Santa Claus website contest! The elves hid something in the website!

Santa Claus website
Find me on this Santa Claus website! (But please no nibbling when you do!)

Well, the elves have been busy working on my new Santa Claus website.  But, it’s taking a lot longer than they thought.  I think it must be all those cookie breaks! HHHOL! At least it’s taking my mind off my missing magic key!

The elves said maybe if we did something fun it would help me too.  So, I asked them what they had in mind.

They said, “Why don’t we have a contest”!

“Well, that sounds interesting”, I thought.

Then the elves told me what they do when they make a new page for the Santa Claus website.  They hide a cookie on it!  Now I was really getting interested! HHHOL!

So, here is what the elves want you to do… You have to find today’s cookie!  The cookie looks just like the one on this page.  But it does something special when you “tickle” it. You can tickle it by moving your mouse over it.

When you find the cookie, write a comment to me on this webpage.  Tell me what page you saw the cookie on.  Also, make sure you put your first name in your comment too.  There’s going to be a surprise for the first few people who find the cookie every day!

Does that sound like fun?

A New Santa Claus Website

Now, is a big website with LOTS of pages.  After all, the elves said “You need a Santa Claus website as big as you!”  HHHOL!

I think it might be hard to find a little cookie on such a big website (but I know I AM going to try!).  So here’s a clue the elves gave me for today’s hidden cookie:

“If you’re good at tracking Santa, you’ll be good at tracking a cookie!”

Hmm, I wonder what web page they might mean?

Well, good luck everyone and Happy Cookie Hunting (I think that is one of my fav hobbies! HHHOL!)


Santa Claus

*** UPDATE ***

Wow!  You guys & gals are good at this!  Yes, the elves tried to trick you by putting TWO gingerbread cookies on the website — but you found them both!  The elves have moved the one from the Santa Tracker page so read my next blog post for hints about where the cookie is now!


P.S.  Leave a comment for me when you find my, oops, I mean, THE cookie! Remember to tell me what page you found it on and put your first name in your comment too!  You can click here to tell me or, scroll down to see what other people have written!

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26 special messages to Santa about “Santa Claus website contest! The elves hid something in the website!”

  1. for Christmas this year going to be spending my birthday and Christmas with my family members all year long.
    and all so for Christmas this year wish the troops was at home for Christmas.

  2. How do you get around to everywhere on Earth? You must be very tired. Can u send us a picture of your house and your elves?

  3. Dear santa i found it on the santa tracker page it started laughing when i went over it it was so adorable thx santa for the challenge it was awesome

  4. Hi! I found the cookie on the tracker page…hopefully this was the right place to put this comment in. Merry Christmas!!

  5. Hi Santa!! ive alwaysed believed in you!
    I read your blog everyday to make sure somthing new was on there!!

  6. hey Santa, guess what I found the cookie. I found it on the track Santa webpage at the bottom of it. it began to laugh when I tickled it.

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