North Pole Newsflash: Santa Fit To Fly!


Santa Claus check-up time
Santa Claus is fit to fly!

North Pole — (Dec. 22, 2008) – Dr. Alf Doctor today told the press that Santa Claus and the reindeer are fit to fly Christmas Eve.

“It is true”, said Dr. Doctor.  “Santa Claus and the reindeer had their annual doctor visit today”.

When asked to tell everyone how Saint Nick looked, Dr. Doctor replied,

“His eyes — how they twinkled!
His dimples how merry!
His cheeks were like roses,
His nose like a cherry!

He had a broad face,
And a little round belly,
That shook, when he laughed,
Like a bowl full of jelly!
He was chubby and plump;
A right jolly old elf;
And I laughed when I saw him,
In spite of myself!”

One elf reporter asked where Santa Claus was today.  Dr. Alf Doctor replied that Santa was very busy.  He was getting his reindeer and sleigh ready for the big night.

Another elf reporter asked Dr. Alf Doctor if he had any worries about Santa’s health.  Dr. Doctor said, “He is feeling great, but Father Christmas does seem a little lean this year.” “I put him on a strict diet of milk, cookies and other yummy treats Christmas Eve.  That will give him the energy he needs to deliver all those presents.”

Dr. Doctor also said that Rudolph’s nose is glowing very bright.  “Rudolph has stopped sneezing“.

Of course, the elves make sure Santa and the reindeer stay healthy and safe on their big journey.  They track him at on Christmas Eve.  As a bonus, people will be able to watch live texting between Santa and Elf Control!

Dr. Doctor ended the meeting with, “I hereby certify Santa Claus and his reindeer fit to fly Christmas Eve!”

Merry Christmas!

Dr. Alf Doctor

P.S.  What treats are you going to leave out Christmas Eve?
(You can leave a message for Santa Claus. Or, scroll down to see what others have written!)

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90 special messages to Santa about “North Pole Newsflash: Santa Fit To Fly!”

  1. put on wishlist for santa claus note for you good man or list nice paul im 36year old man fice me in my house down s in my bedroom im in my bed im ok
    fice my house lift size own on in my family in house stop by my house tan street mn55079 we will for Christmas eve night put on your on address map / santa claus dec 24 / 20019 tue mrs claus reed letter

  2. I always love to give you guys treats like:cookies, cupcakes, cake and for the reindeer :carrots,celarey, and milk;water for both

    xoxoxox brittany

  3. why cant i see you and how come,there are only cerent people who become elves?and can i come with you to take a trip to the north pole with you?!

  4. My dearest Santa
    I can not wait to see you, Im am going to leave some fresh yummy cookies and carrots for rudolph.I hope you are very warm cause its cold outside. lots of kisses and be safe from the crinch and jack frost.

  5. I hope that none of the reindeer get sick on Christmas Eve!! It’s hard to pull the sleigh with all the toys and Santa loaded in it with only 7 reindeer!

  6. Hey Santa x Im 11 Years Old And Most Of My Friends Dont Belive In You ! I Do ! I Will Leave You Out Some Cookies And Milk .. And A Carrot For The ReinDeers x I Hope You Have A Good Holiday This Year x Lots Of Love Jordan x

  7. Dear Santa and Elves, I wanted to let you know that I am leaving milk and cookies[chocolate chip, m&ms and many others] Love ya! Chloe

  8. Dear everyone at the north pole,
    Do you know what I would like the best?
    to have a ride on your sled at chrismas eve. One day I want to see your elves


    PS.Merry Chrismas!

  9. hi santa how are u i am good so i am on the nice and i am so good i got A+ and i want to now how many peple are on the nauty list and i want to see the picure cause i want to now hoo is nauty………….rember what i want as mytoys ok bey santa

  10. im going to leave you egg nog and chocolate chip cookies and carrots for your rain deer 🙂 p.s. if you can please leave a ornament on our tree

    i cant wait till x-mas 🙂

  11. I am going to leave santa some sugar cookies.I was wongering what santa does when he and the elves are not making toys and games.

  12. Do you believe in unicorns have you seen one I want to now the truth.I want european unicorn I have all of the stuff.

  13. Hi santa I wish I could see you one day but i know it is a bit early till christmas but I can wait. If I be good can you bring me a BMX bike please!!! I will make my list and send it to you… xxxxx Dani

  14. hey santa it’s me peter filosa your buddie from medfield ma just wanted to say hi to you

    peter filosa

  15. love you santa claw’syou are awsome so you are the second best did you now that i got a new baby sister and she is 2 and a half old and her name is lilly mia dodunski

  16. santa one of mates said that he going to punch me in the face can you do some thing put him on the naughty list for me he name is brandon lunt year 7 oak bank

  17. hi santa how is every body at the north
    pole for christmas i would like for next year
    xbox live messanger kit and xbox live
    vision and xbox 360 wireless adapter
    mid nigth los angles xbox 360 call of duty 4 modern warface xbox 360
    i will see you later by the way who is rudolph doing and ms clause and the elf
    i will leave mince pie carrots for the renideers

  18. dear santa i would like for christmas
    is xbox live vision xbox 360 wireless
    adapter and xbox 360 whith xbox 360
    controller please leave them in my bedroom at 3 oclock

  19. when will you get my presants my jolly friend i have to go to brush my teeth
    i will be going on the trampline i see
    you tmorrow i see you on christmas eve
    i we leave mince pie carrots for rudolph

  20. Dear Santa Claus i really want to be an elf i am only eight years old and i really really want to how do you becaome an elf are they born elf i just don’t get it tell me how to become an elf i won’t tell anybody Love Samantha

  21. hi santa how are u because i’m fine. are u a good owner to the reindeer because i’m a good owner to my pets. santa i will be so kind to tell u my pets names 2 boys bodie,and fiter,2 girls rosie,and ruby. oh and i almost forgot they are 2 dogs and 2 fish. i should say bye now because i don’t want to waste power. so bye.

  22. Dear Mr and Mrs Clause, all the elves, and the reindeers importantly!!!!
    I love all the toys you give my so thankyou to the elves who made them and thankyou to Santa who deliverd them!! but then i MUST say thankyou to the reindeers who flew the sleigh on the 24th of December. I can never wish for something more amazing than what I get for Christmas, but their is always a mistery onwho all the elves get all the stuff done in a year fro over, well more than I can count, probably!!! well Merry Christmas to everyone and have a great New Year!!
    From Hannah
    P.S I can never wait for Christmas, it’s just too exiting!!!

  23. i think you should call a reindeer meg and another one chelesa we go to the same school as each other and we have known each outher as sincs we were born love you santa!!!!

  24. well santa claus we had our christmas tonight on chrsitmas eve already got what i wonted asked for on my list execpt gospel cd but i can buy me one with my gift cards gotten for christmas well guess talk to you later thanks santa for everything you done for me bye now be careful delievering presents tonight ok.

  25. i love your blog hope you and Mrs.Claus had a good X-mas befor you left to hand out the presents Merry X-mas and HO HO HO

  26. Happy xmas !! Im so exited ! My present are under my tree ! Whooo ! Last year I got a letter off him in my housee !! Ill leave a carrot, milk , mincers and cookies !! sasha x

  27. This is one of my fav. times of the year.
    I am soooo happy it’s this time of year again!

    I wish Santa and the reindeer could see the smile on my face.


  28. hey Santa,
    how’s it going up in the north pole,well down here is pretty good, well how are the elves are they still working on toys and other automobiles and gifts for other children, and how is Mrs. clause is she doing pretty good so you still checking the good and the bad well you know i’m a good teenager,yeah life is pretty laid down here i bet it’s cold up there here it’s hot n’ cold well i guess i’ll chat with you later
    see ya buddy old pal

  29. I hope santa is fit to fly!!!! I am going to leave some Cookies and Milk for santa…. And for the Reinderer!!!

    By: Cherilyn

  30. We are leaving sugar cookies and fudge and boiled custard to drink. We are wondering if Dasher likes sugar cookies or should we leave carrots for him?

  31. Dear everyone at the north pole,
    Do you know what I would like the best?
    to have a ride on your sled at chrismas eve. One day I want to see your elves


    PS.Merry Chrismas!

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