Robo-elf – Santa’s new elf robot needs a name!

photo of Santa with Robo-elf blueprint
Santa with an early Robo-elf blueprint

We’re getting ready for a really busy Christmas.  Ho! Ho! Ho! (I love saying that!)  You know how the elves are always looking for ways to help, right?  Well they came up with a cool, new invention: a robo-elf!

Clumsy the Elf and Scunner, my grumpy elf, worked together on this.  Clumsy wanted something to help be less, well, clumsy.  Scunner, who as you may remember is a bit allergic to Christmas, wanted something to help make his work go faster.  The two of them (with the help of the other elves) invented a neat robot elf that they call: robo-elf.

Now don’t worry,  my elves and myself make all the toys at the North Pole.  Robo-elf’s job is to help with the chores.  He dusts, sweeps, feeds the reindeer and cleans up after the reindeer (if you know what I mean.)  If there’s a job that needs to be done around here, Robo-elf is just the robot to do it.  He always has a smile on his mechanical face.  Plus he never gets tired.  He just keeps going and going.  Being solar- and ice-powered he never needs charging.

I must say he’s a great help.  All the other elves love his work.  But here’s the thing, I looked at Robo-elf today and he seemed a little bent over.  I could tell he was sad.  I asked, “Robo-elf, what’s wrong?”

He looked up at me and gave me an electronic smile.  “I love helping you and the other elves” he said then he stopped.

“But?” I asked.  I’m Santa, I know when one of my elves, even one of my robo-elves is feeling a bit sad.

He looked away.  “I feel bad.  I don’t really have a name… Robo-elf is what I am but it’s not a proper name!”

I patted him on his metal shoulder and said, “Don’t worry my friend we will fix this.  The kids are great at coming up with names!”

So, can you help us?  My elves and I would love for you to come up with names for Robo-elf!

Santa Claus

P.S. What do you think would be a great name for Robo-elf? You can click here to tell me or, scroll down to see the names other people suggested!

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106 special messages to Santa about “Robo-elf – Santa’s new elf robot needs a name!”

  1. I think that you should name it Jessica Jean Rose Claus and I think her nickname shall be Jessie.

  2. Well Santa Claus your robo-elf name for your new elf robot should be Jessica Jean Rose Claus and her nickname shall be Jessie.

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  4. I think you should name it is Elfie Vivienne Smores Christy Snickerdoodle cookies or even aubrey

  5. a boy does not believe in you 🙁 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Dear Santa clause, it is I, the great Papyrus!! I have an idea to what to call your little robot dog! I think it should be named stocking. I think that it’s a wonderful idea! please use mine! Nyeh heh heh!

    Nyehfully yours, Papyrus

  7. Hey Santa can you name it Ceci after my lil sis if it is a girl and if it is a boy what about josh

  8. here are me and my sisters ideas

    isabella; Winter if its a girl,snow if its a boy
    gabrielle;if its a girl Olivia,if its a boy then Robo boy

  9. Dear Santa Claus,

    I have tow good names for Robo-elf the first one is Clipsy the second one is Sprinkles I thought these tow names would be good elf names.

    – Caroline-

  10. hi santa you have a great house do a lot of video and can I see you in the night when you come pleaese ill get to bed quick but hide my presents to my bed room

  11. Dear Santa

    Rob Elf is amazing. I think a good girl name would be Sanria Clause or a boy name Satan or maybe JR Elf or JR Santa or JR Mrs clause

  12. hope to see you soon heres a name for robo elf how about calling him smily sence he always like to smile

  13. How about Eve, Holly, Joy, or Mistletoe? (All Christmas-y names.)
    I think I like Mistletoe the best.

  14. I have many name ideas! I just hope someone at the north pole will take the time and read them!
    Roberto, Alphonso, Isaac, Cashmere (I don’y know the gender of said robot), Misty, Mistle, Vivian, Kris, Benny, Boris, Thomas, Kringle, Bret, Samuel… I may post more later! Thank you for reading this!

  15. Dear Santa,
    I read the inter article. That was a great idea that scunner and clumsy had.I really think that you could use the extra hands.I wish I could have a robo-elf.Santa I have always wanted to know how many elf’s you have,how you remember all their names,and how you come up with names?Do you have any girl elf’s?Well I hope you have a peaceful and relaxing 27 days.Is this robo- elf a boy or a girl?By the way what are your favoret kinds of cookies and do you like buckies?Have a great 27 days. 🙂

    P.S. I think the robots name should be Ashton if its a boy.But if its a girl its name should be noela.

  16. For Christmas I want a Segway to ride on through my house.i also want a speaker headphone.iphone case that is a animal case!!i also want boots!! One more thing I have really be wanting a yoga ball.wait one more thing!!a camera to take pictures! By the big thing i have been really wanting is a guitar to play because I can sing really and play a guitar kinda good because I used to have a guitar but then it got torn up never know what happens to the guitar ever since!! ThxSanta your BFF Katelynn or your pal Katelynn

  17. Well Santa it all depends on what kind of name like Robbie and Rocco are people names while groovy or lively are more of a verb or movement so whatever name you choose make it a name robo-elf loves

  18. Well hi please name the robot jolly help be cud be a good name cuz it is jolly and it will help you see you☃️

  19. Well you should name the robot. Work for me! Well you know it works for you and if you wont to make the me to you it is ok with me! So see you soon sant love Ava!

  20. Dear Santa and robot elf,

    I hear you are looking for a name so I’ll let you have 2 or 3 choices. Choice one:Robert the robot elf. Choice two:Helpful holly. I hope you like the name I chose. Thank you!

  21. I think that Robo-elfs name should be Jingles. I like the name Jingles for Robo-elf because he is a Christmas helper and Jingles sounds like a Christmas name.

  22. I know a perfect name for him……


    It’s a nice Christmas name and he does seem jolly.

    I Think It’s A Perfect Name For Him

  23. please leave gifts under my tree this yr my name is chelle and my husband is lee we need presents we have been thru alot a house fire a choke hold on me im ready for 2016 to be over i know i am 22 but i still believe in you santa please reply santa it is chelle

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