Present wrapping machine

Present wrapping machine
Present wrapping machine Halloween elves

Did you know you can use a Christmas present wrapping machine to make Halloween  Elf mummies?

Maybe you have been reading about those cheeky junior Scouting Elves?  They’ve been having fun getting ready for Halloween and practicing their Elf Skills.  But, there are only 55 days to Christmas, so they don’t have much time left now.  Keep reading!

Today is Halloween at the North Pole (or, as we call it, Hallowistmas).  The elves all make the greatest costumes you can imagine.  But, the junior Scouting Elves have been having a hard time.  They can’t decide what to wear.  This will be their first Hallowistmas party after all.  They want to wear something special.

They were thinking maybe a batman costume? Maybe spiderman? Maybe Bluey and Bingo? Or what about a ghost? They were running out of new ideas.

So, the junior Scouting Elves were standing around. Those cheeky elves were trying their best to think up ideas for costumes.  They were scratching their heads.  They were scratching their noses. Those silly elves were even scratching their toeses.  But none of them had any ideas.

🎵 Then they heard someone say “Whee!”
So they jumped up to see,
What and where could this sound be?
Then they saw Clumsy,
wrapped head to knee,
waddling out from the present wrapping machine!

🎵 We have! We have!
The junior elves shouted with glee!
We all know just what we will be!
So they jumped one by one
by holly, jolly gee
Right inside
the present wrapping machine!

🎵 Those junior elves
were wrapped to a tee.
They came out like mummies
dressed up for the elves’ Halloween party.

Present Wrapping Machine Halloween  Elf  Mummies

What a sight to see!

And boy, what a Halloween party it was!

Happy Halloween!


P.S. What did you dress up as for Halloween this year?

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7 special messages to Santa about “Present wrapping machine”

  1. to to honest i have been good and bad kinda if i am on the nice list i want a few things but i will tell u the 5 things i want the most

    a hover bored

    something to talk to my family and friends

    the rarest pok’emon card ever

    for Quay or Quele to be my bf

    and to meet u this x-miss Eve

    Thank’s santa
    from u pal mya
    hope u and everyone at the north pole

    oh and everyone in the world


  2. Dear Santa clause I have a dieing downdrom sister and my family all dead can I live with u or if u don’t have room for my present give one for my dieing sister I so heartbroken she only want a snow globe to se u in her sparkling green eyes I miss u

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