Sherlock Elf & the missing baby reindeer

Sherlock Elf & the missing baby reindeer
Can Sherlock Elf find the missing baby reindeer?

Hello. Santa Claus here again.  Have you met Sherlock Elf?  One of my baby reindeer recently went missing.  I called Sherlock Elf for help.  He really is a clever little elf.  Do you think Sherlock Elf found our missing baby reindeer? Let’s find out.

It all began on a cold morning last week.  I woke up and went for a walk.  I was walking past the reindeer barn. I chose to check on the baby reindeer.  They were very excited to see me.  But something was wrong.  One of the reindeer was missing.  I looked and looked but could not find the missing baby reindeer.  I quickly called Sherlock Elf. Continue reading “Sherlock Elf & the missing baby reindeer”

Christmas movies night at the North Pole

Santa, popcorn and Christmas movies!
Santa, popcorn and Christmas movies!

There is always lots of work to do here, especially when Christmas gets close. I like to make sure all the elves and reindeer take breaks sometimes too. One of my favorite nights every year is Christmas movies night.

We set up a giant movie screen and everyone came in their pajamas! We had all kinds of snacks and treats to enjoy during the show. Mrs. Claus made extra cookies and there was plenty of hot chocolate. The elves brought popcorn, marshmallows, candy canes and lollipops. Continue reading “Christmas movies night at the North Pole”

Christmas hooks – Santa learns something new!

Christmas hooks by Clumsy the Elf!
Christmas hooks by
Clumsy the Elf!

Well these are exciting times! Yes we are under two weeks away from my fun trip around the world. The elves, the Mrs. and I are way busy preparing. But you know how they say; “you learn something new every day!” Well today I learned something that shows no matter how old you are you could always learn something. Luckily I just love learning news things. Today I learned about Christmas hooks.

Earlier today Clumsy was helping me set up a new Christmas tree in my bedroom. Yes, I know the bedroom may be a kind of different place for a Christmas tree. What can I say? I love sleeping next to twinkling Christmas lights. Continue reading “Christmas hooks – Santa learns something new!”

Christmas cupcakes, it’s time for the Baker elves’ parade!

giant christmas cupcakes are everywhere!
Giant Christmas cupcakes
are everywhere!

Each week, a group of elves hosts a Christmas parade. The toymaker elves held one last week. It was a fun time. There was music and dancing and crafts at the end. This week is one of the ones my tummy likes best: The Baker Elves’ Parade! I just love giant Christmas cupcakes!

Mrs. Claus does most of the baking and cooking for me. But, the baker elves help out a lot in the kitchen. They also make special treats for each of the reindeer. Their parades are so fun to watch. I think the best part is all the yummy treats to try. Continue reading “Christmas cupcakes, it’s time for the Baker elves’ parade!”

Elf names! Vote for Robo-elf’s new name!

Santa's bulletin board
Vote for elf names for Robo-elf
Vote for elf names
for Robo-elf

Ho Ho Ho!  I’m so glad you all seem to like Robo-elf. I’ll tell you he’s been a great help to all the other elves. You want something done and Robo-elf is the e-elf to do it. Doesn’t matter what it is: string lights, make a snowball, wrap a present, sing a rap Christmas song, Robo-elf gets the job done with a big grin on his face.  He’s even remembered all the elf names!  (That’s a lot of elf names!)

I’m so proud of Clumsy and Scunner for making this robot. I think I even saw Scunner smile (just a bit) when he saw Robo-elf put a star on a tree. Continue reading “Elf names! Vote for Robo-elf’s new name!”