Rudolph’s Hiccups

Rudolph the red-nose reindeer

Ho! Ho! Hiccup?

Well, Rudolph had the hiccups today. What a holly, jolly time we had at the North Pole finding a cure!

Would you like to hear more about red-nosed reindeer hiccups?

Mrs Claus said Rudolph should stand on his head and drink some water. Rudolph tried but the water went up his nose! SPLUTTER! He was Rudolph the wet-nose reindeer!

Well, that did not work! Rudolph hiccupped even more.

The elves said he should stand on his tiptoes and sing jingle bells – backwards!

Rudolph tried. “Sleigh open horse one – hum! Fun what – bells jingle – hum! Bingle jells! Oh, I give up!” he said.

That did not work either! Rudolph hiccupped louder still!

Clumsy the Elf said he should stand on one leg and spin around. He showed Rudolph how to do it. Hop, twirl, hop, twirl, hop-twirly-twirl…

Do you know what happened next?

Clumsy the Elf got dizzy!

He hopped around and bumped into Rudolph.
Rudolph bumped into Blitzen.
Blitzen bumped into Donner.
Donner bumped into Prancer.
Prancer bumped into Dancer.
Dancer bumped into Mrs Claus…
And Mrs Claus spilled a cup of cold, cold water all over Rudolph’s head!

Hiccupping holly berries! It worked!

Rudolph stopped hiccupping! Everybody laughed. “Let’s all have a cookie,” said Mrs Claus.

But oh dear! Clumsy the Elf ate his cookie a little too fast – HIC!  He got hiccups!

That’s when I ran outside for a BIG pail of ice cold water!

Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus

P.S. Have you ever had the hiccups?  What did you do?  Can you sing jingle bells backwards?  You can click here to tell me about it or, scroll down to see what other people have written!

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268 special messages to Santa about “Rudolph’s Hiccups”

  1. Welp. my hiccups were really REALLY loud! to stop it is: hold your breath for 10 seconds or more!

  2. When I have the hiccups I get a glass of water and spread a paper towel over it then I drink the water through the paper towel. Boom! There gone.

  3. Ho Ho Ho Santa! Sometimes a good scare works when I get the hiccups but the best cure for hiccups is a sip of water. One time my mum had the hiccups and I got her a glass of water (pretty nice thing to do huh Santa) (wink*) and her hiccups were cured as fast as reindeer fly.

    STEAK A LIITTLE TP FAS t like the elf
    Santa xxx

    mason Shaw


  6. Santa I think your cool tell your reindeer I love them and I love you my brother is always talking about you I’ve been wondering how do you go down the chimney without getting sick and how do you stay up all night and deliver the toys and do you ever get scared of heights when you fly in your sled because I think you go pretty high when your delivering presents how do you do it?

  7. have rudolph has hiccups angin
    tell mrs cluse give rudolph peanut butter cookie or a apple toget rid of his hiccups or cerley ihpe rudolph
    do not hic cup on christmas eve this year when heflys in the air on
    chistmas eve

  8. i dont like the hicups when i get them because my mum and my dad says be quiet so i hide or go to my room

  9. Santa you are sooooo…. cool!
    When i was younger we where picking up my auntie and uncle up from a trainstation, well there was this really high power cable with a red light on top, i thought it was rudolph so i made mum drive really fast back home so i could put my food out, the santa stop sighn out, have hot chocolate, have a puzzle, get into my pjs and get into bed! 🙂

  10. my mom tell me to hold my brefh as long as i can but i cannot do it that long

  11. Dear santa, I lost my tooth today and it
    was the seventh one I lost. I was so
    HAPPY! santa. well bye.


  12. i put my fingers apart from each other and slowly push them together but leave a inch apart it usely works

  13. i tryed my cousin vickie me and her was playing hide and seek and she heard my hiccups and she said found you then she said you can hide again and then she scared me and my hiccups was gone

  14. I get hiccups alot and they don’t go away very easily! But after a while they go away. Has Rudolph tried holding his breath?

  15. i hold my breath then take little breaths that always works 🙂 well i have got to go hope Rudolphs hiccups get better thanks

  16. dear santa i believe in you and the maggic of the north pole pole your friend franklin joe browning

  17. dear santa merry christmas and a safe trip i hope to see you tomorrow night your friend franklin joe bowning

  18. When I have the hiccups I hold my breath for as long as I can then gulp in air three times.(:

    Merry Christmas!

  19. Hey Santa I scared my friend Rachel when she had the hiccups I scared her by hiding behind the couch and jumped in front of her.

  20. if i hadnt read that i wouldnt have known that pooring cold water on someone would make the hiccups go away…WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. When you have the hiccups, your lungs are having spasms. So, if you breathe in for 4 seconds and for 4 seconds a couple of times, your hiccups should be gone. If this doesn’t work, drink lots of water.
    Brittany B.
    age 12

  22. hey santa thanks for the message on email santa .com and did you know that hugs and kisses are the best whay to treat other people kindly?

  23. Dear Santa,
    it is hard to sing it backwards but once you learn how to do it it becomes really easy!
    Love Tina

  24. DEAR SANTA that is so funny how you said you ran out to get a pail of ice cold water he would probably hotter than cold if you snuck up on him lol YOUR FRIEND,Donovan ps I am on the nice list, right?

  25. hey santa tell rudolph merry xmas and yourself and everyone at the north pole. only a few days left! I hope i’ll see u rudolph one day
    🙂 😉

  26. SOOOOO good story I hope you send me a present and I got a Joke:

    Knock Knock
    Who’s There Rabbit rabbit who
    Rabbit up carefully it a present

    If it was funny please comment on his then mine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Merry Christmas Every body

  27. hi santa i am sure it took you a long time to get a cure! I hope he is very well now and is looking forward till Christmas eve for the big long journey around the world!! Santa how do you get around the world in one night! you really are truly magical! i love hearing all the fun little stories about christmas and you! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

  28. Oh gosh… don’t even get me started on hiccups, I’ve had them so many times! Usually what I do when I have hiccups, is that I drink a glass of water really fast, and if that doesn’t work, then I hold my breath for as long as possible so that my diaphragm (that’s the flap inside your throat that starts the hiccups if you drink water or if you breath too fast) stops jerking uncontrollably. I HATE the hiccups! 😀 I wish there was no such THING!!!!! 🙂

  29. When I get the hiccups, I NEVER like to use the “scare” method (I can dish it out but I can’t take it!). Instead, I hold my breath and swallow three times. If that doesn’t work, I just don’t think about it. See ‘ya at Christmas!


    (P.S.:Don’t pretend to have the hiccups or else you’ll really get them!)

  30. Santa I will check for rudolphs fur next to a ps3 add on

    Your friend callum
    P.S I am top %10 in maths in the country so i am so proud of me


  32. HA HA HA!!! That was pretty funny santa!I liked the part where Rudolph tried to sing jingle bells backwards that was sooo funny!!!!!! My dad used to tell that plain sugar worked so,we tried i but it didn’t work!! I really liked the story you should do another one like it!! GOOD JOB!!


  33. i love u soooooooooooooo much ruldoph you and commet are best but shhhhhhhhhh don’ tell commet this but u are a bit more special then him p.s can’t wait until christmas i will leave an extra carrot out for u what will have your name on it love u so much have a goood ride

  34. dear santa i really wish i could ride the polar express i have the movie it would be so cool to see it pull up in my yard your friend franklin joe browning

  35. dear santa i know you are busy but i just wanted to say merry christmas your friend franklin browning

  36. Santa I hope Rudolph gets better before christmas eve because he could hiccup and make you go flying!!!

    P.S. That would not be good.

  37. it was a col night at c.f. and i was 7 yers old and i sead to my mom wats thar she sead hikops thay wor loud and i was giggling so loud and it was 9:00 pm and it was time to go to bed and the next day the… hicops wor gon poof! thay wor gon the end.

  38. i can not sing jingle bells backwords. when i get the hiccups i drink a cup of cold water with a paper towel over it.

  39. I had had the hiccups a lot of times and they are annoying! What i do to stop them is just hold my breath for 10 seconds! The hiccups then stop!

  40. yes I have had the hiccups but I did not sing jingl bells backwards I tried holding my breath for 20 seconds and also asking my parents to scare me when I least expect it they both succeded

  41. I went HICCUP HICCUP HICCUP and it made me too tired. i tried to drink a warm milky but i hiccuped and it spilled every were! to stop my Hiccups i held my breath. it made my face go red because i wasn’t breathing – but – when i did a breath THE HICCUPS HAD GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. no i would sing it all wrong that was a funny story about Raindeer Hiccups!!!!!! [hahahahahah] [WIERD!!!!!!!!!!!!!]

  43. you know santa my nana gives me sugar and they went away see just like a pease or cake you can try to give that to rudolph if he will take it and my mommy gives me a ice cold drink of water i never tryd singing backwords i will try if it works see you soon

  44. yes i have it is horrible tip hold your breath for as long as you can hold it it defenetly works! 🙂 ho ho hickup should now be ho ho ho!!

  45. i have had the hickups before but i didn’t sing jingle bells backwards because i dont know how to sing it backwards.

  46. i know what to do! why dont you give rudolph a cup of water and he can just hold it for a minute and drink it see easy as pie

  47. i always get hiccups and the best way to cure them is being shocked so santa why dont you sneek up on rudolph and see if that gets rid of his hiccups!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. Dear Santa:I got a 1.0 last report card marking and now i will get that 4.0 even through im struggling to do so.I lied but fell like why would I do such thing if it had something to do with my education.

  49. Dasher, Dancer, Prancer and Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donder and Blitzen, Does Rudolph still guide the sleigh?

  50. dear santa i hope that every child has a great christmas your friend franklin joe browning

  51. dear santa i have been a good boy this year for christmas i would like a basketball goal with a basketball heelie shoes and a cell phone your friend franklin joe browning

  52. Dear Santa, Yes of course I have gotten hiccups before!! What I do is hold my breath for as long as I can!! That is so funny that Clumsy got the hiccups too!

  53. Yes, I have. It was terrible! My sister and dad were making me laugh! so I got a drink, didn’t work. So, then i had to get scared. I sat in my room and then unexpectedly, my dad runs in and scares me! Om My! It worked!xD

  54. i sang it backwords but that did not work so i focused on something and took 4 deep breaths and leaned back tokk another 4 deep breaths came back up and took 5 deep breaths and then the hicups where totaly gone i was suprised i did not think it would work at all. so that is my story about tody. oh it was when i was in my trumphet leson it was so embarissing!!.

  55. I know that it can be hard to get rid of hiccups though the easiest way to get rid of them is to get a big fright from somone.(note:Don’t tell the person who has the hiccups or it won’t work.)

  56. Dear Santa,
    When I get the hiccups I just hold my breath.And no I can’t sing Jingle Bells backward.

  57. Dear Santa,

    I bet with all those hiccups u must have been CRAZY annoyed.whenever i get the hiccups i hold my breath for a long time.

  58. Wow, that must had been CRAZY!!!I hope it doesn’t happen when your flying!That would be funny if it did!

  59. hi santa if you need any help at north pole you can count on me to help you and say hi to rudolp and say hi to mrs claus for me and the elfs. santa you are the best in the world and i love you

  60. Hello father Christmas , thank you for the letter you sent me about a minute ago. I hope Rudolph’s hiccups got better, I also read that mrs.clause doesn’t like the winter season . Please tell her not to worrie because I had a very bad cold yesterday and I am much better now. Please say a big thank you to everyone who said hello to me and please say a big hello back. Lots of love Tara .xxxxxxx p.s wishing everyone a happy,safe and merry Christmas . Thank you.

  61. LOL that rudolph, hes a ledgend. I love christmas so does my 2 year old brother. Dont worry santa my little brother is going to leave milk and cookies for you.

  62. Once I had the hiccups and we tried: me standing on my head, poring water on my head and even holding my breath! Then finally I just sat down and hiccuped. Then….all of a sudden my Dad came up behind me and scared me! And what a laugh that was!

  63. i did have the hiccups and they were terrible so i had to spend the whole entire day in my room drinking water [i also needed to go to the restroom alot so that was my worst day ever

  64. ha ha ha that,s so funny that the cure was ice cold water and it.
    even funnier how clumsy got them next.

  65. Yes I have had the hiccups. What I did was I got a big scoop of peant butter and put it in my mouth. It worked! WARNING:IF YOU ARE ALLERGIC TO PEANUTS, NEVER EVER DO THIS!!!!!!!!

  66. When I had the hiccups
    My sister scared me but it
    Didn’t work so then I held my breathe
    It didn’t work so then I just waited and
    They went away

  67. I usally run and they go away,but if they don`t I hold my breath.Have you ever tried to go to SLEEP with the hiccups?

  68. when i get the hiccups i usally drink water and if that doesnt work i hold my breath for 60 secends and then they go away

  69. I had the hiccups one time and I couldn’t stop!!! I to hold my breath,but it didn’t work.I told mom about it then she scared me to death!!!Then she laugh so hard!!!Then I laugh too.Thats how I cured my hiccups.

  70. I’ve gotten the hiccups, but I have to just calm down. I only get hiccups if I’m too giggly or hyper.

  71. I drank a glass of water while holding my breath, my dad was the founder of that cure, I hope it helps, Merry Christmas, Happy holidays, and seasons greetings to all!

    Ho ho ho

  72. I go and get water from the water fouaten sometimes that does not work so I donte even know that he is going to scare me and sometimes it works but sometimes it dosent so we just let it go till they go away…

  73. I have hiccups almost every day and what I do is I get water and put my mouth on the other side I put my head up side down and drink.

    Et voila

  74. I hold my breath for 10 seconds then breathe and my hiccups have gone or I drink a small glass of water and hold behind my ear and it does the trick!

  75. Rudolph hav Dancer to scare you while you are doing the splits and drinking some ice cold water love u lotsxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  76. We all thought Rudolph having the hiccups was very funny. We have all had the hiccups before in 4P and we have found the best way to get rid of them is to do the splits and put your hands in the air; get a big FRIGHT from someone else, walk into something or drink ice cold water. We hope these ideas help you and the reindeers! Love from 4P

  77. Rudolph hav prancer scare you while holding your breath to see if that works, and garggle milk and let us know how it works love you

  78. Rudolph hold your breath for five seconds, take naps, drink lots of water, see u soon love u lots

  79. Please remember my letter that I gave you. Can you please tell Rouldoph to eat lots of food please. thank you MERRY CHRISTMAS!

  80. Santa, Can I please have a puppy and a gumball machine and alvin from chipwreck please. merry christmas, you are the best santa! your elves are good at making toys!

  81. The hiccup story was sooo funny! I liked it when the reindeer bumped into Mrs Claus and stuff like that, it was very funny!

  82. Dear Santa
    I do know two cures for hiccups. Pinch your nose and drink water and hold your breath.

  83. i usually would breathe in til i can’t breathe in anymore, then hold it for ten seconds then it would be all gone!

  84. Hello Santa! I’m 7 years old. All I do when I have hiccups is wait. Sometimes I get hiccups right before I go to bed but in the morning there are no hiccups! That’s what I do.

  85. I cured my hiccups by when my mom said BOO!!!!!! It scared me to death.Then she laughed so hard.I laughed too.That’s how I cured my hiccups.

  86. Hi Santa, my mommy is writting this comment for me becuase i am only 2 and a half years old. We want to know how santa you are doing and how the mrs c are doing as well . Bye bye for now take care hugs to you and mrs.c love you .

  87. Poor Rudolph! I don’t like the hiccups because I just don’t and I am sure, Rudolph you don’t like it either! when I read you got cold cold water thrown onto your head I felt extremely sorry for you because it must be freezing up there in the North Pole!!
    Love Isabelle xxx

  88. This is funny! When I have hiccups, my sister always tries to scare me, but in the end its my baby brother that frightens me. He is only 1, but he always does dangerous things by accident when he tries to get his toys. That is the scariest thing, because I don’t want him to get hurt! I always manage to save him in time though!


  90. poor rodolph i hate hiccups i could go to my karate becaus of hiccups. i like the bit where Mrs claus spils ice cold cold water on Rodolph’s head and Rodolph stops hiccuping hope he does not get it on christmas

  91. Try standing on one leg and holding your breth for a minute. It worked when I had the HICCUPS, I just hope you are fine for christmas RULDOLPh! Oh and don’t let the other reindeer be meen to you x

  92. i like that story santa and is really funny to me. another thing is that if rudolph is sick still.

  93. I think that you should have him drink lots of water. (You might have to try to scare him LOL)

  94. I always have hiccups a month each. When I had a hiccup at school, My friend gift told me to hold my breath and drinnk water ( without breathing) then about 5 or 3 minutes lateer, my hiccup was gone!

  95. hi also i want to say a very merry christmas to santa , all the other elves and mrs.claus and also the rienders
    p.s merry christmas to all the people that commented
    love santas little helper

  96. santa i have had the hiccups end was a bad time for them to come.The came when i was doing a consert to show the whole schools perents when i was singing it was ibarrising because every few seconds it just came and went.
    hope you found a cure for rudolf
    from shardia

  97. Rudolph you need to take a suger cube and let it melt in ur mouth, if that doesn work, drink some water while holding your breath.

    Merry Christmas and cant wait to hear the bells coming over my home

  98. when i have the hiccups my mum trys to scare me and it works every time like when i eat or drink to fast and that is how i get hiccups.

  99. Dear Santa,
    I had the hiccups before and I did not like it my mom told me to drink water so I did so that worked
    P.S loved the story!!

  100. You should find him a doctor LOL! Hope he get’s rid of it before the big night of delivering presents!

  101. Oh I hate the hiccups! I’m so sorry Rudolph! Sometimes holding your breath while saying the abc’s in your head works. Or someone could suprise you! I hope Rudolph doesn’t get them on Christmas!

  102. When I have the hiccups i usally just hold my breath bit if not yhen i get a drink of cold water and the will both work in different situatiotns. please


  103. hi i had the hiccups once I did nut lik it becuase it is hard to look cute in a barret while shopping in paris with mother while bobbing like my bruther when he sees the pumpkin pie!

  104. Yes I havce had the hiccups before. they are not fun, but peanut butter always does the trick for me!

  105. I hope Rudolph’s hiccups have gone “away” and if he did how did he do it?And tell Rudolph to have a merry and hiccupy christmas!

  106. Yeah I get the hiccups when i eat really fast to my 13 year old sister tryes to scar me and says boo!!!

  107. When I have the hiccups I spell Mississippi River backwards. OH no I just got the hiccups! I-P-P-I-S-S-I-S-S-I-M R-E-V-I-R. It worked yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  108. I didn’t know that a reindeer could get hiccups. Have any of the other reindeer got hiccups before?

  109. well when I have the hiccups I hold my breth for 20 seconds.But sometimes my father scares me to death.Well thats all I can say bye.

  110. how do i sing jingle bells backwards? i cannot even say my name backwards! i should maybe just splash freezing water on my face. than i will be freezing! i get hiccups all the time. so i felt the same as rudolph.

  111. i have had the hiccups too. but when my mom or dad tells me to tell them when i have to hiccup, it always works (most of the time)

  112. I also get the hiccups when i eat things to fast.One time i eat one bite of something and i got the hiccups. I do not like the hiccups. Merry Christmas to you and mrs.claus, and everyone else at the northpole

  113. I had hiccups once before but my
    mum gave me a glass of ice cold cola to drink and it worked!! Lol hi Santa xx sexy Santa

  114. Dear Santa!! I cant wait till x-mas!! I just wanted to say, the thing i mostly want is an ipod touch! I know im probaly a little to little for one but I would just LOVE it if you got me one!!

  115. To be honest,even though I’m Year 6,I’m the elf of my year!!!!!!(Even from the girls!!!)Anyway……I CAN’T WAIT TILL CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  116. my reading teacher says that to get rid of the hiccups, you have to startle the person (or reindeer in your case) there was a kid hiccuping in her class and she yelled pink elephants to him when he least expected it and they were gone!!!

  117. I know another to get rid of hiccups. You have to hang upside down on a couch for 5 minutes and it will get rid of them! It worked for a friend!

  118. I hope Rudolf gets better before Christmas
    and you better have a good time up in the north pole

  119. When I get the hiccups it is because I swollow a bunch of air and I drink water and eventually they go away!

  120. Santa I just want to say I hope you stay war on Chrstmas night and tell the Raindeer to hold there breath if they have the Hickups By Santa

  121. I Santa remember me I was the one who Was writing you at the Email Sata thing oh and Santa I know you are real Love you

  122. i want to wish you a merry Christmas and i still want to meet Marty The Zebra From Madagascar and he talks thats i want from you thanks

  123. Someone should try to scare Rodulph NICELY. If that doesn’t work try Drinking lots of water or holding your breath for about 7 seconds.

  124. I light a match dip it in water then drink it [it doesn’t tast bad]the hik ups go away faster then reindeer can fly!

  125. Remember me!!! i am Zach your friend!! I finally found your Santa blog it took me forever!!! OK Santa if you get the chance out of your busy time to write me a letter!! Merry Christmas your friend zach

  126. I stand on one foot hold my breath and drink cold water and then my mommy scares me and my hiccups go away


  128. i cant wait til chrismas iam so excited til chrismas i am geting hot wheel mega garge and lego police station too

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