A Reindeer On The Roof Is Lost! Would you help get it home?

Baby reindeer on a roof
Baby reindeer on a roof

Everyone knows a reindeer on the roof is normal. But you will never believe what happened!

I was standing at my window when I saw something in the sky. Do you know what it was?

It was a reindeer.

That is not unusual. My reindeer often fly around the North Pole. What was unusual, was the little girl and little boy riding on its back. Do you want to know more?

I must admit that it was partly my fault. You see, we had been testing the sleigh and flying around the world. I had stopped in Scotland to take a break, and when I took off again, I had left a reindeer behind. When I got home, I put the reindeer in their stable (instead of putting the reindeer on the roof, of course!). I should have counted them, but I forgot. This is what happened to the reindeer.

Saving a baby reindeer on the roof

A boy and girl were playing in the park. They were only seven. Their names were Orla and Cullen. They heard a baby reindeer on the roof nearby cry out. The reindeer was scared. They asked their parents if they could save the reindeer, and their parents said yes.

Cullen and Orla climbed up onto the rooftop and found the reindeer. It was crying. Orla patted its head and told it that everything was going to be okay. Cullen had brought a carrot and fed it to the baby reindeer. The reindeer stopped crying and looked happier.

Cullen and Orla asked the reindeer if they could help it to get home. The reindeer could not talk, but the children could tell that the reindeer wanted their help. It crouched down on the roof and the two children climbed onto its back. The baby reindeer took off and flew high up into the sky. Higher than the clouds.

Cullen and Orla told me that they were both scared at first. They gripped on tight. Cullen and Orla could see their houses down below. They waved to their parents. Cullen was excited at how fast they were going. Orla was excited at how high they were in the sky.

A Happy Ending For A Baby Reindeer

When they got here, I gave them a tour of the North Pole. I took them home in my sleigh. Their parents were so happy to see them. My baby reindeer was so happy to be home too. Cullen and Orla are true heroes. They saved my lost reindeer and probably saved Christmas too.

Santa Claus

P.S. What would you do if you found a baby reindeer on the roof? Would you bring the reindeer safely back to the North Pole? You can click here to tell me or, scroll down to see what other people would do with a little lost reindeer.

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40 special messages to Santa about “A Reindeer On The Roof Is Lost! Would you help get it home?”

  1. I’d tell you if it was lost. I’d ask my parents if I could ride it to the North Pole to give it back to you .

  2. I would definitely if your reindeers get stuck or lost somewhere like the UK in Plymouth Devon.
    I would sing their names in a Christmas song like you do Santa to help glide the sleigh for Christmas Eve.

  3. Yes. I would help it not just because I want a tour of the North Pole (LOL) but I just love helping people or animals!.

  4. I would be scared at first but then when i take it back to the north pole, i would scream with joy and ask for a tour of the North Pole

  5. if it was hungry and thirsty I would give it some CARROTS and water also what do Reindeer drink.xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

  6. If I found a reindeer on my roof, I would get up there and help it! I don’t know if it would fly me to the north pole, But I would at least feed it and give it some water. I really like reindeer and all animals, So it wouldn’t be a problem if I did this!

  7. I would also get some carrots,have him fly me back to the north pole, but i would also like a tour of the north pole and see santa and the elfs.

  8. We would take the reindeer home and help calm him or her down! We would make sure the reindeer got some good treats and a few carrots too. However, we would make sure to bring our parents along. They wouldn’t want to be left behind.

  9. If I found a reindeer on the roof I would ride it to the North Pole to get it home. Then I would say hello to you and the elves Finally I would go all way home.

  10. dear santa i would really want to know when sneaky is coming back we all miss him very much and we would all like him to come back home back home today please read my letter and i will write back again thank you and good bye

  11. dear Rudolph the red nose raindeer iwent too see santa clus yesterday at wooodfield mall in schumburg with my dad and santa clus says andy cason would bee avery good elf too help santa clus out on Christmas eve your friend andy

  12. Of course, your sleigh would not fly without all the reindeer. One reindeer means a lot. Also it would not be right to leave a reindeer or any other animal on a roof.

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