Pudding the Christmas Cat

Pudding the cat spends most of the year asleep.  She loves to snooze in my big armchair by the fire.  But Pudding is a Christmas cat.  She LOVES Christmas!  December is the time of year when she wakes up to join in the fun.

The food Pudding the Christmas cat likes most is… Christmas pudding!  I know, you are shocked.  HHHOL!  Her brown stripy body is even the same shape as a Christmas pudding!  And she has four white paws so she looks like she stepped in some cream!

Mrs Claus was baking mince pies today.  Pudding the Christmas cat decided to help.  Mrs Claus was rolling out pastry with a big rolling pin.  This gave Pudding an idea.  She flopped onto the pastry and rolled herself across it!

“Pudding!” said Mrs Claus.  “That is not really very helpful.”  And she gave Pudding a saucer of cream to get her off the pastry.

“Meow!” purred Pudding the Christmas cat.  “I love being helpful.  I wonder what else I can help with.”

Pudding the Christmas cat thought she would help with the mixing next.  She stuck her nose into the big mixing bowl.  The pie filling was soft and sticky.  Pudding stuck her front paws in to help give it a mix.

“Pudding!” said Mrs Claus with a sigh.  “That is not really very helpful.”  And she gave Pudding some more cream to get her out of the bowl.

“Meow!” purred Pudding the Christmas cat.  “I think I need a snooze after all that helping.”  And she curled up on the big armchair by the fire.

Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus

P.S.  Are you a better helper in the kitchen than Pudding the Christmas cat?  What job do you like to help with most?  Sticking your paws in the mixing too?  HHHOL!   You can click here to tell me about it or, scroll down to see what other people have written!

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19 special messages to Santa about “Pudding the Christmas Cat”

  1. pudding can come to my house and help me bake cookies anytime . I live to help my mommy bake cookies and cakes. I hope you have a great day – see you soon …eddie

  2. I love working in the kitchen I like cracking the eggs and mixing the batter and of course eating eat!

  3. Hi. Thanks for everything you have done for me. You are a nice little guy. I love you very much
    Your friend,

  4. I think that pudding the cat should get a room so that santa can read his naughty and nice book also i think that pudding is a very good kitty she should be on the nice list.

  5. I tried to be helpful but when I was mixing It flew everywhere but pudding sounds so lovely merry christmas

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