an elf to say “Trick or Treat”.  Then he gives the elf a trick — an old smelly sock!  He saves old smelly socks all year just for Halloween!  That is so silly!

The elves always look forward to getting their old smelly sock. They talk about it all year long and after Halloween too.

Happy Ho! Ho! Halloween Trick-Or-Treating!

Santa Claus

P.S.  What do you like to get for Halloween treats (besides smelly socks)?    (Scroll down to leave a message for Santa or to see what others have written!)

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55 special messages to Santa about “Ho! Ho! Halloween Trick-Or-Treating”

  1. This week sunday it is elf on the shelf chef birthday Please let me know chef birthday elf on the shelf Happy Happy birthday chef from tonia

  2. I love Candy lollipop s and mentos ice cream brownies cookies yummy chocolate bunny chocolate Avila chocolate

  3. hi santa sorry i missed your birthday in march

    happy halloween

    love from me

    ps merry early christmas
    happy halloween
    and early christmas
    merry halloween
    happy christmas

  4. halloween is fun but I think christmas is even better because you get to spend time with your family. on halloween you get to go trick or treating and what do you end up with? candy! and lots of it! but I guess halloween trick or treating here on emailsanta.com is trick or treating with a christmas theme and not scary stuff. at christmas time, everyone is usually shopping for that big night! christmas day comes and almost every kid wakes up to presents under the tree! merry christmas santa!

  5. Hey Santa, love the blog! I saw that you’ve been sleping in a elfbed. bye the way how many more days untill Chistmas????????

  6. Even though Halloween was a few months ago, I went as a Vampiress and it was loads of fun! I’m a vegan so I don’t eat any lollies with gelatin!

  7. i think halloween is great fun but i like christmas better because for one it stands for christ and then mas and you celabrate

  8. i love i mean love halloween i love to trick or treat and hang out with friends
    i wish i could no why people distroy property on halloween though

  9. I was JASON VOORHEES! he is so COOL!!!!(and scary!) i got candy,candy,and candy!!! Happy halloween!(and merry christmas!)

  10. dear,santa claus I hope you had a happy halloween.Chirstmas is my favorite hoilday.my birthday is on christmas.I really like your websites because they are really cool!

    your friend, Katie

  11. Here in Portugal we don’t have Halloween :o(
    There are some parties, but we don’t go trick-or-treating, so I have to wait until Xmas to have candies and chocolate :o(, so I can’t wait for Christmas to come.

  12. This year for Halloween I was Miss Frankenstein. This had to be the best Halloween ever because we got a hole bowl full of candy and a big box full of chips and cheesy. Well I hope you had a great HO HO Halloween. See Ya talk to you later.

  13. I went trick or treating and got lots of yummy candy!! I’ve never had a trick yet 😉 We also did a pumpkin carving competition and I came second! Yay! My friend carved a pepper instead of a pumpkin! It was so funny! Lol! xxx

  14. Guess What . I got 72 Bags of the Halloween chips . There is a Person in stag Harbour Zita Cobb . Maybe You know Her

  15. I cant wait for christmas it is the best holliday it is so wonderful oh and yesterday for halloween i was an elf i was so cute well ttyl bye santa

  16. I cant wait for christmas iIjust love all the festivity and spiritand the presents of course.Yesterday on halloween I was a sorceress and I got loads and loads sweets and chocolate I still have lots left love chloexxxx

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