Santa Claus’ Christmas Blog 2011!

Ho!  Ho! Ho!  It is beginning to feel a lot like Christmas!  So, MERRY CHRISTMAS my friend!

I am so very happy you found my blog!  Some people call me Father Christmas.  Some people call me Kris Kringle.  And some people just call me plain old Santa Claus.

Have you heard of me?  I am a big, jolly guy.  I live in a magical place full of elves, reindeer, snowmen, and of course, Mrs. Claus!

I have been on the Internet for a long time.  I have been reading your emails for a long time.  I have been watching my web cams seeing who is naughty or nice for a long time.   Ho! Ho! Ho!  I guess I have just been around for a VERY, VERY, long time!  And now I can say I have been writing my Christmas Blog for a long time too!  So, welcome to “Santa Claus’ Christmas Blog 2011”.

I hope you have fun reading about me, Santa Claus, and all my friends and family at the North Pole.  I am looking forward to sharing some of my special secrets with you.  (You promise not to tell anyone?).

I have many new silly and funny stories to tell you this year.  After all, I have been around for a long, long time.  I have had lots of silly, funny adventures!

Yes, I even know a little about the Christmas Spirit.  The Christmas Spirit is a wonderful thing.  More than anything, my hope and wish are that my blog fills you with the magic, love and wonder of the Christmas Spirit.  That is one of the best presents I could ever deliver, even if it was only in a Yule blog!  Ho! Ho! Ho!

Come back and visit often!  I will put up a new story every day of the Christmas season for you (unless I am having a cookie break O<:-)  ).

Merry Christmas!


Santa Claus

P.S.  Are you getting excited about Christmas already?  You can tell me how excited you are about Christmas.  Or, scroll down to see what others’ have written!

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163 special messages to Santa about “Santa Claus’ Christmas Blog 2011!”


  2. Dear Santa,
    Me and my friend Lauren are really exited about Christmas and all the lovely presents we might get we both love you to bits i hope you are rested and relaxed before the night to deliver the presents.Send our love to all the family.

    Love Faye and Lauren

  3. you got me a ipod touch for christmas and i love it so much just like i love you so muchand i cant wait till christmas of 2012 bye

  4. santa i think your thinking that im behaving bad i know that my reindeer that i picked is not going to be in santas sleigh and also that im only going to have 5 presents not 20 or 15 i really want to have 15 or 20 presents/love and kisses santa claus and happy christmas


  6. I can’t wait before Christmas. How is it out there . You don’t have to but can I visit you sometime . See you later, bye

  7. I am so exited about christmas 2012 it’s so fun

    Love,Dan Dan the matresss man

    Christmas dreams,see ya

  8. I am very exited this Christmas i want the new present and thanks for giving me trumpet at new 2012 year thank you Santa tell your family and reindeer i like Christmas and New Year


    Santa Claus i will visit your blog and site

  9. Dear Santa i need 5 iphone4s for Christmas and these iPhones are for me and my 2brothers and my mom and dad and I also want a makeup set and trampoline and I hope you leave me a letter in my mailbox someday I never got a letter from you santa I love you Santa because you me lots of presents and thank you for all my present last year take care Santa

    Love Sani

  10. I liked the purple hat with the white pompom From You Santa and the Ski Jacket From mrs Claus To Everybody on email santa .com and to my friends at wildwood academy Your Friend Camryn Have a Happy New year Everybody at wildwood academy and this website is so cool and awesome

  11. santa when are you coming to ogden,utah all the little boys and girls want to see santa my three little nieces love santa and all they want for christmas is to see santa
    love cinthya

  12. Santa,how do you make your reindeer fly.Also how is Mrs.Claus doing. and am I naughty or nice.

    P.S. My name is Brentley Daniel Porter.

    P.P.S. I think your awesome!!!

  13. I’m a single mother working in Barcelona, Spain……… son’s wish to be with me on Christmas but he is in the Philippines…….I hope somebody grant my son’s wish…..Thank You

  14. your the best and my mom says i might not get the ipod touch or the i phone i wanted p.s.i belaeve that you can make them

  15. I love you Santa and I want you to drive safely on Christmas Eve. My birthday is in January and I am excited about that also. I hope you like chocolate chip cookies and truffles.

  16. Christmas is my FAVORITE holiday!!!! I can’t wait and it will be my new puppy’s, Gracie Rose, first Christmas!!! Sadly my old dog, Hannah, died Aug. 21, 2011. My new dog’s b-day is Aug. 30. That is so cool! Merry Christmas!: )

  17. Dear Santa,

    I am very, very,VERY exited about Christmas. Of course I’m not allowed to go to the North Pole because I am now sick at the moment.

    Your friend,

  18. dear santa i have favor to ask my sisters and brothers live in lakeland georgia i was wondering if you would go see them i know my dad wont get them anything for christmas thank you your friend franklin joe browning

  19. dear santa do your elves ever take a break and have cookies and hot chocolate for christmas i know mrs claus makes a lot of them your friend franklin joe browning

  20. dear santa i know you are busy but i made a wish i have you travel all over the world i just wish you could come to my house just one time but i understand if you cant your friend franklin joe browning

  21. I am excited to see my prsents how wonderful the elves made(of course the elves make the toys good every year.)The elves do a good job of making the toys. Christmas is all about Jesus was the most Christmas of all.

  22. dear santa,i am realy ready because it is jesus’ birth celebration!

    p.s. people that are ready because presents it is about jesus’ birthday.

  23. dear santa i hope you are reading my emails you are great guy merry christmas your friend franklin joe browning

  24. Dear santa and mrs claus i am ever so excited about xmas i can hardly wait ! 🙂 for all the fun me and my family are going to have last year was great and i am sure this year will be even better as i have the greatest gift family i hope that you have a great christmas i cant wait !
    Love chantelle muntton xx

  25. Hey Santa! I love Christmas and can’t wait until it gets here! Anxious to find all my presents and celebrating with my family (maybe)! I just can’t wait!

  26. bonjour papa noel , j ai 3 ans et demi et je porte le soir encore des couches pour faire caca dedans ( je sais c ‘est mal ) mais.. j ‘ ai peur des WC alors stp pardonne moi j aimerais avoir plein de voitures de cars trop top …..merci de me lire bisous de moi Nathan

  27. Hi, Mr.Santa Claus and Mrs.Claus i am so happy to be in your blog and i am looking forward cant wait when Christmas comes and see what you guys give to me on Christmas day…I am a big fan of you and i know i am getting big to give presents but we are never to old to get what we really want is it Santa…I very excited n cant wait to hear frm you both Mr and Mrs. Claus please write back to me and here is my email if you guys have any to say more about me: {email address deleted by the elves — never post your email address online — it’s not safe!} …I’ll be waiting for you guys messages….

  28. santa i cant believe its almost christmas yay this is going to be the best because my birthday is the day before christmas thank you santa mrs claus reindeers and elves everybody

  29. thank you santa cluse for the letter and the same to mrs.ciues and ruldoph and the elvs merry christmas love jozie gage hunter to the elvs santa clues mrs. ciues and all the reindeers pleas show all of them pleas.THANK YOU VERY MUTCH SANTA CLUES .

  30. Santa you are 1 of the most jollyest man i’ve ever met.I see you every year atthe mall.Any way i just wanted to wish you a very Merry Christmas!

  31. hi.please come to slovenia =) im 14 years old…i love barbies so much! =)
    And im asking for ken-Talking..i hope u will find me

  32. Santa my mom says you are broke are you realy and for Crismas i realy realy want you to fix my DS or get me a DSI andgive me a Amarican girl doll

  33. I’ve been writing to santa for 6 years now. It’s so good to tell santa exactly how you feel and what you want each year. Of course you need to remember to say your manners because everyone knows noone likes a spoilsport.

  34. Can an elves come to my house because my little brother said that there is a elves at his school and you sent him a note about the evles is at Winfield Alabama and you gave it to the janitor and you wont the kids a note about it. Ps can u please please get an elves to come to my house

  35. Hi santa! so my friends who believe in you told me to check out,and also check your blog. Please tell all the reindeers,mrs.claus,and the elves that i am saying hello. 😉

    -Shirin 🙂

    P.S. go rudolph!!! xD

    P.P.S. I’ll ask mom if i can put cookies on the table for you to eat! You might wanna check the computer room… the room that has the chimney…well,its a small room….And we are renovating it…Sorry if its more time for you ‘^^

  36. Hello Santa Claus,
    I would like a jersey, pig goes pop, electric helecopter and suprises this year.
    Thank you for everything you brought me last year. How are you?
    Is rudolfs nose still red?
    How is mrs claus and the other reindeers?
    HO HO HO!!!

  37. Dear santa, this is big sister harley writing and little sister siena who is telling me what to say!
    We would just like to say thank you for all these years of wonderful presents but we have learned from mummy and daddy that its not all about presents… xx
    we love you so much santa!
    Love the … family, hohoho haha x

  38. Dear Santa, I would really like a bike and a gun for christmas. I know I wont shoot my eye out! I love you Santa so much. Thank you for everything last year! Merry Christmas!! Give all the reindeer a hug from me.

  39. If your missing Jingles and worried dont be because we just found Jingles in our christmas box well… I found him.The weird thing is he sent a letter saying that he was coming on thursday art teacher Mrs.Allen said that you said to her that you would send a art elf larry but you sent his brother berry,why?

  40. I am so excited for Christmas because I get to see most of my family and my borther!! I can’t wait to see him. I haven’t seen him since last year. On the oustide, I might not believe in Santa, but in the heart, I know you’re real.

  41. i am a little boy who is 2 and a half i have a lot of medical problems and one of them is cerable palsey so my mama has to help me with this i believe in u santa you are the best i hope to have toys i can play with this year and most of all i hope and wish that all the other kids in the world get everything they want and have the happiest chrstmas of all god bless you and have a merry christmas

  42. Hi Santa thank you for being really nice to me . I really wish that the unfortunate children can be as lucky as we all are. Thats why I always pray for them each night when I go to bed.

  43. I love santa and everyone there in the north pole and no matter what i will always love you santa with all my heart!!! <3

  44. About that calling something I am reading a book that the people call you Father Christmas oh yah, they were in France:)Merry Christmas!

  45. Dear Santa For Christmas i want a make up set a ipad clothes nail polish jellwery jeans justin bieber cd To Santa From Camryn i like you Santa and the Elves and the reindeer and mrs claus
    See you at Christmas remeber to bring presents to everyone on email santa and to the Elves and the reindeer and mrs and Santa Rudolph says it happens alot to other people

  46. I’m so excited for Christmas this year! I’m turning 15 on Dec. 23rd, but I still feel like a 6 year old at Christmas time. It’s my favorite holiday. This year I’m asking for a Mockingjay pin from the Hunger Games series and Hetalia: Paint it, white! on Blu-ray. I’ve been reading this blog every November and December for about 2 years now. Can’t wait for Christmas 2011! 🙂

  47. santa you are the best and even when i am 99 i will still believe you.i hope you will get me somthing nice for christmas.once i was awake at night and i herd somone walking and stamping down stairs,i also herd a bag rusaling.some people in my class dont believe you but i say they shall keep that to their selves,because i believe you and i always you santa

  48. i believe you santa because you my friend i wish i could go with you to deliver the present to all over the world please could i go with youor please leave something in my stcking okay please santa im 47 year old man i have santa costume i have it in my clost i wont never gave it up because its santa claus costume i believe santa and elves and ms claus and raindeer

  49. Hi Saint Nicholas! I am SO excited about Christmas! It is my favorite holiday of the year (besides Halloween and Thanksgiving!)Anyway,HHHOL on Christmas!

  50. hi santa i really love u so much and i would be delighted for you to giv me a new blackberry phone and xbox and new laptop and i will see you soon on the big night

  51. your elves are pretty nice to make presents for everyone. the elves are good at making toys and gifts. clumsy the elf is a pretty nice elf to be making good presents for other kids. santa claus is the boss of all the elves and santa tells the elves what to make for other kids. the elves are pretty good at doing stuff like making presents and making other things. santa is the greatest thing in canada.

  52. Santa i really am a big fan of yours! i am 12 and my friends think i’m a baby just because i watch looney tunes and tom and jerry and cuddle with my mom. Plus of HOW I BELIEVE IN YOU! can you believe that!?!?!?!? i hope i’m on the nice list. i TRY a lot of times to be on the nice list. Can you please send me a picture of everyone to my email {email address deleted} . oh and i hope it isn’t much to ask but can i have your REAL email????? I’M SOOO EXCITED FOR CHRISTMAS I HAVEN’T STOPED TALKING ABOUT IT! 😉

  53. Christmas Is Awesome and this site is too it has anything and everything on Christmas to the Reindeer to the mysterious Noises you hear at night stories to tell with giggles and Laughs thats what christmas is about
    God Bless

  54. hello santa i am 12 years old and from great britan i believe in you very much but i have one cwestion you know about the website norad track santa well when does the website open because i am very exited to watch you go around the world will you message me back as soon as posible thank you very much santa

  55. Even though I used to NOT believe in you, I do because I have Christmas Spirit lately. And I’m not going to let that bring me back to not believing. Otherwise, I’m really excited!

  56. Hi Santa!

    I am extremely excited for Christmas! I am 11 years old but I still believe in you and you know I always will! On Christmas morning my little brother Jack and I wake up at 7 am and run downstairs to where our Christmas Tree is. We love seeing all the presents. This year we will leave you my mom’s chocolate chip cookies, some peppermint bark, maybe a few gingersnaps and of course some milk! Or would you like eggnog? I hope our new puppy won’t chew on the presents! My puppies name is Scout he can look kinda scary but he will only lick you! But please put Scout on the nice list even though even if he has a few naughty marks! Oh Santa this year you might have to come in our front door because we got a new stove and there is only a tiny hole and it runs on pellets we will leave the door unlocked so that you can save up your magic for when you really need it. Thank you for the bells that you left us last year were they from your sleigh? Everyone in my family heard them jingle-jangle and that is a good sign it means that you believe if you hear bells from Santa! Are there any more baby elves coming this Christmas? How are you, Mrs.Claus, the Elves and the Reindeer doing? I am not sure what I would like from you yet but I am thinking about it so I will email you soon! How long have you and Mrs.Claus been married? How long have you been on the internet for? I took your naughty or nice test and I got an A+! I have been working hard this year to make sure that I get on the nice list! I hope you have a safe flight and a good night

    Love Emma.S.

    p.s only 28 sleeps, 7 hours, 40 minutes and 33 more seconds to go! Yahoo!

  57. Dear Santa,
    I love your blog im only 11 years old and my phone fell in vthe tolit so i was wondering if you wanted to maby get me one for Christmas

  58. hey,santa and elves….i ges you know me,but jadeeeee,im 12 but i still want to write to you santa,i really cant wait till christmas i love it,i like my birthday 2!!ive got 2 go know.i hope everythings going ok over at the north pole,i heard clumsy got a present messed up!! oh well,hehehehe MERRY CHRISTMAS SANTA x


  60. hi its kasandra i have looked at your blog it just makes me smile and too see that christmas is near and bringing presents for the good kids and adult like me 22 and getting into college and making that step into the world and getting my eduaction started and i am so glad that i get too write too you and too here soo many wonderful things and wishing for good gifts like clothes jeans and dvd movies and a new apple 4 i phone too santa ho ho ho (:

  61. Omar-
    Me my brother and sister hope you have a nice break after Christmas. I know we asked for a lot this year but there iS so much to choose from! I was hoping that you atlas put my brother and sister on your nice list. I really would understand if you put me on the naught list. I know I’ve beenvery bad this year.I am sorry.
    Ps: I lost the picture and list and letter that I was going to mail to you.

  62. sorry santa do you mind leaving me a note this Christmas because my friend said she got videos from you so a note would do me if you dont mind
    p.s please leave one for mjt ubff[ultimate best friend forever]kayleigh h please!and your the most awesomest person in the world
    another p.s I ADORE CLUB PENGUIN so please friend me!! im pumpkin9945:}

  63. hey santa u r totally awesome and i hope u got my letter and im good enough to get the stuff ive asked for
    p.s sorry for the bad grammor and punctuation!!! !!love you very much and give the best wishes to everybodyand especially you:}ttyl,

  64. Merry Christmas to everyone.I am really exited for Christmas.My favorite elf is Elmer he is our elf on the shelf.
    I wish I could visit you at the north pole.How long does it take to be in my house?

  65. OMG Santa I am actually so excited for Christmas i Can’t even use one word to describe it! So supercalifragilisexpealidocious! 🙂 I wish it’ll hurry up! I love christmas its my favorite day of the year! Can i get one directions album 🙂 Love you xxx

  66. Santa, you are my hero! Flying all around the world, giving kids goodies. You rock! Thank you for all you have done. By the way, I am donating toys to hospital children. Even if my halo is a little crooked, I will do my best to follow in your footsteps. I love you! You are the greatest person ever!!

  67. Sorry i cant follow you on twitter im not allowed a twitter profile my mum says it is too dangeorus the same goes to that face book thing 🙁 i wish i could have one…….. CAN I PLEEEEEEZ HAVE A KINECT AND XBOX FOR CHRISTMAS PLEEEEZZ i will always love santa
    PS:sammy i love club penguin too

  68. hi,santa i cant wate till you come to my house ill try to give you milk this year and not serra mist tell the raindeer i will have more carets for them i cant believe its only 32 more days till christmas i migh evan have a present for you this year santa im just not shure what it is yet hope you like what ever it will

  69. hi santa im so exited for christmas i hope i get all my presents thank you and thanks for the letter back last year+the foot prints please do it again love james

  70. It’s feeling like Christmas already instead of Thanksgiving Santa Claus or Kris Kringle. I hope everybody is on the nice list! Santa is real, to you who are not sure. The reason he does not go to your house, is because you don’t believe in him. Of course, I am a Santa Believer. So come on and Be NICE!!!

    P.S- You’re the best Santa Claus!!!!

  71. Hey, Santa! You rock the house, but it is a compliment! I’m excitied. OMG OMG! I got five bucks from my mom’s parents! I hope to count down for christmas and be there. I just hope that you make sure that my dad’s bro gets here safely from Atlanta, GA!I am very happy that I am on the good list. Oops sorry Santa, i gtg and write my mom’s parents an email for my Thanksgiving Card!

  72. Woo Hoo! I cannot believe that X-mas is almost here, just one more month of school and im out for the holidays! =)

    CLUB PENGUIN ROCKS! Waddle On Peeps!!!


  73. hello santa me and my friend Erin are the most excited people about christmas already, and we were excited about christmas even before halloween and we both love you to bits merry christmas lots of love Dearbhla and Erin

  74. I’m so excited that i am gonna be on a dig daggity sugar rush. Just from my last text i’m country just ya’ll know.\
    Santa please put on the nice list. I clean my room and i say my manners and i love a good santa claus!!!

    P.S> I love that you eat them diggity cokies. bye ya’ll.

  75. Dear Santa,

    I had fun writing a letter for you!!!!also you seem like a very nice man!!!i wish i can meet you in person!But that would be imposibal because you are magic so if im awake durring night you might think im naughty:( But anyways i had alot of fun meeting you on my moms laptop!!!! Ill e-mail you later!!!!

    Emily Haindl

  76. I’m really glad to see the blog back and getting ready for Christmas 🙂 I’ve been counting down for Christmas for almost two months!

  77. Hi Santa you seem very excited this year for Christmas . Just so you know i am going to comment a lot today and tommrow hohoho!

  78. hi santa well i always come on during a 30 day to christmas to just sing and email and learn even from your blog! cant wait to hear about love ya

  79. Hi santa
    We think your amazing!
    Also… we simply can’t wait for Christmas!!! 🙂
    Lots of Loves,hugs and kisses from
    P.S. Give a kiss to all the reindeers, mrs claus and the elves!

  80. I am glad christmas is here & that you are in Nampa a one month & a week before christmas.Plase bring 7 inches of snow to my house at {address deleted} because the last fe years our snowman has been mealting faster than normal.I am on the nice list because of B+ that the elves gave to me between late summer & early fall.When can i become Santa Claus after you retire so I can moved up to the North Pole with you?

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