Who is on Santa’s Naughty or Nice List?

Santa's Naughty or Nice List
Santa’s Naughty or Nice List

Are you on Santa’s Naughty or Nice List?

Many people ask me, “Santa Claus, am I on the Naughty List or the Nice List?”  Some people want to know who else is on the Naughty and Nice List.  Yes, everyone wants to know about Santa’s Naughty or Nice List!

Well, I would like to tell people if they are on the Naughty List or on the Nice List.  But, you see, my List is “Top Secret”.  That is why I keep it locked in a very special place.

There is a special reason its top secret:  I don’t decide who is on the Naughty List and who is on the Nice List until just before Christmas.   That is right!   The List is always changing.  After all, even good kids are naughty sometime.  So, I want to give all the good boys and girls lots of time to get onto the Nice List.

That is why I’m making a List and checking it twice.  I have to find out who’s Naughty and Nice!

There is another reason I keep my List top secret.  What if someone saw an old Naughty List that had your name on it?  Maybe an elf caught you being naughty that day!   You know I would not want to get you into trouble.

Now, can I tell you a secret?  Ssh.    You can see if you have been naughty or nice by going to a special web page.   It is my “Incredible Elf-o-matic Naughty or Nice Determinator“!  If you have been good then you will even get a special certificate from me!  It will say that you are “Santa Certified Nice”!  So make sure you leave your certificate out for me on Christmas Eve.  Then I’ll know you are on the Nice List!

Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus

P.S.  Do you think you are on the Nice List or the Naughty List this year (and why)?  (You can leave a message for me. Or, scroll down to see what others have written!)

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2,413 special messages to Santa about “Who is on Santa’s Naughty or Nice List?”

  1. hi santa i wont a i phone 11 wsith a pop socit and i phone chger and i wsont makup this year thank you and plese santa hope to see you soon bye santa

  2. Hi my name is Kaleb I will give u cookies and I will write a note for you I hope I’m on the good list I’ve been doing good in school and can I have the inquisitormaster fairytale plushy collection a laptop and maybe slime and you can get me other stuff you’d think I like.

  3. Him santa it chloe. I would. Like.. A present from. My. Dad. Paul Newman and. Some. New I pods.. And. I now. This year I didn’t get a video call. From. You. I would. Like. A video call. To. See. If. Am. On the good. Or. Bad list. Thanks. My. Regds chloe. And linda and dorthy

  4. hi Santa its cody just wanna say ive been really good at school im really good at home too im trying i will start again TM i hope tm is better i also love michael jackson

  5. Santa, I want to know if I am on the Naughty List or the Nice List because I want to know if I have been good this year. I know I’m not perfect, but I still want to know. Thank You!

  6. Hello santa I know its only September 2020 I was wondering if you can tell me if I’m on the nice or bad list I know I have issues but it will help if you tell me know so I can straighten up plz love you.

  7. Hi Santa, I really like Christmas. But could you possibly tell me if your real? I believe that you are tho. Am I on the nice list? I hope I am. I know I fight with Ali a lot but she can annoy me.
    Love, LAUREN

  8. Ella May I live in false Pennsylvania I am very nice good girl in very every year i am for chirstmas this year i wish for for chirstmas is laptop the golden girls DVD collection prayer candles prayer staue

  9. Hi there I am very excited about you coming tonight! I hope that I am on the nice list to just like my sister! If I don’t I will celebrate god’s birthday because Christmas is not always about presents Merry Christmas

  10. Hi Santa I am not sure I am on the naughty list still? I hope l get presents but if l do not l know that Christmas is not about presents it is about spending time with family and celebrating gods birthday.merry Christmas Santa.

  11. Hello Santa Christmas
    I have been very good and I Hope I’m on the nice list.
    I will leave a cookie and some milk for you and a carrot Rudolph.
    Love Sienna xx

  12. Hi santa ,
    Am I on the nice list or naughty list it’s only 4 more days until Christmas wow it’s gone quick I will leave out some nice treats for you and Rudolph
    Love ,
    Mia xx

  13. Hey santa i’m 17 and in high school so we all know i know your little secret but my little brother kaleb wants to know if he is on the naughty or nice list because his elf on the shelf has been moving into hard places to find so that he can see him, his elfs name is henry elfcins

  14. Dear Santa,
    I have been really bad this year. I know I deserve the naughty list but I have a heart. I feel for the poor the homeless the sick the dying. Please Santa if you could bring one thing is peace to the lives of these people and bring them love and let them know they are loved too. I would appreciate it. I love you Santa! I know I’m to big to believe but I trust in you I trust that you will bring hope to these people in our world. WE all could use hope.

  15. Merry Christmas Santa can you wake me up in New Zealand
    Hope you have some mince pies! Please don’t work toooo

  16. So, Santa, I’ve been a BIG potty mouth most of the year but, during december, i’ll fix that mouth, im 12 after all, so, Am I going to get on the nice list by doing that?

  17. Dear Santa,
    My name is Autumn Cheyenne Rockwell I am 17 years I know u may think I am too old but I’m not I just want to know if I am on the nice list. I have a lot of Christmas Spirit I hope u are doing well can’t wait to see u soon at Wal-Mart in Witcha Falls, Texas soon even though I live in Electra, Texas
    Here is a pic of me on the first day of school of this year

  18. Hey santa,

    Is I on the good list or bad list there are sometimes I,m bad but please wake me up on Christmas Day I want to ask you something.

  19. Am I on the nice list and I miss my elves so bad and much can you send themselves back tonight and I do hope that I and my brothers are on the nice list because I really was good the whole year and my brothers were good the whole year and I want lots of things for Christmas so please send all the things that I want and I will message you what I want and where i live

  20. hi santa I just got two puppies this is there first chrismas the boy is kai and the girl is kona I love them. I hope im on your nice list cause I think I have been nice.I hope you have an elf come down to my house and watch me so they can tell you that I have been doing good. My dogs also like presents.Love you guys at the north pole and thanks for making presents. I forgot my sister savannah wants a recerd player from you.

  21. Can I be in your nice list? At school, I worked very hard but I have little problems of writing.My parents are very proud of me!I have been a good boy and I can’t wait to open my presents!

  22. I did elfo Matic naughty or nice list determinator and you told me that I was on the nice list but you also said the detective elf saw me do something but you didn`t tell me what. please let me know.

  23. I think i should be on the nice list beacuse i will do my chores and i will help out a little more because i love getting presents fro you are the only person who i count on and you are my hero thank you


  24. if have a good day santa claus
    paulshaw sleeping am im happy
    it year see santa down s in my bed room paulshaw
    I wall eat lunch 12;pm day god talk with you gift
    elf talk with you gift
    rog boxblue talk to me with you gift
    im so cold down s paulshaw
    good on nice list nov 1 1/24/20019
    thanke you paulshaw

  25. Hi Santa I think I have been good this year I always think about you when it’s November so yeah I think I made I might have done some naughty stuff but I think I was still nice.

  26. Santa, i have been ill for 6 months now from cancer my name is Bella and all i want for Christmas is to be normal again and not bald

  27. Dear Mr Santa Claus my name is ella May Dillard I am on your nice list this year my favorite gifts this year is laptop and printer and art collection and I like phone line portable toilet flush camoping hiking toilet potty and wash basin atm mini bank cotton candy maker portable blendr outlet ice cream makerperfect keto heating pad pisbugh stellars bathroom collection and green Bay Packers coffee pot pregnancy test beltd
    Prayercandles and chable set Trammell story books picture framesand hannah montana koacoke machineswith karaoke cds melissa etheridge collection dolls with stuegewith dolls tent

  28. Hi santa claus,

    My name is miguel pantoja and i want to know if i in the nice list or the bad list and this is what i want for chiristmas airpods, a popsocket of the warriors, lionel messi golden soccer shoes, kevin durant red basketball shoes, warriors gear, curry 4 mid grey, barcelona gears, goalkepper glove, wwe 2k 19, nba 2k 19, and a red new phone cast for lg fortune 2

  29. Love you you are amazing am I on the nice list in trying to be good . Can’t wait for Christmas were decorating on the 25th of November and it is the 23 rd of November SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!! Have a merry Christmas Santa love you

  30. Santa, am I on your nice list or naughty? I hope Ive been good this year and I also hope that everyone gets the presents that they have been waiting for! I hope you and everybody else has a lovely christmas! Merry Christmas everyone! Love From Danulya Rathnayaka

  31. Dear Santa claus, I have been a good girl this year. Just to let you know I will have two magazines by the Christmas tree.


  32. dear santa,
    am i on the naughty or nice list im really curous also do you think you can face time me on christmas eve also i have been good all year hope you get this letter your friend brooklyn

  33. I know I’m on the nice list this year because I got good grades all around my midterms! (except science- but I’m gonna do extra credit for that so I’m gonna be fine.) I ave also been kind to everyone!

  34. Santa I think I should be on the nice list because I am being kind to all and today I seen someone sad and I made them so so happy and now we are friends

  35. What I What For Christmas is Boyfriend like Famous some one ☝️ Maybe You will Pick one for Sara Surepirce on Christmas Eve Night???? Is it a Okay With You!!!!! I Would like that from you people Santa I Love You a Whole Lot
    Sara Scattini Salinas Ca, 93908 Thanks

  36. Shakira is here to see how are you doing Santa claus and I have been a good girl so that mean I’am on the Nice list

  37. hey, this is Natalie and my dad is having problems with his back can you get him some stuff to help him with that and I have been so good not really gust hope for this.

  38. Santa; I hope I am on the nice list because I do a lot of nice things for my family and if I am not at home ,can you please deliver me and my family’s presents please.

  39. Merry Christmas Santa Claus I would like for Christmas is riverdale stuff and walt Disney stuff and WWE stuff and a blanket and new headphones and new cell phone and ipod and camra and scary movies and I have been nice to everyone and say hi to everyone for me and I will leave cookies and milk out for you and I live in Barrie Ontario Canada

  40. Santa,hello my name is Chelsea sokolovski and everybody even me have wondered if I was on the nice or naughty list and I really hope I am on the nice list I will try to be nice on December and for Christmas I always wanted an iPhone 11 pro max and a chucky doll becouse I really love scary stuff! And clothes and shoes and some skirts will be beautiful! And I am not gonna be upset if u can’t give me all that I want I understand that u have a lot of presents to give out and there’s gonna be way to much stuff on the sleigh and Santa I won’t forgot the cookies and milk! I will leave my favorite ones hopefully u like them love u Santa!

  41. Hi santa it’s serenity I. Like school my favorite subject is math it’s fun I would like 1. A Lego set 2. 5 surprise mini brand balls and. 3. I don’t care am I on the nice list ?

  42. Hi Santa my name is Sadie I am 4 years old and I live in Glenroy of Australia
    for Christmas I would like:

    1. bowl
    2. barbie dolls
    3. fairy garden
    Am I on the nice list?

  43. Hi Santa Elizabeth has been a very good this year she deserves a lot of stuff For Christmas she a Beautiful girl she says when she grows up she wants to be Help when you’re there and be in the elf or helping you were living with you because she has a lot on her mine

  44. Hey first I’m gonna start off bye saying I love u and ur elves and remember to tell buddy we moved,Santa u r the best thing that’s happened to me u should see my face when I open my presents oh silly me u do I hope u in joy all the cookies and milk I give u and Rudolph I hope u in joy the carrots!

  45. Hi Santa. I was wondering if I could get a new iPhone 11 for Christmas. If I can that would be the best gift. I would love it. I love iPhones so much. I’m 15 years old and I wish I had a new iPhone 11

    Love:Emily Ann Burdick

  46. Hi Santa my name is mikayla is it true that you watch over me ?I’m going to watch a x_mas movie for dinner I think. I also wish for my mom to be off of work and to have a super duper great Christmas not just my mom but my hole family but I want to go to school on the day before Christmas eve so I can see my friends for the day before Christmas eve.Can I also have a turtle I would ask for a puppy but I am allergic to all animals with fur.I have 2 kittens I want them to have presents too so they also are happy on Christmas.

  47. Keep dreaming no matter what. My life is not great because I have a brother with mental health, I just wanted you to know this santa. Live. Every. Second. Of. Your. Life.
    Thank you
    PS I am a regular messager so if you see the name ‘Elizabeth’ it’s most probably me

  48. I think I am on the nice list because I always try to be nice to people even when it’s hard to, and because I’m always in the Christmas spirit! (I left a photo of my dog lexi in her Winter wear!

  49. Hi I’m Taylor and I’m a good kid please bring my mom back because I miss her bye santa Claus make it snow let it snow let it snow tommorow

  50. Dear Santa Cluse how are you doing today this time of the year in 2019????? I being have and help out My Lovely Parants With my Two Nephew’s Like Nolan and Even Scattini they are very good Around Aunt Sara and Grandma Joan and Grandpa Jim Everybody are good to Me around Christmas Time of the year!!!!!!! What I what for Christmas is Boyfriend maybe can you look for me please and New Basketball Shoes Size 5 in a half or 6
    I love you a whole lot Love Always Friend Sara

  51. Hi, Santa Claus! This year I am on nice or naughty list? Since I was little I think you exist, and now when I get older I understand that you do not have time or that I was not happy and I think that is why I do not receive gifts from you. I hope this year has been better. Love you, Santa Claus.

  52. Yo humans of the world! I love Christmas even though I’m not religious . I just gonna type random stuff so you can continue readinga if you want to. Did you know that Santa is 1,748 years old… but the oldest person alive is 116 years old. So that means he is the oldest. This is a lil bit about me. I am a girl who lives in Canada and no Canada isn’t always a cold block of ice but in my opinion is beautiful and in the summer (2019) Canada was warmer than it was in Florida! Facts. My only wish for life is to make others happy. Knowing that others are happy makes me happy. So keep following your dreams, mistakes are things to help you succeed, without mistakes you won’t learn much. Never doubt yourself and if your ever needing help there will always be someone there for you, out of the 7.7 billion people on this planet at least one will care about you. You are your own self, so be your own self. You do you. Have a great day and always try your best, if you don’t you won’t have as much fun in the end. Merry almost Christmas peeps! Xoxo

  53. Hi Santa my elves just had a baby girl!!!! Her name is either Buttons or Mittens can’t really decide maybe you could?

    Mittens Yes. No

    Buttons Yes No

  54. hello im clodagh ginty from dooriel ballycroy westport co mayo please can i have aniphone 6 please i always wanted one xxxx

  55. hello santa claus this is clodagh ginty from dooriel balyycroy westport co mayo please can i have an i phone6 i really wanted one all of my life from clodagh ginty

  56. remember guys Christmas is about jesuses birth remember he saved us. just a reminder Christmas isint about the gifts its about jesus.

  57. Hello Santa I believe in you I hope I’m on the nice list and I hope I don’t get coal this Christmas what I want for Christmas is Blair’s American girl doll and that is all! I love you Santa with all my heart!


  58. I realy hope im on the nice list but im pretty shure I am ive tried to be my best I was wondering too is my best friend haden on the nice or nody list I love santa and I wish him a hoho merry Christmas 52 days till Christmas so exsited and I wonder if my brother Nathaniel is on the nice or noty list

  59. I’ve been a good boy all year being a good young man all year so I was wondering if I can get my presents on Christmas it’s all right with you Santa Claus

  60. Hi it’s Caitlin here
    I think I will be on the good list this year. I have been really good this year ! I am hoping that I get lots of presents! Please can you reply to me?? Xxx

  61. I was being good last year. How come you didn’t give me any presents last year when I wrote you a letter?

  62. Dear Santa,
    could you just make a real boy out of me? There is no other wish…
    I feel so lonely and misunderstood.
    I really respect that you have a lot of work, so if there is someone who needs your help more or sooner than me, it´s ok.

  63. Nice list! i have been counting down to christmas but my friends say that i should be counting down to halloween cause it is first but i will keep counting to christmas

  64. I think I’m on the nice list because,I have been working hard and listening in school,
    listening to mom and dad(most of the time).I treat family and friends nicely. And treat friends nicely even if they aren’t kind to me.And I 100% belive in you!

  65. I believe in you Santa I love you and I hope I am on the good list, I know it’s been a rough week for me I’ve fought through and kept my head up with positivity

  66. Nice! I try my best. blah blah blah, I want to help and try to help. I moved to a new school, handeld it, in a club of friends or whatever. I has a friend named Sofia White!

  67. Hi Santa, I’ve been a very good kid. I’m 8 years old and I’m a very good big girl! I would love you see you santa but I can’t your in North Pole. I wanna see you but if I don’t, it doesn’t matter! I’m a big good girl! I wish I met you one day in my dreams. Love you santa! -By Xiyao

  68. Hi Santa I just turned 14 in very sorry I been good sometimes I cant help it I’m very sorry I wanted alot of stuff I really tried to be good and i joined the penguin project for annie play show i will be good next year i will try Love Damian

  69. Am I on the nice list and I have 4 elf on the shelfs and I miss them so much I was wondering if I could get
    them back there names are Buddy, Ruby , Chippy and Alfie
    Thank you xxx

  70. Dear Santa,
    I am already thinking about Christmas. Christmas is my best day ever in my whole entire life! Only one thing. I will be in Korea on Christmas. I won’t be home. But just to let you know, I really really truly want a real true phone. The phone I am using is my dad’s phone, and I can’t play some apps because you can only play them when your paying money monthly. But if that is too expensive, I will want something else. I want an apple watch. I really really wanted an apple watch, and I seen people wear it on their wrists every time, I just love them! Santa. May I truly have an apple watch. Santa, I really thank you that you gave me this expensive chromebook, and I love my computer! Santa, I love electronics such as computers, tv, phones, apple watches, and other electronics. Santa, I like you so much, I always count on you to give me the best presents. Please, I am begging you, please give me an apple watch!! Oh, and I hope I am on the nice list. I am sorry for the things I have been naughty for. But I still hope I am on the nice list. Thank you and please make my wish for getting an apple watch come true.
    Thank you,

    Dear Santa Claus,
    I really want a transforming, coolest Robot I will ever see. My second option is to get a bigger and new tv for my family, and a tv that we can see cooler stuff. Thank you for giving me a race track and I played with it so good. I like you and please give me a transforming robot or a tv for my family.

  71. I am being good this year doing all my cleaning jobs going to sleep especeally christmas eve i will leave you out a sherry and mince pie and a carrot

  72. hi santa
    I am nine years old and I really hope I get the lol suprise amazing suprise because it is really expensive. It is $320 on amazon and my mom and dad will never buy it for me.

  73. Hello Santa I really really really really really really really really want a iPhone Xr or iPhone 11 with Airpods. Because every single person in my class has a iPhone, and I feel left out. I hope you do. Or at least give my mom some money to by me one. Thank you Santa love you.

  74. Santa I have been waiting so long to get a fire strike nerf gun with toy soft bullets a kids armour also kids walkie talkies and two milky bar buttons tubes please Santa clause thank you

  75. Santa,
    for years I have been mean to my little brother and every Christmas I want to be nicer to my brother . I am coming clean to you and I fully apoligise. I have cleaned up my wrongs and I will try to never be mean to my brother again. I am so disappointed with myself I will never do it again. By the way, thanks for your letter and I hope you can get my elf ready to write near Christmas. I can not wait to write you that letter for Christmas eve night and I give a yay to comet for his dance routine I give him five stars.

  76. Hi Santa I’m sorry I been Cussing To much And Iam So sorry I been bad Or Nice Iam sorry I am Autism I cant Help it I’m really sorry I will try Next Time Love Damian

  77. Hi Santa Its me Damian I’m in 9th grade and I’m 13 now I will being going to high school I want a Sillcone Doll Wonder woman and Spongebob Pjs and Spiderman far from Home Jacket and Boots and Yoga Pants and I want shoes Air Jordans shoes

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  79. hi my name is charlotte and for Christmas this year I would really please like a block of caramello choclate
    yours faithfully,charlotte

  80. HI Santa my name is Johana and i am 3rd grade.and When I ask people is Santa real and they don’t believe my that your in real live and i have a sister name Elisa and I think that my sister is in the nice list and i am not.and I ready believe you.and I hope that your still alive so you could like at my message for you. Merry Christmas.

  81. Dear santa,my sister is starting to stop beliving inyou but I stell belive in you her name is Briana please all I want for christmas is for her to believe in you agin.

  82. Hi Mr. & Mrs. Clause thank you for the presents you got me and I understand how hard it is because I am feeling the same as you I’m am always on the good list and I always try my hardest I don’t mean to be a bit cheeky thank you for a lovely Christmas and new year and the elf left me a phone so say thankyou so much love from Aimee

  83. Hi Santa remember me, Jamil. Remember I wanted a guinea pig for christmas and you gave me a backpack thank you for the backpack and you also wrote a message back to me and i am getting it tomorrow.

  84. dear santa
    thanks for my harry potter soltinhat
    I love it. it talks to. is it all right if I can DNA it

  85. I think i was good because i helped people and i was very kind and caring. This year i was very good. ps: i took the Naughty or Nice btest and it said i was nice but my halo was a little crooked

  86. Annyeonghaseyo Santa Claus! 잘 지냈어요? 올해 저는 정말로 즐거운 시간을 보냈습니다. 착한 녀석 명단에 올 자격이 있다고 생각하지? 인사말!

  87. Hello Santa I got your I got your presents that you gave me on my tree and it LOL bling series I love it I can’t believe you gave me six of them Well I think you are busy but I think you so much! Love :Aleyla I am 7 years old

  88. Nice list because I have help out a lot this year and I have been very sweet this year love you Mrs clause and Santa Clause

  89. hello father chrismas my name is azayla ivyonna scott age 8 years old i have been a naughty but i am still geting presents love santa claus ho ho ho merry chrismas ho ho ho i really love you

  90. Dear Santa Claus,
    I’m on your nice list bcoz I never lie to my elders I respect them. I keep my room very clean. I help my mom in her daily chores.
    Love, Indra

  91. Hello Father Christmas . I am not sure what list I am on but I am ashamed of myself because I was a bit naughty yesterday but most of the time I am good . Ssshhh don’t tell the elves or Mrs Claus I made a present for them which is also for you . I made it because I everybody is a bit spoilt except you and Mrs Claus and the elves who just get food so I thought that is a bit unfair .Hope you have a wonderful Christmas

  92. Hello and merry Christmas . I am not sure but I feel a shamed of myself because I was a bit naughty yesterday but most of the time I am good . HOPE YOU HAVE A WONDERFUL CHRISTMAS❤️ Poppy Hayward aged 8

  93. I think I am on the nice list. If I am I want to be with my family and to have my very sick cousins get better. <3

  94. Hello dear Santa,
    I think I’m on the nice list♥I left cookies and milk for you! Be sure to visit me dear Santa! My lovely wishes of Christmas to you and Mrs. Claus too!! I hope she’s knitting on the North Pole!

  95. hi santa I love Christmas so much but I wish my London nan and grandad were here and fin and also I hope you and mrs clause and your elfs have a really good Christmas all together. I have made u some mince pies home made and l have left your reindeers a carrot all of love charlotte ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    merry Christmas

  96. dear santa I am waching ..GRINCH.. now and thinking of you I realy want for christmas a speaker – JBL GO 2 LOVE YOU SO MUCH
    XO XO XO

  97. Hi Santa, how are you in the north pole. Can I have some Lego and get you get my puppy a toy please love you so much xxxx

  98. Hi Santa please can you tell me if I’ve been naughty or nice I’ve also been trying to keep the house tidy
    Love from daniel Harnden
    Xxx please can you message me

  99. Hi Santa,
    I really do hope I am on the nice list!! And trust me I know you only usually bring me one gift so nothing special is just fine with me. Thank you for always making are christmas traditions so special!!! Cant wait to see what you get me!!

    Ps.. Felix and Minty said hi and they will see you tonight. Love carly

  100. Dear Santa
    I left you mince pies and carrots for your reindeers every year! I cannot believe that your coming tomorrow night! I hope that I am on the nice list!

  101. Santa you are the best one in whole world of christmas are you going to driver the prezent? I love and like you santa More

  102. I think I have been really helpful, lovely and kind this year. Next year I will be a House Captain and a Road Patrol Monitor. So thats why I think im on the nice list.

  103. I think I am on the nice list I have helped a lot of people and have done a lot of nice thing for myself and for other people


  105. I can not wait for Christmas me and the girls Sophie and baby born are over excited this year I can not wait

  106. I feel like I am on the good list . Can’t wait till Christmas Day and I hope that You give me lots of beautiful presents

  107. Dear Santa,

    I’ve been really good this year. I hope you have a really good Christmas .

    Santa i also had a question am i on the nice or naughty list ?

    baysia pierce

  108. Hi santa I know that I have some issues about my attitude and I lie a little but dont put me on th le naughty list please I really want some presrnts this year.
    Love alicia.

  109. Dear Santa
    For Christmas I would like
    A toy house.and a toy bumble bee.and a astronaut suit with a helmet. Ang glow in the dark moons and stars.

  110. Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyy! I’m on the nice list!
    Can you pleassssssssssss FaceTime me some day? I really want to see you!
    Merry Christmas Santa!❄️❄️

  111. Can you please FaceTime Because I need to tell you something very important just on FaceTime please thank yo because I need to tell you something very important just on FaceTime please thank Q you

  112. Hey Santa am I on the nice list I just really want to know and I’m having a Christmas party and it ends an about 1AM or 12AM but are you still coming

  113. Hi Santa this year leave me a note that says you came (YOU MIGHT NOT HAVE TO !!) ,FROM the Santa spy…

  114. En se te suivant avec un rasoir, un peigne et des ciseaux pour couper toutes mes cheveux et masquer mes cheveux pour ne pas avoir besoin de se faire tatouer sur le visage au complet

  115. Santa am I on the nice list, I have my fingers crossed and I really am praying that I am on the nice list cause I really do want my own phone and laptop.

  116. Hey Santa it’s Jessica I just got your letter I hope I’m on your good list this year I love you have a good flight to Edmonton house on Christmas Eve

  117. Hi santa im being nice all Christmas long so I hope I get gifts I asked for thank you Merry Christmas and happy new year

  118. Dear Santa,
    I am on the Nice list. Thank you for giving me presents and reading my letters that I have sent you. I still believe that you’re real, but my family doesn’t!

    Anyway Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  119. Hi my name is Isabel and I just wanted to know if i was on the naughty or nice list because Pippa has said if you don’t get your halo straitened before Christmas Ev she will have to tell you.

    Pleas help me get on the nice list this year.

  120. hi my name is emily lintner and i was asking you if you could get me a pair of headphones that is blue. Ear-Headphones-Mic-Jelly-Comb-Foldable-Corded-Headphones-Wired-Headsets-Microphone-Volume-Control-Cell-Phone-Tablet-PC-Laptop- from walmart in moncks corner sc and 4 packs of earbuds. please am i on the naughty or nice list?

  121. Santa you better tell me if i am on the nice list or naughty list if not you don’t know whats coming for you.you old retarted old man.

  122. Hi my name is Lara I’m 14 years of age and I would like something extra special for Christmas even though I am a good girl all of the time.’

  123. My name is kelsey I am a girl . I bean good this year I want for Christmas is a new bike and I want to meet
    Eli Manning and petyon Manning

  124. I want to tell you something. My name is Rishi and I do very good at my studies you are the best and you helped me a lot my elf is name is Buddy and we just got him

  125. Im I on the nice list? Do you think I was bad because I stole all of the cookies from the cookie jar last night. And I might have ate all of the candy .

  126. Dear Santa,
    I have been really good this year. For Christmas I want a Canon power shot camera and ivy and bean book 11.

  127. Hi Santa Claus is the time for the day you get to work to deliver all the presents to the boys and girls I hope I’m on the nice list if you can tell me Thant will be great lots of love Brooklyn oxoxoxox❤️

  128. I have been really good all through the year even my family said. I will always believe in you and you might always believe in me. I do lots of talented things all the time.
    Love, Ocean-Raine xxxxx

  129. Dear Santa it’s Damian i just wanted to tell you if me and my brother have been good or bad this year give me a email i will email you when I get a chance

  130. Santa am i on the good list or bad list because i can say I have been very good looking after my family if they have been sick and i have been giving homeless people some new stuff
    hopefully i get a gift from you this year Santa looking fored to seeing you give me a gift

  131. am I on the nice list because i have been so good this year and i have been looking after some of my family the ones that are sick an the ones that are homeless but I can say that this year I have been very good and Santa all those people that want presents from you will get them if they are on the good list you chose who gets them and who doesn’t get them if they are on thee bad list.

    by hayley

  132. i believe in u but i rather call u St.Nicholas or St.Nick is that ok with u ????
    i alsp want to know if im th nice or naughty list .to be honest with u ive tried being nice sometimes i couldnt because i lost my temper or i just found things not fair.

  133. Hi Santa my name is Skye lily James bishop am I on the naughty list or the good list. Could you find out for me please

  134. Santa, how do you truly know if a child is sleeping or awake at night? I’ve always pondered that question, and I really want to know!

  135. i really hope i am on the nice list but if i am on the naughty list it is for a good reason

    MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!

  136. dear santa am i on the nice list or the naghty list?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  137. Hey sup Santa I was wondering if I’m on the nice or bad list I’m can be rood at times or frudrated at my brother and sister from Brooklyn

  138. I think I have been very good this year, there had been some hard times but I gotten through it, please read this note. I wrote another letter saying I wanted a hamster.

    Sincerely, Alaina

  139. I think I am on the nice list because I’m always nice and I tell the truth and all kinds of stuff but yea I think I’m on the nice list.

  140. You guys santa is SO REAL!?!?!?!?! You’re parents aren’t the ones hiding your elf. AND the thing about ms claus is that if santa is not real then MS CLAUS WOULD KNOW!!! You guys have an awesome life!!!!!

  141. How is your day looks good I can’t wait to see you on Christmas remember I was at the thing in Rochester I thought that was you I think that was a real Santa Claus and I think that is you because you gave me a picture to put on my fridge and and you always gave me this year my elf on the shelf is amazing

  142. dear santa ,
    I am on the nice list . I just recived a letter from you on my computer . I need to tell you something that my sisters have been very mean to me and some children in my school

  143. I just want to know if any of my family or friends are on the naughty or nice List if it’s ok with u can I tell them what they are on I really want to know I would love to know

  144. Dear Santa,
    I have been waiting for Christmas the whole year. I love writing to you and getting to watch and read your replies. I totally believe in you 100% and I believe in your reindeer too. You’re so amazing and kind as you give all the good children lovely presents. I’ll leave you a delicious mince pie and a nice, refreshing drink to cool you down. Also, tell your reindeer that I’ll leave them a big, juicy carrot to eat!
    Sincerely, Kitty

  145. I think I have been very nice this year Santa because I have helped out with chores and jobs. I also believe in you and your reindeer. Otherwise, how would I get presents under the tree? Your sincerely,
    FiFi Thomas.

  146. Hey santa

    I think I am on the nice list this year because I have been helping around the house and doing my jobs when i am told without arguing, I love you Santa please let me know if I am in the nice list because I have tried so hard this year to make things right and I think I have reached my goal I love you Santa❤️
    Love from Gracie

  147. I love you Santa Claus! I will believe in you even when I am old an wrinkly! I will believe in you when no one else does!! I love you!!

  148. Santa I think that this year I’m on the nice list I have helped around the house without being told and I have helped out in the public to you can check on me anytime and watch in on what I do . Santa if you can may I please have an elf on the shelf sent to me I think then you would catch in on everything I do I heard a lot of the elves need a home and I think it would make a great addition to our family. And Santa if you read this I am very thankful that you did, have a wonderful day!

  149. Dear santa can you tell me if i am on the naughty list you can text me it i just want to know so text me if im on the naughty list or not ok so merry christmas to everyone.

  150. I am trying really hard to be nice I onley say a couple on accident But I will try harder xoxo – kambry

  151. dear santa claus,ive been a good girl this year and i want to thank you for what you give every one ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,merry christmas.

  152. hello santa! ….and yes my name is gorilla….. i was wondering how you are able to go around the whole world in just one night!? i looked it up and last year there were 126.22 million households! i really want to know your secret! Also, please give your reindeer an extra kiss for me!

  153. Hi Santa my name is Amy Tanner I am moving next year so all we have put up is a Christmas tree and sockets

  154. Hello Santa! I bet you I’m on the naughty list so if I’m naughty where is my COAL because your supposed to give coal to naughty children or if I’m on the good list will I have a present?

  155. Hi Santa its Sydney you said to me and my brother would get an elf on the shelf but you haven’t gave us one. we are very upset but at least we will all have a enjoyable CHRISTMAS hope you are not to busy hope you come to us at Christmas
    Loving you all the time

  156. Hello Santa,
    My name is Georgia and my favourite colour is blue. I love Cats and Dogs but I share the love with all animals. This wonderful year I have been excellent because I won a junior citizenship award on awards night.
    Lots of love from Georgia

  157. I am so ready for CHRISTMAS. I think that Santa should just deliver a little early . We all want a gift from Santa know so we can find out what we got. I hope that everyone on here believes in Santa because if you didn’t why wouldn’t he send you something back. I LOVE Christmas

  158. I think I’m a nice list because I got high honor roll and I got good grades and people think I’m really nice

  159. Hi Santa I am being really good this year (all the year) I hope I am on your nice I have one elf at my house it is name snowflake

  160. Hi Santa!!! I want let you know that you’re awesome!!

    P.s Theres gonna be A LOT of chocolate chip cookies and a HUGE glass of milk just for you!!

    P.s.s And a lot of carrots for the long trip!!

  161. Dear Santa I am very excited to see you this Christmas and you are real right do you know who fifi hartley is he is the coolest and silliest of all the elves

  162. Hey was up, so I miss u Santa and i miss my elf on the shelf, but I lve been really bad anyways tell miss Claus I said she is beautiful and sweet Hppy thanksgiving

  163. Hi Santa, I wanted to know if I was on the naughty or nice list. I hope I’m on the good list because I do really well in school and I try and help the most I can!

  164. Hello Santa Claus! Its me Erica! I would like to know if I am on the naughty or nice list and I would like to have some new elves. PS girl elves

  165. Can you give my elf his magic back please
    Santa you are the best I touched my elf can you give him his magic back please your the best

  166. Hi Santa,
    I would like to know if I am on the nice or naughty list I hope I am on the nice list I do believe in you
    Love lots from Georgia xxxxxxx

  167. Hi Santa,
    I would like to know if I am on the nice or naughty list I hope I am on the nice list I do believe in you
    Love lots from Georgia xxx

  168. Hey Santa!

    I’ve been really good this year. but I’m still not sure how ya can always get into those chimneys. And am i on the naughty list? I never have been.

  169. I really hope I am on the nice list. I have tried hard this year. I have been good but I have gotten into a little bit of mischeif. I just wanted to say Merry Crhistmas to all!!!!

  170. hello santa i have been a good girl this year that is what the elfs said!and even the grumpy elf said that and im getting bigger now that im 9 years old

  171. You are so good at making presents I want to be you and know you because you get the best job in the hole wide wold am I on the nice list.

  172. Dear Santa, I don’t know if I’m on the naughty or nice list because I been a little mean to my brother and I don’t feel very good about it. But, I help a lot of people out and I think I’m in the middle.

  173. Dear Santa.
    I am in first year of high school and I love going skateboarding with my boyfriend so can I have one and also a new ipad and an iPhone please

  174. I want to be n the good list,
    I want a big donation to cancer research because there hasn’t been a cure for a super long time now and people are dying for all kinds of cancer, that needs to stop.

  175. Hi Santa, I have written my Wishlist & posted it. IF I’m on the Nice list – I’d really love a Tablet to play games on & do my homework.

    I hope to see you soon…Samuel xxx

  176. Hi Santa I know you are real and I know that Christmas is not about presents it,s about love and celebrating Jesus birthday

  177. hi santa it miss fit toy here again i am feel very sad and want to cry my self to sleep to night no more cars for he !!!!!!!! i really want molly american girl doll to help me sleep at night time and help me with my specail needs day and night +++++++ and that new bed and twin bed to sleep at night time all night i am feel really sad this was my christmas dream 2018 !!!!!!!!!!!!! and feel alone and unloved and i wishes i have a purple and yellow elf on the shelf to cheer me up right now santa i am so sad i want to cry my eyes out all night in my room and not even sleep and please and thanks you help me get from mcdonalds 2018 toys tom or the next day or thur for sure please and thank you toy 10 and 11 and 12 please and thanks you santa !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  178. Hi santa you are the best in the world because you give me lots of presents at Christmas time from Khyla love you

  179. Hello Santa! I am so excited for Christmas, and I’m sure I’m on the nice list. I won’t forget the mince pies and carrots!

  180. hi santa claus it shannon i still am true believe and will always belive in you day and night and i was wonder if i can have these things for christmas please and thanks you i dont like the bed i have not at all i want to get it out of my room and give it too goodwill become i dont really sleep good in it or like it and i really want this bed to help me sleep at night time and when it my nap time !!!!!!!!!!!!! i want this bed to help me sleep at night with this please and thanks you santa Simmons® PBteen Bunk Mattress twin but i dont not have any money for it and they Standard Cool Scallop Pillow Sham Cool Scallop – Pillowfort™ and Cool Scallop Quilt – Pillowfort™ full queen please and thanks you Doodle Darlings Sheet Set – Pillowfort™ twin please and thanks you Sleep + Study® Loft white please and thanks you PBteen please and thanks you santa and Pleated Velvet Round Throw Pillow – Opalhouse™ aqua and the american girl doll molly and maryellen i know it a lot i am ask for santa i just want this christmas to be super specail with my elfs christmas morning please and thank you and always watch over me you make me feel safe and my elfs thank you for everything santa claus each year !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i will always believe in you day and night no matter what please and thanks you dont let me down this christmas please and thanks you and keep me on the nice list please and thanks you and when you come christmas eve please leave all my gift by my tree please and thanks you i have not been sleep good at all with my specail needs i dont like the bed i have i want to give it away !!!!!!! can christmas eve when you come if i cant sleep and go to the bathroom can you leave my gifts by my tree and eat the cookies and milk i leave out for you christmas eve please and thanks you santa !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love you so very berry much santa claus love you hugs love Shannon

  181. hi santa i feel like a very miss fit toy alone toy and i feel unloved a lot and alone and sad and feel like cry my self to sleep sometime thanks you for my elfs they make me feel love and hugs please dont ever take my elfs from me and please dont let them lose they magic i some time hug them if i am feel scared or not safe or feel unloved and alone or feel like cry please and thanks you dont ever take my elf from me and dont let them lose they magic never i need them to keep me safe day and night !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they mean so much to me day and night and make me feel super safe i wishes i have a purple elf please and thanks you and take care santa !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  182. Hi Santa my name is London I hope I am on the nice list and I hope you have seen that is have been good bye

  183. Hi SANTA
    i think i am on your nice list this year. oh and my dog to well at least i think. Anyway i went on your website emailsanta.com it’s awesome -.Bye SANTA!!

  184. I do not know if I Am on the nice list I just recently had my toe amputated and I have adhd and I sometimes forget to have it


  185. till santa thake you letters elf
    I want Christmas gife puppy paulhouse
    magic power santa key paul thankyou
    nov 23 20018

  186. Hi santa
    Please can you send me an elf I know it will need to go back to you at Christmas but I’ve always wanted one and please can you call me tonight
    Love saidee xxx

  187. I like that you read this but I wanted you to know that I am trying to be nice but also I wanted to tell you that all my life I have be looking up to you and thank you for all the presants that you gave me this past few years. Thank you santa and merry christmas to one and all

  188. I want to be nice this year and next year and all the time day and night towards my family and friends and I love you Santa Claus

  189. Dear Santa,
    Merry Christmas, at my school I’m the Christmas Girl! I sure hope that it’ll snow!! Never saw snow on Christmas Day or Eve but it did snow lots earlier this year! I cried because I get too over excited lots!!

  190. What the North Pole looks like I want a computer and a tablet and iPhone so bad I wish I could get one can you please give me all that stuff Santa I do everything that you told me to do please please please please please pretty pretty please pretty pretty please with sugar on top 2 please remember is only 37 days till Christmas well I see other presents on Christmas

  191. Hi Santa,This is me Danielle and i wanted to let you know that i think i’m on the nice list because everything that has been happening i think i have been good i hope other kids are being good back.Love You!!!

  192. Hey sana
    im on the naughty list for sure, but i hope i can help u change ur mind. my mom says forgive and forget.

    have a gr8 day bye sann

  193. I think it was a very good choice to hide the list! Im not sure if Im good or bad… It wold be great to be on the good list!

  194. Is my two children on the naughty or nice list this year as my son has really trued his very best and my little girl is just the best ever I love my kids and I keep telling my son to be good or he will not see Christmas Day but he does make me proud to be his mum and always will be

  195. dear santa and mrs claus i want for christmas is a real phone can you put some money on my bed room table i help my mum with the washing the dishes

  196. Good list
    Hewlett snow Joshua club kls George shearing Wimbledon park with Joshua make up Hewlett clothes petperfujosh Xmas
    tree treats treatment

  197. papa noel yo me porto bien? espero que digas que regular porque es la verdad gracias y te quiero. feliz navidad a ti y a los duendes y por supuesto a los renos!!!

  198. Hi santa it’s Kaley l really hope lm on the nice list l tried to be good this year. I am going to you cottage this year see you there ❤️

  199. Dear Santa , you are one of the best people I have met. I do hope I am on the good list. I hope you like my goodies I leave out for you on Christmas Eve thank you so much I ❤️You love from Imogen xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  200. Am I on the nice list, I do hope I am because you are so nice and you would be such a good friend! Thank you so much lov from

  201. Hi Santa! Am i on the naughty list or the nice list??? I’m 11 and i want a slime kit and a razer pocket mod bella scooter and a wubble buble ball and 2 barbies with Barbie clothes. And a doggy. A black and white fluffy dog son i can call her Oreo. And i think i should be on the nice list because i shared my candy on the bus.

  202. I’m I Ayva Baker I on the nice, if I’m not I will try my hardest to go on to the nice list but what ever list I’m on I will never stop believing in Santa Claus because he is who I look up to.
    Ayva Baker

  203. HEY!!!!! Santa I’m so happy i can talk yo you, thank you of all my gifts and happy moments that you give me. I have a cuestion. In what list i am ?
    Thank you, waiting for your answer!

  204. Lucy nice list rekyale female Kay Charlie and Joshua Jodie birthday party Andre here lollypop
    Joshua and I have a great day this year week

  205. Hi santa i was wondering am i on the naughty or nice list? I have been mean to my siblings but only sometimes and i really want more then 2 presants this year please i luv u so much santa XXXX

  206. hiiii im on your good list santa claus.Did you know i’ve always been on your nice list? Is it cold at the north pole because it is cold here..??

    Love ypu santa claus and all of your family members like rodolf and the other reindeers and the elfs and Mrs.Claus..

  207. brandon
    3 rogue 5 piece complete drum set wine red 2199,99
    epiphone limited edition les paul trditionalpro ii electrice guiter wine black

  208. Hey long time no see am I on the naughty or the nice list because I was wondering if I don’t know if I’ve been good this year but my parents say I have been very very very good. my name is Destin I live in Tennessee in the USA

  209. Hi Santa it’s me Isabelle I am so excited for Christmas and when u came say hi to my dog ted and I would love an other dog that can be my dog and I can take care of plz lots and lots of love Isabelle xxxxxxxxxxx

  210. Joshua I love him so.much good list I listen to.my mum Tracey
    Joshua and lc x getting married not Andre

  211. Am I on the nice list Santa Claus hopefully I am but just in case in not I’m going to keep being good. Bye Santa I can’t wait to see what you gave me on Christmas.

  212. I’m probably on the naughty list cause I beat up 2 kids but they hurt me a lot like 45 times that school year but idk

  213. Hi I’m keeley York and can you please give me a mockingjay Pin for Christmas that is what I really want so I can be like katniss Everdeen please and give me your text number please? ❤️ Keeley York

  214. Hi Santa I know u are real I believe in you my name is Maddison Taylor Hendry I am 13 years of age and I would like some slime, clothes, more clothes a new phone scooter and a new bike p.s. Maddison Taylor Hendry

  215. dear santa claus hi its jeffrey from new jersey am i on the naughty or nice list this year of 2018 season love jeffrey

  216. Hello santa it’s me Layla how are you good? For Christmas could I please have roller skates a cape and a puppy and I appreciate all the things you do for children and ps merry Christmas xoxo 🙂

  217. Hey santa my name is euniceboholo im a girl. why me and my 3 big brothers3and my little brother we don’t get president but we being good nice all this year we listen to our parents to everybody. Do u know Christmas is coming soon for Christmas my first brother merviel hes 18hisbirthday is on September 3. Hes gonna be 19 he want clothes and shoes. My second brother nathan is 16 hes gonna be 17 in November he want clothes and shoes and jacket . my threed brother Daniel is 15 hes gonna be 16 in December 20 he want clothes and shoes and jacket . This is eunice im a girl im 12 my birthday already passe for Christmas i want a phone reborn baby the brown one clothes and shoes and jacket and boots and shorts pants and pants and hats. My little brother malluc hes 10 his birthday already passe for Christmas he want pants clothes and hats and shoes.

  218. Dear Santa please say I’m on the good list egnore all the bad comments and be how you are yesterday I got a certificate for maths I hope you’re proud of my
    #team clause
    Love grace Hartlepool United Kingdom

  219. to santa,
    I hope I am on the nice list,
    I would like to tell you about my Christmas presents, I was hoping for a horse, but then I thought I like slime putty as well soo I hope you don’t mind me saying this but I would like both. I will do anything and I guess that just to behave. Please write back to me as soon as you can. soya,


  220. I am I am on the nice list i am a 11 year old boy and I been trying to get on the nice list love AnthonyjacobDurk

  221. Heyy Santa it’s James im sorry for being bad all these years and but im butter now and I we have a marry Christmas. And a happy new year and for Christmas I want a Xbox 1 and I want a new retro13 cost$47.09 and I wish you a marry Christmas have a great year

  222. Dear Santa ,

    Plz can I have a boxing bag and boxing gloves also can I have a slushy machine.

    Love from BrookeSanders xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  223. I would really like a bike

    I ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ To bits plz say I’m on the nice list if not let me know I could be a. Better person

    Carys xx

  224. Dear Santa

    Allot of people don’t believe in you but I do there is this boy called Jac and doesn’t believe u he tells everyone that Santa isn’t real but everyone else belived he think parents by the presents and eat and drink the milk and mince pies am I on the naughty or nice list and please may I have a vice that have CARYS on it

    Many thank


  225. thank you for letting me good Santa I will always love you for ever and ever thank for giving me the best presents ever.

  226. Dear santa.

    Can you tell buddy and chip I love them and I love you santa
    Can chip bring a early gift. I love all the presents you give me can I have a reborn baby early present. I love all of you guys so and even more than you amagen .

  227. Hello I think I am on the naughty list because whenever my siblings are mean i call them a jerk but im nice to my friends i even got her a worlds best friends award to proove it

  228. hi santa how are you i been good this year how are you and miss claus and the elves and the raindeer up too please be my Grandma , Grandpa i will love that so much i love you love Noelle xoxoxxoxoxoxoo

  229. Dear santa its lyndsay please could you bring me a computer with 600 games on it clothes boots and a tv for my room could u also bring me some chocolate put something in my stocking i have been a good girl ur going to come to me on christmas eve

  230. dear santa i would like a i pad , i phone ,a touch phone ,a nook ,a kindle fire hi from noelle see you really soon i love you , yes i been good

  231. Dear Santa
    i have been a very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very good bear. i hope i am on the nice list and i get all the presents i want. i REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY want lots off chocolate and teddies!


  232. my name is scotty masters i was at north pole to seeing you
    santa claus is ok we love you masters family

  233. hi my name is lydiai don’t realy want any thin for christmas cus all i wanna be is happy and full of joy

  234. love you too santa Thank you can l have phones hoverboard frozen pool car toy toy pet store pettoy Bikes jordan light shoes Jordan Jordan jordan light shoes

  235. Dear Santa,
    I’ve not only started the year bad, but also disappointed ALOT of people. The people I’ve disappointed are within my family members. Specially my parents, both mom and dad. And look, if you wish to not bring me anything this year, it’s fine with me because I really don’t deserve anything. And the only thing that I ask you for is to bring me a PlayStation 4 Pro video gaming console. Which I don’t really deserve.I will be grateful that I at least got something for Christmas this year. Because last year I was so mad at my dad because he told me that both bumblebee and that car pack were for my little TATTLETALE cousin. His name is Angel. Every time that he sees the chance to tell on me for stuff I didn’t know or did was going on, he tells on me. And every time that someone tells me and/or gets mad at me, he laughs and starts teasing me. And I know that my dad feels so bad for me because every time my mom tells me Why I did whatever he told on me before, he makes this face in which I understand from it,”Why do you only believe them if Jason is telling the truth!!!!”That is all I want for Christmas.

  236. Hi Santa

    I have be looking forward to Christmas for so long.

    Every time i go to bed on Christmas eve i cant wait to see what you have left me and how much cookies and milk you eat and drink.




  237. Hi Santa
    I love Christmas time
    it’s my favourite time of the so i was just wondering if I’m on the naughty or nice list
    Thanks Santa
    Merry Christmas

  238. Hi Santa Claus
    i want this year for christmas
    1 Vestax Typhoon Controller mixer
    New goalie pad
    New goalie masked

  239. hi santa am i on the naughty or nice list because i have been good what i want for christmas is

    minecraft legos
    gravity falls book
    pokemon cards


  241. Hi Santa i am wondering if I am on the nice list or naughty list i have been a good girl this year
    i would like :
    Lokai bracelets
    yoga pants
    a water proof case
    make up

  242. Western chief fireman Raincoatboots umbrella wedding ring dressed conkers huncote road croft Leicestershire friends Abbycadabby conkershuncote croft from andrewsmith

  243. Dear Santa ,
    I hope I’m on the good list this year. Please write back to me because I really want to know. see you on christmas eve hopefully xxxx

  244. from Dan
    I Really Really Really Really Really Really Really Really Really Really Really Really Really Really Really Really Hope Im on Your Nice List This Year

  245. Hi my name is Sihle I am would like a Christmas tree and some toys for my sister and nice things for my parents and I would like to act in lab rats elite force
    Love sihle

  246. hi santa just want to say am i on the nauty or nice list and i think you are amazing because you delivere presents in one night merry christmas and a happy new year!

    love from,

  247. Dear santa
    Can I have a elf on a self baby alive makeup dress high heels
    Am I nice or naughty please I know it’s a secret but I want to know because I am nervous

  248. Hi santa here is my wish list all I want is a rc truck that can go 60 mph that is all I’m asking for love you Santa and tell the elves I said hi and I’m Connor d Shelton and I’m 13

  249. I love you Santa
    I can’t wait for Christmas cause I get to spend time with my family’s and. Eat all the good food

  250. Dear Santa Claus
    I think I am on the nice list this year
    I think I am on the nice list this year because I have been trying to do my best everywhere I go I have been trying to be good so we could go to Christmas party’s we have been to every Christmas party that we have been invited to, there was 3 Christmas party’s we went to the first one was piallamore Christmas party Santa came in a firetruck and handed out lollies and the second one was (I forgot the second Christmas party) the third Christmas party was the lighting of the Christmas tree which was in front of Tamworth Regional Council and sadly last night was the last Christmas party this year (apparently) which was the 6th of December 2016, Tamworth Regional Council is where my mum works, (lucky) inside Tamworth Regional Council was Santa sitting in his chair looking proud as can be with a very very long line up you had to get a photo with Santa and if you want you could give him a cuddle (aww how sweet is that)

    PS: I hope I am on the NICE LIST this year
    PSS: If I am on the NAUGHTY LIST this year please check again and put me on the NICE LIST

    From Love

  251. Santa I hope I’ve been a good girl this year I go to school and learn so much I don’t stay up late I do what I’m supposed to do I have a little bit of money and I hope you and mrs claus have a good time at the north pole I love Christmas….

  252. Dear, Santa

    Santa I want you to put me on the nice list and how many times have you checked on me so far. Do your Raindeers fly at all. how do they do that.

  253. Dear Santa this is Tristan I was just wanted to tell you I’m going to be good every da I was just wanted to tell you I’m going to be good every day so you will come and see me because if I’m bad yeah I don’t get no presents tell Santa I would like you to b South Santa I would like you to be bringing me a bicycle Paw Patrol magic track a BB gun in a swing set and so much more so I’m going to be on my best behavio and so much more so I’m going to be on my best behaviour love you Santa see you soon

  254. Merry Christmas this is Amiyah chaney I wonder am I on the nice list or the naughty list and I want a elf I wander how is mrs claus and the raindeers’ from Amiyah to santa merry Christmas

  255. This is Ella and Santa what list am i on bexause if i am on the good list i will make a good christmas list and if i am on the bad list i will not make a christmas list.

  256. This is Ella and Santa what list am i on bexause if i am on the good list i will make a good christmas list and if i am on the bad list i will not make a christmas list.

  257. Santa big man my favorite man. Let’s talk ok I NEED TO KNOW. Am I on the nice list or naughty. All my friends say you don’t exeised. But then I ask them the questions who gives you all the presents and of corse they say your parents. Then they ask me the question. How does he get aroud the world in one night. And guess what I have a awnser. He ether’s time travels or slow time down I ask them more questions and I bet they belive in you now but you don’t need all the questions. But can you awnser my question I asked please and thankyou!

  258. dear santa this year I have been nauhty please bring evry ones gifts to me and they get nappies ok and all the kids can be silly like me beacuase if you are silly evry one will laugh at mewould that be ok talk to me right now you meany and stuipid

  259. Dear Santa this is Baylee I’m writing to you because I want to make sure that your coming to my house this Christmas Eve I know I’m getting a little bit older to be a young adult I always loved when you came to my house on Christmas Eve and also I writing to you to tell you I’ve been a really good girl this year and I want you and every that lives in the North Pole with you to know that we’ll if you call me on Christmas Eve I will talk to you

  260. Dear Santa,
    Hunter is still not being a very nice boy.
    He does not listen to his mum or dad, he has been throwing things and hitting everyone. Telling people he wants them to die. The thing is, he really can be a very nice boy. But suddenly does not want to. Please put him on the naughty list

  261. Hi my name is Shelby
    And you are SO NICE you leave presents for them if there nice and your reindeer are so cute I think because I have ever seen them but I think they are and you you’re just Sugar and Spice if you leave Christmas presents you take your time to get around the world and some people just don’t even appreciate you but I do cuz you’re nice you’re sweet you’re cool and awesome that’s what I got to say I don’t care what anyone says you’re the best ever Santa Claus ever

    Sincerely Shelby

  262. Dear santa I’ve been extra good this year I would like a 1.iphone 6 2.iphone 7 plus 3.popsocket 4.wii u 5.xbox one

  263. Hi Santa am I on the good list or the bad list.
    last year I did not get any gifts from you and this year I would like to.
    why does no one get to see you.

    from Bella

  264. Hi Santa it is Ella Choate .Can you please tell me if I’m on the nice list or on the bab list?I’m 9 years old.Thank you so much.I❤️U !you are the best

  265. Hi santa I know your list is top secret but am I on the good list if I am on it I don’t mind what I have at all all I want is Christmas cheer ok maybe a few presents on the side
    Love Carys

  266. Are you ready for Christmas time to celebrate jesuses birthday I believe you are a Christian and some people say you are not real but I always prove that you are real and they don’t believe me but I still try to get them to believe in you and I will always believe in you no matter what people say about me and I want whatever you want me to have.PS How is snowflake our elf doing.

  267. Hi Santa,

    I hope you had a good summer! I think I may be on the nice list this year. I think so because I’ve been working extra hard this year on trying to get along with my sister and listening to my parents. Some of the things I want for Christmas are: 1. iPhone 7 2. iPad mini 3. American Girl doll house 4. The 2016 Leah American Girl Doll 5. American Girl Doll clothes, shoes, and accessories 6. American Girl Doll Furniture 7. American Girl Doll Kanani 8. My Life as Wheelchair Crutches set. I hope this isn’t too much trouble for you! Have a very merry Christmas! Thank you!


  268. Hi Santa Claus I know you probably know me and my elf on the shelf Dash I just don’t feel comfortable saying my name but I honostly don’t know what list I’m on hopefully nice but me and my brother fight some times you don’t have to write back your probably bussy so love ya merry Christmas

  269. Dear Santa,

    I hope I am on the nice list because I’m very polite and I’m kind to my friends and family plus I’m well mannered.


  270. I really want a lot of logos and drawing stuff and a lab top so I can do my home work on it and a light blue alarm clock please and a pic of you and miss.claus and elfs plesa and thank you bye what we’ll the mots thing I want is an elf on the shelf.

  271. Dear Santa

    I would just like to know if I have been good this year if not I will try my best to get on the good list I would also like a tablet with a keyboard please

    From sian Stephenson

  272. andrew yes am on the nice list because i help people out around the house and doing chores and clean my room and i say please and thank you and when people sneeze i say bless you evertime and i always respect my elders to

  273. Hi Santa Claus I have been so good this year. I have a boyfriend name manny he’s 23 years old I’m about to be 21 November 2

  274. Dear Santa, I have been a good boy this year. I have been listening to my mother and my grandparents. I’m sorry for all the naughty things I did this year. Am I nice or naughty?

  275. Hey Santa thank you for all the lovly toys last year thank you from Katie chiplin xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  276. Hello Santa please could I have a puppy this year and I’m sorry if I was ever naughty last year and I hope your holiday was good what dose your village look like
    Love Katie chiplin

  277. Dear Santa,
    I think i,m on your nice list cause i be nice to my friends, my mum and my dad and last Sunday i helped my mum at work a lot

    love Alana

  278. Dear santa
    i think i am on the nice list because i am very nice to my mum and dad and i am so exited to open all my christmas presents by have a nice day

  279. From Imogen

    Santa am I on the nice list I think I am well maybe could you tell me I would Love to know then I would know how good I have to be.
    Thank you Santa


  280. Hey Santa, my name is Anna. I felt so bad lately last night that I found out that I was on the naughty list.

    I was crying for I think 10 minutes. I couldn’t stop crying and..maybe you should send me a note about what I should do to become a better person.

    Thank you, Santa.

    P.s, I was surprised when I found out about it. But I’m not sure.

    I was trying to be nice. But I just want you to know that I love you. Last year, I didn’t get a present from you. I never said that I hate you. I would never do that. I still love you because of spreading joy to the world and share generous things to other children who are nice.

  281. Hi there Santa it’s me miracle I just want to know how are you I’m fine and I just want to know is the elves and miss clus along with the raindeer okay that all


  282. dear santa am beena very good boy this year and i hope you got my letter for this year love andrew hope to hear from you soon


  284. I hope you got my letter that my dad from Oldham Shaw you are my favourite person please can you answer from your biggest fan Christina Hayes .‍‍‍❤️❤️❤️❤️

  285. Hi Santa
    Am I on the naughty or nice list it would be nice to know if I need to change my behavior.
    From Molly
    P.S I help my family


  287. Hello Santa

    Im Rikki-Lee Wyness. How are you? And I have been sick and was wondering if you could leave a nice teddy beside my bed please it would make my day!!!

    Love you <3 xoxoxo

  288. Dear Santa,
    Am I on naughty
    list or on the good list.because everyday i help my family all the time.

    Xoxo xoxo xoxo

  289. Santa you are the best can you give me a Xbox and a iPhone have a good time makeing toy and I forgot ho ho ho happy Christmas

  290. Dear Santa
    I want to know if I am on the nice list. I have been a really good girl.


  291. Dear santa i was wondering if i am on the nice list at all and if i am not then i understand.

  292. I think I am on the nahty list because I’m not a post to be on my tablet and I’m on my tablet..

  293. dear santa am I on the naughty or nice list I really want to now because im so in cocntents that I have to almost now every thing like what people are doing that is how i really want to now I want to now know pleace i want to know if im on the naughty list or the nice list and Christmas is not about you its about jesus gods son because jesus was born on Christmas and Christmas is not about presents its about jesus that is why it is called Christ-mas it has Christ in it

  294. Dear Santa am I in the naughty list or nice list if you see this message please reply thank you love angel fregozo fregozo is my last name thank you

  295. will you prove to me that your real please I might be on my green couch if not check my bed up the hall and around the corner god bless every one. I really want a dog. Please. And can you leave a note to me in a present. Please help my grandma get well she had a stroke last year

  296. hey santa please leave me my presents around the lamp.This year no christmas tree.I hope your ok with juice and cookies this time. I left you the note near the lamp. I want shopkins,walkie talkies,a toy dog and a easy bake ultimate oven. I hope i’m on your nice list.I am 10 but I still believe in you please come to my house. I LOVE,LOVE,LOVE you .love,favour sackey

  297. I love you Santa I am good and bad this year I got a letter from one of your elf named Darta Sprinkletoes she said that she is 421 years old and her favrite color is purple my school is called Tesago .Please write back to me.

    Emma li

  298. hey santa i went on to a website and saw your nicest boys list and the name jacob was on there is that jacob me

  299. Santa am I on the naughty or nice list if I am on the naughty list I will still be happy seeing other people open their presents thanks your kid Nykeriah

  300. Dear Santa Claus,
    Hi I’m sorry to bug but I’m not sure anymore what list I’m on I’ve been on every web site I could find and they all said I really should watch out but I was still nice I was hoping you could let me know what list I’m on please I only have tomorrow to fix this and then you’ll already be here!!!! Thank you for your time
    Riley Kirkland

  301. dear santa my name is hayley smith and I am 9 years of age. I think I am on your nice list because I am such a good big sister but to be honest I dont even know which list I am on do you think ive been naughty or nice this year.

  302. Hi Santa how are you doing my name is Kaitlyn and I am 7 years old I am wondering if I am on the noughty or nice list.
    Lately I have been a good girl and I’m sure I’m on the nice list
    and I whant to tell you the staf I whant for Christmas I just really whant so much things so I will just do what my mum
    Telled me to do witch is to get a sprice.

    Kind regards

  303. Dear santa
    please can you let us know wether or not we are on the good list please. We try out hardest to be good and sometimes we can be a little bit cheeky but we do know this is wrong and try not to do it often. Thanks from lexi and kaiden jamieson

  304. Dear Santa Claus,
    I want to know if I’m still on the Nice list. I honestly don’t think you will write back to my message. I like Beanie Boos. That’s one thing on my list! From Alexis

  305. Hi Santa, it’s Audrey I’m sure you already knew about it! Every one at my school says that Christmas is all about ” presents” but I think their wrong.What Christmas is all really about is spending time with you’re family, which is truly my favorite part. Sure I like getting presents ( I will admit ) but I also love giving to deserving families. The reason I’m writing to you is because, i have a couple questions.
    -When did the ” Santa ” tradition start?
    -How many kids are in the naughty list(I hope I’m not)?
    -What’s you’re favorite part of Christmas?
    -What do you do in the summer ( I was thinking you go to Hawaii or a beach paradise)?

    I sure hope you answer, don’t worry i got time!

    Audrey Lemire

  306. Hello Santa I am 9 have I been good or bad I am so nervous because I might be on the bad list but there is a chance I will be on the nice list . By the way I was wondering how many names have you got? And could you send me a letter back could you send it the day before Christmas Eve ? Sorry I have asked so many questions I just want to know So how
    MANNY legs have you got

    From Sophie c

  307. dear, santa claus
    merry christmas!!!! i was wondering if me and my sister Rylie were on the nice or naughty list i would like a beanie boo a turtle beanie boo i was also wondering if my sister rylies friend sarah
    was on the nice list and tell her elf that she loves her and i love my elf thanks for sending her to my house im so lucky to have u and the elf thanks for last years presents and the joy u had brought i hope u bring lots of joy this year which would be concitered done cuse u always bring joy to the boys and girls LOVE U AND THE ELF MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!! THANKS FOR LISTENING TO MY MESSAGE THANK U SO MUCH!!!!


  309. Dear santa,

    I know that you are real. But some of my friends said that you are 

    not real. But since you are watching us im sure you know what i mean!!!

  310. Dear Santa,
    thank you for all the presents you have given me over the years. this year I would really like to have an onki overdrive. That’s all.

  311. hi santa are you real I thinck you are can you halp my mum and dad stopfighting for Christmas that is all I want

  312. Hi Santa its Ava Hanlon am I on the nice list?I’ve been wondering mum and dad said I have been good love Ava xxx

  313. Dear Santa,
    I was wondering are you real I’m not sure
    I believe anymore. I don’t know if it’s cause I’m
    growing older. But I don’t know Please write a letter in the
    mail for me. I think your elf on the shelf can tell you where I
    live thank you.

  314. To Santa,
    I hope I’m on the nice list, because I’ve been a good boy and I hope the elfs are working hard this Christmas. Love Jake

  315. Dear santa i hope i am on the nice list
    i,v been really GOOD THIS YEAR AND EVRY year

    love you santa p.s just for you xoxoxoxoox

  316. hi santa you elf has be naughty he toke my food and my hand band and my sisist nappy with out asking love from Lauren mitchell

  317. Hi Santa Claus because I have you very special Merry point to me and Christmas elves and reindeer’s I give you a reindeer food because I love you very much because I can’t wait for Christmas happy holidays and happy New Year’s

  318. hi santa its heavenlea you been getting letters from me i just want to no if im on the nice list or not

  319. I an I hve a elf on the shelf. If you send an elf down I will give you extra mince pies on Christmas Eve. Also I would like an elf because my freind Finley has a elf called elbert.so pleas e please please like mince pies on a plate can I have an elf

    Lots of love Chloe hinton

  320. Hello Santa

    Can I hve a elf on the shelf please like mins pies on a plate can I have an elf. I asked for one of these because my freinf Finley has one called elbert what a funny chap. If you send one down to me I will give you extra mince pies on Christmas Eve.

    Lol Chloe

  321. dear, santa could please tell me if I am on you good list i hope you tell me soon bye bye bye bye elf and santaxxx
    thank you all

  322. Dear Santa

    Please Santa I’ve wanted one ages please send down a
    Elf on the shelf 1 for me and Chloe.As well as this please tell my dad that I’m so pleased for him to be telling you how I’ve been behaving

    Love Isla XXX AND

  323. I don’t really know whether I am good or naughty but I can be nice when I am not angry (I am now though even though I’m starting to calm down now ) in the future I will tell you about my little brother Kurt
    lots of love Abigail Holly Facinelli xxx

  324. Hi Santa I would like to no if Im on the nice or naughty list this year so if Im on the naughty list I can clean up my act and if im on the nice list I will ceep it up Hope you have a merry week.
    Your Freind Harley.

  325. Dear Santa I’ve had some good and bad times but I’ve been good mostly this year what I want for Christmas is shopkins everything a chocolate pen and a Polar Express book and I and I am very thankful for what you gave me last year and what you going to give me this year I hope you have a Merry Christmas PS I do believe in you and I always will
    Once again have a Merry Christmas

  326. Pleases I know that I’m bad but I have always wanted a razor 1000 four seater that I can drive orange and white plz and leave it in front of my yard if I deserve it and a helmet please please and money for my grandma and a drone a Dji inspre 1 love josh

  327. I got a lot of reasons that kids love you and this year.
    3.gods birthday
    This is all I’m gonna list for this year

  328. Dear Santa I really want a phone any I don’t care but I really want a phone p.s am I on the bad list or good list Love aleecia

  329. I was wondering could you take a picture of you because everybody says its unpossible to see you. love from stella

  330. I love you father Christmas your the best I would like to see you one time everybody says its unpossible.

  331. For Christmas I would like a iPod because my last one fell down the stairs,PLEASE!And thank you so much for doing all this work for never ending children in the world keep the work up . And your on my great list.

  332. dear santa claus i did good in school today i love you very much im sorry for being mad yesterday i want for christmas is a xbox one and a mine craft game for the xbox one ps from aliyah

  333. Hi Santa! I really enjoyed my computer you gave me last year (I’m using it right now). Anyway, thanks for not putting me on the naughty list ever. You always spread the Christmas cheer. I just went and saw you at the mall and you gave me a candy cane. This year for Christmas I would like a Hoverboard-Segway. If that is not possible I would like a plush poop emoji pillow, a new sled and makeup.
    Keep on spreading the Christmas cheer!
    Love Vivian

  334. were those puppy pictures on your website because you no i want a tiny puppy and stuff for it for christ mas i realy do hope so santa and i love you bye

  335. Hi Santa I would like another ipod I promise I would take better care of it and I am sorry for my behavior lately

  336. I really want a laptop and a small cute dog! I love Christmas and love Santa! He is really nice for giving me all I want for Christmas! This year I hope that I get a laptop! I mostly search do appropriate YouTube searches. But I don’t use it a lot that I shouldn’t not get it;) I love Christmas!! MERRY CHRISTMAS

  337. Hi Santa am I on the nice list r not I love Christmas even thogh I am bad at controlling my anger towards me sister and cusen.

  338. dear Santa
    for Christmas I would like easy nail, dohvinci . strand bands, make your own colours Crayola . make your own colour blow pens Crayola.
    Lego friends ,zoom kitty, rainbow style and broom ,magic nail. and a little bit more you are the best you always no what I want. you are great Santa

  339. I was just wondering am I on the nice list I looked on a lot of websites and they all said I am. I want a puppy for Christmas a doll house an American girl doll. also I want the furniture to go with it and last I want gymnastics equipment. hope you can read this love Emilia see you on Christmas eve or at the Christmas. emporium pensilvania

  340. hi Santa can you tell me if i am on the naughty or nice list im 8 years old. thank you for reading this.

  341. dear santa,
    I love you sooo much and keeps on going. I am going to give you cake milk and cookies and your reindeers some carrots you are the best santa ever in the whole wide world. LOVE FROM KATE XXX…OOO

  342. I want to know if I’m on you good list.I am turning eight this year so I want some fun gifts. Me and my sister want to see you please can you wake us up


  344. Hi Santa,
    It’s Sarah here and I really want to be on the nice list because I think I have tried to behave myself this year

    Kind Regards Sarah

  345. hi santa I love you I just want to ask you if I am on the good list or the bad list
    love you lots

    kind regards


  346. i Know im on the naghty list i have done bad things i will keep trying your friend layla Cline.PS.Tell twinkel i said hi and that i love him

  347. I feel like im on the naughty list i have done lots of bad things learned my lesson only take and eat whats mine and its not about the presents its all about family

  348. Dear Santa,
    I have been trying my best to be as good as I can. Is this a good idea to be on the nice list, listen to others, go to bed on time, brush my teeth, and share more often. I know I will be my best when George is here. Everyone says they don’t belive in you but I do!. Hope you can replie back

    Kind regards, LILY NEWMAN

  349. Hi santa. Am I on the naughty or nice list? If I am on the nice list I really want a iPad so if you can get that I’ll be really happy.

  350. Dear Santa, I want to know if I am on the nice or nauty list. And please check on Elfes and Pixie. I know you very well and I wish for a nother great Christmas and a happy new year

  351. Hi I am Bethany I would like to know if i am on the nice lice or bad list if I a, on the bad list can you tell me why and if I am on the good list can you tell me why please.xx

  352. I hope im on the nice list I try to be good even If I get in trouble I try to still be good please put me on the good list love autumn age 9

  353. Dear Santa please don’t listen to Becky I’ve not been naughty I’ve been very very good so please put me on the nice list thankyou James Morgan aged 34

  354. am i on the nice list because i went on different websites it said i was on the nice but i just wanted to check. If i am for Christmas can i get and iphone 6 i dont have a chimney so put it in under my bed if you can or just hide it by my front door if you cant give me the phone i just want to have pet kitten under my bed

  355. hi santa its katelyn I realy want you to get me a phone it would be awesome you are awesome please santa that’s the only thing I realy want. am I on the noty list or nice list I love you !!!!

  356. if you guys wanna know if your on the bad list or good list just go on the internet and type emailsanta.com and you will see naughty or nice list and you can type him a letter like what you want for Christmas i her to help i am on nice list i wuv you santa

  357. hi, santa i ve been good this year i been nice to my parents and my sister i myself this year for christmas i want a new i phone 5c and make up and Hrshey’ and Krackel and Kit Kat and crunch bar and Mentos And Nerds and Mounds and starburst pop Rocks Monster High Original Ghoul collections doll 6 pack and Monster High My Password Journal thats it and i will give you some cookies and milk.
    Love, Sierra Garrison
    Merry Christmas Santa i love you i will see you in 4 Months i can’t wait.

  358. i want a tablat a remote caontrole plane and a remote contole hellacopter a toy car and a bike in my stocking please can i have candy

  359. hi santa i am elizabeth:] i would like to know if i am on good or bad list and if i can come downstairs on christmass eve and if i can feed the raindears

  360. HI this is Neve! Holden really wants Lego sets. I really want American girl doll stuff. Are we on the nice or naughty list?

  361. Dear Santa,
    You are very awesome and I want to know if I am on the nice list. I love you Santa. Say hi to Mrs. Claus for me. If I am on the nice list I would like a phone please. Just to let you know, my sister is very good this year. So is my brother. I love my family and I respect them.

  362. Hi Santa I Have Been Very Very Good Boy This Year I Know It Is April But Am I & If Am Can I Have an Triple Extra Large Ultra Powered Extremly Battery Lighting Very Real Magic Wand With Sparkles Wishes Colorful Magic Transforming With Accessories Please If You Can Then RePly
    Yours Sindcerly
    Kid Daniel Sauer

    Sindcerly Yours

    Kid Daniel Sauer

  363. Dear Santa For Christmas I Want Triple Extra Large Ultra Powered Extremly Battery Lighting Very Real Magic Wand With Sparkles Wishes Colorful Magic Transforming With Accessories

    Sindcerly Yours

    Kid Daniel Sauer

  364. Dear Santa I Have Been Nice This Year I Know I Want A Panasonic DMR-ES30VS DVD Recorder/VCR Combo With Accessories Panasonic AG-HMC41 AVCCAM HD Camcorder With Accessories Panavision Stuff Kodak Motion Picture Stuff Panasonic Electronic Typewriter KX-R440 Director’s Stuff TV Production Stuff Animation Studio Stuff News Production Stuff Old DELL Desktop Computer DELL Laser Printer With Ink Technicolor Stuff Disney Old Computer Animation Stuff Music Instruments Panasonic Office Stuff RX-5350 Music Instruments $1000. For Box Office & Big Vacation Triple Ultra Excitting Extremly Very Real Magic Wand With Triple Ultra Excitting Extremly Magic Wand Wishes

  365. Hi santa,

    Am i on the nice list this year i know it is march but am i and if i am can i have an iphone or ipad plese?

    If you can then reply

    Yours sincirley


  366. Dear santa, I hope I am on the nice list santa I want you to always know that you should always follow your heart because whenever I do it leads me into the right spot I hope your heart does the same once me and my friend got into a fight and that is what led us apart for about 2 days I thought I should say I am sorry finally thanks to Jesus and my heart I said I was sorry and we were back to being friends love you always Emmy

  367. Santa am i on the nice or the naughty list please let me no cause my mom an dad dont have any to buy the things i want so can u please let the elves make a tablet,baseball jacket and a puppy for christmas for me please and may god bless you

  368. I will leave you cookies milk and grapes and paper if you want to leave me a note I love you Santa Claus an I will always believe in you

  369. Am I naughty or nice because I believe and Santa I been good thos year in I’m going to put some reinderr. Food out for them is cookies in milk for santa

  370. What I what. For Christmas is iPod. And and Xbox and just dance 4. When you come Santa there will be cookies for and milk

  371. Every year at Christmas time I’m more excited then ever. Just thinking about Christmas makes me the happiest person in the whole wide world! I am trying to get in trouble less so I can make sure I am on the nice list!

  372. Am I on the nice or naughty list I love my parents I love you too But I also love my Besties….Jasmine Molina,Josie

  373. Dear Santa , I am writing to you as I have been bait naughty.
    I am not listening to Mum and Dad when they ask me to do something
    I hope I can be back on the nice list and I will try hard to be good
    Thanks Taneisha

  374. I think I am On the nice list because I am nice too my friends all the time I love to help and I am good to almost everybody!!!!

  375. Hi Santa its savana.how are you doing? Colin has been hitting me and going in my face.just saying.he said sorry and I forgive him.just saying.i love you Santa claus. How old are you? I’m nine years old.how are the reindeer and elves? The grinch has been sneaking up on you on your channel cam. Am I on the naughty or nice list.

  376. how are you santa is your year doing great? tell your raindeer that I said hi and if I am good to my family and friends (every one) could I maybe I could have a ipad or a new iphone? I love you santa and I promise I will not be mean to any one. I pinky promise see you later(:

  377. I want all the skylanders traps including the Kaos trap and am I on the good or naughty list please tell me santa

  378. Dear Santa,
    Am I on the Nice or Naughty list?because if I am I would like a Xbox 360 and transformers battle masters.
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  379. Hi Santa i want to say thank you for every thing you gave me last year. Oh and before i go i just want to say Merry Christmas to all of yous up at the north pole.Have a safe journey on Christmas eve.

  380. Dear Santa,
    You have a very special job on Christmas Eve.
    Will you put me on the nice list.
    Please remember I love you.
    Merry Christmas!

    Love, Nicole.

  381. All I would like for Christmas this year is for my brothers and mother and father to have a wonderful year and that they all get what they wished for. Thank you for all 13 wonderful years with my family and I hope that you can bring the Christmas spirit to all the houses and that every children has a very merry Christmas.

  382. Hi i forgot 2 things on my list and and they were: Fix Lauras Ipod and Get A Ipod Cover For Laura! Thank you

  383. Santa I think I am on the nice list because I have some manners and I am sometimes nice and if I do something bad then I say sorry or I get upset for doing something bad

  384. Dear santa sometimes I could be nicer and I try to do that people at school always try to make me not believe in you but I will never listen to them, also my grandparents and parents say I cry a lot an I try not to but something hurts I just can’t help it but to cry. Also pleas tell me if me my cousins and my brother and sisters are on the naughty or nice list .

    P.S. we will always believe in and love you santa also we love skippy

  385. dear santa I am really sorry for all the times I’ve been trying to be nice but sometimes I just get mad and stuff and I am hoping I am on thenicelist

  386. Dear santa ,

    Hi my name is Abby and I hope I am on the good list this year I am so excited for Christmas that I can scream and shout and it is December 1,2014 and I already have my christmas tree is my bed room up that’s how excited I am and last year my mom took a picture of you buy our tree and took one when you where about to come into my room but then you saw my mom take ins a picture and I was so excited and now it is on my phone and now I look at them all the time and so there you go from Abby D

  387. Santa i just wanted to know if I am on the nice or naughty list

    Merry christmas see if you was hungry when you stoped by my house

  388. Dear mr.clause am I
    On the nice list cause if I am I would like
    A game for my PS3 called grand theft auto 5 please .

    Tariq Kidd

  389. Dear Santa,
    What I want for Christmas is a pink ipod 5 32GB, an otterbox cases color/glacier,and a iTunes card!


  390. Dear Santa. Am I on the nice or naughty list? Please forgive me for all I’ve done wrong. My list–$100walmart gift card, tree house,-if you see something that you think I might like, you can get it for me. Love, holden

  391. I want to know no actually I need to know what list I’m on so I can improve or I can just keep Improving for next year so if u could that would be nice my name is Adriana

  392. I love Christmas s o much as I love u Ms.Claus and the wonderful Elves tell everyone I love them and I love santa too!!! I hope I am on the NICE LIST? XOXOXO!!! From Deanna Rafik

  393. Hi Santa I’ve been pretty good this year!And also can you please get me this for Christmas this year 2014 I’ve always been thinking that the thing I really want is the American girl doll sage and all her clothes too!I really hope that you get this message.thank you so much for making Christmas!Love,karley

  394. Dear Santa,
    I like Christmas and I’ve been asking to send you a Christmas card also I’ve been trying to draw you a picture because I love you and the elves.
    Merry Christmas to you, the elves and everyone.
    P.s. have I been good this year because I have been trying to be good.

  395. Dear Santa,
    I really love Christmas and I know it is all about giving not receiving so I try to buy people christmas presents, I have a feeling that I have been bad this year but I hope I have been good.



  397. Hi Santa
    I’am really looking forward to Christmas!
    I have really been a good girl this year!
    I always wanted to be one of Elves to read through all letters and make toys!
    I really love School and I like learning new things!
    Santa you have really inspired me to be like you!

  398. Dear Santa,
    I am so glad it’s almost Christmas! I’m so exited. And r any of those quizzes real about the naughty or nice list?

    Your Secret Admire

  399. can you email me.i wish i would see you on christmas can take me to the north pole so i can see all of you i want to meet yall that is the biggest wish i ever want


  401. To Santa what i want for Christmas is. A BMX bike dsi with games finally new clothes. P.s. There will be some sort of snack for you and some carrots for the reindeers

  402. can i please have a big lps box that has brooklin and savannah

    and a tiger doll and monster high and more lps like a peacock and a short hair cat and a make up set and every thing you want me to have i will leave you out some cookies and milk i love you santa xxx…xxxx i love you the most

  403. hi santa I hope im not on the naughty list I might have ben a little mean but that doesn’t mean I have to be on the naughty list right by the way for Christmas I would like a Barbie house and a tablet and in my stocking I hope I don’t get a lump of coal in my stocking I hope I get some candy please because I love candy so my letter is over santa bye to santa from breanna

  404. Hey santa well i think i,v been nice this weekend but i think i need to improve to be mor e nice. For christmas i want a phone and computer and dsi the new one please thank you bye

  405. I’m on the nice list Santa and I believe in you I got a letter for you I can’t wait until Xmas Santa with all th present that all the good girls and boys are getting

  406. Hi Santa! How are you? I really want I new tablet case and a baby doll that looks real. Thank you for every thing last year! See you on Christmas Eve!Love you! Bye.♥♥♥

  407. Dear santa i love u and i hope iam on the nice lid ill be getting jolly out are elf thanks love 9 yera old lilly grace riddick





  409. Dear Santa I promise to be good and lesson to my mom dad grandma grandpa and my teacher I don’t want to be on the naughty list

  410. I’ve been a little bad I don’t lessons to y mom sometimes and I lye sometimes but I promise I’ll be good Santa I don’t want to be on the naughty list

  411. i know i have been pretty good but i have kept up the good work and now im very good! what is your number?

  412. Hi Santa for christmas i want lots of things like all the dragon’s from Dragon’s 2 the movie and lots of other things

  413. Dear Santa ,
    I’m so happy that your a live you are the best better than all the rest,

    Love from george

  414. Hello santa i believe in you I hope I get lots of
    Things my favourite thing that I hoping to get
    Is a reborn doll one of the really cute ones I will
    Send my letter soon love you lots From Ellie

  415. Dear Santa, I know some naughty language has slipped from my mouth from time to time, but in regards of how nice I’ve been, I know and you know that I can do so much better before Christmas, so I will do my best, do what I’m told to do, and stay out of trouble, if I have a problem, I will do my best to just walk away from the problem, which I know that children can do, but choose not to and wine and cry about the problem. I will do better and show my appreciation to my mother, my friends, and family. I give you my word, so lets hope for some more nice than naughty! Love, Austin, from Missoula, Monatna!

  416. hi sup wyd hi sup im doing good at school in ny i miss mi friends and family in nc dow but i have to get over it dow so yeah so im 13 now i think yep

  417. Dear Santa you are the best in the world well it depends on my mood … So really up to you but if you deside I’m good I hope I’ll get a ctificate but you might not have time.
    Love Abigail Harwood

  418. Hello Santa I’m really sorry about my moody ness it will change am I on the good or bad list? You are the best in the world and your elf’s are lots of love your best fan Abigail

  419. Hi Santa how do the elf’s make present s anyway more to the point am I on the good you are the best in the wold merry Christ may!

  420. I hope I’m on the good list I understand that my attitude is a bit bad a lot of the time but I promise it will change it merry Christmas!

  421. hi santa its me mikayla at 26 maple drive. I want to know if I have been naughty this year or nice please respond as soon as possible.

    thank you

  422. I think I am on the nice list because I have helped a lot of people this year and I have had a positive behavior.

  423. dear Santa can you get me a real phone and a dog and a lot of fashoin closes sinny jeans and shorts

  424. I don’t know…it depends on my mood.Sometimes I am good,and sometimes I am not…so its up to you santa… love allana warren

  425. I think I am on the nice list because I helped and cared about my family. I really want an Ipod for Christmas, can you ask your elves to make me one please?

  426. Dear santa how is mrs Claus doing is she busy making Christmas
    Cookies for you this year I can’t wait for Christmas to come this year
    Because I get to have chocolate for breakfast Christmas morning
    I think Rudolph is a pretty cool reindeer don’t you think

  427. hi santa i wish i could see u for real live i love u even though some people dont belive in u but i belive in u

  428. I think that I am on Santas good list. I am an animal lover and always do good deeds also I volunter for people who need help.

  429. Dear Santa,
    I’m 11 years old. I really want an iPod Touch, Fushigi Ball, and a Bratz Doll for Christmas.

  430. Dear Santa,

    I would love you if you got me a horse.(a real one) I want one because ie been riding horses for 4 years and I love horses sooo much!Thank you for this blessing to have a man like you.


  431. Santa here is a song for you : hi mr Santa i want a ho ho ho that you give to the band hi mr Santa i want a ho ho ho that you give to the band with your Raindears and your preasants you can do it all though the land with your Raindears and your preasants you can do it all though the land ho ho ho ho ho ho oh ho ho hi mr Santa i want a ho ho ho that you give to the band hi mr Santa i want a ho ho ho that you give to the band with your Raindears and your preasants you can do it all though the land with your Raindears and your preasants you can do it all though the land ho ho ho ho ho ho oh ho ho . hope you liked the song

  432. Dear santa, i belive in you i am 8 years old i have been a good girl i want a ipod touch big bratz cloe doll and fidjit friends and i will leave carrots for the reindeer and you milk and cookies love your friend, emma grace senter

  433. can u please tell me if i am on the nice or naughty list please i just want to know merry christmas and thank you for all the gifts

  434. hi i would like to know if im supost to leave a carrot for the reindeer aswell as cookies for santa(you.. maybe)

  435. dear santa all i wont is seven things and that is 1 barbie hair clip ons 2 read my mind 3 kite to make chemicals 4 justice cloeths 5 bra size 34a 6 coupon for stepping stars 7 skinny jeans luv mikayla marie neahr thank u

  436. thank you so much since you dont have time i’ll say. i’ve been dieing to now top s ecret nice or naught list sincerely’ jimmy

  437. hi santa will u try to give me stuff on my list with the stars? am i on good or bad list? can u make christmas come really soon? plz

  438. I hope im on the good list and i want an ipod with a zebra patteren,sparkles,with green, blue and purple colors in oder like the green that turns in to blu then the blue turns in to the purple but not like my alarm clock.i also want a phone like my friend jade’s phone and it has a ringtone like a song i pick that is and i get to pick aringtone and i pickit out of all songs and idon’t need minutes and one more thing that is very inportant that i have the best cristmas ever!

  439. Dear santa i think im in the nice list because i do want my mom tells me and i do my homework everyday and i tell the truth becase if i dont i fell qhuilty

  440. heyah santy all for christmas is for all of the stray doogggys to be homed xxx my sicncerly demi lyes i live in doveer

  441. Dear Santa I have been very good I only want two things1.Shetland pony2.the kids in the hospital to get a toy . Thakyou so much please please make them come tru


  442. Hiya santa is it nice in the northpole oh em please can I have a teddy a dolly and a dolls house please okay bye bye

  443. I love you santa clause you are really good and your reindeers are lovly and nice and goo and so is your elves and so is mrs clause i bet you making tastes great. bye bye see you at christmas.

  444. dear santa i hope i am on the nice list
    and hope the reindears are ok and so are
    the elfs and i realy hope you are ok as well and thank you for giving me all
    them other gifts THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

  445. hi Santa I hope I am on the nice list this year like always and I hope I have been good enough to get onto your nice list merry Christmas Santa

  446. Santa, am I good or bad?It’s because my brothers say im good and I think I can also be bad sometimes. Merry Christmas!Ho! ho! Please write back.

  447. Santa, am I good or bad…. because brothers say im good and I think I can also be bad sometimes. merry christmas ho ho please write back

  448. Which list am I on? I have been looking on the internet to see if I could be on your good and bad list. You r so jolly and kind.Santa, You rock!!!!!!

  449. thankyou for the toys last year this year i would like mp3 player flicker and xbox game I will leave you some milk, cookies and carrots for you and the reindeers .please merrry Christmas


  450. Hi Santa i love you so much.Whos your best friend mine is Hayley Brown she is very Kind and careing?????????????? About my self my name. Kirstie Middle name Rose last name Whelan familey nembers Damien Janelle Jeremy i pets Bossy Brouno dog and bird my favarite aunty is aunty Neat have fun reading my letter from Kirstie


  452. Santa I would like to have a lot for thing for christmas in 2011. A monkey webkinz. A chinchilla webkinz. A giraffe webkinz. Zuz Zuz pets. A ds.

  453. dear santa

    im 9 and im having trouble in sckool
    like its one girl who gets one my nerve
    but i dont hit her and im having trouble
    with my homework like its to hard or i
    dont remer so can you help me pleaseeeee

    [ps i still beliveve in you]

  454. santa this year i would really like to be in the nice list this year i know i have been a bit cheeky and selfish but i am tring really really really hard but if you could email me back and tell me if either i am on the nice/naughty list. many thanks
    by laura carr

  455. may i have a puppy for christmas thats alln i want do you have any if no then ok then il buy one my mom wants one love bridget

  456. TICKLE!TICKLE! TICKLE!santas feet like as fast as a train can go mrs.claus oh and please please do this little piggy because he will laugh like he has never laughed before.Tank you

  457. Dear Santa,
    My family is not doing so well with money this year. I was hoping that you could get me a few presents this year. You only have to give me one or two. Please help me Santa.
    Lisa S.

  458. Dear Santa, I have been very good this year and I want a Barbie Town House for Christmas. I hope you can bring me all the things I want. I’ll leave out cookies and milk for you. Merry Christmas

  459. i luv u santa your sooo coooll how you can deliver presents to everyone in 1 night OMG HOW DO U DO IT?????

  460. heyy santa thanks for given ever on e presnts and thanks for your elfs for given us presents too hope u have a wonderful christmas love deamree bye bye

  461. yea santa am i nice or naughty i dont want too be naughty i want too be nice i now im bad sometimes but i inproved my self i got it in control now i have comedown a lot okay bye love u hope u have a wondeful day

  462. hi santa i really hope i wasnt bad i no i was a litle bad but im really good now now am i good or bad santa


  464. Hey Santa I have not misbehaved myself at all and I just wanted to know if Karl Evans will be getting any presents at all he has been bullying me all week at college

  465. my mom alredy wrote my list she did not add a ciciobello and a dsi i want to go with you one a trip on christmas to deliver presents with you

  466. dear santa claus,
    i have been really nice to my friends. Tell your reindeer rudolph i said hi, and i am going to give rudolph a present.
    i believe in you and rudolph.

  467. hi santa i think you are a nice person and all but if i was you i wouldnt let the kids get off so easy.i think you let kids get gifts even if they arent the nicest kids.so can you follow my advice and be more truthful about kids behavior.

  468. i just want to know if im on the nice list?well ive been trying my best and thats all that counts right?!!!!!!!!

  469. Santa i hope i am on the nice list! you are a great person and have a big nice heart. great Christmas wishes from me to you

  470. i think santa and the elves work hard.ilove the things you give me.i hope you come to my house and reameder to eat my cookies and have merry christmas

  471. Please give scooter the biggest bone ever.I realy want him to get it.I just cant afford it.If i could iwould get it for him.Please help!!!!!!!!!

  472. hi santa merry christmas i thank im on thenice list because i have ben so good to my brother and my new born brother im the only girl.

  473. I’ll be honest, I am good, but I will have some days where my halo may get crooked, but most of the time i’m good because I listen to my friends,teachers, my parents, and other people aswell. Another is I have the christmas spirit no matter how old I maybe. I’m 15 years of age and STILL BELIEVE, becuase I don’t believe the parents eat the cookies and milk, or buy the presents (they do buy some, however), I believe that Santa Claus is real as love and generosity exists! Do you realize how boring it would be without the red, jolly old man that we all know and love? Earth would be a boring planet, that’s for sure! That’s why I am on the Good List every year!

  474. I don”t want to be a pain but are me and jamie on the nice list. I just emailed you on email Santa com.

  475. Dear Santa,you amaze me in many ways.I can’t wait till you come.If I have done something bad,please forgive me.I appreciate all the work you guys are doing up there.

  476. Santa Claus i think i might be on the nice list because i play nicely with other sand i share my room is a little clean and more.

  477. Dear Santa,

    “i love You Very much and i love the others too!”oh can u tell me ur phone number or can u call me cuz my dad has this special thing to call u!

  478. Dear Santa,
    I want to let you know that “I Love You Very Much and Miss You Alot.” What is your phone number Santa Claus? How do you get to the North Pole?


  479. santa i think i am on the nice list because i have been giving alot lately and i helped a 4 year old ride a 2 wheller!

  480. I have been a bit of both really but that is the truth only because of some silly problems 😛 love Courtney

  481. I want to have the best Christmas in the whole Christmas histories. I want lots of presents and I want you to have a nice Christmas too.

  482. Santa i think i might be on the naughty list this year but i hope i’m not cause i would really like a laptop this year as you have seen on my Christmas list.
    From Leah 😉

  483. Dear santa i always telling the truth and honestly i have had a few fall in and fall outs with my friends for the smallest rumors that can get HUGE but we’ve decided to be bff’s
    once again have a merry xmas! x 🙂 P.S we’ve also all done secret santa i’ve already given my partner her present. Shhhh…. its a big butterfly ring 🙂 x

  484. ‘Sup Santa, I think I’ve been nice this year but I need to improve. I still don’t know if I’m on the nice list.