The right gift for Mrs. Claus

The right gift for MrsC
What is the right gift for MrsC?

The big day is almost here. I can tell you the reindeer, elves and I are even more excited than you are. My elves and I really enjoy the challenge. Truthfully when you have love and Christmas magic on your side you can do almost anything. Like getting just the right gift for someone.

Here’s the thing kids, I could use your help. Sure, my team and I are really good at picking out presents for good boys and girls. We have that knack for always coming up with the right gift for the right kid.

But, this year I want to give Mrs. Claus something special. She works just as hard as the elves and I do, maybe even harder. She never asks for anything. And she always tells me, “Honey, helping bring joy to the boys and girls of the world is enough for me. It’s the perfect gift.” That’s true she does love helping kids. I still want to do something special for her.

The Right Gift – Some Elf Suggestions

Kissy the Elf thinks I should get her mittens because everybody needs mittens. Plus Kissy the Elf likes the word mittens because it rhymes with kittens and like she says, “everybody loves kittens.” Kissy the Elf is right but MrsC already has a LOT of mittens (and kittens!). I really want to get her something different.

Mouse the little elf suggested cheese. Mouse loves cheese. Mrs.C loves cheese too. But I really want to get her something else.

The Grumpy Old Elf growled and said, “Give her a fart in a jar. It’s a great gift. Everybody loves farts in a jar.” I made a note first to give Grumpy a few days off and second never to ask Grumpy for gift advice again.

Rudolph suggested the right gift was some batteries. Rudolph insisted that, “You can never have too many batteries, even if you have a nose that glows.” I think Rudolph loves talking about his nose. He has a point about the batteries but I really want to get Mrs. Claus something different. Something special.

My Ideas

My three ideas are: a fun ugly Christmas shirt. Everybody loves ugly Christmas shirts. They liven up any Christmas.

Mrs. Claus always tells me that she thinks it would be fun to go bowling now and then. So, I could get her a bowling ball with her name on it. We went bowling once and she was pretty darn good.

The third thing I was thinking was a nice artist easel and paints and brushes. She loves to paint and it relaxes her.

So kids, which of my ideas do you like the best? Are any of these the right gift or do you have another idea?

Merry Christmas,

Santa Claus

P.S.  Tell me which of my ideas you like the best. Maybe you have some other ideas?  Leave me a message to tell me what you think.  After that, scroll down to see everyone else’s ideas.

A message from the elves:
You can write Santa a quick message here.  But, if you want Santa to reply, then you should send a letter to Santa from this web page.  Then Santa will reply to you fast as reindeer fly!

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62 special messages to Santa about “The right gift for Mrs. Claus”

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    Merry Christmas David!
    That’s quite a wish list! I’ll do my best to spread holiday magic to you and children around the World.
    ❤️ Santa

  2. I think it is perfect for her she deserves it I love you and Mrs clause I always want me and my brothers to be happy during Christmas before we don’t enjoy Christmas

  3. I know I want Ruby, Rose turner for Christmas this year it my girlfriend in Ruby she loves to drive it Parkway Ford of Lexington | Pre-Owned Vehicle Specials buy her vehicle for Christmas. Present Put that big bow on the top hood. until next month Interstate 40 East – Tennessee Welcome NORTH CAROLINA to Canton – AARoads – North Carolina Interstate ️ 95 North – Northside Jacksonville to Georgia



  5. Baking and kitchen utensils since she likes to cook and maybe a vacation from baking so much and helping out with pretty much everything.

  6. I Santa I want a lot of presents underneath the Christmas tree on Christmas morning I’ve been nice this year I’ll leave you out cookies and milk and carrots for your reindeer and I just want a lot of presents my name is Kelly all right Santa see you at Christmas time bye

  7. I think that she can have a nice photo of santa ,elves and reindeer for a memory.
    Those others are goo d but I think a lovely photo of all you guys would make her day.

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  10. I think you should make a big Christmas breakfast in the morning then take her bowling. i hope that isnt too much for you. ( Sorry I am late but for next year)

  11. why don’t you give her an art easel and lots of love. mabey a wishing star if you ask your reindeer to fly up into the sky and get you one.

  12. You should give her some nice shower cream also you should give her some chocolate hearts also give her your love because you love her and she loves you

  13. OH yeah, the gift. Your love is the gift. Give her a box of heart chocolates then tell her how much you love her. Then take her to the movies, and places she likes!

  14. You should get her some nail polish. She can paint her nails to make them look in the holiday spirit!!!! I’m POSITIVE Mrs. Claus would L O V E LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

  15. Santa, give Mrs. Claus a big hug, chocolate, lots of love and a warm, embroidered quilt of her favorite colour and pattern

  16. Santa Just give Mrs. Claus A big hug, some chocolate and lots of love. I would also suggest that you give her a warm ,embroidered quilt.

  17. I think you have the best idea by getting a artist easel and the paninis is a good for mrs.c I think she will like it vary much.

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