Rudolph’s Red Nose

We are getting ready for the big night!  There are only a few more sleeps!  Today we made sure all the reindeer are ready.  But, we had a little problem.  Would you like to hear about it?

We have one reindeer that needs a little extra care.  It is because he guides my sleigh.  It is because he has a red nose that glows!  Do you know who it is?

Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer!

We polish Rudolph’s nose with special nose wax.  It makes it shine even more!  The elves have to wear sunglasses it is so bright!

Well, Clumsy the Elf went to get more nose wax.  He was supposed to put extra glitter in it.  But he put in some “Dr. Achoo Sneezing Pepper” by mistake!

The elves put some of Clumsy’s nose wax on Rudolph’s nose.  It was shining brighter than ever!  But then…

Rudolph started to sniffle.
Rudolph started to twitch.
Why, Rudolph started to act,
Like his nose had a great big itch!

Rudolph tried not to do it.
He held it as long as he could.
He held his nose tight,
And with all of his might.
He thought he had stopped it for good!

So Clumsy put on some more wax.
And Rudolph began to relax.
But that’s when it happened.
Poor Clumsy got flattened.
Cuz fast as you please,
Fast as Santa on skis.
Rudolph the reindeer,
Had a big messy sneeze!

Rudolph said he is feeling better now.  But, listen carefully Christmas Eve.  If you hear an “Achoo!”, look up!  If you see a red light, it might just be Rudolph!

Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus

P.S. Do you have any special messages for the reindeer for Christmas Eve?
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264 special messages to Santa about “Rudolph’s Red Nose”

  1. Dear Santa and raindeer,
    I hope Rudolph gets better, but I do have an idea for Rudolph……. Get a backscratcher……………. JK (P.S. It could work though, try it for me.) love your old jokester April

  2. you are cool santa and awesome did you know i am jaelyn’s younger brother! have fun delivering all the presents to all around round the world

  3. hi santa, i am here to right you this letter to say i hope you make it saftley all around the world to everyones house! lots of love jaelyn!

  4. Hey
    Rudolph nose is so bright you could see it above the roofs.that silly old Clumsy puting Dr. Achoo Sneezing Pepper on rudolph nose.


  6. Hey
    I’m sorry that Rudolph av a cold tell Rudolph that I love him so much and get well soon Rudolph 🙂 xxxx

  7. merry christmas santa and ms.cluas and all the elves and all the reindeers …last christmas i heard you last xmas and i was like is that santa i was going to go downstairs but i said no i better leave santa alone and i want the gift he brought a surprise love aoife sullivan

  8. Dear, I remeber one christmas when I was snug in warm in bed waiting for you to come,I had to go to the bathroom I remeber looking out my bathroom seeing a bright red light go by.I think it might have been Rudolph.


  9. please don’t tell me rudolph had a cold that would be terrible /
    ca you can read viet nemese santa or mr.c

  10. santa I love writing letter to you and reading them they are my favrotie thing to do it is so close to christmas and I can’t wait to open all the gifts you have brought for me well I must be going don’t what to stop you from working one last thing before I go have a merry christmas

  11. hi rudolph how is your nose? I hope you are doing good. I will look for you up on my roof. Tell me how the elves are doing. I wish I could be in an elf.

  12. you are the best ghy on earth and i hope rohdalf feels better tell every one at the north pole i love them love you.

  13. I really like Rudolph, he is my favourite reindeer, but actually I love all the other reindeer all the same!!

  14. dear santa,

    that elf must have been really clumsy if he put pepper in instead of glitter

    from someone who will always believe,


  15. hi santa,
    i really hope you leave me a present.
    lots and lots of love from sarah for you santa, mrs claus, all the reindeers and the elves.

  16. Rudolph has the coolest nose in the world!!! He is really special to me! I wouldn’t want Christmas without him!!!

  17. I really love christmas and i just cant wait! Some people don’t believe in you and some of them say nasty things about you, but i know that you’re real! 🙂

  18. Hi, I was just wondering what you like about christmas eve, because its my favourite day before christmas day.

    Also, how is mrs claus and how are you?

    Lots of love from Sidonie.xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  19. Dear,Rudolph,santa,and the elves,could that really happen?How big was the sneese?santa,how old are the reindeer?

    Your BFF,syona

  20. Hi santa,
    I hope Rudolph is going to be better very soon! I look foreward to Christmas and maybe i will even see you or Rudolph.

  21. Dear reindeer,i hope you are having a wonderful time!when ever you come please don`t forget all my pets this christmas they love the treats you leave them thanks so much leeanna

  22. if rudolph got sick he cannot be able to geve us are gifts i see you later ho one more thing what kind of cookies do you like bie santa love you

  23. I am sorry! I hope Rudolph gets to feeling better before the big night. Oh, and Santa you get some rest and help tale care of Rudolph.

  24. hi santa have i been good this year well i will make some cookies for you and how are the elf doing i beat their makeing lots of stuff for chistmas

  25. OMG! Is Rudolph okayy? Cuz when my daddy had a cold, we had to get some cough sirrup, and it made him all better. you should get that for rudoalf, so he gets better.

  26. I saw you! Remember we met on the porch in my apartment! That was fun! But you left right away and left me a present it was coal!

  27. lucky i wish i knew about this website before like last year i found out about it in august so i went on it its 69 more sleeps till christmas right now in 2009 well last night i was outside in my backyard with my dad and i saw you santa claus i saw rudolphs bright red nose and thier leggs moving it was awesome merry christmas everyone have a good one well just remember 69 more sleeps and 2 months

  28. Hi Santa,
    i have lot’s of friends and one of them is very special to me. Her name is Emma. Emma is my best friend because although we recently met we have lots of things in common i could call her my twin so all i ask of you is to be very nice to her can you please?

  29. Santa your the best Santa ever and we both wish you many hugs! And every every every every Christmas you give us many presents to us and make us filled with joy and glee. You are not a dissapointment and we shall believe in you forever santa!!! I read your book about how when you were a kid, all you wanted to do was give presents! You are really and Trully the best santa in the world to be able to send us the presents all around the world! Tell us? How did you find the elfs? And who is your favorite reigndeer? Thank you for brining me and my friends a happy christmas. And guide those bad kids who are not doing stuff. We love ya! You are the best!!!! Santa santa santa …. SANTA!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well, have a great year in the borth pole and tell everyone we said hi!

  30. u might remember me from eamail me santa anyway i hope i get my presents i go sleep at 11o clock if not then come at 3 pm ok bye bye

  31. hi santa its callum again will you come to my house first on christmas pleaseee i really really want a ben 10 bike please try bring me that i will leave you lots of cookie lv callum



  34. Rudolphs feeling better witch is good.I love everyone up n the north ploe the elves raindeer and you and your wife.
    Have you seen the santa cluase movie 1,2 and 3? Its really funny
    Love from Jessie Mcleod
    P.s. Am I on the good list or the bad list?

  35. Hi Santa, I’m ever so happy that Rudolf is feeling better, Does Rudolfs nose flash? If it does then I saw him last year, I saw a flashing red light last year, hope I can see him again this year, I love you and everyone else up in The North Pole.


  36. Hi Santa

    Hope the elves, Mrs Claus and of cause the reindeers are ready for the next Christmas, god bless you all

    From Daniel age 10
    Scarborough, uk

  37. Well I wanted to say something to my favorite Reindeer. Do you know who it is? If you think its Rudolph your wrong!My favorite one is Dancer.Dancer? Could you ask Santa if you could lead this year? Tell him i asked that.Thanks! Your numbmer 1 fan Jacob!

  38. hey santa i love u with all my heart and the elfs can u send me a pic of them please onn my email address and will u tell allie and jack hi please thanks luv yaa love faith

  39. to santa it is me again i hope rudolph
    is ok and fixed for the big night and give him my love and see if that help

  40. Dear Santa,

    How’s your Summer going? Please tell Mrs. Claus, The Elves, The Reindeer, and The Animals that I said hi. I like your web site. Hope you’re doing well.

  41. i love rudolph’s red nose:) i love it because it stands out:) . i like people and animals thatt stan out. expecially rudolph’s red nose:) i have to go now. byexx

  42. my sister was awake and she saw u hadnt come 2 r house yet,and said to me has santa come yet and i said no,rolled over,looked at the door and saw it was opening.
    Then we heard a ho!ho!ho! and we knew that it was you we went to sleep as fast and as soon as we possibly could.

  43. DearSanta,
    I loved your blog it nice.I learned alot from you and the eleves.You know i have a blog to and my friends.So you can check it out with eleves.


  44. Santa Claus-
    I hope Rudolph’s better by Christmas Eve!
    You can’t travel the world without Rudolphs’ big red shiny nose! Love all


  45. Ha i hope the elves didn’t get wax and snot all over them! Ha but they are really fast so i bet they ducked pretty fast before they got snot and wax on them. I’ll look for Rudolph’s red nose on Christmas Eve! Hope to see you soon! Love,

  46. santa thank you for ruldophs harness bell i really like it i love you tell the elfs i really thank them for makin me presents i thank them alot you to santa i love you and thank you to

  47. rudolph i hop you get beeter befor chrismas eve

    p.s.santa giv rudolph chicken noodle soup o.k.

  48. santa is trun and a good person my frind krissa said she seen rudolph and santa i belive her cooooool!!!!
    hohohho!!!! @

  49. rudlfa is the italon word for ruolph thats becouse my frind jeff wehnt to ittlaey for christmas so thats sausome

  50. my sister was awake and she saw you hadnt came to our house yet she turned round for a bit DIDNT go to sleep turned round and our beds were stacked with presents and she didnt see or hear you!
    me my dad and my sister and my mum think your magical

  51. dear santa,
    please help my dad find a new job his worked closed and my mom and dad are really upset! i really hope they fill better and my dad gets a job ware he can still hang out with us.

  52. hi santa claus i am very sorry about rudolph i hope he feels better very soon bi santa claus. and good bi too every body in your work shop. god bless all bi santa

  53. Is Rudolph’s nose really red and bright??I have always wanted to know that and never found out if that was true. I can’t believe that there is only 4 more hours until you come to my town!!! well gotta go bye!!!

  54. It’s very chilly and rainy here in New York City. Please make Rudolph’s nose brighter when you arrive in New York! My brother told me even if there’s no snow in a place, your sleigh is magic so it could still land with no problem! Is it true?

  55. If I protet myself by hiting,pinching,kicking,ect to somone that is trying to hurt me, will I be put on the naughty list?

  56. Why do you let people choose who should gide your sleigh? Shouldn’t it be Rudolf he is the one whith the shinny nose!

  57. Do you ever let clarice pull the shilgh? that would be cool if her and rhudolf both pulled it togetheR!!!!!!!!

  58. Hi Santa! I just wanted to wish you good luck on Christmas Eve. Tell Rudolph I hpoe he feels better!!
    Love Always, Chloe

  59. I heard you guys had a new baby reindeer. Good luck training it. I’m wondering what his/her name is. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!

  60. Dear santa all im asking from is a a i-dog and a drum set so me and my band can practe! thanks for everything

    Reply from the Elves:

    The best way to make sure your wishes get into Santa’s book is to email Santa. They go straight in that way! If you put them on this blog then someone might forget to add them 🙁

    Merry Christmas!

    The Elves

    P.S. What’s the magic word? 🙂

  61. i wanted to let rudolph know my room is the front window at our house i would love to see how bright your nose is.

  62. how did rudolph get his red nose? And how are you doing?
    p.s. how long does it take to deliver a present to one persons house?

  63. Santa i tink that Dasher is most collest Reindeer of all it sounds like he can run really fast. You rock Dasher.

  64. This is for everybody at the North Pole and please answer. DO you want cookies and milk Santa? And reindeer do you want carrots.

  65. Rudolph, I think your doing a great job guiding the sleigh. I love your red nose! It shines really bright. Too bad I have never seen you on Christmas Eve. Hopefully I’ll see you this year! I hope your sneeze goes away. By the way, I think your the nicest reindeer of all. Tell the other reindeer I think they are nice too but your the nicest! Love, Summer

  66. I hope you are getting better because you know theres only 5 more sleeps until your on that big trip

    Lots of love from Morgan and Maddyson

  67. Dear everybody on this site. I would just like to say Merry christmas and a happy new year. Hope yhu have a great christmas

    love Amy x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

  68. hi santa, im sorry about your rainder!! there must be wax eveywhere!!! well, i might see you on the 24th of december and god bless


  70. Comet is awsome let him lead your slay rudolph already got to lead it let Comet!!!!!!!! He is so cool and is AWSOME!!!!!!!! Comet, Comet, Comet, Comet, Comet, Comet Coooooo … !!!!!!!!! I O lets go Comet Yeah yeah yeah yeah go comet he is the best reindeer ever. Matt out!!!!!! … !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  71. My brother Richard says he has seen Rudolph before.My aunt Pam says she has also seen your sleigh when she was coming home from the grocery store late one night on Christmas Eve.

  72. my friends tell me that you and the reindeer and mrs claus and the elves dont exist but i dont know what to believe! any way i remember when i told to you that i had a party in school and ya it got cancelled! now i have NO school! but anyway i remember when i used to look up and watch for a red light! but then all it was was an airplane! haha well bye for now.

    Reply from Santa:

    Yes, friends can be pretty silly sometimes!

    jordan, as long as you believe in me then that is all that matters!

    You never know what you might see when you look up! One of these times it might just be Rudolph! (He also likes to hide on top of really tall buildings, so look for red lights up there too. You never know! 🙂 )


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