Reindeer Games – Reindeer Pull

Getting ready for the Reindeer Pull event!
Getting ready for the Reindeer Pull event!

The reindeer had an extra big breakfast today.  They needed lots of energy. It was Reindeer Games practice day.  Prancer ate 25 carrots!

Today was the Reindeer Pull event.  All of the reindeer took turns at pulling each other in the sled.

They have a special sleigh.  It is big enough for three reindeer to sit in.  It is also very low on one side.  That makes it easy for the reindeer to get in and out of the sleigh.  After all, reindeer are more used to pulling sleighs than riding in them! HHHOL!

The Reindeer Pull Event

Prancer had super-duper energy!  She pulled Comet, Vixen and Blitzen first.  “Easy peasy lemon squeezy,” she said.

It was Dancer’s turn next.  “It’s Jingle Time!” said Dancer.  She pulled Donner, Rudolph and Cupid.  “Piece of fruitcake,” she said.

Then Prancer sat on the sled.  Can you guess what happened?  Yes!  Her tummy was too big.  The sled sank into the snow.  Roasting chestnuts!  It was stuck!

Comet tried to pull Prancer.  She could not make the sled move.

Donner tried next.  He huffed and he puffed.  He pulled and he pulled.  But he could not get the sled to move – not even one inch!

Prancer said she would pull the sleigh instead.  She pulled Comet, Cupid and Blitzen.  And she pulled Dancer, Dasher and Donner.  And she pulled Olive, Rudolph and Vixen.  She pulled them all at the same time!

They all had a very holly, jolly time.  They rode along on their one deer open sleigh singing all their fav silly reindeer songs!

Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus

P.S.  Do you like to eat a big breakfast?  Do you think you could eat 25 carrots?  You can click here to tell me or, scroll down to see what others’ have written!


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40 special messages to Santa about “Reindeer Games – Reindeer Pull”

  1. i could probable eat five carrots and a big breakfast and it sounds like you guys had a good time! I Cant wait to see you on Christmas Eve Santa!

  2. can my Aunty’s dog Mia pull your sled she is a german sheperd she is 2 or3 years old i love her to bits and olive you can pull his sled my mum and me wrote this cos i’m only 6 please bring me and my brother Jake a present ;]
    P.S I cannot sleep very well because i’m so excited .

  3. How do you manage to drag that bag around??? I would never do that and I hope you have a nice time delivering prezzies this year! 😀

  4. hi i am asking my mom how many day is it she said look on the com poter i said some where in the 20s so i made her made for nothing!

  5. santa im sorry you can never take a brak on chrismas eve i really wonder how long does it to go around the world and how long does it take to go through the bag to get out present and how much does your bag

  6. Santa that sounds very interesting.I would love to be a rein deer.Say hi to Donner,Cupid,Rudolph,Dancer,Comet,Vixen, Blitzen,Prancer,Olive and Dasher.
    Thank you!

  7. Wow I think I could eat it because some days I get soo hungry that I feel like I down even get anything on my system like there is a tapeworm inside and I don’t get anything to eat jk lol:D

  8. Sometimes I love to have a big breakfast… Other times, not really. No way could I eat 25 CARROTS!!! Especially the big ones reindeer like!!! 🙂

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