Santa doesn’t live at the South Pole

I’m not sure if he was trying to come back home, but Scunner the Grumpy Elf ended up at the South Pole.  He’s still looking for the magic key I need back before Christmas Eve.   Here’s his latest email.

Dear Santa

Oh Santa, I am so sorry. We haven’t found your key or poor Birly. We flew after the reindeer and Birly but then the sleigh started to make some funny noises. It was a sound like metal squealing and the Professor said we had to land. He had some repairs to make.

So we landed in a place like the North Pole. It was cold and snowy. The Professor said that we were at the South Pole. Glaikit isn’t used to the really cold weather and I had to give him my coat. I was so worried I went for a wee walk.

The next thing I knew I saw hundreds and hundreds of silly looking black and white birds. They were all standing together keeping warm.

I asked if they had seen a reindeer anywhere and they all looked at me at the same time. Then they all looked at the sky.

I think they meant they saw him flying past.

I thanked them and went back to the sleigh.

There was more bad news. The Professor said that the only way we would take off again was if we used the SPS for spare parts.

Oh Santa, I don’t know what to do. Either we stay here or we fix the sleigh. We can’t find the key though.

Or Birly.

I don’t know what to do.


Oh no, this is terrible news.

Santa Claus

P.S. Should I leave the North Pole and go help Scunner?  I really want to go but I’m needed here to get everything ready for Christmas Eve. You can click here to tell me or, scroll down to see what other people have written!

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39 special messages to Santa about “Santa doesn’t live at the South Pole”

  1. What happened to my money. I needed it for school, you know the one amy goes to and talks online secretly Sheridan College.

  2. i love santa hope that he will be able to give presents to the people who have coronavirus CURSE THIS CORONAVIRUS

  3. Dear Santa I want a Air hockey table for Christmas and a new soft shirt and soft pants and new pajamas pants and shirts too
    And gum machine for Christmas Love Deeanna

  4. to santa i sure hope christmas still comes this year hopfully you gt the magic key back before christmas eve .p.s. i hope you have the greatist christmas this year

  5. to santa i sure hope christmas still comes this year hopfully you gt the magic key back before christmas eve

  6. Santa I made my sister’s a super loop band for Christmas but I’ll
    be one down for Christmas. Emelia my little sister got three
    presents from school but it is unfair I got none!!!! Santa please
    Can I have four extra thanks from jemelia jean

  7. I think you should because welk how good is the elf that you lost is he worth it like is he one of your best Elfs.

  8. I think u should stay and ask Mrs. Claus can she go if she say no go and ask her to watch or just use a responsible elf for the job to stay.Wait I’m confused where DO you live u have the power to run the shop ALL by yourself! !!!!!ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS BELIVE
    Ps.Go to the south pole they probably at the ocean or something

    Bye Santa
    From: Olivia To:Santa and Mrs.Claus

  9. I could build you a robot santa and you could go find the key. You need to fire Scunner. He doesn’t do a good job.

  10. mr.c. once I asked my parents if they believe I you and they did not answer me so I think parents tell kids about you to get them to believe in you when they don’t. anyway I will always always always believe in you and am I on the nice list aaaaaand I do not think you should leave the north pole becase think about the children.

  11. I think you should go help them and bring some spare parts and warm change of clothes with you. The elves can take care of things without you. Just make sure you leave a elf that you trust in charge so that they have sometime of order.

  12. Maybe you could send another elf to help Scunner. Just make sure it’s not Clumsy the Elf so he doesn’t get hurt just like me.

  13. dear Rudolph the red nose reindeer andy cason would like too bee asanta clus elf too help santa clus get ready for Christmas your friend andy

  14. You know Christmas isn’t just about toys and present, it is about the birth of Jesus.

  15. Have Mrs.Claus take place for you and go to Scunner and bring no good broken toys and use those spare parts. Good luck! Hope I helped you!

  16. South pole is completely opposite of north pole so Scunner the elf need to go back to North pole so it is safe. Maybe your magic key and Birly end up in South Pole so scunner need to find your magic key urgently so that you could deliver present to children.

  17. it is ok i know you will find the reindeer and the magic key dont worry at all just belive belive belive.

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