Practice Makes Perfect

Sometimes learning something new can be scary!  My first time driving a sleigh was a little shaky, but the more I did it, the better I got.  Mouse, the littlest elf, has to practice something very important this year!

Read about how brave Mouse is…

Today I was enjoying my hot chocolate with those fancy imported marshmallows. As I checked my list, I heard a strange sound.  It was so quiet that I had to sit still and listen very hard to hear it.  It was a tiny, squeaky sound with little sniffly noises too.

I tried to find the sound.  It was coming from beside the big Christmas tree in the library.  I had to get down very low to see what made that sound.  Mouse the Littlest Elf was there under the tree.  She was holding a book and crying.

I asked Mouse why she was upset.  Mouse held up her book and blinked away a tear.  I thought that maybe her book was a sad story.  She showed the book to me. It was my favorite book of all time, ’Twas the Night Before Christmas.  That’s not a sad book!

Mouse told me that she was crying because she was scared.  Mrs Claus asked her to read the book to all of the little elves this Christmas Eve.  Most elves would be very excited to get this job, but Mouse was scared because she was just learning to read.  She was afraid she would mess up and all the elves would laugh at her.

I told Mouse I would help her with the book.  I told her that reading is like toy-making — it takes some practice to be good at it.  Mouse felt sad that she couldn’t read as well as some of her friends.

“Everyone had to start somewhere!  No one was born knowing how to read.  We all had to learn and practice,” I told her.

Mouse dried her tears and asked “Even you”?

“Yes, even me!” I said.

Mouse started to smile.  She knew how to work hard and be brave.  She promised to keep practicing every day until Christmas Eve.  Then she would be ready to read my favorite book to all of her elf friends.

Santa Claus

P.S. Is there something you don’t know how to do?  I helped Mouse the Elf learn to read.  Who can help you learn new things?  You can click here to tell me or, scroll down to see what other people are saying!

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39 special messages to Santa about “Practice Makes Perfect”

  1. Hi Santa I really need some hope that I can learn my multiplication facts. Please help me! Merry Christmas s.c!

  2. Hi, I love you, am I on the good list or bad list, thes are the lyrics to my favourite song

    Jingle bells,
    Jingle bells
    Jingle all the way ,
    Oh what fun it is to ride,
    In a one horse sudden sleigh hey!

  3. Hi Santa when you come to my house I want you to eat lots a cookies so you can more and more fat lol

  4. Dear Santa,
    Do you mind if you can send our elf (JSD) back to our house tonight or any time before December 1st if that if possible.

    P.S. – That would be the best the thing ever.


  5. Wow Santa! You are so kind. I want to get honor and I am in elementary, can you please give me tips? Thank you so much! Love you!

  6. Dear Santa

    i was just wondering if you could help me with something and give me some advice well here goes

    i struggle in maths and i was never really good at it would you be able to give me some advice on how to get better as i have my exams coming up in 2 weeks and i am very scared and nervous

    thank you santa


    ps by the way all my friends call me izzy so if you want you can to

  7. Hi santa i know i have been nody but i beleve it is strestfull going house to house so i am getting you milk and cookies and carrots for your raindeers and if you come to mi house please tell me what the elfs like to eat and drink

  8. Hi Santa,
    What cookies/drinks would you like ?? 🙂 I will also leave a carrot for your reindeers.
    Thank you for my presents last year ! 🙂

  9. dear santa I help a girl named elies read and now she can teach her little brother or sister how to read! love,bella

  10. Santa,
    Can you fly with flying dust because if you can, can you get flying dust for me for Christmas or are your reindeer magic please.

  11. santa thanks for my makeup last year this year i would like to get a samsung phone laptop pj clumsy the elf is so cheeky

  12. thats a good story. my parents can help me do new when i was 5 and my sister was a baby i helped her on her first christmas by opening her presents for her.

  13. I remember when I didn’t know how to play with dogs. I was always afraid of them. One day, my family adopted a puppy, I was a little scared of the puppy because she bites. For months, I was scared of her. One day, I fought my fear and played with her. She became my best friend and I loved her. When I was done being scared of her, I wasn’t scared of other dogs anymore. I love my dog, Prancer. Her name is Prancer just like one of your reindeers. 🙂

  14. Hi Santa I hope you are ok now are you Santa . I’ve been wondering what kind of cookies you like.

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