Santa Claus’ Sleigh Is Packed!

Santa Claus sleigh is packed!
Santa’s sleigh is packed!

Christmas is so close.  I can almost taste the cookies!

Ho! Ho! Ho!

We have been very busy at the North Pole.

We have been very busy getting ready for Christmas Eve!

Now, we are all ready for the big night.  There are just a few things to do.  Everyone else is sleeping.  So here’s a silly rhyme from me to you!

The sleigh is all packed,
The reindeer in bed,
Dreaming of pulling,
Santa Claus’ red sled.

The elves have been busy,
With paper and bows,
Ribbons and packages,
And polishing a nose!
You know which one.
It’s famous. It glows!

And I have been busy,
Checking out my new sleigh.
Making sure it is perfect.
Making sure its okay.
Cuz Santa is coming.
Just one sleep away!

Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus

P.S.  Do you have any special messages for me on my big trip?
(You can leave a message for Santa Claus.  Or, scroll down to see what others have written!)

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256 special messages to Santa about “Santa Claus’ Sleigh Is Packed!”

  1. Dear Santa Claus I would like you to know that I have been really good this year and I want to wish you a very merry Christmas and a happy new year Santa Claus

  2. How are you gonna come to my house and fit down the chimney and where do the reminder land and is your sleigh very big for all them presents to fit in there

  3. espero que no se te haga muy dificil entregarnos los regalos tan costosos que nos das tu a todos los niños del mundo porque tu eres como la bendicion que nos da jesus y toda su familia.
    por cierto ciento mucha intriga que nos vas a dar este año tan especial para todos y cada unos de nosotros.Te agradezco por todo lo que nos das tu y todo el mundo aunque aqui en Argentina estamos pasando una gran crisis economica.

  4. hi santa it is still quite early for Christmas but I hope that you don’t forget anyone’s presents bye bye love from orla

  5. Hi and happy early merry christmas. I know it I September but I am ready for christmas all ready. ‘re sll the reindeers, the ekves and Mrs. Claus I said merry Christmas and hi.

  6. To Santa please can I have three wishes and they are for every one that has disibilitys not to have them any more , every one with epilepsy not to have it any more and to have snow on Christmas Day hope you can make them come true Thanks from George

  7. i know your buisy but should the raindeers really be asleep when all of this is happening.P.S don’t take this the rong way.

    lots of love Annie*****

  8. hi santa
    how are you and everone. Are nearly ready for christmas? Have the elves been busy? it has been snowing here. All we need is presants underneath the tree!!!
    Carnt wait to see them!

    from Alisha.
    PS: Merry Christmas. xx

  9. i wats up santa xoxoxox please say hi to everybody that works so hard for chrismas eve to com eand thankyou for all the good things you gring to me.

  10. Hello santa how are you please try to get me the toys i want this year but if you dont thats alright with me thank you very much.Please and thank you!

  11. me nd ma little sistaa hope u have a fun and safe journey all around the world me and ma little sista r sure exited 2 c u we really cant wait till christmas ee! we love u lots santa and always will (:

  12. Dear Santa
    I love christmas.Its my favourite time of the year.You the Elves,the rienders,and ms clause are all probly very busy. Santa if you can get a rel magic wand I would pefore to get one instad of all the other presents.Thats only if you can.And Im sorry if I was bold.
    love anna nagle

  13. dear santa i know it is a little earky to be writing but i thought i would get a head start for a great christmas present i was wondering if i could have a bell from your sleigh your friend franklin joe browning

  14. dear santa hi this is franklin joe browning i am 9 years old now for christmas this year i would like an x bow with games awii with games a guitar a football a soccerball and lots of toysmerry christmas santa your friend franklin joe browning

  15. hi sant my sister has sent you a lot of e-mails. we went to see you at the mall yester day I loved it you are so nice. we won’t forget to leve you a cookie and milk and of corse a littel snack for your rain deer. morgan and me are so exsited about to me and morgan p.s i read a lot of books at my school about you they are so funny!

  16. hey santa hopefully you dont get stopped by the police up in the air. lol but i hope that you have a nice safe trip and we always count on you and the presents that you always bring for us. well got to go brandy larue.

  17. reailly cool song
    and can’t wtie untill i here from u soon santa and mrs cluas and al lthe poeple at the north pole i hope i here from u verr y soon love from
    tamara and familey at the uk ,xxxx hope u have a nice christmas sanata and north pole .xxx ho ho ho ho



  20. dear santa do you know how to get to my house iam very excited about christmas i was just hopeing to see someting under my tree from you please your friend FRANKLIN JOE BROWNING

  21. dear santa the reason i am writing again is because everyone says you are real i would just like to hear your sleigh bells go across the sky

  22. dear santa i beleve in you my mom said she saw you one christmas eve night please come visit your friend franklin joe browning

  23. Tips
    -bring a blanket for if you get cold
    -make sure you layer your clothes for warmth
    -bring hot chocolate in a thermos, it will keep you warm

  24. my friend teara was here and we play a chirsmas games but today we did we play with the boy and it was fun love from kyandra ps can you tell me something to play that is chirsmas love from kyandra

  25. hi i want a new phone

    Reply from the Elves:

    The best way to make sure your wishes get into Santa’s book is to email Santa. They go straight in that way! If you put them on this blog then someone might forget to add them 🙁

    Merry Christmas!

    The Elves

    P.S. What’s the magic word? 🙂

  26. Hey Santa need help with stuff on your website.I just need help with sending you letters.Well i know where it is.But do i have to use that one all the time?

  27. Hey Santa need help with stuff on your website.I just need help with sending you letters.Well i know where it is.But do i have to use that one all the time?

  28. Have a Merry Christmas, Santa! Be safe and guide the reindeer with the best jolly spirit ever! You do great at your job or just your talent. We love you Santa! Love Always,
    Emily 🙂

  29. can you please make my papa not be in a bad mood on christmas day?can i have a wii and wii fit to go with it?i have been GOOD!hope you have a good christmas santaMERRY CHRISTMAS!

  30. Have a safe flight,when we say goodnight,when you stop by our house, it gives us a good feeling! enjoy your christmas as much as we do. love,


    and Mario too! ps.enjoy seeing my pet she loves christmas. this will be her first

  31. hope it comes realy fast it will be a lovely day on chrismas plz say thank you to the elvs and rainderrs and you and mrs claws

  32. p.s and I hope you can fit the 2 motor bikes xoxoxox love you essence

    Reply from the Elves:

    The best way to make sure your wishes get into Santa’s book is to email Santa. They go straight in that way! If you put them on this blog then someone might forget to add them 🙁

    Merry Christmas!

    The Elves

    P.S. What’s the magic word? 🙂

  33. zxcnjxsckjaksxjhsahxjkzhxjhZJxhkZHkxhZXhJHXjkHZxkjhZKxjhkjxhzxkhzkxhzkjhxjkhzxkjhZKXhkjzxhkzhXK:x;HUCIDSHIUSIUGCUIATC UIADSCKJDHUISTZCUTSUIGZD2 YEAR OLD HEHE

  34. hi santa just wondering if you know the card i have for a sleight ride.iwould like to use it this year if thats OK!
    love annie

  35. hi Santa Claus hope you are alright must get tired riding around the world
    please dont forget the presents and i hope you enjoy the milk and please can you ask rudolph if he liked the carrots


  37. I think your blog is really cool!! I can’t wait til’ Christmas eve!! But no offense it’s not all bout’ you it is Jesuses birthday!! No offense!!

  38. i wish you a good luck

    and please i am beging you if you get time please give toy to CUBA kids it would mean alot to me

    love braedyn

  39. hey are you ready for the big day i hope you like chocalate chip cookies because i am going to make you vantastic ones i saw your slay and it looks fool hope you have a fanantastic christmas

  40. santa i wish the best for you i would really like an lqaptop because that little girl you drop off my frist preaset in 1999 and i am getting ready to be in middle school so please ask the elfs f the will please make me an laptop thank hugs and REALLY BIG KISS AND HUGS FROM KAITLON YOUR LITTLE ELK

  41. Dear Santa,Christmas is so close and i want a turtle for christmas realy bad i want its name 2 be Turquise bryanna age 8 wethersfield ct

  42. hi santa i am so excited for you to come this year how is mrs claus doing i love you with all my heart i have a question not to be rude or anything how old are you and how long can you live well i belivie in you k bye

  43. hi santa gee i can not believe i am talking to you i sent u a email erliyer today its realy cool how this site works u are nice thankyou for all the wonderful gifts i get every year


  44. dear santa I am looking forword to christmas but I just wanted to tell you that im going to newfawndland in sted of bowmanvill so pleas dont for get me.

  45. May the Lord be with you on your trip this year. I will leave milk and cookies for you when you stop at my house.6 weeks till christmas, can’t wait. Love you lots.

    Love Ruzenka xx.

  46. hi i miss you so much see you soon ho ho ho tell all the elves i miss them to and the raindear to love erika see you soon ho ho bye

  47. dear santa

    i will like you to put my gifts
    in youre sleigh please i want them here by 12th of december 2009 and please
    and send them to antigua and put them
    in a package and wrap them nice and send
    them to woods center antigua

    love rhianna

  48. wow that is lots of presents santa has to diliver i vote for rudough to guide the sleiugh this christmas santa has a big job to diliver all thoose presents

  49. hey santa! make sure this christmas every child EVERYWHERE is happy and gets a little something! my mummy says that she would help me with this letter, i like it when mummy tells me i can come to sit under the christmas tree and open presents because it is so exciting to open all the great suprises from you! i hope your christmas is a good as mine will be, please come by and visit my house, i would love to meet you! lets hope my mummy will let you in! dont come too late or i might be in bed! on christmas mummy lets me stay up until 8 PM!! i normally go to bed at 7.30pm. i am 6 years old and i love christmas most of all. i have a question for you, have you ever met jesus? i want to meet him one day, he seems like a nice man from the stories mummy and daddy told me! i hope you are happy.
    xoxo alice
    (im 6!)

  50. Good Luck! Good Luck in the sky so you dont fall out or something….. I hope you have a nice christmas…

    Love U meghan


  52. o my :0 that’s full hope you like our tree im leaving you cherry, mince pies, carrots for your raindeer and water for your raindeer two please don’t drop and presents.
    lol on xmas day 😀 🙂 😀 🙂 😀 🙂

  53. dear santa,
    my biggets chrismas dream is to see you as i didn’t get to seeyou so please ps: pleae write letter back as you promised andas you ddid before

    love alawys natalie

  54. can u drop off a four wheeler with a lisen plate that says crushers #23 have a good day and can u write a note saying how much deer u have saw on ur slay

  55. Thank you so much for putting me on your nice list. Please will you write me a letter when you come and leave me my Presents. Happy new year, have a safe journey and lots of yummy treats. Lots of love
    Chloe aged 10 years old. xxx

  56. Hi Santa i cant wait till Christmas.I saw your slay it is packed but i think you have to keep going.Keep up the good work Elves.Bye

  57. I hope you dont get tired on the sleigh and I hope you have a very good sleep so you can give out all the presents on Christmas.

  58. dear santa i wish you a safe safe trip this year i cant wait till 3:00clock when i basicly wake up i hope you have a great trip this year.

    ps:dont forget to come to my house ilove you,bye bye bye bye bye

  59. you are awesome santa I love when you come to visit me and my brother he is sick right now so I hope you get him whatever he wants for xmas

  60. I loved your poem and I’m very happy that it’s gonna be Christmas in 90 Days. Right now is Fall but the next is winter and you’re coming.

  61. molly at blyth
    hi santa i was just wondering how you are ? because i am fine see you later santa and tell every body there to even the reindeers

  62. dear santa i hope you have a nice cumfy ride on christmas eve and i hope you like my cookies and milk annd leave me a note from dylan piske

  63. hey santa its me gabriella i just wanted to say hi and i love you and my sister bethany sais hi how r u doing how is rodoulph am i on the nice list?

  64. hi Santa inthe three years that have been i have asked to have a ride in your slay the first year you were to busy the seced year you were to busy and the third year i was sick so please can you wake me up and i can come for a ride in your slay and when your done with the preasents down the chimneys we both can go back to the north pole and i con meet everyone please santa i’am beging you lots of love kate xxx.

  65. hi santa when u fly around the world i hope u have a safe trip and i promise i’ll be in bed on christmas from sam p.s i promise i’ll be fast asleep

  66. I LOVE you!!! I hope you like the cookies I leave you!!!It’s okay that you don’t bring me alll the righ stuff!!!


  67. hi santa claus for christmas is a laptop and a cat toy for my cat dipsy thank you for my presents last year and will u tell me who stole my niendo ds or were is it please will u tell me ps i love u

  68. Merry Christmas Santa. I can not stop thinking abot xmas and ther is still 142 days and it is only August. I hope you have a wonderful chritmas!

  69. Santa I know that is later in the year 2009 and i can’t wait for you to come i am going to pray for you all the time i still believe in you and i am eleven years old i love you all . christa

  70. hi! my name is caleb santa but , u probrly known that alreadyi just wanted to email u. sorry if your busy because its not christmas well got to get going love,caleb ps. please email back

  71. santa i cant wait tell christmas ,09 to come and ill leave coke and cookies out for u and hope u have a safe trip home for christmas 09 cant wait tell then

  72. Thankyou for putting everyone on the nice list and I hope you like the cookies I put out for you last christmas!!! Have a safe flight this christmas!

  73. Hiiiiiiiiiiii! How are you? On Chrismas this year could you bring me a dog ,I have been a very good girl and I’ve wanted one since I was five and I’m almost ten now!!! well if you don’t, then I’m sure you’ll still bring me lots of other great presents!!

  74. hi Santa you know what the dog you gave me she has been so good guess what her name is zoey!!!she is really tiered so i better goit is 8:24it is past her bedtime
    see you next time!!!


  75. hi santa i just wanted to say thanks for putting me on the nice list last year in 2008 and also i wanted to say thanks for all the presents you got me i really liked the i pod touch you got me and i even have some christmas songs on there and i will always believe in you so dont worry and please tell all of the reindeer i Aleandra said hi by by!

  76. dear santa can you call me right now and can have a ipod and good games also i love you and i want to see at my house also i want a cdplayer write me back or call me

  77. hi santa i”d just like to say hi to you mrs claus and the rinders and the elf and i all most forgot meczie and frosty the snowman

  78. santa alot of my friend say your not real but i know you are because i belivin my heart love and child hood thank you for everything this christmas and thank you for putting me on the nice list i will defintley make my halo less crooked i hope you have a goood night p.s. heres a joke the elfs put up what does santa eat for breakfest on his toast he eats jingle bread if you ever get mads at the elfs say the only thing they eat is short bread lol because there short


  80. hi santa claus i heard christmas was over and thta you had a lot of cookies and milk i gave a carrot to the rindeer did they like it p.s i got two mp3 players i had a good christmas

  81. Dear Santa – we wish you a Merry Christmas – be careful on your sleigh because it is very icy here and you have lots of toys in the back of your sleigh and I don’t want you to get hurt because it’s heavy. I love you.

  82. hey santa i hope you have a safe trip all around the world tonight. could you please take a photo of you and the raindeers and could you please leave it next to the plate of cookies i give you.

  83. I’m 19 years old. Just give me anything. I’ll be happy. I’ll leave you some milk and cookies. And of course, I’ll leave the reindeer something too.

  84. DUDE! you’re like…the Bom-diggidy!
    keep up the spectacular job that you do…when should i send in my application to apply for the next Santa?!

    Love much-

  85. HI Santa,
    I have been a very good girl lately. I hope that you are well rested for your big night. I think your sled looks great. I hope some of those presents are for me.
    I will leave you some cookies and milk tomorrow night.
    Have a safe trip and tell the reindeer to pace themselves, it’s a long journey!

  86. Hi Santa!!
    I can’t wait till Christmas!
    A lot of people wonder how you get down a small chimney, but we don’t have a chimney so you’ll have to use the front door. Well Bye!!

  87. I hope you have a happy christmas…
    Say thank you to the elves that have been working so hard this year…
    I am so excited for christmas… i can’t believe it is only 2 sleeps away… lots of hugs and kisses from Katelyn and Jordan

  88. Dear santa
    please may rember to come to my house and merry christmas.i will leave you out piles of mince pie and cookies.

    LOVE Ellie

  89. Hi santa! I’m giving you coffee for CHRISTmas Eve because it has a picture of you on it! And I’m leaving a video camera so I can see you! 😉

  90. Hi,
    How are you Santa? My sisters do not believe in Santa Claus but it makes sense because they are 16 and 17 one of them is going to be 18 the day after Christmas. I hope you give them a great Christmas and bring them something to make them believe you.
    p.s. I think Christmas is my favorite holiday

  91. This year, more than ever, we need to believe in Santa Claus. In Illinois, where I live, the government is a mess, run by a leader who has done something bad. We don’t know what it is, but I have a feeling you won’t be leaving something nice under his tree.

    I work for an organization who also has a management problem as well as being not very nice. They lack organizational skills, yet expect me to perform my tasks in a timely manner. The double-standards are not right.

    Now more than ever, Santa, we need to believe in you and what you represent. The world may be complicated, yet, you are a shining example of how things should be.

  92. PLEASE COME TO MY HOUSE LAST thank you i wish you and everone even the raindeer in the northpole a merry christmas from me love allison spolidoro in the united states north carolina

  93. Good luck Santa! I’m gonna be tracking you on the norad santa tracker tomorrow! and also, do forgrt my house! my famliy moved last month and we’re not where you almostalways came and the house i live in now doesn’t have a chimney.

  94. Your sleigh is packed, our stockings have been fished out, our Mums and Dads are preparing to wake up at 4 am – we’re all ready!
    Joanne in England

  95. we are so excited for christmas. please get some rest so you feel fit and well for christmas eve.


    Lots of love

    Anna and Tom in England

  96. Dear Santa Claus,
    Its a very big trip so good luck and don’t get stuck by the police, so no speeding.
    But try to be on schedule.
    Merry Christmas and a Happy New year,
    Love Sarah.

  97. just wanted to say a very merry xmas! you always do soo much for us and sometimes we dont realise that you do so much for us in a space of a year merry xmas love Megan Thorpe xx

  98. Please be very careful as it is very cold at night. we will be looking out for you when we walk down the road to look at the christmas lights… is my brother Miles’ first christmas and I am looking forward to helping him open all of his presents as he is too young to do it at the moment !
    I love you Father Christmas….I hope you have a good flight…….
    lots of love
    Owen age 4 and Miles age 6 months

  99. I hope you have a safe ride on christmas eve and find lots of nice things to eat.

    marry christmas and a happy new year.

    bff amelia

  100. Thankyou for putting us on the nice list and l hope you like our cookies and milk, we hope you dont forget us and dont drop any presents. We hope Rudolph has a good day, can you count the presents by the way and leave us a note

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