One Month to Christmas Eve!

One Month to Christmas Eve
One Month to Christmas Eve

Just one month today is Christmas Eve Day!

Oh, I’m getting so excited!

The elves are getting excited!

The reindeer are getting excited!

Mrs. Claus is getting excited!

Are you getting excited too?

When I get excited I get silly. And when I get silly, I write silly things!  Silly things like this:

One Month to Christmas Eve, a poem by Santa

It’s true today
Something I cannot believe
Just one month today
Is Christmas Day Eve!

The reindeer are ready
to pull my red sleigh
Because one month today
is Christmas Eve day!

The elves have been busy
They make lots of noise
They make lots of presents
For good girls & boys!

But do you like presents?
Do you like toys?
Do you like goodies
For good girls & boys?

I think that you might
I think that you do
Can I tell you a secret?
I like them too!

So I hope you stay good
You know that you should
be the best little kid
in your whole neighborhood!

And send me your wish
Your Christmas Day list
Of all those goodies,
and gizmos and gifts!

I’m just so excited
What can I say!
I write silly things
with Christmas…


Merry One Month to Christmas!

Santa Claus

P.S.  What things do you do when you get excited or silly? You can click here to tell me or, scroll down to see what other silly people have written!

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149 special messages to Santa about “One Month to Christmas Eve!”


  2. You make me laugh my heart out SC.You like awsome and is fun and funny too’but you work really hard like the elves have to.You get a good laugh!Well,see you later santa!byyy!!!.

  3. I think on that night i will hear something like i do every year!Its funny you have a blog.(LOL).You make people laugh but sometimes you make people work.You got a pretty good laugh there!See you next year!!! byyy!

  4. i usually fall on the ground and laugh till i cant breathe this happens quite frequently! p.s can you convince my parents to let me buy a hedgehog ?well happy almost merry christmas

  5. I can’t wait till Christmas I want an I pad mini white I am putting my letter to you in the chimney. Have a great Christmas wish you luck.

    From Rachael

  6. A lot of my friends don’t believe that your real but I do ur my favorite. I still believe and I’m in middle school
    Merry Christmas Santa, elves, and reindeers

  7. My gran died of cancer last year , so christmas has been hard for my family but the joy of santa and his helpers cheer me up!!

  8. Tines are hard cause my dog died but when it’s December Santa makes me smile thank you for all your support o this can’t wait see ya

  9. Santa I’m excited too I can’t wait till Anna my elf on the shelf comes back on December 1 I’m so so excited!⛸⛷

  10. I really really want a puppy because they are soooooo cute with their noses and tails, anyway if you are reading this, my name is Rheanna and I am 8 years old turning nine years old next month on tuesday December 22.So I guess thats’ it then byeee.

  11. this isn’t really a silly thing but… I just want to wish you a MERRY CHRISTMAS ! 🙂
    thank you santa for all the years of joy you’ve given me

  12. hi santa I love to write letter to you oh before I forget I love love love love Christmas very very very very very much please have me on the nice list even though I might call my brothers names but you trying being a girl in your house with 3 brothers but I tecknickley have 6 brothers and 9 half brother =15 brothers alltoghther but I have only 1 sister and she is going to be 15 soon so she does not really like to play with a almost ______ year old I am not going to tell you my age because other people are going to see this right well I think so anyways I still think that ishould be on the nice list please santa you don’t want to make me cry???? anyways I have a few things that I want for Christmas

    1= touch screen computer like the one that my grandma has
    3= time for my phone please please
    4= earplugs please so I cant here my ko-ko brothers
    5=a turtle 2 turtles because I want a girl turtle and a boy turtle and when I get the turtles from you I please want them to be baby turtles like the turtle that my aunt Malinda (aka aunt Mindy)
    6=coloring books and 3 boxes of the 96 crayons please
    7= I want you to make the guy that I have a crush on and he has a cruch on me I want you to make him ask me out on a date
    8= I want you to NOT tell my boyfriend that I have a cruch on this other kid (that is for me to do although he might not want to see my face or talk to me for 1,000,000,000 years because he might think that I don’t LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE him anymore but even though I still have a cruch on because he is so h** h** h** h** h** h** (the h** stains for hot) anyways I still love both the same
    9= about 4 more sisters to play with

    p.s. also I would really like if you gave me a $650 gift card for all of the different stores

    love alexa

  13. Dear Santa !!!
    I really hope on Christmas eve you would bring me these 3 gifts:
    A ring that grants all my wishes
    Kindness and honesty to my heart
    A visit from you…Santa on Christmas night.

    Love Mariya

  14. dear santa merry nearly Christmas im going on a school tour tomorrow I don’t know if im going to to be where im living or down in cork so please deliver my pressies where I live or there I will tell you soon once I know so you can deliver my presents there thx xx Leanne

  15. Hello Santa,
    merry christmas I can’t wait to see you flying over Sun Valley one Christmas Eve. When ever it is Christmas Eve I can’t wait for the next day so I can not fall asleep. I keep the other person up and they keep me up but soon we fall asleep. But in the morning it is hard because my parents will not let me go out intill they are up. I will make sure that you will get tons of milk and cookies.

  16. write or sing a silly or funny song about christmas
    talk and talk non stop
    are annoying
    pain in the butt

    hope to hear from you soon xx visiting you next week ( well if i behave anyway)

    bye bye

    lots of love
    from daniel paul richardson

  17. Dear I didn’t believe you but now I do sorry and I love you and I hope you get me that come puter

    Your sincerely keira oloughlin love you.

  18. Dear Santa,
    i have a lot of things to ask you but first let me tell you of what i want for christmas MY WISH LIST:
    1.a minie Motercycle for me
    2. A phone and a Chrome Book. P.S its a minie laptop i heared my music teacher say i have no idea of if its true.
    3. a ipod
    4. crazy ice cream machine and refill packets
    5. yummie nummies soda machine and refill packets
    6.a fourwheeler
    7. another american girl doll named Samantha and clothes,shoes and,a spa set for them and a car .
    8. naidia the water the elves spa set
    and may you get me a boy or girl elf on the shelf Santa please.
    P.S write back please.
    Kaitlyn Rowan

  19. Hi Santa,

    i say things like this:

    Twas the month after Christmas and all through the house
    Nothing would fit me, not even a blouse.

    The cookies I’d nibbled, the eggnog I’d taste.
    All the holiday parties had gone to my waist.

    When I got on the scales there arose such a number!
    When I walked to the store (less a walk than a lumber).

    I’d remember the marvelous meals I’d prepared;
    The gravies and sauces and beef nicely rared,

    The wine and the rum balls, the bread and the cheese
    And the way I’d never said, “No thank you, please.”

    As I dressed myself in my husband’s old shirt
    And prepared once again to do battle with dirt

  20. Santa I’m so excited for Christmas. It’s my favorite holiday, and we start decorating NEXT WEEKEND!! I’m so excited!!!

  21. Hi Santa! how are you?we are going to see you at New Bank today whooo we love you lots of love Brian,Lisa,Lily,Ruby and Avaxxxxx

  22. Hi Santa I really am excited for Christmas Day! I have my trees set up one is in the living room and one is in the toy room hope Christopher isn’t misbehaving (this elf who visits my house:) )
    From Charlee ♥️♥️♥️☕️

  23. Hi santa i live at lithuania but i am starting to not believe you please say how i can start again believe you sorry
    To Santa Clause
    From Nermeda Pielikyte


  24. When I get crazy I have a giant laugh attak and say really stupid things❄️❄️❄️❄️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  25. dear santa i wish you would get me on the nice list this year i hope i am on the nice list this year and i love the presents you give me i wish you will get me good presents this year!

    love kaylan

  26. Dear Santa,

    I believe in you and the Tooth Tairy and the Easter Bunny! I love you guys, and Christmas is my favorite time of year!! My biggest wish on my Christmas wish list is for France to be settled and freed from all bad things. But whenever I am silly is when I am watching Sponge Bob. Speaking of which, I am watching the Christams special right now!! You have been very good to me all of the years and I hope that I am on the nice list this year! I also hope that my elf on the shelf, Shimmer comes back with a pet and a friend!


  27. Dear santa,
    what i want for christmas is an iPod touch, easy bake oven, goody basket and a really pretty necklace for amber stole.

  28. When I get silly is when I’m on a sugar rush. Also if you come deliver presents at my house please come to Aunt Candace’s house to deliver them cause that’s where I will be the way Aunt Candace’s house is in Arkansas if you have trouble finding the place. Can you PLEASE come to where i will be at cause you never came to give me presents ever before.

  29. when i get silly i dress weird and i act weird too then i want to eat all the sugar i have so i’m really really silly ha ha ha love everyone in the north pool have fun making all the toys p.s please tell santa that i love him very berry much i would blush if i saw everyone there merry christmas and happy new year he he he !!!love bunches of ots!!

  30. this is how silly i am. yoyoyo nmomomo nonono the point is my sense of humor can not control itself and I go along with it .

  31. When I get silly, I get wound up. VERY WOUND UP. I got wound up in the last 24 hours. Other times I do not cooperate with my humor at the moment and actually do very odd things. ;]

  32. Santa I can NOT wait until Christmas it is my favorite holiday because I snowboard and i’d rather be cold than hot (and of coarse the presents!) Bye!!!

  33. I really get excited for Christmas eve and Christmas Day, it’s so fun.
    I hope you can bring these Christmas presnents that I really wanted. If u really you get the presenets you are the best. Miss you.

  34. hey santa I know my friends have said silly things and I believe in you that you are here right now

    when im exited I sing rubbishly and cannon of the sofa
    P.S my dad spins me round in the air ha

    kind Regards Brooke

  35. when im excited for christmas i watch the christmas film elf and then i jump up and down singing christmas songs because the best way of spreading christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear 🙂
    love from chloe

    ps. enjoy all the mince pies, i love them too 🙂

  36. When I get silly I dance and shout (but not too loud!!!)
    I just wanna say you are so great and amazing. My friends say that I am too old for Santa Claus, but guess what! Here I am writing to you saying how much I admire your work, by delivering all those presents to boys and girls all over the world!! I just want too be honest for a sec. I have tried too stay nice all year and be really, really good. I might have messed up a few times, but, I hope you forgive me enough to keep me on the Nice list! Bye!
    Zoe <3
    P.S – Say hi to the elves and reindeer for me.

  37. Elf is name frisbee please send him to me I will look for him today could not find. Hume Let me know when you bring him back I love you have a good night Barbie life dream house 2015 doll stroller food pajamas5x chocolate candy CDs DVDs Justin beaver stuff put it under my Christmas tree in my room stocking is hanging on May door in May room i’ll leave milk and cookies on the table in the kitchen and carrots for reindeer

  38. When I get really excited I start extremely weird even my mum tells me I really weird! especially when it is almost Christmas I get really into Christmas spirit then I put a lot of Christmas decorations then I end up putting decorations on me then I can’t breathe because I am so EXCITED

  39. when i get silly i say really weird things like ; yoyoyo i like fro yo and then i like fat tomatos like how i like big large potatos i like them sooo much! i like to rap and take a nap at the same time!!! (i like to rap presants not the singing rap well i gust we like both) LOVE you Santa!OUT!!!

  40. When I get excited I start jumping up and down and start saying wow or that is awesome . I hope your elf’s are doing okay. When it is Christmas eve we will make you cookies and milk. we will throw out reindeer seeds maybe but I do not no for shear. Hey Santa Claus we have our Christmas tree up and we have it all done. Our house has Christmas stuff in side and out side. Santa Claus can you bring me some cool things Please. I hope you do not get heart. Merry Christmas Santa Claus.
    To Santa Claus

  41. hi Santa just here to say a great big thank you for every single year you come to my house. I have a dog called Kai and a hamster called Poppy they have both been really good (well I think so any way) 🙂 but any way When I get really silly Once I went a bit to silly and fell over into a bush.But any way bye Santa

  42. only one day toll you get in your siehfg and say ha ha ha .I cant believe you have been good the way you should.HAPPY CHRISTMAS

  43. Dear Santa,

    I love you. I think I have been pretty good this year… I only have a couple Christmas list requests:

    Chico’s Christmas List

    Skylanders SWAP force wii(has to be SWAP force or will not work…)
    Massaging recliner or brother or puppy that can sleep in my bed(hopefully pug)
    Just any wii game
    Electric scooter
    Amazon gift cards (stocking stuffer)
    Wii Nunchuck (1 or more)
    Lego Sets
    Nerf machine gun

    Merry Christmas

    Love, Alexander XOXO

  44. Hi Santa,

    I think I’ve been pretty good this year…
    I just have a couple requests for my christmas list, here it is:

    Chico’s Christmas List

    Skylanders SWAP force wii(has to be SWAP force or will not work…)

    Massaging recliner or brother or puppy that can sleep in my bed(hopefully pug)

    Just any wii game

    Electric scooter

    Amazon gift cards (stocking stuffer)

    Wii Nunchuck (1 or more)


    Lego Sets

    Nerf machine gun

    I love you santa we will save some you something good to eat. 🙂

    Love, Alexander

  45. abby says: horses, gingerbread,and peppermint.
    jordan says: when is peppermint comming back
    meredith says: i miss allie random

  46. What I do is jump around and do my happy dance! I also like to hang upside down on my couch and I just thing about how excited I am!

  47. YAY!!!! 1 Month Away!!!! I love Christmas and now its just 1 month away! Hope you got what i wanted! Thank you santa, mrs. claus, reindeer, and elves for working hard to get us wonderful Christamases!!!! Have a Great MONTH AWAY! 😀 😀 😀 😀

  48. Dear Santa
    I Have Seen Your Video Reply Three Times. Pumpkin Pies Only One Month Left Until Christmas!!!!

    I Am 8 Years Old Already. My Birthday Is On The 8th Of August 2007.

    Santa Christmas Is Exiting Right I Barely Cant Wait. EEK! So Exiting

    From Charlotte xxx

  49. i dont have a REAL elf on the shelf i got one i can touch and its huge ( no offense elfey ) so can i get a real one like all my friends please plz pleez i’ll do any thing wait i know why i have a big elf on the shelf i have two little bro’s a 3 yr old and a six year old and me a nine yr old so can i have an elf on a shelf?

  50. I think I am the ONLY kid that starts counting down to Christmas on Christmas bye ;D 🙂 i will never be 🙁
    Love melia

  51. hi santa im so exicited. one time i heard your reindeers was stomping on our roof it was funny!some things i want for christmas is the kurio phone a smartphone just for kids and a skateboard bye santa !
    kaley echard

  52. When I notice it’s almost Christmas … I RUN AROUND LIKE A MANIAC AND GO BONKERS AND TALK JIBBERISH AND SPELL THINGS WRONG, AND…AND…AND…OHH!OOH!OHH!I KNOW! I run into my room and sceram into my pillow, or I’d take my brother and hug him so tight, or

  53. I want a bunch of gymnastic stuff and basketball hoop and more clothes!!! ps the gymnastic stuff is like 10,000 stuff or 25 bye santa!!!

  54. Hi Santa when I get silly I jump up and down and up and down like i’m on a sugar high and I start yelling crazy things like candy candy christmas christmas candy yeah candy!!!

    I want an american girl doll for christmas

  55. Dear santa i cant even what till christmas i just want it to be christmas eve already!!!! I hope Your helper elfe on my christmas tree tells you all about me being good some times

  56. HI Santa I am nine and what i do when I am silly is dance around and create parties for my family.PS I have 15 stuff on my Christmas list.

  57. Ha ha! You should write Christmas carols, and then sing them on the radio! When I get silly, I eat too much candy. Then, the sugar makes me even crazier! I guess that’s why my halo is a bit crooked 😉

  58. Hi Santa! You are amazing and so are the reindeer so just like every year I will leave something special for the reindeer (Veggies, granola, reindeer mix) I cant wait till Christmas P.S I’d love a greatdane lps from 2004! Love Mia!


  60. Santa Claus When I git so happy for Christmas Eve and Christmas day I git a silly just like you do. And when I git silly Sometimes I git happy tills . Thank you Santa Claus I hope you read my letter.

  61. Dere santa,IM SUPER HAPPY IT ALMOST CHRISMAS i really hope this will be the best chrismas ever!When i think of chrismas i get VERY SILLY I DANCE TO MY FAV SONGS AND A JUST PLAY AROUND WITH MY FAMILY DOG AND I PLAY GAMES LATER SANTA SEE YOU ON CHRISMAS P.s: say to you elfs ”GOOD JOB” AND GIVE THEM A PERSENT 😀

  62. some people say i’m too old, but i really believe Christmas is the time where everyone comes together laughing, singing, cheering, and spreading good times. Christmas is the time to celebrate a man who i still believe in one of my heroes Santa Clause. He shows me that even through tough times and hard one that you can still put your differences aside and help someone in need weather to give them warmth or food, toys or clothes. We had all 365 days to come. While he helps children all around the world for one magical night only. I love you Santa Clause
    🙂 Thank you very much. And thank you to the elves and all your reindeer

  63. Santa, I am SUPER DUPER exicted for Christmas Eve! Whenever I think about Christmas or Christmas Eve, I get silly and I get crazy and do Christmas stuff! SANTA I GOTTA TELL YOU, I LOVE CHRISTMAS!!!! {:

  64. I am so excited for Christmas to. When i am excited i am so happy i tell jokes and laugh my head off even if they are not that funny.I want to meet you Santa.

  65. Hey Santa! You just make me smile every time I say your name! I hope you get me the things I want? Talk to you later!!! Tehehe!!!!

  66. Santa i think that you are getting bit to silly! Santa i really like your blog because your rhyming and it makes me laugh because your a really funny man!

  67. when I get silly well I get crazzzzzzy I run around the house and I talk realy fast and [takes breath] love you santa!!!!

  68. (ho ho ho) you are so funny Santa Clause and you are a silly and funny and a wonderful Santa Clause and i just want to know if my brothers and my sister been good or bad you should look at my sister now if you could she is acting bad right now for my mom .

    Love:Jasmine Bialaszewski

  69. When I get silly, I usually get yelled at. When I get too silly, my dad brings out his belt. That’s what usually hushes me up or makes me hide. But when Christmas eve comes, I can barely sleep. I never get silly on Christmas eve, otherwise my sister wouldn’t let me be Santa’s little helper and help wrap some of the presents. Helping wrap presents is usually why I can’t sleep.

  70. Christmas carols are sung at church
    Holly is very prickly and sharp
    Rudolph has a big red nose
    Infant holy is a carol
    Santa delivers gifts on Christmas eve night
    The turkey is cooking
    Maybe you got the presents you wanted
    Amazing presents for everyone
    Santa Claus is coming to town

  71. when i get silly i say silly things like: his name is evan my name is gabby and your name is MARIO hahahahbut actually its st.nicolas

  72. rainbows and jelly i have been kind of smelly
    but now that you are coming ill make sure i wash
    for you will need to continue your journey

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