Rudolph Has A Christmas Message For You!

Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer
Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer

Today, Rudolph the reindeer wanted to write something in the Santa Claus Christmas Blog.

It is a little hard for reindeer to type of course.  But, the elves made a special keyboard for Rudolph to use.  After all, lots of pets send their letters to Rudolph the reindeer.   I think the pet’s owners help a little  🙂

Here is Rudolph’s post!

Mêrrÿ Krismus¡!

WÖÖF öink arrrrøøøøøøø! scréèch ßåå ßåå GëëGëë ßlîzzård! Wårble wårble twéèt twéèt!

Chéèp chéèp WÖÖF mëøw twéèt blæt mÕÕ blæt. Scréèch kÖålå ßårk Santa Þhfffft.

Glüb glüb mÕÕ rîbbït bÖîñG pürr. ßårk blæt H裏§§§§§§ kÖålå mëøw WÖÖF WÖÖF? Arrrrøøøøøøø! Glüb glüb wårble Þhfffft. MÕÕ wårble squêak scréèch mëøw Þhfffft. Twéèt twéèt pürr.

ßåå ßåå H裏§§§§§§ squêak bÖîñG Krismus? Mëøw ßåå ßåå rîbbït RÕårr mÕÕ bÖîñG wårble arrrrøøøøøøø!

Blæt öink twéèt MÕÕ mëøw twéèt öink WÖÖF. Glüb glüb scréèch Pürr kÖålå. Arrrrøøøøøøø!

MÕÕ mëøw Þhfffft rîbbït wårble “Hello” WÖÖF ßårk squêak. Rîbbït scréèch WÖÖF mëøw. Blæt bÖîñG twéèt chéèp öink öink kÖålå ßåå ßåå pürr!

Wårble wårble chéèp chéèp squêak mÕÕ WÖÖF!


A Special Christmas Message From Rudolph!

I know most people can’t read animal, so I’ll see if I can help.  What Rudolph the reindeer said was:

Merry Christmas!

Thank you for all the Wonderful emails about my new little reindeer, Georgie Gingerbread and Blizzard!  They love their names!

My little baby reindeer are growing up so fast.  They can hardly wait to pull Santa’s sleigh!

We had lots of fun at the reindeer parade.  Did it sound like fun to you?   It was nice to pull Santa’s sleigh again.  I made sure my nose had extra nose wax on it.  It really glowed!

Are you getting excited about Christmas yet?  I can hardly wait to land on your roof!

All the reindeer are busy playing reindeer games.  You should see how high they fly!   Wow!

The reindeer say “Hello” to everyone!  They are so excited.  They cannot wait to come visit you too!

See you really soon!

Love, Rudolph

I hope you liked Rudolph’s message.  He sure liked writing it just for you!  Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus

P.S.  Can you read animal?  Did you like Rudolph’s message?  (You can leave a message.   Or, scroll down to see what others have written!)

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320 special messages to Santa about “Rudolph Has A Christmas Message For You!”

  1. hi rudolph i love animals i got a cat named snuggles he like to snuggles with i love frozen in frozen kristoff have a reindeer named sven he is a reindeer just like you and i hope you have wonderful fly with Claus okay and Merry Christmas and i want a iphone 11 pro for Christmas Rudolph i love you so so so so so so so so so so so so so much and i hope you have a wonderful night with Santa Claus okay love you Merry Christmas love Cyia

  2. Hi Santa and Rudolph Santa i liked Rudolph’s message but i do not speak reindeer but how are the two new reindeer doing Santa

  3. santa I l o v e the new reindeer on your sleigh now there are 11 reindeer’s on your sleigh you had 9 reindeer’s on your sleigh but now you have 11 reindeer Georgie Gingerbread and Blizzard they are the new reindeer on your sleigh i am happy the two new reindeer are on your sleigh how are they doing santa

  4. Hello santa and Rudolph how are you doing at the NORTH pole cristmas is in 40 days your elf’s need to make the toys for good girl’s and boys hope i am on the nice list for good i want my toys for cristmas merry cristmas and a happy new year

  5. Hi Rudolph it’s me cecelia I think you are really cute reindeer I like animals and I can read animal riding

  6. Hi Rudolph!
    I love you so much! Thank you for delivering presents, and thank you for giving Santa a ride through the houses so that he can give out presents. I still believe that you are real even though I am ten. I don’t care about what age you are to believe in Santa. I think everyone can believe in you! I love you! I will be nice as I can, and please give me presents this year!

  7. I understood 5% of the whole 100% of the letter, sooo sorry but i cant understand it all. But i really tried. I loved your message Rudolph, hoping that you write more! One of your BHFFAE (Best Human Friend Forever And Ever)!!!! Plz, write more!

  8. Dear Santa, I can read only cat language. And I want to say thanks to Rudolf!I really liked his message!

    With love, Cutie.
    P.S.(it’s not my real name)

  9. Dear, Santa And Rudolph And Mrs. Clause And All The Elves
    I Had A Wonderful Christmas This Year I Am Really Happy
    With All The New Stuff I Got I Hope You Loved The Christmas Cookies Santa And I hope The Reindeer Loved The Celery And Carrot Sticks I Am Already Writing My Christmas List For Next Year I Am So Excited About Next Years Christmas I Love Christmas Christmas Is My Number 1 Favorite Holiday Because I Get To Spend It With My Family And I Love You All So Much I Have Done Alot Of Things This Year For Christmas I Made Boxes For The People At My Mom’s Work And I Got Everyone In My Family A Christmas Gift (Dogs Included) And I Was Into The Whole Christmas Spirit I Have A Friend Trent Zimmermen He Comes Every Year To Help Me Decorate My Room For The Holiday’s I Love You Santa I Hope To See You Next Year
    Calye Matrau



  11. thank you Rudolph. i am getting excited for Christmas!!! hopefully i have been good this year and you will be coming to my house this year. but sadly i do not speak animal so i did not know what rudolph was saying until you said in people speak

  12. thank you Rudolph. i am getting excited for Christmas!!! hopefully i have been good this year and you will be coming to my house this year.

  13. Dear santa and raindeer
    I can’t wait till y’all come on Christmas Eve!!!! I just wanted to say Merry Christmas and a happy New Year

  14. Dear Rudolph thank you for writing the letter to us
    it was really lovely and beautiful i might leave reindeer food for you rudolph i hope the others reindeer are having a great day and btw i love how your nose glow is really adroable <3

    Merry Christmas~

  15. Santa roudolph is so cute on Christmas eve night im going to leave reindeer food outside santa tell roudolph that stasha said good bye

  16. Girls Underwear
    Size 14
    Girls White
    Long High Socks
    Girls Black
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  17. Hi Santa and rudolph,I’m tia and I’m a cat that’s 16 years old. I really like Christmas Day because it reminds me of you,your elves and of course your beautiful and clever reindeer. Love from tia

  18. Hi Rudolph I think you had a lot of sugar can you say hi to faster dancer prance comment cupped dinner blitzed gingerbread and the other two thank you.p.s Sierra And Rudolph can you come to my house maybe before Christmas love you Rudolph dancer prancer comment dinner and blitzed gingerbread and the other to reindeer and tell Santa hi and tell all the reindeer I love them sorry but I forgot three.

  19. Hi Santa and Rudolph. i have decided I shall leave some treats for the elves out as well, so be sure to let the elves know! Rudolph, this year you shall get water flavoured like a candy cane and oats with bright coloured glitter! Hope you love it! Merry Christmas from Lily in Melbourne

  20. Hello Rudolph. Long time no see. It’s been rough here in my hometown. Three of our pet sitter have passed and sadly our home is becoming rather empty. But at least now we’ve still got two more pets who are happy and healthy. Cleo and Cookie. Cleo is a maincoon tabby cat with fluffy fur. She’s been really good this year. Cookie is an old boxer dog with the playfullness and spirit of a young puppy dog. She’s so sweet and her name matches her personality quite well. She’s been good too this year. For Cleo I want Santa to leave her a special fur brush for her fur and a salmon cookie. For Cookie I want Santa to give her some nice warm clothes for this winter season and a bag of gingerbread flavored dog treats. Thanks and Rudolph I hope you and your family are having a great time. I just know they’ll be great flyers like you. (XOXO)

  21. woof baa nose shine roar squawk raar raar meow woof ruff lick lick lick meow meow meow woof woof woof i’ve been practicing animal to and i said, Rudolph i hope you have a very Merry Christmas and to all out there somewhere else where all you guys live and Merry Christmas to everybody at the north pole

  22. Hi Rudolph tell Santa I want Littlest pet shop,Monster high,new phone and my little pony.Leave a note on Christmas please.

  23. dear ruldolph i asked santa for a pet hamster but when he replide he said it was up to you so do you think im nise anough to take cear of a pet hamster love from chloe carver

  24. Dear rulpolph I want a pair of dog pjs and I hope you’re not to busy today I was a good girl this year and I want a real puppy and I want bean boozled

  25. Hi my name is christie on christmas eve I will leave a toy with a bell tell santa to ring it when he brought my preasents.

  26. I have 2 guinea pigs called Amelia and Rosie I have a hamster called Mr Nibbles my gran has a cat and a bird the cat is called Ashy and the bird is called Ames I also have 2 goldfish (I don’t know their names though) lots of love Abigail and my family xxxx

  27. Hi Rudolph I love you and I want you to guide the sleigh and no how to read animal and that was a good message Rudolph I have a present for you when you get here and can you tell your friends hello for me Rudolph ok Santa I want a spy play set and marry Christmas every body in the north pole

  28. Hi Rudolph marry Christmas I have a present for you and the other reindeers’
    when you get here and I hope you get to guide the sleigh with your shine red nose

  29. from Olive Karnowski
    did you get my letter? I was going to ask if one of your reindeer might not like celery? Well have a good day!!!

    Olive Karnowski

  30. i am sorry every one wants something; all i want is that you are happy and not to tierd; i hope you have something nice under your pillow, if not you have a big kiss from me ;

  31. Hi rodolph,I hope you have a perrr fect Christmas.i love you and your friends.P.S PLEASE put an iPod under my pillow.I will do anything!:);)

  32. Oink Bark Mooo Neigh baaaaaa gargle Yeeehonk chatter chatter oink oink bark bark bark meow!!! Ive been practicing my animal! 😀 Merry Christmas everyone!

  33. Our cat says,”bark woof purr Aoww ribbit hop grrr arf meow woof klicity klac rarr jump moooo oink bakawk chirp neigh.” No clue what it means ,hopefully you do. we’re sorry if you don’t guide Santa’s sleigh, but we think someone else needs a turn.

  34. To Rudolph
    I cannot wait until christmas and this year I am giving you a cookie and carrots and Dont tell santa but a bit of sponge cake.
    p.s please can you tell santa to put a present under my pillow.

  35. Dear Rudolph
    hiIhope you have a very Merry Christmas with your friends and Family. I love you so much!!

  36. do you now my birthday is on christmas its is cool because you get presents to open on christmas it is so fun all the way from deland from me .xoxoxo

  37. Dear Rudolph,
    Sorry i cant understand animal, but i love you and everyone at the north pole <3
    I know people make fun of your nose, but i think its cute! ^_^

  38. hey rudolph i love you very much and my cousin said she saw you before cause they put corn outside and they thought you liked corn so they put it out there for you to eat and they saw your knows glow so they went out side to see what it was and it was you.and there names are anna ryan tracy austin bryan denice a.

  39. can i have an ipod touch for christmas it would make my day on christmas morning and i would use it all the time ilove you all at the north pole i ,mean absulutley everyone

  40. Rudolph You are an adorable,Precious
    Reindeer. Everydat I vote you for
    guiding santa’s sleigh because you are
    my favorite reindeer FOREVER!

  41. Hello Santa/Elves
    how are you guys down there in the frezing cold i can not wait to leave some things for you i am getting so exited i am going to get my photo taken soon!!!! merry chirstmas to everyone

    love Eliza


  42. I liked Rodulph’s message.Also,my dog Ace,says WOOF WOOF pet WOOF message WOOF.
    I think he’s sayig that he likes Rodolph’s message,too. I an’t read animal.

  43. hi roudolph how is it going up in the north pole it must be very cold down there you must were a jacket to deliver presents with santa and i like how you eat all of the treats that i give you on christmas eve

  44. Splash my bird is really excited and looking forward to your vist. We have had him for ages but he still remembers you and we all remember why you called Splash. Remember on the sleigh in his cage he was always splashing in the waterbowl. Splash is doing just fine and we are keeping him healthy. Bye

  45. i loved your message Rudolph how is your baby’s going i cant wait tell you come to my house i love you Rudolph i wish you a merry Christmas and a safe trip

  46. santa and to the raindeers i hope u and the raindeers get full when u come because we are leaving u a glass a milk and some cookies on the table and i dont know what to make the raindeers to take with them u less they get hunngy and then thy will proboly like what we are making the,m even u to and y will get to take mrs.claus something to on your way back to the northpole…

  47. Rudoph can’t type.Santa claus I can’t
    read or speack animal.Really I don’t
    have a pet anymore so my pet can’t
    type rightnow but I hope she’s typeing.

  48. Merry christmas rudolph! I want to meet your babys when the start flkying.dont fall and come to my house when you do fly. I love you Rudolph look for my new dog this christmas his name is red.

  49. I can’t read animal.Can you because if
    you can you are lucky!Rudoph can not
    tipe!Um santa was I talking about it to

  50. hi santa and rudolph! we hope you have a very merry christmas! you are both so genourus and sweet to give all of the kids in the world presents on christmas! we reallycant wait untill christmas!
    love, julia and katie!

  51. hi rudolph my dog is looking forward to christmas. i hope you and the reindeers are haveing fun at the north pole. but you and the reindeers are going to have to guid santas slay that is a hard job but i think you and the reindeers can do it. and i bet santa and mrs claus and elfs think you and the reindeers can do it jack xoxoxo

  52. Awww! So cute! Blizzard is the new background picture of my mom’s computer! I will set it on mine maybe! BLizzard is so cute. Tell Rudolph I said hi! P.S and Clarice too! Love Rilyn

  53. hi santa and all of your rain deaers very soon u will be setting of in to your slay and the raindaers are going to love the way you send out presents and gifes so i beter go okay see you soon

    p.s hohoho merrryyyy christmas 🙂

  54. hi rudolph,

    my name is kasper and i’m 9 years old. i liked your message. i’m happy you will be coming this christmas.

  55. i i love santa and i dont believe what my friends say even though i might be 12 i really do believe and i love rodalph and the elves love you all at the north pol bye

  56. Dear Santa and Rudolph,
    No, sadly I can’t speak animal…But I bet my twin sister can! Yes, I loved Rudolph’s message…. that was very sweet of him to send a Christmas message! Thanks Rudolph and Santa!

  57. Hey everybody at the North Pole!! I’m glad to hear Rudolph and his family are doing great! Tell Rudolph “Hi” and I loved his special gift to me a couple years ago! I really want him to guide the sleigh!

  58. It was pretty good for a reindeer! I really like the names Georgie and Blizzard! Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  59. no I wish I could read it but I can’t sorry. I have gotten the animal message for when I have to come let you in. I reallly wish that Christmas could hurry up. Love all of yall
    See ya later Ashley

  60. Hi santa and Rudolph. CUTE POST. luv it! I hope your nose will surely lead the sleigh this year. make sure your nose is really waxy. I will make sure the TV is plugged in again so i can watch the 13 days till christmas on ABC family. Well get back to you soon.

  61. i rodolf *whispers* your my favorite raindeer ever you and santa ans mrs clause are my fave tell santa i am going to give him hot choklate ok and ginger cookies so just to let him know =]

  62. Your very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very cool.

  63. Hi Rudolph!!! Why don’t you get the other reindeer to sign on every now and then and then we could talk to them too!! (no offense Rudolph) But we all want to meet Dasher and Dancer and Prance and Vixon and Comet and Cupid and Donner and Blitzen!! OH and Olive the other reindeer!! Does Olive get to pull the sleigh this year too???!!!

  64. Can you post pictures of the two new little reindeer, Georgie Gingerbread and Blizzard? I imagine they’re adorably cute!!! Pretty PPLLLEAASSEE!!! we are dying to see pics!!! we want to print them and frame them and hang them on our walls!!!

  65. dearsanta claus:i really apresiate every body at the north pole especioly the elves.i also apresite mrs. claus,rudalf,the raindears and you santa claus.i wish two visit all of you. well thats everiting.p.s i wish you all a mery christmast.

  66. hey how are ya dioping me dogs say millie meg and angus plese can you give some doggie trest angus says yapp and thank you meg says woof and thank you mlillie says woof yapp and brakand thank you right they it’s nap time thee thee

  67. Hi Rudolph! How’s Everything going up in the north pole??You done a great job last year of delivering all the gifts i got everything i asked for!! But 1 thing that made my christmas really sad was my poppy was in the hospital but he’s all better now :)I hope you have a safe trip christmas eve!! Say hi to all the raindeer,elvs and santa calse and mrs clase!!

    Byee xoxo

  68. Hi Rudolph how are you going meow niegh neigh wolf wolf maaa maaa are you ectied about leaving for christmas and handing out the presents

  69. You are my favourite reindeer.I love your red nose.I will give you and your friends lots of carrots.See you on cristmas eve.Bye for now. aisling

  70. Hi, Santa Im just waiting for Christmas and excited to open presents, and hope you visit our house have the best Christmas EVER!!!!

  71. sorry i didnt understand but we all love you so much and you have kids! i bet your proud of them there probebly so cute and i have alout of deer in my back yard(i have a forest in my back yard)and i bet they are related to you! XO XO XO

    hugs and kisses to all the people who make christmas fun!(the people in the work shop)

  72. Well, it’s very hard to learn how to read and understand animal. (Especially if they have sloppy paw writing) luckily Rudolph tyed it so i did understand it.
    P.S. it was still nice to write it in human though.
    P.P.S. Have fun and be safe. See ya real soon 😛 😀 🙂 :|] 🙂

  73. hey rudolph its me michael how is my favorite raindeers tell all your freinds that i said hi i just hope i dont desturbe you im sorry but i have to go bye have fun

  74. Dear Santa,
    Merry Christmas!!! I hope you leave lots of stuff in our stockings. Remember when you left the pajamas on our door? Can you please do that again, because I like that. I love you! Christmas is my favorite because you always bring us something we want. But sometimes you don’t give us everything we want, and I’m okay with that. I miss Codle. I love you all! I am 5. I hope everybody has a Merry Christmas, and I love Rudolph! Love, Delia

  75. Dear Santa,
    I want to tell people that I miss my elf, Codle. He helped my behavior get alot better and made me laugh more. He made me silly. On Christmas morning he sat on the top of the TV and watched us open presents. Every year we donate toys to Codle and he takes them to people who need them. We might start a club for donations for Christmas in my Brownie Troop so Santa doesn’t have to work as hard as he does. I hope other kids do the same thing. Love, Olivia

  76. hi rudolph,how are you, my house is in the hi dessert and look out for snakes… it is getting cold now so dress warm outside.

  77. i reallly want to say i love yuu &* comet &* the Other Reindeeer &* EVERYONE at the north pole . *(:
    -Brianna &* Malii –

  78. I can’t read animal, but Rudolph’s message was very nice. I love him! Tell him to say ‘hi’ to Vixen for me! I remember when I got a present from each of you’re reindeer. Dasher gave me a cd, dancer gave me a dvd, prancer gave me a set of markers, vixen gave me a ladybug cd case, comet gave me a book,cupid gave me a sketch pad, donner gave me a really cute winter coat, dixen gave me 2 pairs of really warm sweatpants, and rudolph gave me a long sleeve shirt with christmas stuff on it. I love you and your reindeer and your elves, Santa! I can’t wait for you to land on my roof, either, Rudolph! Have a safe trip! ONLY 53 MORE DAYS! 😀

  79. hi i really loved it merry christmas so remeber that in53 cday i cant wait ill leave a note for everyone to i love ya bye

  80. Hi Rudolph the red nose reindeer. How is it at the north pole?I am so itsided about Christmas.It is my favorite holiday.We will put out reindeer food for you and your friends.I’ll make shore that there is some by the mail box just for you

  81. I love you Rudolph your my favorite reindeer! ^^ Oh i know Brownie is 4 1/2 years old, And i know that’s old for a dog. Some can live up to 16 to 18 years! WOW that’s pretty old! Maybe you can send browine something she’d like and play with this year? Bye Rudolph and Santa love you both! xoxo

  82. hi ruldoph i have never seen raindeer before and i love you so much hows your kids and your wife how old are your kids now see ya on christmas day

    love Jodie Leach








  85. Dear santa,
    Hope you are ok how’s life in the north pole with Mrs Claus,Hope you like your mince pies and what drink do you like,Hope the elevs are all ok and rudolph is we can’t forget him.Well i’ve got to say a big well done to rudolph for writing the letter which must be very hard for him,And a big thankyou for writing it.A big thankyou to you all for christmas wrapping the presents,deliving them it must be so tiring….. love always kellyxxxxxxxxxxx:)

  86. that is amazing rudolph i am so happy for you i am glad that they are growing up to be healthy and cant wate to follow in your footsteps lots of love from kat xxx

  87. hi santa and rudolph i can not read reindeer but i think the letter was fabulous i can’t wait till christmas i hope i get a phone or a laptop i am definetly going to be leaving cookies and milk out this year i hope you enjoyed last years sorry rudolph i really cant leave you carrots and celery santa if you would like to you can take a couple of sweets of the table or a candy cane off the tree if you already do its fine with me but dont take to much haha i cant believe im actually talking direct to you gotta go bye santa and rudolph p.s i love you both.

  88. hi roudolph!!!I actualy have a puppy that could read it…..MAYBE.Santa you really need to work on roudolphs typing.Your the best roudolph!! … !!!Love,Kayla

  89. am liam and aM 45 AND NATALIE is39 she gave birth to baby called robby a boy hes wants a scotter and a bike and a cute puppy with a namre tag with the name coco merry xmas santa from your friends liam natalie and robby




  93. Im going to leave carrots out for the reindeer and water so be sure you look for them next to the cookies!!

  94. I am so happy and fell bad for the elves santa and MS santa to because ya’ll do a lot of work for kids so this year i am going to leave something out for every single one of ya”ll.

  95. you are just a wonderful reindeer and i would love to meet you one day and like to ride you like a horse and be friends with you, the elves, Mr & Mrs Claus as well. i love to read messages from you and all the others.

  96. that sure was a good letter but guess what i want to be a vet when i grow up and maybe i’ll learn to understand and reaD ANIMALS OK I REALLY LOVE YOU GUYS

  97. HI Rudolph! I hope you have the best Christmas ever this year! Also, I hope you have fun riding to my house!I love you!

  98. u didnt give me a present this year santa i am very sad about that make sure u have anough time to deliver evryones presents because it isnt fare!

  99. dear santa claus can you tell me if rudolph loves me and if he is my best freind. and can you tell me when i can come to the north pole.

  100. hi rudolph say to santa i said to santa i love him hes the best and i love you to rudolph i will leave you and santa something to eat

  101. please please tell rudolph to reply to this comment dear rudolph i love u and santa sooooooooo much that i took a descision do u want to know ok i will not sleep until midnight whered lin santa and you will come i will see the red light then i will meet you

  102. dear Rudolph i hope you like this message and i know that it has been a slow year thank you for the message that you sent me i had a lot of trouble reading it and tell santa that i liked his message it was the best card from him can you pleace tell him that i had played with the present that was at the and of my bed with my stocking it well see you this christmas bye bye for now

  103. Hi sanat i wish i would get a real puppy boy cat the boy cat for my cat maddie she is 5 and the boy cat 2 be 5 to and the puppy to be a girl germany shepman or a boxer i love boxers and a dis with 3 dis games and i love the north pole but it is cold well have a really really very very merry christmas kiss hug kiss hug kiss hug kiss hug kiss hug and i love Ruodplh.

  104. I cannot read animal because I am a human being my dog bubbles propebly can though but I really do love your message Rudolph have a very safe trip and a very safe christmas lots of love Rebekah xxx.

  105. Hi Santa! I loooove animals and I really want a puppy for Christmas! Do you think you can help me out?? *wink wink* *nudge nudge*

  106. hi santa your great i would love to ride in your slay with my mum and dad,ben,nanny and grandad,chloe and jazz thanxsay hi to rudolf for me k love you have a nice christmas see you at my house merry christmasxxxxxxx

  107. Hi, Santa! I really like your blog. I hope you have a safe trip. Tell all the reindeers, elves and Mrs. Claus to have a great Christmas. I will always believe in you. I will keep reading your blog. Merry Christmas and God bless!

  108. That christmas parade did some fun it’s to bad nobody has seen santa or rudolph.rudolph your the coolest reindeer.(that’s my opinion)

  109. i live with brett and brynn pierzchalski they both take care of us well i should say all 7 of us we have 4 cats and 3 dogs!! from:Bony the cat

  110. merry christmas santa!!!tell rudolph i said tell me what im getting for christmas.i now why your name is santa clause.send me a you like my picture i send you.i hope so.i got to go.bye.merry christmas!!!

  111. Why is it always about Rudolph? Don’t the other reindeer have baby reindeer too?
    Its not that i dont like Rudolph its just I like other reindeer too.

  112. I love you rudolph and i can,t went for you to land on my roof erater same of my friends believe in you and santa i will tell you one of them her name is fatima my best friend

  113. hey i love you and i bet you that your new reindeers are cute just like you.
    i love there names and hope they will grow up nice and healthy.
    say hi to mrs for me i love her too
    have a nice christmas
    hope everthing goes well on christmas eve when you are flying.

    love you whitney

  114. i can’t believe that one of your reindeers are called Georgie because that is my name and Merry christmas to all the people who read this and merry christmas Rudolph

  115. thanks Rudolph say hi to all reindeer and elves and MRS Claus FOR me please.hi I will leave every one some treats on Christmas okay.bye bye

  116. Hi santa it is really hot here in Australia . I don’t know how we can cope with it !!! Can’t wait for you to get to Oz and deliver all the pressies. Hope you don’t get too hot here.

  117. your a great and special person even your buddies at the north pole im sorry you work so hard at the north pole and im sorry for the bad things i have done to evry single person i know it is hard but your cool and fun thank you for the presents last year i love you santa claus. ps ilove you you santa claus your the best and elfs and my parents.

  118. It’s great to see that gorgie gingerbread and blizzard can’t wait to pull the sleigh it’s so delightful! I can’t wait for you to come! I’m really excited!

  119. I love the reindeer. Especially Vixen. She needs more publicity! :3

    That’s great, Rudolph! I’m looking forward to Christmas! My mum says she needs another month, lol. But don’t worry. By that she means all the stuff to prepare not Christmas itself. 😛

  120. To:Mr.And Mrs.Claus and the elves
    From:Brittney Crowson
    I just read Rudolph’s letter I could hardly understand it because it was made by a reindeer named Rudolph. Rudolph the red nose reindeer had a very shiny nose like a light bulb. Well have a Merry Christmas And A Happy Nw Year to all you up in the North Pole.

  121. hi santa

    how is rudolph doing.

    iam going to leave carrots and celery for the reindeers.

    iam going to leave to cookies and a pop.

    write back soon

    your friend emma

  122. I live in New Zealand me and my friends love rudolph, prancer, dancer, and all the other reindeers we can’twait till christmas we’ve all been good this year and we let more than 30 kids play ball tag with us merry christmas mr. &mrs. Santa

  123. That sure is nice of Rudolph to write to us.Rudolph is very nice.I love his nose. 😀 Sorry, I can’t read animal, although I wish I could.

  124. Hi Rudolph… You have a very nice name just like the other reindeer over there in the North Pole. It was snowing over here in Surrey last night December 14th. Is it snowing over there in the North Pole?

  125. Hi Rudolph! You are my favorite reindeer. I hope the other reindeer aren’t still calling you names. Make sure to stop at my house on Christmas.

  126. Rudolph can you teach me how to speck animal?:) 😉


  127. Hey Ruldolph! My Pup, Daisy, is a Schichon (Shih-Tzu Bishon Frise mix) and she says “Woooooof!!!!” to all of yall at da north pole!!! BYE YALLS!!!!

    Karlie and Daisy!!!

  128. I want a sonic toys,wii,sonic games

    Reply from the Elves:

    The best way to make sure your wishes get into Santa’s book is to email Santa. They go straight in that way! If you put them on this blog then someone might forget to add them 🙁

    Merry Christmas!

    The Elves

    P.S. What’s the magic word? 🙂

  129. No I cant read animals messeg.MERRY CHRISTMAS………………………… AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR {{{{{ }}}}} p {{{{ }}} {{{{{{}…. ……

  130. i loved the message from rudolph. and i i will love to no if i am on the naughty list!!! becuse if i am i will do my best.and i will love to get a message from you!!!and i hope you are grting retty for chistmas!!!and i hope your elves are geting working hard!!and rember that there is 12 more days tile chistmas!!!
    love mikayla
    and i need to go shoping i will talk to you later!! bye bye


  132. rudolph, why do i never see you but always see santa every christmas? because i really like santa but i have always wanted to see you because i really like vute reinedeers.

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