Reindeer Games – Tinsel Tagging Dancer

Reindeer Games - tinsel tag
Dancer likes Tinsel Tag too!

The reindeer love playing reindeer games.  They all played tag today.  Tinsel tag is Dancer’s fav reindeer game.

I wonder why! HHHOL!  Maybe it is because Dancer has all the dance moves?

Keep reading to find out what happened when  the other reindeer tried to beat Dancer at Tinsel Tag.

The reindeer have been very busy with fitness training.  They decided to play a game of tag just for fun.  Dancer put tinsel on his antlers.

“Catch me if you can! “  he said.  All the others tried to get the tinsel from Dancer.  Do you think they did?

Dancer is very good at tag.  He is also very good at dancing!  He dances to the right.  Then he dances to the left.  He dances here.  He dances there.  And he dances everywhere!  The other reindeer just cannot catch him.

Blitzen tried first.  He got very close but he slipped on the snow and missed.

Vixen tried sliding on her tummy.  She nearly got him.  But she was sliding too fast!  Dancer danced to the right and guess what?  Vixen went straight on.  FLUMP!  She slid into Comet and Donner.  They fell onto their bottoms!

Tinsel Tag Dance Party

Rudolph tried next.  He copied Dancer’s dance steps. Surprisingly, Rudolph was actually quite good.  He had been practicing since last year.

“Got you,” Rudolph said.

But there was a problem!  Rudolph’s antlers were stuck on Dancer’s antlers.  The tinsel was tangled!  That made all the other reindeer laugh.

But now Rudolph and Dancer were spinning in a circle.  They were having a Christmas dance party and everyone else joined in!  Oh, what fun we had then!

Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus

P.S.  Have you ever had tinsel stuck in your antlers?  Can you say “tangled tinsel” five times fast?  You can click here to tell me or, scroll down to see what other people have written!

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60 special messages to Santa about “Reindeer Games – Tinsel Tagging Dancer”

  1. Dear Santa tell Rudolph he will be ok from geting tangled tinsel playing reindeer games i hope Rudolph he ok by Christmas eve Rudolph i hope tangled tinsel will go way soon you get back on your feet again know time Rudolph i believe you can be back on your feet a again and fly Rudolph i dont how long it will be four it held tangled tinsel might take less 2 or 3 weeks to held tangled tinsel might held by December 24 Rudolph i believe you can fly Rudolphjust believe Rudolph it will held by time December 24 get here that When you won’t fell that Paine by tangled tinsel get well soon i’ll be back in touch with you tomorrow check in to see How you doing Rudolph

  2. i love christmas and i have something special for santa the elfs and the raindeers i cant wait im so exited i really would love to see santa the elfs and the raindeers my favorite thing about christmas is the north pole and all the elfs raindeers and of corse santa clause merry christmas bye bye bye

  3. i have some comments for you:
    you sound like a good person!
    i am really looking forword to seeing my presents because i know i have been a good girl.
    emmmmm! oh i have a pet called alfie and he has ritten to roodolph already


  5. Today my brothers were chasing me
    and then gusse what happend my dog
    came and joined in and start to jump
    up and attack us then Mum came to the
    rescue us

  6. Wow raindeer looks like you had a nice day today well and funny because Rudolph and Dancer got tagled up ho ho ho!

    From Amber

  7. Merry Christmas Santa,

    We were able to say “Tangled Tinsel” 5 times fast. It was hard, but we did a good job!

    We love you and we can’t wait until you come!
    Mrs. Partin’s Class

  8. i think it is great that your reindeer are exersizeing for the sleigh pull on dec. 25!!! p.s. tell all the reindeer i said hi:) 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  9. awwwww.All those pictures were so cute i loved the picture of tinsel tag well i wish the best on your special flight ill be tracking you & even you have to be nice before & after Christmas day love you Megan i live in Ft.Myers Florida im gonna leave you snicker doodles & a nice cup of milk

  10. Dear George,

    You don’t need to prove to your friends’ I exist. As long as you believe, along with millions of other children, it’ll just fine.

  11. Aww, how sweet! I love reindeer. Tinsel tag sounds brilliant. Guess what, my ex-teaching assistant is coming with her 6 year old son to see you in Lapland this year!

  12. Hi Santa! A lot of my friends don’t believe in you anymore. Is there any way I can prove it to them that you are real?

  13. Hi Santa I cant say tangled tinsel five times fast. Tinsel tag sounds fun. Have a good day Santa!

    PS: can you please leave coal for my dad this year.

  14. That is a tounge twister! Me and my sister are trying but end up laughing because we cant say it! I cant wait till Christmas! x

  15. wow iv never heard of a reindeer dancing and im wondering how cause i dont think they can stand on two feet so im finding this short kinda funny(cause who slides to get a deer caught? 😀 lolz ROFL)and tinsle tag we cant play cause 1. we have no antlers and 2. tinsle goes on trees! 😀 lolz sarcasim 😀

  16. Dear Santa I am making you cookies for Christmas. I am putting raindeer food for our 9 raindeers dancer is my favoter raindeer fo all . i wish you a merry christmas your freind holly

  17. my sister said that im like a angle on the trop of a tree anyway im going to bake some christmas muffings for my christmas fayet at school so good by for now

    From Lucie………………

  18. I wish I was Rudolf everyone here is ignoring me But woww!!!! that story was Fabtasticamizinoelxelent It almost made me cry with laughter hee hee hee but all you have to do is SMILE everyone will smile because there contaijus

  19. Hello Santa I love this blog so much Thank you very very very very very very very very very very veryvery very very very much elves for making it Have a merry christmas Fay

  20. I would love to play tinsel tag and see what things you could do as a reindeer. I would be called Dazzle because I would Dazzle everyone with my antlers!

  21. Dear Santa,

    It might kind of hard for you to fit down our chimney, because we use ours for heat. But we will leave the back door unlocked for you. We will have lots of cookies for you too!

    I wish I was a reindeer so I could play Tinsel Tag with the other reindeer! That sounds like so much fun! I would have a blast sliding around trying to get the tinsel!

    But I don’t see how you stand the snow and cold all the time. My reindeer name would be Avalanche, because I would cause the snow to come down the mountains every time I took off, because I would be so fast!

  22. Dear Santa,

    I wish I could see you. But it’s hard because it’s night and I have to go to sleep. But I promise, I will leave some cookies and milk out for you on Christmas.

    And whenever it’s Christmas, I wish I could see you. You are awesome!



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