What Treat Does Santa Like To Eat?

What treat does Santa like to eat?
What treat does Santa like to eat?

A lot of kids ask me, “Santa Claus, what is your favourite treat?” or “What kind of cookie does Santa like best”, or even, “What should I leave out for Santa on Christmas Eve?”

The elves are always surprising me with parties and little gifts.  I even hear them sometimes whisper to Mrs. Claus, “what treats does Santa like to eat”?

Can I tell you a little Santa Claus secret?  Well, read on my friend!

My secret is that I do not like cookies and treats!

That’s right!   I do not like cookies and treats…

I Love them!  HHHOL!   (But you knew that, didn’t you 🙂 ).

I like all the special Christmas treats you leave out for me (well, except maybe for stinky, smelly socks 😉 ).

But do you know what I like the best?

So What Does Santa Like To Eat?

What I like best is when you leave me something that you like to eat.  That way, it is like we are sharing a special snack.   Just you and me!

If you are not sure what I might like for a nibble Christmas Eve, just leave a bite of something you really like!

I see lots of great ideas children have left me in the comments below.

Jimmy and Brooklyn like brownies.  Yum!

Vitesse likes to leave out marshmallows decorated as a snowman.  Isn’t that creative (and still yummy at the same time)!

Thea likes cheese cheetos.  (I always share a few of those with the reindeer when I go to Thea’s home 😉).

And I like to go to Soren’s place because there are donuts there.

You see, it does not matter what you leave me.  It is the thought that counts! It is that you thought of me and you shared with me! That is the special treat I like best!

Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus

P.S. What Christmas treats do you like? (No saying stinky, smelly socks now! 🙂 ). (You can leave a message for me. Or, scroll down to see what others have written!)

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765 special messages to Santa about “What Treat Does Santa Like To Eat?”

  1. hi santa i like freeze dried candy and I think you will to and missis cluse and your raindeer and elves.

    Merry Christmas kira!
    Now that sounds yummy and new! I’ll definitely make sure to tell Mrs. Claus, the reindeer and elves all about it!

  2. Can Santa eat cupcakes

    Merry Christmas Rylee!
    Ho Ho Ho of course Rylee! You have extra yummy cupcakes at your home. 🙂

  3. I’m on new infant shelf a new bite sucker a new clothes new watch new hat new tennis shoes a new christmas blanket a new suitcase fun man lunch box i want a little camera for christmas Santa claus on some christmas cookies ever chef had if on the shelf reindeer toys infinite shelf cats i want new grinch hat i want cars for christmas and tahoes games i want a waffle box for christmas a game show for christmas too

    Merry Christmas Lebron!
    What a great list! send me your Christmas Wishes here. Then the elves will start on them right away.

  4. I love animal cookies and chocolate chip cookies too.

    Ho! Ho! Ho! Sierra! You have very good taste in cookies! We should chat about cookies sometime. It would be a very sweet talk. LOL

  5. dear santa claus plz and thankyou put me in the hospital and keep me for 7 day and night and i am hurt so much plz and thankyou

  6. Hi Santa – I want a flashlight for Christmas. Thank you I will make you a card and chocolate chip cookies with tons of chocolate chips in it and not booger. Do you have a phone? I have a plastic phone. When I go out in winter, it’s not cold. The Sun is booger.i love you Santa. I miss you. Your jacket is so warm and cuddleie. I sing a song twinkle twinkle song. Good night. See you soon. Have a good evening. Bring the package for me.

    You are such an amazing singer Yara!
    ❤️ Santa

  7. I want some new clothes I want a new elf on the shelf on a new watch I want some clothes I want a new watch I won’t I want some cookies I want I swear to test I want a Christmas hat want me hot chocolate cup I want me a Santa Claus cup Apple watch for Christmas I want a waffle box new waffle box I want me a new camera for Christmas I want my new shorting I want me a reindeer clothes I want me a soccer ball for Christmas I want me a new bike for Christmas I want me on a new PlayStation for Christmas I want me some Christmas candy I want me new Christmas socks a Christmas jacket or Christmas shredder I want a fun man game app I won
    I I want a new one spot for Christmas my name is LeBron in sixth grade And I cleaned up around the house on a nice wrist this year

  8. I like cookies too Santa and Christmas is not all the time about presents it’s about spending time with stour family and having fun right Santa ? ❤️

  9. dear santa claus i will never be free and the group home not go to happen i know it now no way i never eat or drink again bye bye

    1. hi santa i love to
      give cookies i saw you sky
      christmas is special night
      my name brittany
      i am 24
      always be with you together santa
      marry christmas to all good night

  10. why i text you sometime is thnakyou so much for you cellphone number christmas eve it made me feel safe and mean so much to me and why i text you sometime is because my dad drinks all the time and when he drinks he is not nice and i get scared so thankyou so very berry much for you number hugs thankyou

  11. dear santa claus i wishes i can stay home to today need please and thankyou
    your friend shannon thankyou

  12. keep my outfit dry all day and night and when sleep and my bed and bed stuff and always keep me safe thankyou and keep bad guys and bad people always from me and keep me safe thankyou

  13. dear santa claus please and thankyou help me clean the food room and bedroom my room please and thankyou help me i need you help santa
    and thankyou love you santa hugs
    your friend Shannon

  14. i am go to clean my room more to today and work on it i dont not want to clean right now and be loud and wake some one up beause it late at night

  15. hmmm id say like a hamburger or something but im thinking chocolate or popcorn…..or cheetos but hey id also if u want a vacation at mexico i got a place also say hi to the reindeer the elfs and mrs claus for me!!

  16. We like brownies Santa! We are leaving those for you this year! Merry Christmas! ⛄️⛄️⛄️⛄️⛄️⛄️ hi to the Elf’s , Miss And the reindeer!!!!

  17. hi santa please dont look at my room i am not do the best and i wishes my anemia would start get bad again and i need two bags of blood THANKYOU

  18. i take a shower and got clean and in my pajamas but i really dont trust my family member santa and keep me safe and i got my friend gift wrap and ready to go and my backpack ready to go please and thnakyou help me get some sleep now thnakyou

  19. hi santa ugh grrr
    my family mean is so mean mean sometime and super mean
    i am the one that has to clean everything in the house
    i am the one that has to clean everything
    and i always have to clean the bathroom hall food room and live room and my family member room and my room
    can you please prayer for me Santa thankyou !!!!

  20. I might be 49 but when I was kid I believe in Santa Claus and I still believe in you Santa to all the little children in the world Santa Claus is really nice and funny


  21. Reebok Boys’ Performance Boxer Briefs, 5 Pack, Sizes medium size this I want a Christmas present you gave to me please I want it to my own brother Patrick and Robert too we need a lot some toast 2022 put the end onto a Christmas tree well we found it.

  22. Santa I like is, Sambhar curry, Milky Chocolate, Beans curry. And Santa I will leave any of these food I like in Christmas Eve it will be covered because there are insects and lizards in my house because I am in Kerala.

  23. all i want for christmas 1991 dvd christmas coloring books by numbers
    all christmas movies santa claus makeup tutorial package from santa
    billy gilman christmas songs cd christmas books how to a santa claus school
    the christmas chronicles dvd love a ctually dvd lego indiana jones nintendo ds
    santaclaus costume little drummer boy 1976 dvd indiana jones hat
    claymatio christmas celebration dvd boney m christmas songs cd
    the return of swap thing dvd 1989

  24. Hi Santa,
    I like to eat those Christmas cookies that I always leave out for you on Christmas Eve! (*yum*)
    Just in case you forgot what they look lie because we haven’t seen each other for like 1 whole year, one of them looks like white icing sugar on top, and the other looks brownish with little pieces of nuts inside!!
    Bye Santa, God Bless You :3


  26. Santa this year you’re going to have to come extra early to my house because I am because I have to wake up early to leave to my flight for for Hawaii on Christmas

  27. Dear Santa,
    I wanted to tell you hope you can give us everything we wanted and I love you so hope to see you on Christmas Eve!


  28. Dear Santa, can you please tell my elves P.A.G.T that I miss them and their mischief. What time are they coming this year? 22.8.21 from Sophie

  29. you how you been my only hope for Christmas I’ll never expect the Grinch for my fantasy don’t let the girls to get in your way don’t let them try and get mrs. Claus cookies again keep an eye on the cookies for mrs. Claus for the next Christmas and I hope you have good sleep kill the other good Christmas Eve Hidan you will become banana ready you get know it’s Christmas.


  30. Merry Christmas Santa,
    How are you Santa? My name is Amber. I love you Santa. My favorite treat are cookies too.I love all sweets to be honest. LOL
    Take care of yourself and Mrs. Claus.

  31. Dear Santa,
    I love you because you bring us presents. Have a safe and pleseant journey. Say hi to Mrs. Claus for me. Tell all the elves and reindeer hello too. My favorite treatis cookies.
    Lots of love Jas

  32. My favorite treat is you Santa and you are able to do all of this stuff for everyone who sometimes dose not even deserve it but no matter how much you do not want to do it you still do it and when you get home there is still tones of kids that we’re hoping out of there beds and going to see the presents that you left for them so you see my favorite treat IS YOU

  33. hi santa were gonna leave you some cookies, milk and some brownies that my mom made for you.
    P.S. Merry Christmas Santa!!! and God Bless You!!.

  34. hi santa i will leave you some cookies, milk and brownies that my mom made them for you.
    P.S. Merry Christmas Santa!!!! and god bless you.

  35. Dear Santa ,
    I will be leaving you a little bit of carrot cake one carrot for the reindeers and a glass of milk of course.

  36. Dear Santa Clause,The Christmas snack I like for a Christmas snack is a cookie, I don’t eat them I make cookies and milk just for you.So if you like the Christas cookies that my mommy’s sister makes I am glad you like them.P.S. I am really happy that it is almost Christmas so I can spend time with my family and my dog Max.


  37. I usually give 2 carrots milk or cider and a mince pie but thus year 2020 I’ll also be leaving him out some hand sanitizer

  38. hi Santa, i will leave an apple along with milk and carrots for the reindeer i cant wait for next thursday till you come to my house in ohio and i promise i will be in bed so you could come to my house i love you santa

  39. hi santa merry christmas im sorry that im not behaving but ill try my best dont worry and i want to ask a quick question do we have to have christmas trees for chrismas? but im gonna try my best behaving i wish everyone in the world could see ms claus im scared im gonna get coal for christmas please forgive me of being naughty i promise ill try my best just give me one more chance Merry christmas

  40. Do you Santa my name is Macy and do you like chocolate?? And what I really want for Christmas is a toy riding with us for Christmas and I have been very good girl it’s OK if you can’t come because of corona virus we will see you next year. Do you have a do you have a Rudolph the red nose reindeer and cold winter And Santa Claus I love you very much

  41. Thank you for coming every year to see us we love you and your raindeers have a lovely trip round the world I so you in2018

  42. dear santa clus for christmas iwould like some more chooolate coverd bachon your friend andy and iwillleave you some mooon pies

  43. dear santa ill be leaving out cookies and milk and raindeerfood foryou ok!lovenickarussolillo 6/7/2020

  44. Dear Santa, I was good this year and do you like candies? Will you come today? I want two nutcrackers. One big scientist nutcracker and one big doctor nutcracker.

    Thank you. From Andrew Dantsin.

  45. Do you like anything besides desserts and I like ice cream that is birthday cake flavored cool all right I love Santa Claus

  46. Dear Santa ,

    we love christmas so much and what i relly want for christmas this
    year is an american boy doll .Thank u and have a merry christmas.

    sincerly, callie mason

  47. Santa I just want to say that I believe in y pi u and in my living room I left you some cookies for the ride because I now that yo iij have a long ride to the north pole.

  48. I would like to on comment that I like youSanta Claus MERRY CHRISTMAS to all .Am Sally and I have been a an angel atop a tree. Am 16 years old.I have a question for you.Would you like to have yummy multi colored biscuits or cookies ?am so excited about Christmas.our ovens will be full of treats for you the day before Christmas.Please I would like you to gift me with an iPad pro.kisses and hugs from Sally.say hi to Mrs. Claus .I will also give her the best treats I love you Santa

  49. First of all I would like to comment that I like you.Santa Claus,MERRY CHRISTMAS!!❤am a nice sixteen years old girl.The ovens will be full of treats for you the day before Christmas.I have a question.Would you like to have yummy multi colored biscuits,cakes or cookies ?am so excited!I can’t wait ✋I would like to have an iPad pro kisses and hugs from Sally

  50. I’m going to leave you some cookies,milk and a carrot for the reindeer i love Christmas because it just gives me a nice warm cost feeling and I think it’s the ma gic of Christmas day last year i had a sickness bu g and this year I hope I don’t i didn’t even feel sick because it was Christmas but my brother was ungrateful sorry about that Santa Claus i ❤ Christmas day

  51. Hey Santa, I’m on vacation! But since i am nice, i will leave you the most delicious cookies, chocolates, and mint sweeties ever! I Do not need any presents. But please leave 2 soft catnip mice for my beloved kittens! Thanks!

  52. Hi Santa,
    How old are you? I like chocolate cookies too and if you do like pizza i can leave some out for you. Don’t forget about my baby brothers!!
    Thank you & merry Christmas. Say hi to Mrs.Claus for me.

    You don’t have to give me everything on my list, anything is fine.
    We will leave you chocolate cookies and warm milk.

    We love you sooooooo much!!!

  53. I like all sweets and cookies and stuff… I think I might let my family decide or some – thing but we will definitely leave something for Santa and the reindeer… I hope everyone has a merry Christmas this year… Thanks Santa

  54. I really like chocolate cake and custard, caramel cake and custard, chocolate mini rolls, chocolate chip cookies, chocolate iced donuts, warm cookie dough sandwich with salted caramel and last of all Chocolate cupcakes.

  55. I always gave you cookies but i now enjoy that you will eat what i like you are the best you dont just give kids presents you give them joy love mikayla

  56. Hi Santa!
    Last year I gave you biscuits and milk but I’m not sure about this year maybe some cookies? I’m also really excited for Christmas!

  57. Hi Santa ,

    To be honest with you I only like white chocolate chip cookies but hay ho. My favourite kind of drink is sparkling elderflower. By the way I love Harry Potter so much I also love horse riding, for Christmas please may I have a iPad? One day l wish i could be a amazing horse rider just like my Daddy’s god daughter Gemma.
    Good luck


    PS: When l give you cookies save one for Mrs Claus .

  58. Dear santa i love sweets but i dont want to leave sweet as its bad for your and my teeth and i also love chocolate do i mite leave you out some chocolate

  59. I love chocolate chip cookies . My favorite ones are me and my dads witch we left out for you last year on chiristmas eve. Hope you liked them! And we will leave out the same ones this year!

  60. Cookies,milk,carrot and some milk ❤

    Ps. I love Christmas

    P.P.s yesterday I wrote Santa a letter

    Lots and lots of love from

  61. Click,? Jumping,? Jingle,? Bells,? White,? Red,,? At For Box,? At For Getting,? At For Holding,? We Go Open,? At For,? Bring,? At For Post,? Office,? So Dash,? Away,? All,? So Dash,? Away,? All,? Bright? See At For,? The North,? Pole,? At For,? Box,?Blue,? Red,?Gulf,? At For,? Bring,? At For,? Post,? Office,? Pause,?World,? MARINE,? Park,? Excited,?8- At Front,? Road,?For,? Click,? ,? Super,? At For,? Box,? At For,? Post,? At For,? Holding,?Office,?At For,. Check,?Christmas,? Spirit,? Blue,? Bright,? So Dash,? Away,? All,? So Click,?Pause,?Dash,? Away,? All,? At For,? Box,? At For Holding,? See Thank,? You,?At For,? The North,? Pole,? Blue,? At For Bring,?Post,? Office,?Click,? Pause,?Red,? So Dash,? Away,? All,? So Dash,? Away,? All,? At For,? Before,? Super,? Christmas,? Eve,? Blue,? Bright,?So Dash Away,? All,? Bright,? At For,? Box,? At For Holding,? At For,? Post,? Office,? See At For,? The North,? Pole,? Blue,? Red,? Bright,? At For Box,? At For Holding,? At Thank,? You,? At For,? Post,? Office,? At Thank,? You,? Love,? Jasika,? Pruitt,?

  62. Click? Jumping Jingle? Bells,? So At For Front? Road?Dash,? Away,? All,?So Dash,? Away,? All,?White? Red? We Go Open?Emails? At For At For Bright?Getting? At For Ready? At For Got? At For Check? Gulf World MARINE Park? Bright? I At For Before Gulf World MARINE Park? So At For Bright,?Dash? Away? So Dash? Away? All,? Super? Christmas? So Dash,? Away,? All,? At For Before Super,? Christmas,? Spirit? So Dash,? Away,? So Dash,? Away,? All,? At For Before Super,? Christmas,? Eve,? At For Excited,? Super,? Christmas,? Gulf World,? MARINE,? Park,? Gift Certificate? Tickets? So Dash,? Away,? At For Blue,? At For Bright,?So Dash,? Away,? All,? At For The North,? Pole,? So Dash,? Away,? So Dash? Away,? All,? Blue,? Red,? Love,? Jasika,? Pruitt,?

  63. puppy. Pet. Christmas. It
    Angel for. Christmas. Talk to. Me.
    Christmas Santa. Magic power. Bell. For Paul.
    Thank you. Santa Claus.

  64. Happy new year! I left you some biscuits and milk on Christmas Eve and some reindeer food for the reindeer I hope you enjoyed the biscuits and thank you for all the presents

  65. Hi i like cookies to ok 1 queston for mrs cluase can i please try 1 of your cookies
    so tell me what is most favrite thing in the whole world you can pick more than 1 if you want

  66. hey i like ice cream cookies and milk :] i hope you have a good year and a happy:] new year Ps]
    thanks for all 9 yrs of a great life:] bye bye :}

  67. Santa my favrite christmas [holiday] treats are cookies ice cream and milk PS i love you to te bottom of my heart:]
    ok and thank you for all the things you got me for my 9 yrs of my asowme life haha hope you have a great year

  68. Hi santa!! Sorry if I have been bad this year. But on Christmas day, I will leave you a donut and some milk and I will try to leave some cookies as well! Merry Christmas santa love you!☃️

  69. Hi santa! I am sorry if I have been bad this year but, on Christmas day, I will leave you a glass bottle of milk and a donut and I will try to leave some cookies to! I will leave you a note to! Merry christmas santa!☃️

  70. Hi Santa what drink do you like and what food would you like tell me and if will do it I’m ten today am I on the naughty list or the nice list

  71. Dear Santa I hope you have a good time on your trip to my house and I will be leaving you Egg Nog and Chex mix and for Rudolph an apple

  72. I will treat santa with some mince pies and carrots for Rudolph and his reindeers and I might leave out some candy canes aswell

  73. hola santa estoy emocionada por la navidad mi golosina favorita son las galletas punto rojo que venden en la tienda que queda cerca de mi casa

  74. Dear Santa is it okay if I can tell you a secret that I keep I like treats too, but this year for Christmas I think my family doesn’t have any time to bake you any cookies or treats.have a happy Christmas xoxoxo

  75. dear Santa,

    how are you? are the reindeers healthy? i have so many questions! This year i would really like a Nintendo switch. If that’s not possible i would really like some other beyblades.


  76. I like cookies thank you for all you do for the world Santa if it was not a you it would not be a chistmas thank you elf’s for makeing toys thank you for the reindeer flying you to house to houseTHANK YOU FOR EVERYBODY WHO DOES A JOB and people who help

  77. Dear Santa,
    I like gingerbread cookies and real pizza but I can’t have it cause the doctor just told me I’m allergic to all dairy, I also like cake and I like to drink milk but my new milk doesn’t taste very good, and I like soda pop and hotcoco which mama and daddy make me special since I can’t have regular hotcoco. Please don’t forget me and my baby sister Autumn she’s a baby and just turned 1 but I’m big cause I’m 4 and I really tried to be good but I get into a lot of trouble cause I can’t pay attention and focus on anything so please don’t forget me and if you do please don’t forget Autumn cause she’s been good cause she’s just a baby. I love you Santa Love Angel

    P.S. Please don’t forget mama and daddy they are good mama’s and daddy’s

  78. I want a girl of on the shelf have I been good and do you know Timmy the elf on the shelf and please tell Timmy to do something funny !!!

  79. I. Have It. Day. Going. To. Paul
    House. Look. Out Christmas. Light. So
    Happy. Day. Magic. Power. Santa. Bell. For. Paul. Dec 1 20018

  80. Hi Santa,
    My name is Roman and I am 6. I love you so much, you are the best. Thank you for bringing everyone presents. Santa, what do your reindeers like to eat?

  81. hi Santa..i know I’ve Ben bad…i steal and cheat and do things badly… but i try to be good! all i want for Christmas is only a few things not a hole dang list like some people….but i wanted to leave a plate of mac and cheese with tomato’s and pepperoni on it like me and mommy make it! anyway.. would you like cookies with it? or milk also would you write me a letter and i know this is weird to ask but….give a brown bear with a red bow tie to three people for a reason my friend Abby (ironic we have the same name) my grandpa and my grandma at her grave….p-please also would you give me a few things for Christmas i don’t want much but a
    game to play with my family and a bike? a black and white one with a horn? and a basket? and a zoom a pet thank you Santa Claus and Mrs Claus

    – Abby (or demoniac *cough cough*)
    PS:may i have some of your cookies Mrs Claus? :3

  82. Cranberry sauce( jellied not the chunky kind) and some elf cookies I decorated myself. Oh and carrots and ranch for the reindeer. And oatmeal’s for the reindeer. Thank you see you soon!! Love Brianna

  83. dear Santa , I love you so much I hope you bring me a lot of Christmas toys for a foruth grader my friend jazzalyn said that she loves you so do I love you

  84. I love my daddy and my mommmy and you to Santa but remember I’m still on your Christmas nice list I’m not on the bad list I was so good this year now remember I love you and mrs. cause to. I will leave out some cookies and milk for when you come by my house love saralyn

  85. Hello santa and please say hi to misses santa

    I might make you a bean taco becaus i love thoughs so so so so so so so much

  86. I will leave you with

    Apple Pie

    Apple Crumble

    Mac and Cheese

    Chicken Breast

    Fried Chicken

    Chili Con Carne


    Enchiladas Verdes








    Fish Burger

    Chicken Burger

    Hot Dog




    Sweet Potato Fries

    Cheese Fries

    Waffle Fries

  87. 1. Magic. Power. Harrypotter. Note. Book
    2. Magic. Power. Harrypotter. Pen
    3. Magic. Power. Santa. Book
    Meail. Part. Slight. Wood. 65 73 loung. Big. Red. Slight.

  88. Hello Santa

    We will leave carrots (for the reindeer) and mini cupcakes for you…we don’t mind if you share the cupcakes with the reindeer!

    I love cupcakes.

  89. Santa if I have chocolate chip cookies that time I’ll leave some for you.

    P.S.If not I’ll leave you a pudding!(That’s what I like to eat and I want to share it to you)

  90. hey santa its me again.
    ive been hearing people say bad thiings ab u santa like how ur not real and your just my parets but i dnt believe them santa.

    my friend riley does not believe in you
    please dont put her on the naughty list she’s just very close minded and ignorant
    i really really really want that new mercedes benz class s supreme deluxe edition for christmas!!!! if you could get that for me ill never stop sitting on your lap at the mall of Louisiana;). P.S. Im leaving you oatmeal cookies this year because i ate all the chocolate chip.

  92. Santa I am going to leave you my handmade little christmas tree I hope you like it

    Thank you
    Merry chirstmas
    Meet you on chistmas in 78 sleeps

  93. i love u santa i really want a elf because i dont remember where mine flew to is it with u how is ur wife and deers and u and elfs

  94. hi santa I am 12 now for Christmas I leave u out a nice mince pie and a full glass of milk I also leave ur raindeer a nice long juicy carrot luv u santa hope u have fun delivering ur preents soon bye see u soon

  95. Hey Santa.I love the way you do your magic. My Favorited food will be …….hm well I can’t think of anything but i’ll go with buns,chocolate bars and granola bars.
    bye Santa……Dakota

  96. Good Morning Santa,

    I couldn’t decide if I should leave you some of my mummy’s homemade cookies or a mince pie so I thought I would ask you to be polite just in case you didn’t like either one of them and I know I left you pies last year but just in case

    Thank you for letting me text you
    Amber Xxx

  97. I will try and leave mines pie and carrot for roduth and drink for you and rudoufh you are drinking water and rodufh drink milk

  98. hi santa this crismas i want an ollie of sphero an ipad with a pink case resistant also mmarkers craons color pencils pencils and more things of crayola to put in my pencil case also a bicicle for my age pink im ten almost eleven

  99. please come to my house in Doniphan Missouri in the USA.. I miss you dearly. I want to work with you at the north pole.. What should I leave out for you?? my grandparents don’t believe in you, our house doesn’t have a chimney but I do believe in you and I love you.

  100. Santa would mice pies and port be ok for you and an oaty mix for the reindeer you are so cool I don’t get how you go round the world in one night !

  101. My favorite Christmas treat is called mini chocolate chip snowball cookies(I call them snowball cookies) they are very yummy and I give you then every single year!! Also should I keep giving you milk , or something else?

  102. I would love to have a ride with you in your sleigh even if it was just a ride around my house for just a few minutes. I think it would be a lot of fun if I was able to go flying with you sometime.

  103. hi santa last year i left u out milk cookies but they where sugar cookies and this year i gona do chocolate mint and try leave some carrots for your deers love carrots them them when left them out well wont be long tile christmas see u christmas eve night love carley

  104. hello santa my name is Tatyana l want for christmas this year is clothes movies and plesae can l have an iphone 7

  105. I’m not totally sure that you will like my treat, but I like digestive biscuits.Yep,my whole class has never like them(except for me).This Christmas,I’ll give you digestive biscuits and milk.Hopefully,you might like it.If you don’t quite like this idea,maybe I can put some Oreos next to them.I don’t know if Mum lets me,though.

  106. hello santa could i leave you some unicorn chocolate please if its alright i hope you are not allergic

  107. Hello Santa I love so much and I really enjoyed all the gifts that you gave me and my family for christmas but my favourite present from you was the hogwarts t-shirt.

  108. hi santa i just want to say a big thank you for delivery those gifts that i wanted. I love you so much but hang on not just you that i love also the friendly reindeer

  109. I love you santa please come to kullu himachal pradesh INDIA I have done so much decoration for you all by myself and just now I am not in my house bbut I am going to make a cake or some other great for you when I get back home

  110. Hi santa Its your girl cassidy and my favorite treat is Oreo thins!! there so good!! And i really know your really real!! so ya good night bye Santa love you!!

  111. Hey Santa,
    cookies and eggnog are best, (sorry for those who don’t like eggnog) will leave granola and try to leave carrots for reindeer. Elf on shelf is watching over us, TTYL

  112. Hi Santa, I like strawberries with chocolate that you can eat when it’s Christmas Eve. I also like lalilla (vanilla) ice cream but my mommy said that might melt. Thank you for loving me and sissy.

  113. My favorite snack on Christmas and hot chocolate and cookies because i leave some for you and that is the the best thing to have on Christmas

    P.S Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
    LOve you Santa, Allanah

  114. Hi Santa its Ishani once again I actually wanted to know that where will the elf on the shelf sit in my house because we dont have any shelves?

  115. Thanks Santa I will definitely do what you say I will leave you some mince pies and a nice Coll beer for you to enjoy.
    Merry Christmas

  116. Hi santa my name is skyler I have a elf shawn oh i like your raindeers and i like the presints you gave me for cristmas

  117. I like chocolate and bananas it’s my favorite food what is your favorite food. I hope the same thing as me I hope it is.

  118. Hi santa first of all thanks for my presents you have gave me in the past
    This year for Christmas can I please have a

    My fav food is mangos but they will be yucky if I leave them out , what about a cookie I know you like them

    Merry Christmas santa and please wish everyone there at the North Pole (including you) a very merry Christmas

    Love from lindsay (lulu)❤️❤️

  119. Someone I know once said we get smelly socks for Christmas if we don’t believe in Santa, it’s not worth the risk guys

  120. dearsanta, you seen really nice and i hope that i am on your nice list. your elf named elfie or snowflake is really good. i hope he is doing his job at the north pole and making toys. we put our Christmas tree up and some more decerations. hope to see you on December 24th love,jamie

  121. Hello, Mr Claus!
    I like mostly candy canes, smores, salantro (jk), etc. Will you please get me a fursuit this year? Thank you for reading!

  122. Santa please can you send an elf down right naw please I need cheering up because as you know everyone thinks I ate those chocolates it’s not fair every one blames me not anyone els only me and Even my friends do it its rely not fair

    From Courtney-Leigh

  123. What do you prefer to eat and drink on Christmas eve night would you rather eat cookies and drink milk or cookies and drink hot chocolate the hot chocolate might get cold so I’ll just leave you milk goodbye Santa

  124. Hi I am selena I hear a lot comments from you most of the people says you’re the best and asking you questions how old are you and where do you live or what favorite treats do you like and who is being naughty or nice I am so excited for Christmas I love you Santa you always do your job you’re the best

  125. hi santa its lily again…… im only 8 but……. will you plz get me a phone this year plz i have been wanting one for a while so will you get me one just one….. oh i forgot can i get a dog to plz plz plz i want a baby one dont care what tipe love lily

  126. Hi Santa,
    my favorite treat is cookies too and my favorite is chocolate chip. I also like milk just like you.
    This year I’m going to leave out chocolate chip cookies and milk .hope u love it santa

  127. hey santa do love grayham balls is a food shape like a ball me and my mom we will try to shape like a ornament ball please like it and i will bring you water for you . PS i KNOW you are real

  128. Hi santa i have ben a god kid this year i have ben helping my family and friends i also love you santa i hope. You put me on the nice list.


  129. Hi Santa! I hope you will give all of my wishes and my sister Melan Francheska wishes too.
    I will give you a cookie and banana.

  130. I would like alot but there are more kids out there that need it.
    1. food
    2. nerf
    3. love to give to other people

  131. I want all Lego city sets for Christmas
    All Lego modular sets
    Lego bricks for Lego city
    Stuff to make a cardboard Soda machine

  132. Dear, Santa Claus I will be leaving you a very satisfying treat that you deserve for all that hard work delivering presents all around the world! I will be leaving you 2 cookies 1 mince pie and a carrot for Rudolph. Lots of love Dylan! xxxx

  133. Hi santa it is me bria I will leave out milk and cookies and carrots for the rain deer am I on the nice list or naughty list?

  134. I will leave Santa my favorite white chocolate and more white chocolate. Oh yeah I forgot about a drink so it would be permanent tea

  135. Dear Santa,
    This year ( As every year ) we might be leaving some Spriz cookies and milk. I have been wondering that for a few years now and am sooooooo glad you mentioned that.

    Thank You!

  136. Ill leave cookies and hot cocoa, with a special set p.s. thanks for the letter when i was 4 I LOVED IT!!! what color of carrots dose Rudolph like?

  137. my fav is xmas iceds and decorraited short bread cookies YUMMY YUMMY IN MY TUMMY I love all treats ps is it true are you alertric to cats and peanut butter

  138. I am sort of like you when you say you like all treats apart from smelly socks YUCK! I know I am a picky eater but I also like a lot of treats as well. Oh here is a quick joke before I finish this… go on read it because it is. What did the ghost say to the bee? Santa and elves: I don’t know, what did the ghost say to the bee? Boobee! HAHAHAHA! Get it Boo and bee, put them together booby/boobee. OMG bye Santa, Mrs Claus and all the elves of the North Pole. Oh and also the awsome Raindeer.

  139. Hi Santa. this year I think I’ll leave you some of my favorite snack. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches! 🙂 I love peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, I have been eating them ever since I was five years old! And maybe some eggnog too. I hope you enjoy your snack.

  140. Hi santa I know I will leave you a treat but what drink do I leave and what food do I leave for your reindeer.

  141. Hey Santa! What’s up? How have you been? I love you so much and anyone else reading this. Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

    Love Hannah

  142. Hi Santa I am going to leave 2 Christmas biscuits under the Christmas tree for me and you because you are my mate

  143. Hi Santa,
    I love you so much
    I would really love to see you coming down my chimney
    If there is anything I can do for you, I will do it.
    Love Violet

  144. I love cookies! We always leave out cookies mince pie a can of coke and a packet of crisps for Santa so he can eat what he wants! Thank you Santa for all the presents you are very kind love Jessica xoxoxo

  145. Hello santa I know what you like for Christmas to eat while it’s night time I can give you cookies and milk or I could give you pie and coconut milk it’s really up to you wether you like these things to eat and I forgot to mension it’s school for me tomorrow oh no! I don’t know where to go to my class and plus my brother gets two more days off school that’s not fair!
    I wish I get two more days! ☠️ Oh Sigh I’m not good at learning but I’ll get there ‍‍‍

  146. Hi santa , I am going to leave you a warm glass of milk.I will also, leave some gingerbread cookies
    Santa say hi to Mrs Claus from me to her

  147. Hay santa l have been good this year and for christmas l would like for christmas is a ipad ,ipod,and a phone please santa seans you ar the best l you from lillee

  148. Hi there Santa do you like crisps and a wrap to eat as you come down the chimney or not ok well Rudolph I’ll leave you a biscuit and a sandwich well let’s tell Mrs Claus she will have a lolly and a pink wafer

  149. Have you ever heard of Tiny Toasts cereal?
    That is what I like to eat and I like to eat fruit salads (but the only fruits I don’t like are bananas,red apples, yellow apples, and grapefruits)

  150. Santa my favorite treat is chocolate chip cookies and dark chocolate cookies I hope you get my message

  151. dear santa I really want you to put stuff in my stockings like makeup and bring max chillie chocolate and me sweets and sour sweets

  152. Dear santa
    I don’t have a chimney that goes into my house,but maybe you can come from my balcony door. What’s your emil?

  153. Santa I am such a big fan of your work.
    Well I love ❤️ rocky road what about u? Well I think I might just leave u out a h20 and a gingerbread man or maybe two and for the reindeers these special treats and they taste like strawberrys

  154. Santa I love saying this that I like you when you are shaking your tummy and my Dada means dad shakes his tummy same like you too

  155. Hello santa my favourite treats are cookies and hot chocolate with marshmallows!! In all my eight years I loved all the gifts you gave me!!!

  156. santa i like cookies candy canes and takis bes is it ok if i tell what i want for christmas ok well i would like anything really im not picky thank you please dont forget me .you never do though

  157. me Tatijana Van Gorder has a question. can you not skip my house? ,because i will go to church and after church my family will eat potato soup and open presents from my relatives. please!!!

  158. i want lots of prenants off you santa that what i want for christmas
    evey christmas my sister heares you on christmas eve and i hope you leve me lots of presants santa and i leve out a caret for rodoff and a cooky out for you santa on christmas eve before my bed time on christmas eve and i am nice to you evey year at christmas santa Love From Casey Hill

  159. I hope you are happy even though you are really busy and I will leave out a special drink and some mince pies – Bella age 5

  160. I usually leave milk, around 15 carrots, homemade cookies/biscuits, present, a piece of desert from the Christmas 24th dinner and a letter. 😉

  161. Hi, I just want to warn you that what i leave out for you will most likely be eaten by my mum. But I promise that I’ll leave something for you x

  162. Santa i like all the presents you gave me all year round, and i like chocolate chip cookies, what is your favorite cookies

    XOXO, Isabella

  163. hi Santa i hope i can get the staff i really went 🙂 and i hope i can get a bourd game for Christmas so i can play it with my family 🙂 please and thank you

  164. Are you real cause I just found are elf on a shelf Bell in my moms dresser looking for tooth paste. Are elf on a shelf space real . Please right me back.

  165. Hello Santa,I’m going to leave you champagne and chocolate for you, I hope i been a good girl 🙂 bye Santa,

    Lot’s of love Sienna xx 🙂

  166. hey santa can i get a hoverboard, nintendo 3ds xl, and its features. P.S : I shall give you almonds and all kinds of cookies. My favorite, chocolate chip.

  167. Dear santa i love you so much because you are so nice and i will be leaving you a gift on christmas eva and one more thing what do you like for christmas but not cookies please let me know.

  168. Dear Santa,

    I like…..GINGERBREAD MEN!!!
    I also like gingerbread houses!
    When I read your blog out loud to my dad he was surprised
    when you did the little trick.”I do not like cookies and treats.I love them!”you said
    Lots of love Isabella ❤️Merry Christmas!!!⛄️❄️❄️❄️

  169. Christmas is not all about the presents under the tree , but giving praise to the Lord. Santa I would like to know how/why you became a Saint?
    PS: I am leaving out COOKIES

  170. dear Santa i am leaving you more than a treat… i am leaving you 3 hand puppets 1 Santa puppet…you 1 girl elf puppet and 1 boy elf puppet. Hope you like it!! by

  171. Dear Santa,
    What would you like for Christmas? You are probably wondering why I am asking, so this is why, you give me presents every year but I thought it would be nice to give you a present this year so i will but first I need to know what you want just like you.

    PS, Please wright back to me what you want.

  172. I like chocolate truffle cookie with cold milk and santa this year can u send me a video email and a letter back like u did when I was 7 years old I will always send a thx letter on Boxing Day and remember i WILL leave carrots for the reindeer like alway

    P.S I love u Santa Claus 😛


  173. I love chocolate oreo pies I hope you do to. I want you to come by my house tonight I got you some stuff. I love santa and Christmas. Ive been fooling myself all these years giving you some chocolate chip cookies but if you like what I like best then get ready for some pie.

  174. Dear Santa

    We love eating mint slices and milk so this year we’ll put a mint slice or two and milk probably in the lounge room!

    Love from Sienna and Grace

  175. Hi Santa,
    My favorite cookie is chocolate chip. My sister Elizabeth and I just got done helping decorating for the holidays! Only 29 more days!!!

  176. to santa you and roudolf are so great i think he is so cute but i might leave roudolf a carrot and you a pie if i got any i love you

  177. hey santa do you love oreo cookies well these oreo cookies have red cream inside them so on christmas eve at 12-5am you will see them on my table ok merry christmas santa

  178. Dear santa clause,
    I was wondering if you liked hot cocoa?If you do I will put some on the stove for you to get for the road.I also want to know what you’re favorite treats are?Also I want to know you’re raindeers names.I would love to hear from you.Bye

  179. I will leave you carrots for the reindeers, cookies, mince pie and a glass of milk. No crumbs this year please and put the plate and bowl in the washing up bowl.

  180. Don’t forget to be ready for raindeer to be coming. Make sure the raindeer to be coming and don’t eat the cookie. Are you going to north pool. I leave your cookies on Christmas eve and one for the raindeer. I leave your wine and mines pie in Christmas eve

  181. Dear, Santa I know it is not really chirstmas but i would like to ask you something. I want you to bless me and my family. And my friends

    Thank you,
    Sincerely Katelyn

  182. Hi santa I sent you a message yeasterday I heard I was on the good list can you send a elf to check on me today and when you hear how good I have been please leave a messenge back because I love getting your messages.lots of love from mischa merry Christmas

  183. Dear Santa Claus. Dady said you are real, because you live inside the hearts of every child who believes. I think that is beautiful! I believe Santa!

  184. On Christmas Eve, our two cats and our dog managed to open up the big can of cookies mommy baked. They were all eatened up! Cricket was a pig! ( Well she’s a dog, but a piggy dog!) So, bring coal for Cricket, Morris and Sneaky this year. They were BAD BAD BAD! And we had no cookies for Christmas Day! 🙁

  185. I like lemon and chocolate cake and brownies and cupcakes and DOUBLE CHOCOLATE – CHIP COOKIES!!! (Basically I like all sugary deserts!!!)

  186. I like Reese’s cups. Maybe I’ll leave some out next year.

    You’re friend,

    PS. I’ll even put the Christmas tree Reese’s cups.

  187. Hello that note really helped me this year and I am planning on giving you one of my very favourite treats since you give me lots of great gifts!
    I hope you gets some nice gifts too!!
    Lily xx

    Ps you like smiley faces

  188. Hi santa I was wondering if you liked peanuts to eat because I was planning on making you some peanut butter choclate chip cookies.

  189. Hi Santa,
    I have just received your message, I am glad that I am on the good list. Tonight I think I will leave a piece of Christmas cake and some milk and of course a carrot for the reindeer.
    I hope you travel safely,( I hope our ginger bread sleigh doesn’t end up in the snow!)
    lots of hope Poppy xx

  190. I’ll make you some Christmas cupcakes and fudge,I hope you like them. I will like whatever you bring me thank you. From miranda

  191. hi Santa ill leave out some milk and cookies out and ill leave a carot for ruldoph but lots of pepole in my shcool say that Santa isnt real which makes me sad

  192. Dear Santa i have helped daddy at the rubbish dump and i have been a very good boy this year i would like this year from dust and a x box 360 please

  193. Hi Santa a lot of people say you aren’t real but I will always believe in you!I might leave some delicious cookies and chocolate milk,but I might also leave my favorite food….PICKLES!! I really hope you like them and I hope I am not on the naughty list (I think I have been good and nice to people)I hope you enjoy( and say hi to Rudolph for me please)I hope you respond.
    Thank you for reading
    Autumn Domelle

  194. I am going to make special cookies for you. i am going to frost them.they are going to be sugar cookies.i can not wait till christmas i wish it was already december.

  195. Hi Santa
    Do you like mince pies because I do aspesiley when my grandma home makes them.and do you like rum balls.
    Love ivy⛄️❄️
    P.s I love your RED HAT
    I were one one Christmas
    But it is sparkley

  196. My faviroute Christmas snack is mince pies home made by my grandma and fruit cake also home made by my grandma.
    Love ivy ⛄️❄️





  199. Dear Santa Claus I want to meet one direction in real life and I want a monster truck for my cousin Adrain and a Sofia the first toy for my cousin Anila

  200. santa can you tell me were you lived when you were a kid or tell me what teddy you like me to give you i can give a puppy dog or a bunny also do you like me and tell mrs claws i wil leave somthing out for her


  202. hi, how are you doing? what kind of milk do you like? i will leave somesomething for your reindeer, and you of course i think you are going to my state next so i will get home and get to bed just like my cousins are doing but they are already gone.did you know that people track you down? your friend courtney p.s. cole my cousin said hi.

  203. Sorry we didn’t have milk or cookies for you. We left honey bun instead. A honey bun is…is basically a cold cinnamon roll minus the cinnamon. I hope that you like it. Sorry again. Bye. Merry Christmas, ho ho ho.

    Haley and Leah

  204. Dear Santa
    My favorite snack is chocolate chip cookies.
    How many toys do the elfs make in a day?
    Am I on the naughty list?
    How do you get all the presents to the kids in one night?
    I hope you have a happy Christmas.
    How do you eat all the cookies in one night?
    Mia Noelle Soo Tichacek

  205. Dear Santa, I will leave you some strawberries and chocolate bon bons.and, cookies too. That’s my favorite.

    Love, Courtney

  206. I will give you some egg nog milk and cookies, also some carrots and celery for the reindeer. Can anyone believe it’s almost christmas already? I just LOVE christmas!

  207. this year i am leaving out a twix some nice hot cocoa milk if your cocoa is to warm and a smartie cookie from asda bakery or maybe a jam doughnut i’ll decide tomorrow

  208. Hi Santa! I am really excited to see you at Westside Highschool Saturday! My favorite is to get papa unsick! Do you reindeers ever toot? Santa, I have two favorite toys I want. 1) Dairy Qween Blizzard Maker. 2)My twin doll. I hope you have a great Christmas. By Santa!

    Love Maddie

  209. Hey santa,
    I hope you like grapes as much as i do I hate smelly socks. Once I left a few pairs of socks in my dance bag that made it smell terrible!!


  210. Well I love the ones that are homemade. My favorite are probably m&m cookies. All though I do like chocolate chip ones too.

  211. do u no what santa i can believe that u hate cookies and treats because i was going to bake u some cookies and a cake

    from hayley benton

  212. Hi Santa Claus my name is Reese-shae
    kawailanamalie Ancheta!
    I just want to tell you that I am going to make something that I might have left out for you and maybe I have not set it out for you!P.S. This year I am going to set something out for your reindeer!Tell the elves that I think that they are doing a great job! Tell them I said “You men and women are you are doing a great job and that I love the toys that you all are giving me!”To all elves and to Mr and Mrs Claus that I think all of the women are beautiful and the men are handsome! You all care about everyone But I care about you all to!
    have a great Christmas!
    Love ya!!!
    Bye! Your Friend



  214. I like cookies and brownies with hotchokieit and i hope you like that stuf to you are a great person and that is true also i like Mrs.Clus to as you herd me say you are a great person so is Mrs.Clus.

  215. I like sugar cookies the best(I also like them because I have a kitten named Sugar).I also like choclate-chip cookies.My brothers favorite treat is Laffy Taffy(strawberry to be exact).

  216. hi santa only 19 more days till christmas.so your going to have to get ready for your big flight. im sure your elfs have made lots of presets.im going to leave you coke and some cookies.O i almost forgot i am trying to be good.love jack xoxoxo.ps last christmas you brought alovely sister for me so i just wanted to say thank you.pps i cant believe that my little sister lexi will be 1 on christmas day.

  217. My favorite thing to eat on christmas is peanut butter cookies with a choclate chip in the middle of them. I also like regular sugar cookies with icing.

  218. I think i will leave out some whisky,mince pies and carrots for the reindeer.Please message back cause thats the only thing about this site you don’t comment back.

  219. what I like best is my Mom’s homemade choclit peacan pie the best maybe someday you should ask Mrs.Claus to make some for you oh and be for I forget I love her smoothes

  220. hmm…toughy question. I like differnt kinds of chirstmass treats really. candy cane in my hot chocolate best treat ever with sosme chocolate crumble on top. I tried that last year i think i should make some again 🙂 although i gotta be careful with the sweet treats cause my teeth are senstive so i keep brushen them! Anyway thanks for the blog and thank you for letting me share it.

    p.s. stay nyappy! =^+^=

  221. i hope that you liked the gingerbread men cookies and milk i left you last year!! !i sure did!!! ill leave you something good this year also,, ,have a safe trip!

  222. Ino you like:
    Food: Mince Pie Or Biscuts
    Drinks: Red Wine Or Milk
    I love youu lots like jelly tots SANTA and Mrs Clause xx

    Looking farward to christmas this year it is going to be the best christmas ever

  223. dear santa i like eating christmas dinner on christmas but i cant leave you a christmas dinner by the tree that would make you too full because if i gave you one then you wouldn’t be able to eat any thing else because they fill you up so much!!:)but i always leave you a mince pie, milk and carrots for your reindeers.



  226. Well I like warm milk and cookies on christmas Eve! But what is your favorite cookie and do u like white milk or choclate milk or pink milk! Anyway see you on Chistmas Eve

  227. hey santa i’ll see you probably at the fun fair at school and what i want for christmas is jesus and all the gifts you gave jesus

  228. my fave treat is hot choclate and choclate with caramel we sometimes get hot choclate at storykeepers at school sometimes i sneek choclate into storykeepers and eat it when the leeders are not looking

  229. I have cookies and hot chotltie
    at boy and girls club. And
    certificate of academic honor roll
    this is awared to Alison Grant In
    recognition of acieving honor roll
    for 2nd trimester at Lynden Middle

  230. Santa do you like a&w? because a man that looked liked you was in the mall and me and my brothers asked him if he was santa!!!He gave us a card that said i met santa and then after i saw him eating a&w!!

  231. Dear,Santa on christmas eve i like to bake PillsBerry cookies and cimmion buns!!!Ileave you some too love you santa bye!!!

  232. dear santa i like oreo cookies for a snack on christmas eve this is my favorite cookie I think I know what cookies YOU LIKE.YOU LIKE MRS.CLAUSE cookies and i bet they are choclate chip too mmmm all this talking about food is making me hungry.

  233. dear Santa,
    I hope your reindeers like the food on Christmas Eve and I’ll leave something out for you too.

    Ho ho ho Merry Chrstmas

    from ollie

  234. i like to eat cookies with chocolate chips, and a drink of orange juice or hot chocolate. For the reindeers we will leave reindeer food and some fresh carrots, with a drink of water in a saucepan or plastic bowl. Could you please tell the reindeer not to run allover the house and not make too much of a mess like last year. The floor was destroyed with milk,anyway i know your in a hurry. Have a good rest before the christmas. Grainne and Liobhan

  235. hi santa i am charley you talked to me on emailsanta.com i wanted to know what kind of milk and cookies choclate milk or white milk or choclate chip cookies or peanut butter cookies the reason i wanted to know that is because i wamt you to be happy when you come to my house because you are the guet and i want guests to like it here in parkersburg west virgina thats why but i understand if you dont want to tell me.

  236. My favorite Christmas treat is homemade heath. My grandmother is an amazing talented Italian and my Mom is an awesome cook too and my Dad….. well thats another story.

  237. i will leave u a class of coke with a carrot for the rainderres and for u mince pies with some cookies as i no u love themxxxxx

  238. dear santa claus,we will leave christmas tree goodies.I think that that will be the best christmas treats we have . And we will also have milk. isobel

  239. I like cookies,so I will leave cookies & milk for you on Christmas eve.
    P.S Jonah will write the note for milk.
    P.P.S I will write the note for Cookies.

  240. Dear, Santa-
    My favorite treat is cookies. On christmas eve, I’m going to leave out cookies and hot chocolate for you and carrots and celery for the reindeer. I love you and hope you have a safe trip on Christmas Eve!

    Love, Julia

  241. I Love bread pudding. I asked My mom if i could eave that for you and she said “sure that would be great!” So i’m leaving you eggnog and bread pudding!!!

  242. Hi Santa I would leave you some warm milk and carrots for the reindeer and last but not least I let you watch some TV and enjoying your food

  243. I will leave out for you choclate chip cookies and some choclate milk and if youll wake me up i want to give you a hug and visit at the north pole and stay for 12 hours.

  244. i love love love chocolate chip cookies with milk yummy yum yum oh i almost forgot we have a special cup for you . well see u on chistmas eve …… sort of

  245. well i like micky ds do u like anything there cuz my daddy told me when he was kid he letf u a cheaes buger and u ate it so would u like somthing difrent

  246. Dear santa all we give you is milk and cookies YUM YUM YUM

    Love ya santa but what will u say i love you kimberly like jelly tots

    hahahahaha love ya santa bye 🙂


  247. I LOVE and i mean LOVE Ravioli! i think you would like it too, so this year, (eventhough this year is 2010) I will leave you… maybe 5 ravioli, A string cheese, 5 cookies and Milk! love Gracie! XOXOXOX!!

  248. Santa my favorite treat is milk, cookies, and a little chocolate.


  249. dear santa i whant a real person name jesse mccartney i love him with all my heart please santa give me i relaly whanted

  250. hi santa i love cookies carrots and cake i hope you do too love megan P.S i will leave lots and lots of carrots for all the reindeers and 2 treats for you and mrs claus

  251. Santa,
    Merry Christmas!
    My favorite treats to leave out are carrots, hot chocolate and cookies that make your tummy explode with delight!


  252. I like mint nanimo bars and short bread cookies! I also like italian hot chocolate, because it is like really hot pudding

  253. Hi santa do you like hot chocolate? I love it and my brother can make you some of his ginger bread men. Does Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen and Rudolf like parsnips? we can do that. Santa i am leaving you a present because everyone should get a present even you! So look out for it.It will be next to the cookies please pick it up. Santa you must be stressed from going all over the world how do you do it in one night! Well got to go now bye santa!From Ella Darlington

  254. hi Santa you are my hero i love you and all that you do you are the nicest person i know christmas is my favorite holiday and i love everything you give me

  255. Hey ho whats up Santa i like oreo’s and milk so i will give you oreo’s and milk…. oh i wouldn’t rather go down the chimmey because i don’t want you to burn

  256. Hi Santa,
    This year I am going to leave something special for you to try.
    Chocolate covered anchovies. This sounds good to me. I will make them special for you tp try and you let me know how they are.


  258. Santa,
    My favorite cookies are CHEWY chocolate chip cookies. What is your favorite cookie? Do you like white or chocolate milk? I prefer white milk. I also like it icey cold. Do you? Can’t wait until you come to my house and eat the cookies I made for you!
    Hurry here-I can’t wait!!!

  259. I like Chocolate Chip Cookies or the ones you get from subway and I also like pringles which I think we put out for you last year!

  260. dear santa,
    its me georgia.c again!
    well ik forgot to tell you i love juice and choc chip cookies im tawn between cookies and milk or cookies and orange juice anyway im sure you will like what i leave out because i do!

  261. hi santa,
    this year i am going to leave some cookies and milk i know you love that and a surprise maybe i love you so much and i am very grateful that you give me gifts
    lots of love Georgia.C

  262. hi santa
    what are you doing today?And why also i
    was going to say what does cristmas mean to you?I oniy asked because i would like to you if you dont mind.but theres one more thing. how old are you santa?

  263. Santa,
    I am so exited for x-mas !!!! But please help me out, what is Mince Pie? please answer(or the elves) Love Phoebe(again)

  264. I absolutely positively truly believe in the one and the only SANTA CLAUSE! I LOVE the presents you give me, Oh! and tell the elves I love the toys they make :)!

  265. Dear Santa,
    I will leave a yummy
    Snack out for you on christmas
    eve, but be sure the grinch does
    not steal it, i heard he can be very sneaky sometimes ?

  266. i like a cup of milk and some choclate chip cookies with a ferrero rache nxt to it………. thats wat i am going to leave santa clause
    but wen do u leave for him before xmas or tonight???please elves help me

    Reply from the Elves: Christmas Eve!

  267. Hi ♥♥♥SANTA♥♥♥ me personally I like cheese and crackers, but only when warm. I don’t know who would leave smelly socks for such a generous person. hope you reply

  268. My favorite treat is my Grandma Judy’s fudge. I gave you a sample last year. I’m not sure if I can get more, but if I can I’ll give you some! :)(:

  269. I am going to leave you out some cookies I love cookies and a carrot or two for your reindeer’s I am sure they will love a treat.

  270. I hope you have a merry christmas and a happy new year I hope you like th cookies you are a nice frien dto me you are a nice person to me I will see you son ok

  271. Merry Christmas,

    Are your favourite cookies chocolate chip. Thats what all my friends say. I hope you have a great advencher all around the world. Write me in a letter all about it. Bye.


  272. dear santa , i really love to eat cookies and cake and i love to drink hot cocoa so ill leave that out for you haha ho ho ho say hi to mrs. clause for me!
    lots of love

  273. Dear Santa what is you’r E-mail?I live in Blackburn. the colour of my door is brown.
    the number on my door is 1.my street is sandon street. from zak

  274. dear Santa hope you get to deliver all you’r presents. I will leave you some coke. I will leave some carrots for you’r reeindeers ok. love from Corey

  275. Dear Santa,
    Last year I left you salad with ranch dressing. And sissy left you steak, and Bub left you cookies and hot chocolate. Did you like that? This year I’m gonna leave you KFC because its my favorite! Cookies are my favorite dessert, so I will leave them too.

  276. Hi santa clause i have been woundering how could u eat a lot of cookies in one night and what would u like for christmas and what is yor favorite treat

  277. i will leave you cookies and milk maybe a packet of crisps to becouse i love crisps and i will leave a carrot for the raindeer

  278. I will leave you a healthy snack for a change, hope you like it.

    P.S. I will leave my angel light on all night so you can find my room.
    p.p.s Rhianna will probably be in Mum and Dad’s bed!

  279. is a fingerfull of wiskey and a bowl of water for rudolf a carrot for rudolf (does he like it cut and peeled) and u a mince pie

  280. Hi santa.!
    what my favorite thing to eat and drink during christmas is hot chocolate with bread. it gets you warm during the christmas days and makes you warm since its cold during christmas.! well hope you enjoyed my short letter.!
    I <3 you. oh nd can i have a bell from ur sleigh.?! :))

  281. I really like Chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream! that would melt though…:) so I also like Chocolate chip cookies, and hot chocolate!

    Merry christmas!

    I’m glad I can act like a kid again,(I’m 13) And believe in Santa Claus.

  282. i love brownies, but i found out i was allergic to fudge so i like creamy milkshakes……..thanks for all the gifts and thanks for opening up this cool website

  283. Hi Santa! I love you so much and my favorite snack is chocolate chip cookies with milk! I will leave them for you just like I said it on my letter and some carrots for your reindeer! Thanks for everything you gave me in my 10 years of living! Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year! XOXO!

  284. Dear Santa Claus,
    My favorite cookies are this peanut butter cookie with a hershey kiss in the middle and this doughy sugar cookie with rasberry filling in the middle. I will make sure I leave that out for you!

  285. hi santa! weare doing a play at school and it said that you went to Betty Body’s Health Haven to lose weight!!! is that true? i dont know how it ends, but if it does end and you have seen Betty, tell me! merry christmas and have a ho ho happy new year!

  286. Hi Santa! My favorite Christmas treats would be Nestle Hot Chocolate and Christmas cookies. Sometimes I would sneak a special snack called Ferrero Rocher’s chocolate it’s my favorite.:);):D

  287. Hi Santa! My favorite Christmas treat would be chocolate chip cookies! And I have alot of fun making them with my mom!

    Merry Christmas,

  288. hi santa im really looking forward to xmas alot its 2009 december and im exited aswell as my brother sam!for xmas trats we would like cookies (choc chip) and milk i love that as a xmas treat not only me but my brother once again. we love the fact that u and your elfs take up your time to make us presents it is very kind of you! WE LOVE YOU SANTA XOXOXOXOXOXO!

  289. I hope you don’t mind, Santa dear, I am a vegan, and I like soymilk.
    If you like whatever I like, why does giving you health snacks only rank one above smelly socks for naughty or nice?
    Well, I hope you’re ok with a healthful snack for a change(even though you don’t ask for really bad-for-you snacks, most kids like them anyways and you will still get them. I have a friend who plans to leave you fried chicken!8D)

  290. Dear Santa,

    What I like for treats is M and M’s and cookies, just like you! I hope my brother believes in you soon. Bye!


  292. dear Santa i love how you make christmas the only day when my family dose not fight.I can’t wate till christmas because of you.



  293. hi, santa i like gingerbred man.i’v all
    ways wanted to see the north pole.mommy
    says someday she’l take me to the north

    love you iots
    katie mombourquette

  294. I am going to be in gatlinburg this year so I might not have enough time to leave out something to munch on but I am still thinking of you

  295. dear santa,
    our favorite treats are homemade sugar cookies with homemade vanilla frosting! lauren is sp glad she can help make cookies because she thought she wasn’t going to be able to because she got a splint/cast from playing basketball and it is really dirty. she is glad because she gets it off this following monday!!! Hugs from the California Girls!

  296. hi santa why i have a question for you why is it were not allowed to see you on christmas night? love you thank you for all the stuff you have got me though the past year

    lots of love
    from lauryn