Who is on Santa’s Naughty or Nice List?

Santa's Naughty or Nice List
Santa’s Naughty or Nice List

Are you on Santa’s Naughty or Nice List?

Many people ask me, “Santa Claus, am I on the Naughty List or the Nice List?”  Some people want to know who else is on the Naughty and Nice List.  Yes, everyone wants to know about Santa’s Naughty or Nice List!

Well, I would like to tell people if they are on the Naughty List or on the Nice List.  But, you see, my List is “Top Secret”.  That is why I keep it locked in a very special place.

There is a special reason its top secret:  I don’t decide who is on the Naughty List and who is on the Nice List until just before Christmas.   That is right!   The List is always changing.  After all, even good kids are naughty sometime.  So, I want to give all the good boys and girls lots of time to get onto the Nice List.

That is why I’m making a List and checking it twice.  I have to find out who’s Naughty and Nice!

There is another reason I keep my List top secret.  What if someone saw an old Naughty List that had your name on it?  Maybe an elf caught you being naughty that day!   You know I would not want to get you into trouble.

Now, can I tell you a secret?  Ssh.    You can see if you have been naughty or nice by going to a special web page.   It is my “Incredible Elf-o-matic Naughty or Nice Determinator“!  If you have been good then you will even get a special certificate from me!  It will say that you are “Santa Certified Nice”!  So make sure you leave your certificate out for me on Christmas Eve.  Then I’ll know you are on the Nice List!

Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus

P.S.  Do you think you are on the Nice List or the Naughty List this year (and why)?  (You can leave a message for me. Or, scroll down to see what others have written!)

1,734 special messages to Santa about “Who is on Santa’s Naughty or Nice List?”

  1. I want my elf’s back please I would start doing more chores and make presents for my elfs

  2. Hi I’m keeley York and can you please give me a mockingjay Pin for Christmas that is what I really want so I can be like katniss Everdeen please and give me your text number please? ❤️ Keeley York

  3. Hi Santa I know u are real I believe in you my name is Maddison Taylor Hendry I am 13 years of age and I would like some slime, clothes, more clothes a new phone scooter and a new bike p.s. Maddison Taylor Hendry

  4. Hi santa i believe in you i been helping my mom with my baby sister and doing laundry i been good

  5. dear santa claus hi its jeffrey from new jersey am i on the naughty or nice list this year of 2018 season love jeffrey

  6. Hello santa it’s me Layla how are you good? For Christmas could I please have roller skates a cape and a puppy and I appreciate all the things you do for children and ps merry Christmas xoxo 🙂

  7. Hey santa my name is euniceboholo im a girl. why me and my 3 big brothers3and my little brother we don’t get president but we being good nice all this year we listen to our parents to everybody. Do u know Christmas is coming soon for Christmas my first brother merviel hes 18hisbirthday is on September 3. Hes gonna be 19 he want clothes and shoes. My second brother nathan is 16 hes gonna be 17 in November he want clothes and shoes and jacket . my threed brother Daniel is 15 hes gonna be 16 in December 20 he want clothes and shoes and jacket . This is eunice im a girl im 12 my birthday already passe for Christmas i want a phone reborn baby the brown one clothes and shoes and jacket and boots and shorts pants and pants and hats. My little brother malluc hes 10 his birthday already passe for Christmas he want pants clothes and hats and shoes.

  8. Dear Santa please say I’m on the good list egnore all the bad comments and be how you are yesterday I got a certificate for maths I hope you’re proud of my
    #team clause
    Love grace Hartlepool United Kingdom

  9. to santa,
    I hope I am on the nice list,
    I would like to tell you about my Christmas presents, I was hoping for a horse, but then I thought I like slime putty as well soo I hope you don’t mind me saying this but I would like both. I will do anything and I guess that just to behave. Please write back to me as soon as you can. soya,


  10. I am I am on the nice list i am a 11 year old boy and I been trying to get on the nice list love AnthonyjacobDurk

  11. I think im on the naughy list for not listening to my mammy and fighting with my sister

  12. Heyy Santa it’s James im sorry for being bad all these years and but im butter now and I we have a marry Christmas. And a happy new year and for Christmas I want a Xbox 1 and I want a new retro13 cost$47.09 and I wish you a marry Christmas have a great year

  13. Dear Santa,

    Merry Christmas hope you have a lovely day and happy new year to


  14. Dear Santa ,

    Plz can I have a boxing bag and boxing gloves also can I have a slushy machine.

    Love from BrookeSanders xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  15. I would really like a bike

    I ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ To bits plz say I’m on the nice list if not let me know I could be a. Better person

    Carys xx

  16. Dear Santa

    Allot of people don’t believe in you but I do there is this boy called Jac and doesn’t believe u he tells everyone that Santa isn’t real but everyone else belived he think parents by the presents and eat and drink the milk and mince pies am I on the naughty or nice list and please may I have a vice that have CARYS on it

    Many thank


  17. thank you for letting me good Santa I will always love you for ever and ever thank for giving me the best presents ever.

  18. I want a wolf puppy a big piano computer lap top also Ps 5 with games blender microwave 2 big bikes

  19. Dear santa.

    Can you tell buddy and chip I love them and I love you santa
    Can chip bring a early gift. I love all the presents you give me can I have a reborn baby early present. I love all of you guys so and even more than you amagen .

  20. hey santa im your firend and i would let to tell you is am on nice list of bad list thank
    wirt me bad!

  21. Hello I think I am on the naughty list because whenever my siblings are mean i call them a jerk but im nice to my friends i even got her a worlds best friends award to proove it



  23. hi santa how are you i been good this year how are you and miss claus and the elves and the raindeer up too please be my Grandma , Grandpa i will love that so much i love you love Noelle xoxoxxoxoxoxoo

  24. Dear santa its lyndsay please could you bring me a computer with 600 games on it clothes boots and a tv for my room could u also bring me some chocolate put something in my stocking i have been a good girl ur going to come to me on christmas eve

  25. dear santa i would like a i pad , i phone ,a touch phone ,a nook ,a kindle fire hi from noelle see you really soon i love you , yes i been good

  26. Dear Santa
    i have been a very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very good bear. i hope i am on the nice list and i get all the presents i want. i REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY want lots off chocolate and teddies!


  27. my name is scotty masters i was at north pole to seeing you
    santa claus is ok we love you masters family

  28. hi my name is lydiai don’t realy want any thin for christmas cus all i wanna be is happy and full of joy

  29. love you too santa Thank you can l have phones hoverboard frozen pool car toy toy pet store pettoy Bikes jordan light shoes Jordan Jordan jordan light shoes

  30. Dear Santa,
    I’ve not only started the year bad, but also disappointed ALOT of people. The people I’ve disappointed are within my family members. Specially my parents, both mom and dad. And look, if you wish to not bring me anything this year, it’s fine with me because I really don’t deserve anything. And the only thing that I ask you for is to bring me a PlayStation 4 Pro video gaming console. Which I don’t really deserve.I will be grateful that I at least got something for Christmas this year. Because last year I was so mad at my dad because he told me that both bumblebee and that car pack were for my little TATTLETALE cousin. His name is Angel. Every time that he sees the chance to tell on me for stuff I didn’t know or did was going on, he tells on me. And every time that someone tells me and/or gets mad at me, he laughs and starts teasing me. And I know that my dad feels so bad for me because every time my mom tells me Why I did whatever he told on me before, he makes this face in which I understand from it,”Why do you only believe them if Jason is telling the truth!!!!”That is all I want for Christmas.

  31. Hi Santa

    I have be looking forward to Christmas for so long.

    Every time i go to bed on Christmas eve i cant wait to see what you have left me and how much cookies and milk you eat and drink.




  32. Hi Santa
    I love Christmas time
    it’s my favourite time of the so i was just wondering if I’m on the naughty or nice list
    Thanks Santa
    Merry Christmas

  33. Hi Santa Claus
    i want this year for christmas
    1 Vestax Typhoon Controller mixer
    New goalie pad
    New goalie masked

  34. santa i love you!!!!!!!!
    some off my friends don’t think so but i believe in you!!!!!!!!;):)

  35. hi santa am i on the naughty or nice list because i have been good what i want for christmas is

    minecraft legos
    gravity falls book
    pokemon cards


  37. Hi Santa i am wondering if I am on the nice list or naughty list i have been a good girl this year
    i would like :
    Lokai bracelets
    yoga pants
    a water proof case
    make up

  38. Western chief fireman Raincoatboots umbrella wedding ring dressed conkers huncote road croft Leicestershire friends Abbycadabby conkershuncote croft from andrewsmith

  39. Dear Santa ,
    I hope I’m on the good list this year. Please write back to me because I really want to know. see you on christmas eve hopefully xxxx

  40. from Dan
    I Really Really Really Really Really Really Really Really Really Really Really Really Really Really Really Really Hope Im on Your Nice List This Year

  41. I should be on the nice list because …I have been helping around the house.i love you

  42. Am I on the naughty or not naughty list by the way hi Santa Mrs clause and the elvs to

  43. Hi Santa,
    I am just wondering am I on the nice list this year, I hope I am on the nice one!

    Love Leah xxx

  44. santa i want lots of rainbow magic books,a penguin shelf,a massive penguin and i love you santa and thankyou

  45. Hi my name is Sihle I am would like a Christmas tree and some toys for my sister and nice things for my parents and I would like to act in lab rats elite force
    Love sihle

  46. on the 1st day of christmas my true love sent to me a par trage in a pear tree

  47. hi santa just want to say am i on the nauty or nice list and i think you are amazing because you delivere presents in one night merry christmas and a happy new year!

    love from,

  48. Dear santa
    Can I have a elf on a self baby alive makeup dress high heels
    Am I nice or naughty please I know it’s a secret but I want to know because I am nervous

  49. Hi santa here is my wish list all I want is a rc truck that can go 60 mph that is all I’m asking for love you Santa and tell the elves I said hi and I’m Connor d Shelton and I’m 13

  50. I love you Santa
    I can’t wait for Christmas cause I get to spend time with my family’s and. Eat all the good food

  51. Dear Santa Claus
    I think I am on the nice list this year
    I think I am on the nice list this year because I have been trying to do my best everywhere I go I have been trying to be good so we could go to Christmas party’s we have been to every Christmas party that we have been invited to, there was 3 Christmas party’s we went to the first one was piallamore Christmas party Santa came in a firetruck and handed out lollies and the second one was (I forgot the second Christmas party) the third Christmas party was the lighting of the Christmas tree which was in front of Tamworth Regional Council and sadly last night was the last Christmas party this year (apparently) which was the 6th of December 2016, Tamworth Regional Council is where my mum works, (lucky) inside Tamworth Regional Council was Santa sitting in his chair looking proud as can be with a very very long line up you had to get a photo with Santa and if you want you could give him a cuddle (aww how sweet is that)

    PS: I hope I am on the NICE LIST this year
    PSS: If I am on the NAUGHTY LIST this year please check again and put me on the NICE LIST

    From Love

  52. Santa I hope I’ve been a good girl this year I go to school and learn so much I don’t stay up late I do what I’m supposed to do I have a little bit of money and I hope you and mrs claus have a good time at the north pole I love Christmas….

  53. Dear, Santa

    Santa I want you to put me on the nice list and how many times have you checked on me so far. Do your Raindeers fly at all. how do they do that.

  54. Dear Santa this is Tristan I was just wanted to tell you I’m going to be good every da I was just wanted to tell you I’m going to be good every day so you will come and see me because if I’m bad yeah I don’t get no presents tell Santa I would like you to b South Santa I would like you to be bringing me a bicycle Paw Patrol magic track a BB gun in a swing set and so much more so I’m going to be on my best behavio and so much more so I’m going to be on my best behaviour love you Santa see you soon

  55. Merry Christmas this is Amiyah chaney I wonder am I on the nice list or the naughty list and I want a elf I wander how is mrs claus and the raindeers’ from Amiyah to santa merry Christmas

  56. This is Ella and Santa what list am i on bexause if i am on the good list i will make a good christmas list and if i am on the bad list i will not make a christmas list.

  57. This is Ella and Santa what list am i on bexause if i am on the good list i will make a good christmas list and if i am on the bad list i will not make a christmas list.

  58. Santa big man my favorite man. Let’s talk ok I NEED TO KNOW. Am I on the nice list or naughty. All my friends say you don’t exeised. But then I ask them the questions who gives you all the presents and of corse they say your parents. Then they ask me the question. How does he get aroud the world in one night. And guess what I have a awnser. He ether’s time travels or slow time down I ask them more questions and I bet they belive in you now but you don’t need all the questions. But can you awnser my question I asked please and thankyou!

  59. dear santa this year I have been nauhty please bring evry ones gifts to me and they get nappies ok and all the kids can be silly like me beacuase if you are silly evry one will laugh at mewould that be ok talk to me right now you meany and stuipid

  60. Hi santa my name is aniya and I want a iPhone and a pink glitter case.and I can’t wait till Christmas

  61. Dear Santa this is Baylee I’m writing to you because I want to make sure that your coming to my house this Christmas Eve I know I’m getting a little bit older to be a young adult I always loved when you came to my house on Christmas Eve and also I writing to you to tell you I’ve been a really good girl this year and I want you and every that lives in the North Pole with you to know that we’ll if you call me on Christmas Eve I will talk to you

  62. Dear Santa,
    Hunter is still not being a very nice boy.
    He does not listen to his mum or dad, he has been throwing things and hitting everyone. Telling people he wants them to die. The thing is, he really can be a very nice boy. But suddenly does not want to. Please put him on the naughty list

  63. Hi my name is Shelby
    And you are SO NICE you leave presents for them if there nice and your reindeer are so cute I think because I have ever seen them but I think they are and you you’re just Sugar and Spice if you leave Christmas presents you take your time to get around the world and some people just don’t even appreciate you but I do cuz you’re nice you’re sweet you’re cool and awesome that’s what I got to say I don’t care what anyone says you’re the best ever Santa Claus ever

    Sincerely Shelby

  64. Dear santa I’ve been extra good this year I would like a 1.iphone 6 2.iphone 7 plus 3.popsocket 4.wii u 5.xbox one

  65. Hi Santa am I on the good list or the bad list.
    last year I did not get any gifts from you and this year I would like to.
    why does no one get to see you.

    from Bella

  66. Hi Santa it is Ella Choate .Can you please tell me if I’m on the nice list or on the bab list?I’m 9 years old.Thank you so much.I❤️U !you are the best

  67. Hi santa I know your list is top secret but am I on the good list if I am on it I don’t mind what I have at all all I want is Christmas cheer ok maybe a few presents on the side
    Love Carys

  68. Are you ready for Christmas time to celebrate jesuses birthday I believe you are a Christian and some people say you are not real but I always prove that you are real and they don’t believe me but I still try to get them to believe in you and I will always believe in you no matter what people say about me and I want whatever you want me to have.PS How is snowflake our elf doing.

  69. Hi Santa,

    I hope you had a good summer! I think I may be on the nice list this year. I think so because I’ve been working extra hard this year on trying to get along with my sister and listening to my parents. Some of the things I want for Christmas are: 1. iPhone 7 2. iPad mini 3. American Girl doll house 4. The 2016 Leah American Girl Doll 5. American Girl Doll clothes, shoes, and accessories 6. American Girl Doll Furniture 7. American Girl Doll Kanani 8. My Life as Wheelchair Crutches set. I hope this isn’t too much trouble for you! Have a very merry Christmas! Thank you!


  70. santa i am a god boy i want for christmas a michael jackson toy , a real puppy, and santa toys

  71. Hi Santa Claus I know you probably know me and my elf on the shelf Dash I just don’t feel comfortable saying my name but I honostly don’t know what list I’m on hopefully nice but me and my brother fight some times you don’t have to write back your probably bussy so love ya merry Christmas

  72. Dear are santa have I been god or bad hopefully good hope u have a merry Christmas

  73. Dear Santa,

    I hope I am on the nice list because I’m very polite and I’m kind to my friends and family plus I’m well mannered.


  74. Santa I think I should be on the naughty list this year because I’ve been bad. love, Heather

  75. I really want a lot of logos and drawing stuff and a lab top so I can do my home work on it and a light blue alarm clock please and a pic of you and miss.claus and elfs plesa and thank you bye what we’ll the mots thing I want is an elf on the shelf.

  76. Bella
    dear Santa I really love you an I would like to know if I am on th Nice List or not.

  77. Dear Santa

    I would just like to know if I have been good this year if not I will try my best to get on the good list I would also like a tablet with a keyboard please

    From sian Stephenson

  78. andrew yes am on the nice list because i help people out around the house and doing chores and clean my room and i say please and thank you and when people sneeze i say bless you evertime and i always respect my elders to

  79. Hi Santa Claus I have been so good this year. I have a boyfriend name manny he’s 23 years old I’m about to be 21 November 2

  80. Dear Santa, I have been a good boy this year. I have been listening to my mother and my grandparents. I’m sorry for all the naughty things I did this year. Am I nice or naughty?

  81. Hey Santa thank you for all the lovly toys last year thank you from Katie chiplin xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  82. Hey Santa thank you for the lovly toys last year and now how are the reindeears thank you

  83. Hello Santa please could I have a puppy this year and I’m sorry if I was ever naughty last year and I hope your holiday was good what dose your village look like
    Love Katie chiplin

  84. Dear Santa,
    I think i,m on your nice list cause i be nice to my friends, my mum and my dad and last Sunday i helped my mum at work a lot

    love Alana

  85. Dear santa
    i think i am on the nice list because i am very nice to my mum and dad and i am so exited to open all my christmas presents by have a nice day

  86. From Imogen

    Santa am I on the nice list I think I am well maybe could you tell me I would Love to know then I would know how good I have to be.
    Thank you Santa


  87. Hey Santa, my name is Anna. I felt so bad lately last night that I found out that I was on the naughty list.

    I was crying for I think 10 minutes. I couldn’t stop crying and..maybe you should send me a note about what I should do to become a better person.

    Thank you, Santa.

    P.s, I was surprised when I found out about it. But I’m not sure.

    I was trying to be nice. But I just want you to know that I love you. Last year, I didn’t get a present from you. I never said that I hate you. I would never do that. I still love you because of spreading joy to the world and share generous things to other children who are nice.

  88. Hi there Santa it’s me miracle I just want to know how are you I’m fine and I just want to know is the elves and miss clus along with the raindeer okay that all


  89. santa can mistle come over to our house please i really love him thank you for giving us a elf thank you

  90. dear santa am beena very good boy this year and i hope you got my letter for this year love andrew hope to hear from you soon

  91. Hey is me summer and I really believe in you santa also can you give me a lot of candy and toys thankyou


  93. I hope you got my letter that my dad from Oldham Shaw you are my favourite person please can you answer from your biggest fan Christina Hayes .‍‍‍❤️❤️❤️❤️

  94. Hi Santa
    Am I on the naughty or nice list it would be nice to know if I need to change my behavior.
    From Molly
    P.S I help my family

  95. hay santa you are the beast in the word I love you with all my hart


  97. Hello Santa

    Im Rikki-Lee Wyness. How are you? And I have been sick and was wondering if you could leave a nice teddy beside my bed please it would make my day!!!

    Love you <3 xoxoxo

  98. Dear Santa,
    Am I on naughty
    list or on the good list.because everyday i help my family all the time.

    Xoxo xoxo xoxo

  99. Santa you are the best can you give me a Xbox and a iPhone have a good time makeing toy and I forgot ho ho ho happy Christmas

  100. Dear Santa
    I want to know if I am on the nice list. I have been a really good girl.


  101. Dear santa i was wondering if i am on the nice list at all and if i am not then i understand.

  102. I think I am on the nahty list because I’m not a post to be on my tablet and I’m on my tablet..

  103. dear santa am I on the naughty or nice list I really want to now because im so in cocntents that I have to almost now every thing like what people are doing that is how i really want to now I want to now know pleace i want to know if im on the naughty list or the nice list and Christmas is not about you its about jesus gods son because jesus was born on Christmas and Christmas is not about presents its about jesus that is why it is called Christ-mas it has Christ in it

  104. Dear Santa am I in the naughty list or nice list if you see this message please reply thank you love angel fregozo fregozo is my last name thank you

  105. dear santa i want to ask one important question and that is in 2015 was i naughty or nice?

  106. will you prove to me that your real please I might be on my green couch if not check my bed up the hall and around the corner god bless every one. I really want a dog. Please. And can you leave a note to me in a present. Please help my grandma get well she had a stroke last year

  107. hey santa please leave me my presents around the lamp.This year no christmas tree.I hope your ok with juice and cookies this time. I left you the note near the lamp. I want shopkins,walkie talkies,a toy dog and a easy bake ultimate oven. I hope i’m on your nice list.I am 10 but I still believe in you please come to my house. I LOVE,LOVE,LOVE you .love,favour sackey

  108. I love you Santa I am good and bad this year I got a letter from one of your elf named Darta Sprinkletoes she said that she is 421 years old and her favrite color is purple my school is called Tesago .Please write back to me.

    Emma li

  109. hey santa i went on to a website and saw your nicest boys list and the name jacob was on there is that jacob me

  110. Santa am I on the naughty or nice list if I am on the naughty list I will still be happy seeing other people open their presents thanks your kid Nykeriah

  111. Dear Santa Claus,
    Hi I’m sorry to bug but I’m not sure anymore what list I’m on I’ve been on every web site I could find and they all said I really should watch out but I was still nice I was hoping you could let me know what list I’m on please I only have tomorrow to fix this and then you’ll already be here!!!! Thank you for your time
    Riley Kirkland

  112. dear santa my name is hayley smith and I am 9 years of age. I think I am on your nice list because I am such a good big sister but to be honest I dont even know which list I am on do you think ive been naughty or nice this year.

  113. Dear santa , I have been good and bad this year but I am truly sorry please write back

  114. Hi Santa how are you doing my name is Kaitlyn and I am 7 years old I am wondering if I am on the noughty or nice list.
    Lately I have been a good girl and I’m sure I’m on the nice list
    and I whant to tell you the staf I whant for Christmas I just really whant so much things so I will just do what my mum
    Telled me to do witch is to get a sprice.

    Kind regards

  115. Dear santa
    please can you let us know wether or not we are on the good list please. We try out hardest to be good and sometimes we can be a little bit cheeky but we do know this is wrong and try not to do it often. Thanks from lexi and kaiden jamieson

  116. Dear Santa Claus,
    I want to know if I’m still on the Nice list. I honestly don’t think you will write back to my message. I like Beanie Boos. That’s one thing on my list! From Alexis

  117. Hi Santa, it’s Audrey I’m sure you already knew about it! Every one at my school says that Christmas is all about ” presents” but I think their wrong.What Christmas is all really about is spending time with you’re family, which is truly my favorite part. Sure I like getting presents ( I will admit ) but I also love giving to deserving families. The reason I’m writing to you is because, i have a couple questions.
    -When did the ” Santa ” tradition start?
    -How many kids are in the naughty list(I hope I’m not)?
    -What’s you’re favorite part of Christmas?
    -What do you do in the summer ( I was thinking you go to Hawaii or a beach paradise)?

    I sure hope you answer, don’t worry i got time!

    Audrey Lemire

  118. Hello Santa I am 9 have I been good or bad I am so nervous because I might be on the bad list but there is a chance I will be on the nice list . By the way I was wondering how many names have you got? And could you send me a letter back could you send it the day before Christmas Eve ? Sorry I have asked so many questions I just want to know So how
    MANNY legs have you got

    From Sophie c

  119. dear, santa claus
    merry christmas!!!! i was wondering if me and my sister Rylie were on the nice or naughty list i would like a beanie boo a turtle beanie boo i was also wondering if my sister rylies friend sarah
    was on the nice list and tell her elf that she loves her and i love my elf thanks for sending her to my house im so lucky to have u and the elf thanks for last years presents and the joy u had brought i hope u bring lots of joy this year which would be concitered done cuse u always bring joy to the boys and girls LOVE U AND THE ELF MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!! THANKS FOR LISTENING TO MY MESSAGE THANK U SO MUCH!!!!


  121. Dear santa,

    I know that you are real. But some of my friends said that you are 

    not real. But since you are watching us im sure you know what i mean!!!

  122. Dear Santa,
    thank you for all the presents you have given me over the years. this year I would really like to have an onki overdrive. That’s all.

  123. hi santa are you real I thinck you are can you halp my mum and dad stopfighting for Christmas that is all I want

  124. Hi Santa its Ava Hanlon am I on the nice list?I’ve been wondering mum and dad said I have been good love Ava xxx

  125. Dear Santa,
    I was wondering are you real I’m not sure
    I believe anymore. I don’t know if it’s cause I’m
    growing older. But I don’t know Please write a letter in the
    mail for me. I think your elf on the shelf can tell you where I
    live thank you.

  126. To Santa,
    I hope I’m on the nice list, because I’ve been a good boy and I hope the elfs are working hard this Christmas. Love Jake

  127. Santa am I on the noddy list and my friend is on the noddy list I want him to get of the noddy list

  128. Dear santa i hope i am on the nice list
    i,v been really GOOD THIS YEAR AND EVRY year

    love you santa p.s just for you xoxoxoxoox

  129. hi santa you elf has be naughty he toke my food and my hand band and my sisist nappy with out asking love from Lauren mitchell

  130. Hi Santa Claus because I have you very special Merry point to me and Christmas elves and reindeer’s I give you a reindeer food because I love you very much because I can’t wait for Christmas happy holidays and happy New Year’s

  131. hi santa its heavenlea you been getting letters from me i just want to no if im on the nice list or not

  132. I an I hve a elf on the shelf. If you send an elf down I will give you extra mince pies on Christmas Eve. Also I would like an elf because my freind Finley has a elf called elbert.so pleas e please please like mince pies on a plate can I have an elf

    Lots of love Chloe hinton

  133. Hello Santa

    Can I hve a elf on the shelf please like mins pies on a plate can I have an elf. I asked for one of these because my freinf Finley has one called elbert what a funny chap. If you send one down to me I will give you extra mince pies on Christmas Eve.

    Lol Chloe

  134. dear, santa could please tell me if I am on you good list i hope you tell me soon bye bye bye bye elf and santaxxx
    thank you all

  135. Dear Santa

    Please Santa I’ve wanted one ages please send down a
    Elf on the shelf 1 for me and Chloe.As well as this please tell my dad that I’m so pleased for him to be telling you how I’ve been behaving

    Love Isla XXX AND

  136. I don’t really know whether I am good or naughty but I can be nice when I am not angry (I am now though even though I’m starting to calm down now ) in the future I will tell you about my little brother Kurt
    lots of love Abigail Holly Facinelli xxx

  137. Hi Santa I would like to no if Im on the nice or naughty list this year so if Im on the naughty list I can clean up my act and if im on the nice list I will ceep it up Hope you have a merry week.
    Your Freind Harley.

  138. Dear Santa I’ve had some good and bad times but I’ve been good mostly this year what I want for Christmas is shopkins everything a chocolate pen and a Polar Express book and I and I am very thankful for what you gave me last year and what you going to give me this year I hope you have a Merry Christmas PS I do believe in you and I always will
    Once again have a Merry Christmas

  139. Pleases I know that I’m bad but I have always wanted a razor 1000 four seater that I can drive orange and white plz and leave it in front of my yard if I deserve it and a helmet please please and money for my grandma and a drone a Dji inspre 1 love josh

  140. I got a lot of reasons that kids love you and this year.
    3.gods birthday
    This is all I’m gonna list for this year

  141. Dear Santa I really want a phone any I don’t care but I really want a phone p.s am I on the bad list or good list Love aleecia

  142. Hey! Santa Could you send a picture of you cause I just want to make sure you are real!! Love you!!!!!!!!!

  143. I was wondering could you take a picture of you because everybody says its unpossible to see you. love from stella

  144. I love you father Christmas your the best I would like to see you one time everybody says its unpossible.

  145. For Christmas I would like a iPod because my last one fell down the stairs,PLEASE!And thank you so much for doing all this work for never ending children in the world keep the work up . And your on my great list.

  146. dear santa claus i did good in school today i love you very much im sorry for being mad yesterday i want for christmas is a xbox one and a mine craft game for the xbox one ps from aliyah

  147. Hi Santa! I really enjoyed my computer you gave me last year (I’m using it right now). Anyway, thanks for not putting me on the naughty list ever. You always spread the Christmas cheer. I just went and saw you at the mall and you gave me a candy cane. This year for Christmas I would like a Hoverboard-Segway. If that is not possible I would like a plush poop emoji pillow, a new sled and makeup.
    Keep on spreading the Christmas cheer!
    Love Vivian

  148. were those puppy pictures on your website because you no i want a tiny puppy and stuff for it for christ mas i realy do hope so santa and i love you bye

  149. Hi Santa I would like another ipod I promise I would take better care of it and I am sorry for my behavior lately

  150. I really want a laptop and a small cute dog! I love Christmas and love Santa! He is really nice for giving me all I want for Christmas! This year I hope that I get a laptop! I mostly search do appropriate YouTube searches. But I don’t use it a lot that I shouldn’t not get it;) I love Christmas!! MERRY CHRISTMAS

  151. Hi Santa am I on the nice list r not I love Christmas even thogh I am bad at controlling my anger towards me sister and cusen.

  152. Hi santa how are you am i on your bad or good list? have a Good cristmas senserly

  153. dear Santa
    for Christmas I would like easy nail, dohvinci . strand bands, make your own colours Crayola . make your own colour blow pens Crayola.
    Lego friends ,zoom kitty, rainbow style and broom ,magic nail. and a little bit more you are the best you always no what I want. you are great Santa

  154. I was just wondering am I on the nice list I looked on a lot of websites and they all said I am. I want a puppy for Christmas a doll house an American girl doll. also I want the furniture to go with it and last I want gymnastics equipment. hope you can read this love Emilia see you on Christmas eve or at the Christmas. emporium pensilvania

  155. hi Santa can you tell me if i am on the naughty or nice list im 8 years old. thank you for reading this.

  156. dear santa,
    I love you sooo much and keeps on going. I am going to give you cake milk and cookies and your reindeers some carrots you are the best santa ever in the whole wide world. LOVE FROM KATE XXX…OOO

  157. I want to know if I’m on you good list.I am turning eight this year so I want some fun gifts. Me and my sister want to see you please can you wake us up


  159. Hi Santa,
    It’s Sarah here and I really want to be on the nice list because I think I have tried to behave myself this year

    Kind Regards Sarah

  160. Hi santa I want to know if i am on the good list and i really would like purple and black nike runners

  161. hi santa I love you I just want to ask you if I am on the good list or the bad list
    love you lots

    kind regards


  162. i Know im on the naghty list i have done bad things i will keep trying your friend layla Cline.PS.Tell twinkel i said hi and that i love him

  163. I feel like im on the naughty list i have done lots of bad things learned my lesson only take and eat whats mine and its not about the presents its all about family


  165. Dear Santa,

    I have really tried this year and I hope I am on the good list!!!

  166. Dear Santa,
    I have been trying my best to be as good as I can. Is this a good idea to be on the nice list, listen to others, go to bed on time, brush my teeth, and share more often. I know I will be my best when George is here. Everyone says they don’t belive in you but I do!. Hope you can replie back

    Kind regards, LILY NEWMAN

  167. Hi santa. Am I on the naughty or nice list? If I am on the nice list I really want a iPad so if you can get that I’ll be really happy.

  168. Dear Santa, I want to know if I am on the nice or nauty list. And please check on Elfes and Pixie. I know you very well and I wish for a nother great Christmas and a happy new year

  169. Hi I am Bethany I would like to know if i am on the nice lice or bad list if I a, on the bad list can you tell me why and if I am on the good list can you tell me why please.xx

  170. I hope im on the nice list I try to be good even If I get in trouble I try to still be good please put me on the good list love autumn age 9

  171. Dear Santa please don’t listen to Becky I’ve not been naughty I’ve been very very good so please put me on the nice list thankyou James Morgan aged 34

  172. am i on the nice list because i went on different websites it said i was on the nice but i just wanted to check. If i am for Christmas can i get and iphone 6 i dont have a chimney so put it in under my bed if you can or just hide it by my front door if you cant give me the phone i just want to have pet kitten under my bed

  173. hi santa its katelyn I realy want you to get me a phone it would be awesome you are awesome please santa that’s the only thing I realy want. am I on the noty list or nice list I love you !!!!

  174. if you guys wanna know if your on the bad list or good list just go on the internet and type emailsanta.com and you will see naughty or nice list and you can type him a letter like what you want for Christmas i her to help i am on nice list i wuv you santa

  175. hi, santa i ve been good this year i been nice to my parents and my sister i myself this year for christmas i want a new i phone 5c and make up and Hrshey’ and Krackel and Kit Kat and crunch bar and Mentos And Nerds and Mounds and starburst pop Rocks Monster High Original Ghoul collections doll 6 pack and Monster High My Password Journal thats it and i will give you some cookies and milk.
    Love, Sierra Garrison
    Merry Christmas Santa i love you i will see you in 4 Months i can’t wait.

  176. i want a tablat a remote caontrole plane and a remote contole hellacopter a toy car and a bike in my stocking please can i have candy

  177. hi santa i am elizabeth:] i would like to know if i am on good or bad list and if i can come downstairs on christmass eve and if i can feed the raindears

  178. HI this is Neve! Holden really wants Lego sets. I really want American girl doll stuff. Are we on the nice or naughty list?

  179. hi, my name is Lacey and i wanted to know if i was on your naughty or nice list

  180. I know it is June but am I on the nice list. Please reply back
    I love you Santa.

  181. Dear Santa,
    You are very awesome and I want to know if I am on the nice list. I love you Santa. Say hi to Mrs. Claus for me. If I am on the nice list I would like a phone please. Just to let you know, my sister is very good this year. So is my brother. I love my family and I respect them.

  182. Hi Santa I Have Been Very Very Good Boy This Year I Know It Is April But Am I & If Am Can I Have an Triple Extra Large Ultra Powered Extremly Battery Lighting Very Real Magic Wand With Sparkles Wishes Colorful Magic Transforming With Accessories Please If You Can Then RePly
    Yours Sindcerly
    Kid Daniel Sauer

    Sindcerly Yours

    Kid Daniel Sauer

  183. Dear Santa For Christmas I Want Triple Extra Large Ultra Powered Extremly Battery Lighting Very Real Magic Wand With Sparkles Wishes Colorful Magic Transforming With Accessories

    Sindcerly Yours

    Kid Daniel Sauer

  184. Dear Santa I Have Been Nice This Year I Know I Want A Panasonic DMR-ES30VS DVD Recorder/VCR Combo With Accessories Panasonic AG-HMC41 AVCCAM HD Camcorder With Accessories Panavision Stuff Kodak Motion Picture Stuff Panasonic Electronic Typewriter KX-R440 Director’s Stuff TV Production Stuff Animation Studio Stuff News Production Stuff Old DELL Desktop Computer DELL Laser Printer With Ink Technicolor Stuff Disney Old Computer Animation Stuff Music Instruments Panasonic Office Stuff RX-5350 Music Instruments $1000. For Box Office & Big Vacation Triple Ultra Excitting Extremly Very Real Magic Wand With Triple Ultra Excitting Extremly Magic Wand Wishes

  185. Hi santa,

    Am i on the nice list this year i know it is march but am i and if i am can i have an iphone or ipad plese?

    If you can then reply

    Yours sincirley


  186. Dear santa, I hope I am on the nice list santa I want you to always know that you should always follow your heart because whenever I do it leads me into the right spot I hope your heart does the same once me and my friend got into a fight and that is what led us apart for about 2 days I thought I should say I am sorry finally thanks to Jesus and my heart I said I was sorry and we were back to being friends love you always Emmy

  187. Santa am i on the nice or the naughty list please let me no cause my mom an dad dont have any to buy the things i want so can u please let the elves make a tablet,baseball jacket and a puppy for christmas for me please and may god bless you

  188. I will leave you cookies milk and grapes and paper if you want to leave me a note I love you Santa Claus an I will always believe in you

  189. Am I naughty or nice because I believe and Santa I been good thos year in I’m going to put some reinderr. Food out for them is cookies in milk for santa

  190. What I what. For Christmas is iPod. And and Xbox and just dance 4. When you come Santa there will be cookies for and milk

  191. Every year at Christmas time I’m more excited then ever. Just thinking about Christmas makes me the happiest person in the whole wide world! I am trying to get in trouble less so I can make sure I am on the nice list!

  192. If I am on the naughty list I am sorry for everything.If I am on the nice list thank you. Love,Emmy

  193. Am I on the nice or naughty list I love my parents I love you too But I also love my Besties….Jasmine Molina,Josie

  194. Dear Santa , I am writing to you as I have been bait naughty.
    I am not listening to Mum and Dad when they ask me to do something
    I hope I can be back on the nice list and I will try hard to be good
    Thanks Taneisha

  195. I think I am On the nice list because I am nice too my friends all the time I love to help and I am good to almost everybody!!!!

  196. Am I on the nice list? I want an iPod 5, Surface Pro 3 or an Apple laptop, and a pug. 😀

  197. Hi Santa its savana.how are you doing? Colin has been hitting me and going in my face.just saying.he said sorry and I forgive him.just saying.i love you Santa claus. How old are you? I’m nine years old.how are the reindeer and elves? The grinch has been sneaking up on you on your channel cam. Am I on the naughty or nice list.

  198. how are you santa is your year doing great? tell your raindeer that I said hi and if I am good to my family and friends (every one) could I maybe I could have a ipad or a new iphone? I love you santa and I promise I will not be mean to any one. I pinky promise see you later(:

  199. I want all the skylanders traps including the Kaos trap and am I on the good or naughty list please tell me santa

  200. Dear Santa,
    Am I on the Nice or Naughty list?because if I am I would like a Xbox 360 and transformers battle masters.
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  201. Hi Santa i want to say thank you for every thing you gave me last year. Oh and before i go i just want to say Merry Christmas to all of yous up at the north pole.Have a safe journey on Christmas eve.

  202. Dear Santa,
    You have a very special job on Christmas Eve.
    Will you put me on the nice list.
    Please remember I love you.
    Merry Christmas!

    Love, Nicole.

  203. All I would like for Christmas this year is for my brothers and mother and father to have a wonderful year and that they all get what they wished for. Thank you for all 13 wonderful years with my family and I hope that you can bring the Christmas spirit to all the houses and that every children has a very merry Christmas.

  204. I want for Christmas is books for magic tree house this one 6,7,8,10,11,12,13 ANd MoneY

  205. Hi i forgot 2 things on my list and and they were: Fix Lauras Ipod and Get A Ipod Cover For Laura! Thank you

  206. Santa I think I am on the nice list because I have some manners and I am sometimes nice and if I do something bad then I say sorry or I get upset for doing something bad

  207. Dear santa sometimes I could be nicer and I try to do that people at school always try to make me not believe in you but I will never listen to them, also my grandparents and parents say I cry a lot an I try not to but something hurts I just can’t help it but to cry. Also pleas tell me if me my cousins and my brother and sisters are on the naughty or nice list .

    P.S. we will always believe in and love you santa also we love skippy

  208. dear santa I am really sorry for all the times I’ve been trying to be nice but sometimes I just get mad and stuff and I am hoping I am on thenicelist

  209. Dear santa ,

    Hi my name is Abby and I hope I am on the good list this year I am so excited for Christmas that I can scream and shout and it is December 1,2014 and I already have my christmas tree is my bed room up that’s how excited I am and last year my mom took a picture of you buy our tree and took one when you where about to come into my room but then you saw my mom take ins a picture and I was so excited and now it is on my phone and now I look at them all the time and so there you go from Abby D

  210. I like Santa thank you for my lovely presents last year but am I on the nice lis

  211. Santa i just wanted to know if I am on the nice or naughty list

    Merry christmas see if you was hungry when you stoped by my house

  212. Dear mr.clause am I
    On the nice list cause if I am I would like
    A game for my PS3 called grand theft auto 5 please .

    Tariq Kidd

  213. Dear Santa
    I want the Breyer starter pack and a pink sparkly iPhone 5 and I hope I’m on the nice list

  214. Dear Santa,
    What I want for Christmas is a pink ipod 5 32GB, an otterbox cases color/glacier,and a iTunes card!


  215. Dear Santa. Am I on the nice or naughty list? Please forgive me for all I’ve done wrong. My list–$100walmart gift card, tree house,-if you see something that you think I might like, you can get it for me. Love, holden

  216. I want to know no actually I need to know what list I’m on so I can improve or I can just keep Improving for next year so if u could that would be nice my name is Adriana

  217. I love Christmas s o much as I love u Ms.Claus and the wonderful Elves tell everyone I love them and I love santa too!!! I hope I am on the NICE LIST? XOXOXO!!! From Deanna Rafik


  219. Can you leave me a pic of you and Mrs clause call me please and please leave me an American girl doll

  220. Hi Santa I’ve been pretty good this year!And also can you please get me this for Christmas this year 2014 I’ve always been thinking that the thing I really want is the American girl doll sage and all her clothes too!I really hope that you get this message.thank you so much for making Christmas!Love,karley

  221. Dear Santa,
    I like Christmas and I’ve been asking to send you a Christmas card also I’ve been trying to draw you a picture because I love you and the elves.
    Merry Christmas to you, the elves and everyone.
    P.s. have I been good this year because I have been trying to be good.

  222. Dear Santa,
    I really love Christmas and I know it is all about giving not receiving so I try to buy people christmas presents, I have a feeling that I have been bad this year but I hope I have been good.



  224. Hi Santa
    I’am really looking forward to Christmas!
    I have really been a good girl this year!
    I always wanted to be one of Elves to read through all letters and make toys!
    I really love School and I like learning new things!
    Santa you have really inspired me to be like you!

  225. Hi Santa I was wondering if I could videotape you this Christmas please write back xoxoxoxoxoxox

  226. Dear Santa,
    I am so glad it’s almost Christmas! I’m so exited. And r any of those quizzes real about the naughty or nice list?

    Your Secret Admire

  227. can you email me.i wish i would see you on christmas can take me to the north pole so i can see all of you i want to meet yall that is the biggest wish i ever want


  229. should I still call my friends a jerk even thought it stands for a :Jurnior edgicatited rich kid?

  230. To Santa what i want for Christmas is. A BMX bike dsi with games finally new clothes. P.s. There will be some sort of snack for you and some carrots for the reindeers

  231. can i please have a big lps box that has brooklin and savannah

    and a tiger doll and monster high and more lps like a peacock and a short hair cat and a make up set and every thing you want me to have i will leave you out some cookies and milk i love you santa xxx…xxxx i love you the most

  232. hi santa I hope im not on the naughty list I might have ben a little mean but that doesn’t mean I have to be on the naughty list right by the way for Christmas I would like a Barbie house and a tablet and in my stocking I hope I don’t get a lump of coal in my stocking I hope I get some candy please because I love candy so my letter is over santa bye to santa from breanna

  233. Hey santa well i think i,v been nice this weekend but i think i need to improve to be mor e nice. For christmas i want a phone and computer and dsi the new one please thank you bye

  234. I’m on the nice list Santa and I believe in you I got a letter for you I can’t wait until Xmas Santa with all th present that all the good girls and boys are getting

  235. Hi Santa! How are you? I really want I new tablet case and a baby doll that looks real. Thank you for every thing last year! See you on Christmas Eve!Love you! Bye.♥♥♥

  236. Dear santa i love u and i hope iam on the nice lid ill be getting jolly out are elf thanks love 9 yera old lilly grace riddick





  238. Dear Santa I promise to be good and lesson to my mom dad grandma grandpa and my teacher I don’t want to be on the naughty list

  239. I’ve been a little bad I don’t lessons to y mom sometimes and I lye sometimes but I promise I’ll be good Santa I don’t want to be on the naughty list

  240. i know i have been pretty good but i have kept up the good work and now im very good! what is your number?

  241. Hi Santa for christmas i want lots of things like all the dragon’s from Dragon’s 2 the movie and lots of other things

  242. Dear Santa ,
    I’m so happy that your a live you are the best better than all the rest,

    Love from george

  243. Hello santa i believe in you I hope I get lots of
    Things my favourite thing that I hoping to get
    Is a reborn doll one of the really cute ones I will
    Send my letter soon love you lots From Ellie

  244. Dear Santa, I know some naughty language has slipped from my mouth from time to time, but in regards of how nice I’ve been, I know and you know that I can do so much better before Christmas, so I will do my best, do what I’m told to do, and stay out of trouble, if I have a problem, I will do my best to just walk away from the problem, which I know that children can do, but choose not to and wine and cry about the problem. I will do better and show my appreciation to my mother, my friends, and family. I give you my word, so lets hope for some more nice than naughty! Love, Austin, from Missoula, Monatna!

  245. hi sup wyd hi sup im doing good at school in ny i miss mi friends and family in nc dow but i have to get over it dow so yeah so im 13 now i think yep

  246. Hi Santa your awesome and please tell me if I’m on the naughty or nice list I love you

  247. Dear Santa you are the best in the world well it depends on my mood … So really up to you but if you deside I’m good I hope I’ll get a ctificate but you might not have time.
    Love Abigail Harwood

  248. Hello Santa I’m really sorry about my moody ness it will change am I on the good or bad list? You are the best in the world and your elf’s are lots of love your best fan Abigail

  249. Hi Santa how do the elf’s make present s anyway more to the point am I on the good you are the best in the wold merry Christ may!

  250. I hope I’m on the good list I understand that my attitude is a bit bad a lot of the time but I promise it will change it merry Christmas!

  251. hi santa its me mikayla at 26 maple drive. I want to know if I have been naughty this year or nice please respond as soon as possible.

    thank you

  252. I think I am on the nice list because I have helped a lot of people this year and I have had a positive behavior.

  253. dear Santa can you get me a real phone and a dog and a lot of fashoin closes sinny jeans and shorts

  254. I don’t know…it depends on my mood.Sometimes I am good,and sometimes I am not…so its up to you santa… love allana warren

  255. Please let me sydnee my brothers be on nice list I want a sleigh bell from your sleigh please

  256. I think I am on the nice list because I helped and cared about my family. I really want an Ipod for Christmas, can you ask your elves to make me one please?

  257. Dear santa how is mrs Claus doing is she busy making Christmas
    Cookies for you this year I can’t wait for Christmas to come this year
    Because I get to have chocolate for breakfast Christmas morning
    I think Rudolph is a pretty cool reindeer don’t you think

  258. hi santa i wish i could see u for real live i love u even though some people dont belive in u but i belive in u

  259. I think that I am on Santas good list. I am an animal lover and always do good deeds also I volunter for people who need help.

  260. Dear Santa,
    I’m 11 years old. I really want an iPod Touch, Fushigi Ball, and a Bratz Doll for Christmas.

  261. Dear Santa,

    I would love you if you got me a horse.(a real one) I want one because ie been riding horses for 4 years and I love horses sooo much!Thank you for this blessing to have a man like you.


  262. Santa here is a song for you : hi mr Santa i want a ho ho ho that you give to the band hi mr Santa i want a ho ho ho that you give to the band with your Raindears and your preasants you can do it all though the land with your Raindears and your preasants you can do it all though the land ho ho ho ho ho ho oh ho ho hi mr Santa i want a ho ho ho that you give to the band hi mr Santa i want a ho ho ho that you give to the band with your Raindears and your preasants you can do it all though the land with your Raindears and your preasants you can do it all though the land ho ho ho ho ho ho oh ho ho . hope you liked the song

  263. Dear santa, i belive in you i am 8 years old i have been a good girl i want a ipod touch big bratz cloe doll and fidjit friends and i will leave carrots for the reindeer and you milk and cookies love your friend, emma grace senter

  264. I love cleaning I am never mean I help my brother with his home work and I am a plus student.

  265. can u please tell me if i am on the nice or naughty list please i just want to know merry christmas and thank you for all the gifts

  266. hi i would like to know if im supost to leave a carrot for the reindeer aswell as cookies for santa(you.. maybe)

  267. dear santa all i wont is seven things and that is 1 barbie hair clip ons 2 read my mind 3 kite to make chemicals 4 justice cloeths 5 bra size 34a 6 coupon for stepping stars 7 skinny jeans luv mikayla marie neahr thank u

  268. thank you so much since you dont have time i’ll say. i’ve been dieing to now top s ecret nice or naught list sincerely’ jimmy

  269. hi santa will u try to give me stuff on my list with the stars? am i on good or bad list? can u make christmas come really soon? plz

  270. I hope im on the good list and i want an ipod with a zebra patteren,sparkles,with green, blue and purple colors in oder like the green that turns in to blu then the blue turns in to the purple but not like my alarm clock.i also want a phone like my friend jade’s phone and it has a ringtone like a song i pick that is and i get to pick aringtone and i pickit out of all songs and idon’t need minutes and one more thing that is very inportant that i have the best cristmas ever!

  271. Dear santa i think im in the nice list because i do want my mom tells me and i do my homework everyday and i tell the truth becase if i dont i fell qhuilty

  272. heyah santy all for christmas is for all of the stray doogggys to be homed xxx my sicncerly demi lyes i live in doveer

  273. Dear Santa I have been very good I only want two things1.Shetland pony2.the kids in the hospital to get a toy . Thakyou so much please please make them come tru


  274. am I on the naghty or nice list my full name is Lucy Kneeshaw i live with my grandparents

  275. Hiya santa is it nice in the northpole oh em please can I have a teddy a dolly and a dolls house please okay bye bye

  276. I love you santa clause you are really good and your reindeers are lovly and nice and goo and so is your elves and so is mrs clause i bet you making tastes great. bye bye see you at christmas.

  277. dear santa i hope i am on the nice list
    and hope the reindears are ok and so are
    the elfs and i realy hope you are ok as well and thank you for giving me all
    them other gifts THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

  278. hi santa i think i have been good this year because i have helped my mam with my baby brother


  279. hi Santa I hope I am on the nice list this year like always and I hope I have been good enough to get onto your nice list merry Christmas Santa

  280. santa all i want for christmas is for my daddy to get better x love you santa

  281. dear santa am I on your nice list or your naughty
    list??? lots of love and kisses Aisling.xxxoo.

  282. Santa, am I good or bad?It’s because my brothers say im good and I think I can also be bad sometimes. Merry Christmas!Ho! ho! Please write back.

  283. Santa, am I good or bad…. because brothers say im good and I think I can also be bad sometimes. merry christmas ho ho please write back

  284. Which list am I on? I have been looking on the internet to see if I could be on your good and bad list. You r so jolly and kind.Santa, You rock!!!!!!

  285. thankyou for the toys last year this year i would like mp3 player flicker and xbox game I will leave you some milk, cookies and carrots for you and the reindeers .please merrry Christmas


  286. Hi Santa i love you so much.Whos your best friend mine is Hayley Brown she is very Kind and careing?????????????? About my self my name. Kirstie Middle name Rose last name Whelan familey nembers Damien Janelle Jeremy i pets Bossy Brouno dog and bird my favarite aunty is aunty Neat have fun reading my letter from Kirstie

  287. hi santa hope you will bring me presents i wished i could see you for real??

  288. Hi Santa are i on the first one are tenth i would really want to no from Kirstie

  289. hi i am jodie kelly am i good or bad i do hope you can tell me lots of love you no who

  290. i have a elf and wen is hey gowing to be here his name is elfey anslie krogh


  292. Santa I would like to have a lot for thing for christmas in 2011. A monkey webkinz. A chinchilla webkinz. A giraffe webkinz. Zuz Zuz pets. A ds.

  293. dear,santa

    santa can you get me a gold fish pleaseeee and a i want new things

  294. dear santa

    im 9 and im having trouble in sckool
    like its one girl who gets one my nerve
    but i dont hit her and im having trouble
    with my homework like its to hard or i
    dont remer so can you help me pleaseeeee

    [ps i still beliveve in you]

  295. santa this year i would really like to be in the nice list this year i know i have been a bit cheeky and selfish but i am tring really really really hard but if you could email me back and tell me if either i am on the nice/naughty list. many thanks
    by laura carr

  296. may i have a puppy for christmas thats alln i want do you have any if no then ok then il buy one my mom wants one love bridget

  297. i share sometimes and i help my frinds somtimes i make my bed and i listen to my parents

  298. TICKLE!TICKLE! TICKLE!santas feet like as fast as a train can go mrs.claus oh and please please do this little piggy because he will laugh like he has never laughed before.Tank you

  299. Dear Santa,
    My family is not doing so well with money this year. I was hoping that you could get me a few presents this year. You only have to give me one or two. Please help me Santa.
    Lisa S.

  300. Dear Santa, I have been very good this year and I want a Barbie Town House for Christmas. I hope you can bring me all the things I want. I’ll leave out cookies and milk for you. Merry Christmas

  301. Hi Santa. Am I on the nice list? What about my brother, Hudson? See you later tonight.

    Love, Graced

  302. i luv u santa your sooo coooll how you can deliver presents to everyone in 1 night OMG HOW DO U DO IT?????

  303. heyy santa thanks for given ever on e presnts and thanks for your elfs for given us presents too hope u have a wonderful christmas love deamree bye bye

  304. yea santa am i nice or naughty i dont want too be naughty i want too be nice i now im bad sometimes but i inproved my self i got it in control now i have comedown a lot okay bye love u hope u have a wondeful day

  305. hi santa i really hope i wasnt bad i no i was a litle bad but im really good now now am i good or bad santa

  306. dear santa i love your norad santa tracker i am going to leave you all kinds of treats tonight


  308. Hey Santa I have not misbehaved myself at all and I just wanted to know if Karl Evans will be getting any presents at all he has been bullying me all week at college

  309. my mom alredy wrote my list she did not add a ciciobello and a dsi i want to go with you one a trip on christmas to deliver presents with you

  310. dear santa claus,
    i have been really nice to my friends. Tell your reindeer rudolph i said hi, and i am going to give rudolph a present.
    i believe in you and rudolph.

  311. hi santa i think you are a nice person and all but if i was you i wouldnt let the kids get off so easy.i think you let kids get gifts even if they arent the nicest kids.so can you follow my advice and be more truthful about kids behavior.

  312. i just want to know if im on the nice list?well ive been trying my best and thats all that counts right?!!!!!!!!

  313. I think i am on the nice list becuse i paly nicely i be nice be nice to my friends i believe in you

  314. I am a very good girl. I live in Galway Ireland. This uear I would like a surprise and x-factor tour tickets


  316. Santa i hope i am on the nice list! you are a great person and have a big nice heart. great Christmas wishes from me to you

  317. iam good most times i am abit cheeky but iam very open heaarted… my room is always tidy and clean.

  318. Shanna,Owen and I sonetime fight over the wii can you get me a green wii and Shanna a pink wii ThankYou

  319. i think santa and the elves work hard.ilove the things you give me.i hope you come to my house and reameder to eat my cookies and have merry christmas

  320. Please give scooter the biggest bone ever.I realy want him to get it.I just cant afford it.If i could iwould get it for him.Please help!!!!!!!!!

  321. hi santa merry christmas i thank im on thenice list because i have ben so good to my brother and my new born brother im the only girl.

  322. I’ll be honest, I am good, but I will have some days where my halo may get crooked, but most of the time i’m good because I listen to my friends,teachers, my parents, and other people aswell. Another is I have the christmas spirit no matter how old I maybe. I’m 15 years of age and STILL BELIEVE, becuase I don’t believe the parents eat the cookies and milk, or buy the presents (they do buy some, however), I believe that Santa Claus is real as love and generosity exists! Do you realize how boring it would be without the red, jolly old man that we all know and love? Earth would be a boring planet, that’s for sure! That’s why I am on the Good List every year!

  323. I think I’m on the nice list cause I listen to my teacher I love u merry Christmas Santa

  324. Dear Elves i’v been working so hard to get on the good list so i want to know if i am…

  325. I don”t want to be a pain but are me and jamie on the nice list. I just emailed you on email Santa com.

  326. Dear Santa,you amaze me in many ways.I can’t wait till you come.If I have done something bad,please forgive me.I appreciate all the work you guys are doing up there.

  327. Santa Claus i think i might be on the nice list because i play nicely with other sand i share my room is a little clean and more.

  328. Dear Santa,

    “i love You Very much and i love the others too!”oh can u tell me ur phone number or can u call me cuz my dad has this special thing to call u!

  329. Dear Santa,
    I want to let you know that “I Love You Very Much and Miss You Alot.” What is your phone number Santa Claus? How do you get to the North Pole?


  330. santa i think i am on the nice list because i have been giving alot lately and i helped a 4 year old ride a 2 wheller!

  331. I have been a bit of both really but that is the truth only because of some silly problems 😛 love Courtney

  332. I want to have the best Christmas in the whole Christmas histories. I want lots of presents and I want you to have a nice Christmas too.

  333. Santa i think i might be on the naughty list this year but i hope i’m not cause i would really like a laptop this year as you have seen on my Christmas list.
    From Leah 😉

  334. Dear santa i always telling the truth and honestly i have had a few fall in and fall outs with my friends for the smallest rumors that can get HUGE but we’ve decided to be bff’s
    once again have a merry xmas! x 🙂 P.S we’ve also all done secret santa i’ve already given my partner her present. Shhhh…. its a big butterfly ring 🙂 x

  335. do you see my brother not being nice too
    me all the time.I just woundering he was on the naughty list.

  336. ‘Sup Santa, I think I’ve been nice this year but I need to improve. I still don’t know if I’m on the nice list.


  338. to santa
    i cant wait till christmas!!!!i would like to know what all the raindeers are called????have a very merry christmas love from ellie



  340. Dear. Santa I have been wondering if me taylor and kendra r on the NICE list because we only have 5 more sleeps until xmas every1 is so excited well that’s all today bye santa claus and thank you

  341. Dear santa,
    For Christmas I would like, Chichiobello.
    It is a baby doll that I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY Want it.



  342. We have been as good as we can be.We love you and Christmas. Please bring us something nice and fun. Love, Brynna and Maren

  343. Dear Santa Claus,
    My name is Cameron.I am 6 years old.I just wanted to let you know I have been verygood this year.I have been doing chores for my mommy and daddy.Here are a couple of things I would like for Christmas.Please,Nintendo Dsi,Teady Bear,a toy fire truck,a fish tank and 3 little fishies,a lot of Nintendo Dsi games,a hamster maybe if you can afford it,so if you cannot get me these presents then its okay.Thank You Very much Santa.
    Merry Christmas Love,
    Cameron 🙂

  344. this is cool but why you come on chismas eve
    it is takeing so long
    iam so happy you coming verry sonn love charlie

  345. dear santa i would like to know if Vlleria Pallres,Marlen Mendez,and Viviana Solorzano are on the naughty or nice list.Thank you very much and have a great Chrismas. love,Viviana Solorzano

  346. Santa,

    I love you! I really want a cell phone for Christmas, but my mom says no. Can I get a magic kit?

  347. Dear santa,

    i have been working very hard in school this year. i have gotton all A’s and one B. all i want for christmas is a i pod touch and silly bandz.
    i have been woriing about me being to old to get presents from you I HOPE NOT!

  348. Dear Santa

    I think i have been a very good boy all year and i think i should be on the nice list.

  349. em i im ver goog tihs yer santa clus did you get my lertter olg i on on my qmprndr em i on the nice List santa clust see wen you get to my house this yers i me go to mak cookes you you tihs yers i and go tolive aot noggr aout just for you ples wert me be a mssag back her is my mail address

  350. did you get my log lertter i sad you santa clauns tihs yer i see soon at my house wes am slep love abbie lbiche

  351. Hi, Santa I am 12 and I really hope I’m on the nice list because I have been having alot of stress lately about this. My list might is really big do you think so it’s about 20+

  352. Hi santa after all my 10 years i am still wondering am i on the naughty or nice list ! but only you and your helpers and maybe Mrs clause know! i hope im good enough! merry christmas ! xx

  353. i am 13 and i am very very very good and i have worked very hard at school and think i deserve a holiday, so can you make my homework easier for me somehow:) i would be very greatful xxxxxxx , so thankyou for my past gifts:) xxxxxxx xxxxxxx

  354. Dear santa i am very sorry but i have been a very naughty girl this year i even hurt my brother and sister!!! :O I have been horrid and the only thing i would like for christmas is a block of coal 😉 x

  355. Dear Santa,
    I think that i am on the nice list because i have been a really really good girl.

  356. Dear Santa, I have been a really bad bad bad girl this Christmas. My halo has been a lil crooked. But i still deserve more Christmas presents than my brother and sister. Thank you

  357. Hi santa i just cant waight for christmas! I am sure you and the elfs are busy busy busy! Thank you see ya soon.

  358. am on thenice list yipe a have tried so hard santa i love you thank you and all your elvs and thank rodolf and all the others i leave raindear food for them and cookies and milk for you

  359. Dear Santa I think that I should be on your NICE list because I think that i have been good all year. I rememeberd exspaily my manners and to keep my room tidy. Thank you Santa see you next year bye.

  360. for chrismas I would like a i pod also lots of lollies in my stocking gummy burges and some gummy hot dogs. from toby

  361. i love you santa 🙂 please put me on the nice list please………………
    remember i love you 🙂

  362. Dear Santa,could you tell me if am on the nice list please or naughty list.am trying to be good.i play nicley with others. xoxoxoxox mollai





  364. hi santa it me again i think am in the good list because i tidy up for my mum and take care of my sister esther and also help my teacer every weekdays thats why i win some award but if its chocolate i share it with my friends.

  365. Hi Santa! I know that 4 sure I am on the nice list. I have been really good this year. I hope that 4 Christmas u may get a real life cute puppy. Love u Santa claus!!! Thank u 4 making Christmas come true. Love u again!!!

  366. hey santa dont be mad at me my name is janae allyique reed and i want a elf look i know im on the naugthy list but pleasae

  367. to santa claus

    i think i will be on the good list and so will my teddy because he has cuddled me at night

    i like your reindeer

  368. dear santa
    do you know a peson called carol walker
    because if you do she is my nan

    love you santa

    merry christmas

  369. santa clouse i am brenda i think you put me on the naughty list or i think i am on the other one on the nice list can you check for me right now

  370. I think I am on the nice list because i have been fairly good this year i hope Rudolph, Prancer and dancer are well and all the other reindeer’s are well i am also looking forward to xmas alot Oh i have got to go and tidy my room now bye bye Santa

  371. hi santa i hope you visit me so far am i good how do you know where i live santa please respond

  372. santa you are the best man on earth. nowun is better than you. What am i getting for Chistmas this year.

  373. I think I am on the nice list because I help my mom and dad. I do my homework and I an working on other jobs. I have been trying to keep up the good work until christmas because I really want a blue DSi. I have been wanting it for 6-7 months.


  374. Hi santa i was typing to see if i was on your naugty or nice list. Plese write me back.

  375. santa I will be on the good list right?? Will in my land I have a nice and notty list and you are definitly on the super duper nice list for sure. I have been really good will I feel right now like I am an angel on the christmas tree any ways I half to go to bed so good night santa and say hello to the elfs, mrs.clause and the raindeer of coarse like donar, rudoff and blitcen any ways I will be going now bye santa have a good sleep and tell everyone to have a good sleep too bye love your best friend every year Taylor

  376. dear santa
    I want to know if I am on
    the good list because if I am
    not I will work on it.

  377. Dear santa and Mrs Claus I wish i could come over to the north pole one day, but I really wish that I could have the presents that Iv’e always wanted.

    P.S I really Miss you and Mrs Claus.

    From Sharissa

  378. I only just checked and I am on the Nice list A+!! I am sooooo happy I thought I was going to be on the naughty list but now i am on the nice list I am soo happy!!

  379. i think i am nice cause i care for people feeling and i i give good advice if i see a preson that people make fun of i will talk to tham and be they firend. and i always do that i am nice and i dont act mean i act nice like i mean it and if i do something bad i dont lie i just tell my mom and dad so i can learn from my mistake and try to do batter that why i think i am on the nice list ~Hillary~

  380. How old is Santa?
    Name 3 of your oldest elves.
    Are me and my sister on the good list?
    How many elves do you have?
    How did you get the elves?

  381. Dear Santa,
    You are the best!
    thank you for all the toys you gave me in the past.Thank you!

    Thank you,

  382. I hope you get my Christmas list i am doing
    my list today after i got dress and i had Advent calender and breakfast
    thank you
    i will tidy my room
    from catrin
    x x x

  383. I can`t wait till christmas (I love you)
    I wont for christmas electric guitar,electric skooter

  384. Dear Santa I think that I am on the nice list even though I sometimes wind my sister up. I share almost all the time and I always leave good things to eat on Christmas eve like last year I left a mince pie which you ate all of some milk and beer and also a very very nice cookie which you didn’t eat all of so then I ate the rest .

  385. am i on the nice list ive tried to be good but this girl keeps bullying me my one wish is for her to stop

  386. I was wondering if I am on your naughty or nice list this year, Can you please send my mom and email and let me know. Thank you.

    Colton Bryan
    8 years old

  387. Santa, I was wondering if you have me on your nice or naughty list this year. Please send my mom an email to let me know when you have a chance.
    Thank You,

    Carter Bryan
    5 years old

  388. hello santa i was just reading the letter you just sent to me and i have just turned around where my two big bullmasstiffs and laying one is a boy and the other is a girl the girl is called lola and the boy is called max!! lola would like some bones and toys max would also like the same i would like a superdry coat in black please and i would also love the best christmas and a cople of other things that i am going to leave to you to talk about with my mum
    thank you very much santa for letting me talk to you a wish you and every one else over there a very big happy new year……….. merry christmas love from phoenix xoxoxoxo

  389. if u are coming to my house you better not come down the chimmney its been traped can u find any other ways pleaseeeee

  390. hiya santa i am on the nice list and was told im an angel and shouls be on the top of the tree!
    i was really hapy when you told me this!
    Hope you are well Santa<3
    All my loovveee IMOGEN

  391. hi santa tell mrs claus she was very rude to me today i aws veryupset but i still love her ho! ho! ho!merry christmas to all those people up at the north pole santa i heard about your mean twin brother Tim


  392. dear santa im been having tons of troble trying to be more with other people. but most of them just tune me away all i ever wanted is to have a true friend.well here’s what happen back when i was a kid i use to have many friends. but times had change quickly. my friends start to be really mean to me for no reason.they told me to go away and never to talk or be with us ever again.then i went into a darkest depreshon. i would stand in the rain and be soked to the bone.and i cry in my sleep.then almost at my second year of middle school agst 1 2008 every thing change my life forever. i went in a grandma sesher and was taken to the hosiplatl.many weeks later my doctor put a key a ge on me and told me it was my heart.on the same day i went to akon children heart center and i found out that i have a heart promblem called long QTS tipe 3 the most severe one.one year later i went back to my heart doctor and he sayed we need to do some testing in your blood. i ask him why he sayed in order to prove if you have a other sesher again down the road.and to see if we need to put in a pasmaker to keep your heart in balence. on the day of my segery i was so nervis that i can’t even stay still on a chair.after the testing was done and the inplant they told me that im the only one in the books with some rare markers in my blood.so rare that im the first that has this rare markers that no one else in the world has.and now here i am now 16 years old and turning 17 on monday the 13.i been threw alot of things in my life now that i have this pasmaker.and to this day i will be always be haunted from that day that change everything.every night i have nightmares from what happen to me on that day.i still regret my self from trying to forget the past but it is so hard i still some time cry.when i look in the mirrior in the bathroom all i see is nothing like my old self and dont even know this person. so im know trying to do now is finding other people like me and others with also with other medical promblems is to say(that it is hope is never lost.you can still go in life with your disrorders,illneses, and other health problems. that you can complet your goals in life and following your dreams. you can keep following your dreams and you can still acomblish you goals and when times are bad and when hope is all lost dont think that is all over for you or a love one.think what life is for only the heathy. NO!!! life is for everyone humans,bugs,bird, animals,plants, trees,everything.when the times have finaly come to a end life is a great path. when are time has pass our bodys becomes earth and soil and brings new life.and ower spirits are sent to the sky and you will know when the time has come you did what your goals and your dreams where going to be.so im following a dream that everyone and i mean everyone big small old yong ill injerd keep dreaming. dream big so what im saying is keep following your dreams dont think they wont come true. they will! if just keep beleaveing within your self and others that you care about. my dream is teaching everyone that they can make a diffrence within themselfs and to others is by following there dreams.and i have a second dream is going to colennary cooking classis. and the final dream i have is to be the greatest horseman as i can be.so this is my wisdom that you keep following your dreams and you will be prod of what you dream of.so santa if you whant to wright back please do so.
    have a safe christmas eve flight and keep on dreaming!
    yours truely
    the dream follower

  393. Hi Santa,

    For Christmas I wood like a shooter tutor please. If you could my sister Chloe really wants a train for Christmas and if you could bring it it would be great!!

    Merry Christmas,
    Love Paige

  394. hi santa claus,am i in the good or bad list please write back.thanks

  395. hello santa,
    i have been very nice this year because i have been sharing all of my toys with my sister. PLease could you post me a letter in Engalnd through the post because i reallt want onw from you!

  396. Hi santa claus i just want to know if im on the good or bad list just me i’ll keep it a secret promiss xxxxx

  397. dear Santa,Can I add something to my christmas list? I REALLY want nook color. You can read on it. I LOVE to read. love, Molly Baumer

  398. i come on this every year i have tried as hard as i can to be a good girl and i even made up a dance for u and rudolph on the song rudolph the red nosed raindear i live in gravesend and a big fan off u i love u and i am 9 i will be ten on january the 9th and i think u r the best and u are not fat and i want to say merry christmas to u and mrs claus and all the raindeers and elfs i also wrote a letter to u that u replyed to in the morning u may remember me the one who nearly fell off the chair thats me i just love talking to you lots of love shannon your biggest fan

  399. i think i am the nice list because my teacher is alwase saying i am really kind,and i was good this year.

  400. I like you, I love the polar express. I like nitendo DSI. I want to be on the nice list

  401. I love you Santa Claus.I’m 4 I’m trying to be good, my brother is being so good. Will sit out cookies and milk for you

  402. Santa,

    I think it’s awesome that you have a blog set up. I sure hope I make the nice list this year!! Hope you have a Merry Christmas!!

  403. dear Santa i want you to have a wonderful jolly night on Christmas Eve.p.s. i have a presnt for you by your cookies and milk…

  404. Santa am I on the good list this year? Please send Jingles this year I really really really miss him!!!!

  405. Dear santa:
    I think that it’s crazy that you have a blog because you send letters so fast. How do you do it all? Do your elfs help? They must.

  406. Hey santa I like your blog, I have one too. My blog is about sports and it’s awsome because I ploay lots of sports like baseball, hockey, golf, soccer, and a little bit of tennis too. Well have a merry chismas and enjoy reading notes and letters!

  407. I’m not sure but it dose’nt really matter aboutthe presents it’s all about the dinner and the person who was born on that evening but no one really care’s about that any more.

  408. dear mrs and mr santa claus at christmas eve i always read your story before i go to bed. it is about when u come everyone house and u call all your rienders and i remember that u say away dash along Ruldoph,Dasher, Dancer,Prancer, Vixen,Cupid,Comet, Ponder and Blitzer . thank u
    if u read this.by olivia jackson

  409. Ishould be on the nice list because i decided that i’m going to donate my red hair to Locks of Love after May because i’m excited to help people!

  410. i sent you a handwritten letter a couple of days ago (5-6) and still have not recieved anything back r u to busy? Hope you know the slang words santa because your cool and hip! Why isn’t tis box red or green?

  411. hi santa is it good in the northpole I wish I good see you in real life that would be great am I on the nice list or the naughty list I hope I will be on the nice list

  412. Santa i am on your nice list but my freinds are not there room is always messy you can,t even get in ther rooms its incredabile

  413. I am on the good list, and I remember two years ago in Arligton, TX, I lived on Homestead, Cynthia. My house number was 5523, and after u set all of the presents on my couch, u took a picture of it. Me, Tyler, my dorky brother, and my dad thought it was funny! I was probably 7 or 8 when that happend! LOL!!! But my question is: I have a small Calico cat and her name is Jasmine, but I was wondering if u saw her? If u had seen her just tell me! Sincerly, Georgia! P.S. Bring lots of catnip for her and a lot of kitty treats and kitty toys!!! Thank u!!!

  414. Im on the good List ! But i got a question if you do it again can it change to bad if youve been naughty?

  415. Dear Santa,
    I am pretty sure I am on the nice list. If I am not…. I will work hard, try my best, and be nice! I don’t exzactly want a brick in my Christmas stocking!

  416. Hi Santa I wish I could see you in real life

    love Anastasiya Kovtunxox … xooxoxoxo

  417. I know i have to be good because santa put an elf in our house and we named it Cutie because he is cute ps he is ni y house till cristmas pps i love you Santa Claus

  418. hello santa is emma again…just wanted to say iv visted your blog and its great! i am very excited for christmas. 🙂
    p.s hope you reply soon 🙂 xxx

  419. hello santy i just wanted to tell you am i on the naughty list or the nice list please answer me back please

  420. wow!! santa you must have a big job being santa and checking a naughty or nice list twice i hope i am on the nice list i try very hard to be on it i know one person who is probally on the naughty list his name is trent i went to school with him for two years he had a super big crush on me but idid not like him at all got to do some house work

  421. will santa have a wonderful merry christmas and tell the elevs i said hello and merry christmas even mrs.claus will i would like a christmas book and cd and a snowgoble please and thank you


  423. From now i will do my homework on time and i will help my mum more and look after my baby brother.

  424. my brother ben has been verry verry silly whith his DS.
    He gets on my nervs whith it,he gets mardey when he loses on it.

  425. I think I am on the nice listthe naughty I sooo much want sylanian families riverside lodge or the beechwood hall and some families.


  427. hi santa whats up hows the getting ready for christmas

    ps please get back to me i would love to talk

  428. Do you have a reindeer named “Olive”? All of my family wants to know who “Olive”si!!!!!!!!!

  429. hi santa i hope i am on the nice list i try soooooooo much to be good but sometimes sertin people mack it kind of hard and i think you know how thos people are love katie xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  430. hello santa, I am thankful for all your hard work.I will always remember you santa forever and ever.I remember my first christmas i was a baby back then.Keep moving on santa cause i belive you i have the christmas spirit.I am so glad that i get to know you. And again i always remember you whenever i go and whenever you go.Everything will not change.I always got the memories about this.Even though we are a part we are a family.I always want to be a rockstar,but that won’t happend.MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!! P.S I wish i could have 30 wishes and ride in you sleigh and i hope you are always with me whereever i go.

  431. Am i on the nice list or the bad list?And who is on top of the nice list?Well happy christmas dont forget to check the list twice a day.p.s I always have the christmas spirit and no one is going to take is away from me!MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!

  432. Ilove you Santa Clause and I cant wait for Christmas! How are my elfs doing you know them Sugar Plum and Skipper I got a new elf this year her name is Misltoe her and Candy Cane are best friends for life! ANd I cant wait for her to meet Suger Plum and skipper I know my elfs only come alive in December so they dont move yet but I have a feeling they will all be friends!

  433. hi santa i hope you really like it on christmas! i know that you said im a really really good girl and i want you to know that it was my birthday on bonfire night! also i like it when i get presants on christmas, im a fan of you santa your the best.

  434. How did your test ride go and qustion can i see a picture of the elf that’s waching me????

  435. i hope i am on the nice list becasue i try my best sometimes its just my freinds its weird so i really hope i am on it.

  436. hello santa,
    its me again liberty, i like your website its very cool i hope you can keep emailing me becasue i belive in you and i htink you magical and amazing but i really do want to see you some time!


  437. Hi Santy,
    I was just wondering if im on the nice list
    i love and always and forever!
    xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx
    How is MRS CLAUS?

  438. hi i realy like you and the elvs iswell i realy are looking forwerd
    to chrismas i can t tell you my
    top seakrit only my dad and me now it.

  439. i am a very nice girl but some times i can get mad and take it out on the rong people

  440. Hey!hey!hey! how are you santa Ive been wondering if you got my email I sent you a couple of minutes ago.

  441. Hi everyone. Isn’t Santa awesome hope you get what you want for Christmas.

    Santa Rocks

  442. Hi I’m Molly.
    My christmas wish is an Ipod Touch, Mum was going to get me an Iphone for my birthday, but they don’t work very well!
    Could you please leave a letter from you at christmas?

    🙂 Molly!

  443. i think i im on the naughty list caus i said somthing rude i said that your a big fat trifle

  444. hi santa are we on the naughty or nice list?? please let us know as soon as possible. love frm ciara and cian

  445. ha ha ha this dearbhla below and below again just wrote the same thing as me
    isnt that cool

  446. Dear Santa,
    has every one in the world who made a christmas list ever been on the nice list all together on one list… have they?
    lots of love
    ps.i am one of many fans of you AND this website

  447. Dear Santa,
    has the naughty list ever been clear
    i mean has everyone on the two lists ever been on JUST the NICE list
    lots of love
    ps. im one of many of your FANS!!!!!!!!!!

  448. ho,ho,ho hello santa i hope you got my christmas list i cant wait till christmas i was doing a lot of chors today and won a 5er.

    p.s i will give you my 5er.

    love bronagh conlon

  449. hi santa claus Iv think i am in the nice list and that you can give my presents please if you can if you can it;s ok i under stand. SANTA CLAUS!!!!!

  450. Hi Santa,
    I hope you and all of the other elves and reindeer have a VERY Merry Christmas.

    Tell Mrs. Clause hi please!!

  451. heyyyy how are you i bet you are haveing some fun hii mrs christmas and hello father christmas i sent you a letter you are very kind to people even me

  452. can i please please please please please please please please please please please
    please please with a cherry on top be a elf

  453. i tidey my room,i help my mum and dad brother,i care for my pet dog cat fish hamster and rabbit.i like erthry kid in the world and pepple like santa, ester bunny, touth fairy, mother natre, mosas and sand man

  454. I really love your blog! It’s amazing~
    Mom doesn’t let me do computer but mom is sleeping…LoL to U Santa Claus! I love U~
    xoxoxoxoxox oxoxoxoxoxo~

  455. am i on your nice list or naughty list santa claus,i want to find out because i want to have presents for christmas. love u loads all my love cassie-marie cook.

  456. hi santa i am not the olivia who said I HATE IT!!!!!!!

  457. Thank you for putting us on the nice list! we hope we get everything we’ve asked for! Drive safe and we will leave you a nice treat by the christmas tree!

  458. dear santa did you come by my grandparents house cause they said you would.Please could we get anne marie just untill christmas like you always do? thank you,isobel

  459. dear santa,how have you been?did you come by my grandparents house at 10o’clocklast night cause they said you would come.could you please send anne marie just untill christmas like you always do? thank you isobel


  461. dear santa i would like to meat you at my house on christamas i herd your evels love to help you out i would like to have a new laptop like my teacher the mac your friend madison

  462. my friends are very mean and swear i do it just to be cool am i on the naughty list because it that? if you think i should or something else please write back anybody can aswer just say my name in it ok? thanks

  463. santa when u come to my house i will leave someting to eat for u and rudolf.and raindears and two cookies for ur good workers 🙂 ps. if my mammmy lets me

  464. hey santa! i have tried my best to be good this year so i hope you will bring me a laptop! i love laptops! they are so cool like me and you!lol! have a nice christmas and a happy new year! xxx! your best friend Amy Mc Gettigan!!!!! xxx
    P.S i really want a laptop

  465. i have been a good boy this year and it seems that i like waiting for you on christmas eve and i lkie listeningto your reindeers bellson that nigth.

  466. santa i need to say on christmas when you put down your presents from the chimeny please leave a message for me come in my home. treat it like your own home!! and my room is the pink one

    ps: leave something for my parents to please

    thank you

  467. I love you so much and i can’t wait for christmas. Please make it special for my family and come up and leave me a letter beside my bed for me to read in the morning. I love you from Megan xxxxxxxxx

  468. Dear Santa Claus,

    We will leave the milk in the frigde so it does not get sour.

    emily s. courtney


  470. hey santa is it frezzing out in the north pole in missouri it is kinda col kinda warm bye santa……..:p

  471. please can i get another elf! so i can have two elfs eve and the elf!please can they come on thanks giveing! i miss eve tell her i say that please. thanks bye!

  472. hi santa,
    Santa I hope I can make this chirstmas special for my baby cousin Isabell Rain Henry.

  473. I love horses so I hope I get a tons of horse plush toys I wonder if Santa see’s me ride horses at my riding lesson before I get ready for bed I want to say merry Christmas Santa and elves and wish for a happy new year and don’t forget to put presents under the tree for Gabe okay talk to you soon good night Santa.

  474. hello santa how are you doing iam ready for you to come to the blairs house and drop off some presnets iam excited for you to come and the raindeer i will leve you milk and cookies and i will be really good this year i go to flcc it stands for fingerlakes community college and i love it you take care santa write back from alyse

  475. i think i am on both because i have been sometimes cheeky to my mother and i have been good asweell.

  476. Dear Santa,

    Have I been a good girl this year? I hope so! We don’t have a chimney but you’ll find a way right? I’m 11 and I still believe in the magic of Christmas!! See you on chirstmas eve!

  477. dear santa we are havin a really bad storm of rain. my best friend teresa is a bit stressed because she is having a tuff time so do you think you can give her a small gift.
    lots of love shannen o grady

  478. dear santa will Alea be my girlfriend someday or will their be a girl that mite whant to be my girlfriend?and also am I on the nuaghty or nice list? your friend Alexander .

  479. dear santa i hope i am on the nice list but thats what i think and because i never got coul before so i think i being good and do u get read this if u do please wriht back and i am in 6 and i love it but to much home work but do it all and turn it in when it is do so pritty good …ove sarahrose p.s. cant wait to see you by and wriht back 🙂

  480. i think im ont he nice list beacause i help my family out and i look after them well i can sometimes lose my self and be naughty but i say sorry and its back to nomail but that was when i was a kid

  481. santa i know t have been good but i forgot to tell u that im singing santa claus is come to town a jazzy version

    love ashlynn and pikachu

  482. hi santa i wouldnt want to be rude but im i on the nice list or naughty list i dont mind if i am on the naughty list

  483. i dont no what i am on this year because i must admit that i have been a little mean to my sister but i have tried

  484. santa i have been a good girl for the past couple of weeks and i was woundering if i am on your naughty or nice list thanks xxxx

  485. dear santa i hope i am on the goood list will you live me go on your slea and my nes jade as a secret

  486. dear Santa is your favorite cake red velvet that sounds yummy.i left you some cookies & milk love nathan

  487. i hope i am on the good list. i a sorry for being mean to my sister sometimes this year.

  488. hey santa DOG im in 5th grade and its november somthin oh well so why do u say ho ho ho all the time its alot easier just to say ha ha ha and it sounds nicer so i want u 2 work on that until christmas u will b able 2 say hahaha in a regular voice and why do u always wear red thats kinda strange cuz some people say that u should shop at abercrmbie its one of my favorite stores really santa sometimes i do bad stuff but i still get put on the nice list wahooo!

  489. Dear santa am i on the good list? is my brother on the good list? i hope he is. i hope i am. i still have the bell you gave me a few years ago. thank you for everything.


  491. I hope i am on the nice list this year, i work very hard to be on that list. although sometimes i admit to being naughty sometimes. =( I also get good grades at school and i try to be nice to everyone all year round. And try to listen to my parents as well, Well i hope christmas comes soon! i can hardly wait! =D Bye Santa till this christmas year. Xoxo

  492. santa claus your the best person every i told dovate the that i wrote you i told him to change his looks or you where not gone to come and bring the stuff he asked for i hope he bave better beacuse you fun stuff to give. love you and mrs. claus if you have a nove time can you write me back and i cant wait to see the things you bring me have a worderd day love you can give hugs to every one loveyou!!!!!!!!!

  493. I hope I am on the nice list because I lOve you a lot and I wish you a merry christmas and luck this year delivering all the presents this Christmas!!!!!!! I love you a lot bye:)

  494. merry christmas santa there is only 55 sleeps till the big day and are you are coming to Egypt mill on the 14th december and i think me my mum and my nanny and granpy are going to blooms so you can be there i don’t know yet but i will let you know

  495. hi santa iam i on tthe naughty list or the nice list because evreyone said iam plz wright back.

    p.s im the girl yvette from befor.

    p.s. bffl:best friends for life

  496. I really hope I make the good list this year. You are a very nice guy. I hope you find the time to come visit me at Southside so I can get my picture taken with you again .


  498. you are the best can tou tell kyle to stop being norte but dont tell him i am on the blog ok

  499. i am a very good girl hope i am on ur good list give the elves , raindeers and mrs claws a hug
    thanks santa xx

  500. Dear Santa ,really hope im on the nice list ! im sometimes bad but,there r those days that i can change ! I love u Santa 🙂

  501. I just am dieing for Christmas are you?
    I also hope that i am on the good list, because i have been a very good girl this week.Cant wait for Christmas at all!

    Your sinsereys

    Helena Reavley!!!!!!!!!HO!Ho!ho!

  502. I have only had a few blips this year and i hope i am on the Nice list. Lets hope i am!!

  503. i think i am on the nice list because i have tidyded my room lots and helped my family and been good at svchool

  504. Dear Santa I think I am on the nice list although, I might of been on the naghty list once or twice but thats only beacuse I might have flicked my brother or something because he always likes to anoy me, so I get really cross and flip. So please dont just put me on the naughty list just because of that I really don mean to hurt him!

  505. i think i am on the nice list because i have been a good girl this year.sure i had my bad moments but don’t everyone.the bad things i have done over some of the years i have apoligized for them.i hope i am on the nice list and p.s. have a merry christmas

  506. i have been a very naughty girl this year i dont deserve to get anything this year so im sad and ive been good about for 6 months

  507. if you are bad you get no presants if you are good you get presants so be good if you want presants i am on the nice list where are you?

  508. i am on the nice list so i hope every one else is so every one can all have a exalant christmas

  509. thank you for giving me the letter
    p.s tell the elfs put some chirstmas music on my Ipod

  510. Hi Santa I looked at your blog and found this so I writing this to you Santa I love you visiting my house ( this year new house ) so I’ll give you ll the things you want ( even niceness ) Thank you

  511. Dear Santa,
    I’m not going to ask if I’m on if I on the Nice List, I will just you do your job.

  512. josh been a good boy this year he will bring a sam’s club magazine and mas meat and roman candles


  514. i think im on the top of santas nice list because i am nice for my mum and dad.and i have been a good boy this year.

  515. hi ive come in from your old website and the other one is a lot better i have a singing santa it plays every song insept from rudolf i was wondering if you know where to get the song from

  516. Dear Santa,
    I really hope that I am on the Nice list I have been a really good girl! I will do my best to stay on the nice list. If Rudofolf wants to know my dogs Odie and Oliver are doing good!:)


  517. Dear, Santa me and Bronagh wish you a very happy christmas in the north pole. We hope Mrs Clause and the raindeers have a good christmas too, and me and bronagh will try to keep up our good behaivour, as much as we can. Im sure on christmas day the elves will feel so proud of what they have acheived by making all the toys and gifts, and making some childrens day. Merry Christmas.

  518. santa,i know im on the good list because i always tell the truth and i have been really good this year!

  519. dear santa,am i on the nice list or the naughty list.i hope in om the nice list so i get one of my wish presents.thank you for all the other presents thruoghout the years.bye santa i love you.allie(my sister)said hi and that she loves you two we love you lots like jellytots.

  520. dear santa i don’t want to be a bad kid i really want to be good i will allways love you from athena xoxo

  521. santa i love how you work together 247 and i love christmas its my favorite holiday and thankyou sooo much for making all of the children happy and im leaving my certificate out for you and also im leaving out cookies, milk, cards and lots of picures so thanks for everything

  522. i am on your nice list because i am on the good and sweet my sister rayanah is on the nice list my brother is on the naughty list all my good friend are on the nice list i hope u give gift to the homeless people and the shands children hospital xoxox

  523. to santa i hope i am on the good list becuase i think i have been good this year love you santa and the reendeers and the elves and mrs clause love you all bye



  524. i took the test and i’m on the nice list and i sure hope i don’t lose the privlige
    to be on it

  525. i should be because ive been good and never moan!ive checked the naughty or nice list and im on it!

  526. I will do my very best to keep up my good behavior! and I promise I wont forget to leave some lemon cookies out for you this year! P.s. I love the stuffed bear you gave me last christmas!

  527. Well… I have been a good girl,most of the time. 🙂 I have been a little bossy, a aditude. I love all my friends and family. 🙂 You rock love you lots. :):)

  528. santa this year im trying to be good but my brother always makes me be in trouble. my brother is always bad please dont give hive something this year

  529. santa i want a real baby sister and a lap yop and i live in london kentucky and i want a black berrry phone lime green and my baby sister has to be real and 2 years old

  530. i hope im on the nice list and i hpoe i get every thing i whant but i cant be piky anit that right santa

  531. dear santa i hope im not on the naughty list i want to be on the nice list is my dog bigmack on the naughy or nice list because he wants a bone for christmas and has anna been naughty or nice she wants a bone hugs&kisses love shelby nicole britton

  532. Hi Santa,
    Thank you for visiting my house last year. I hope you can visit me this year. You are the best.

  533. Dear Santa i think im on the nice list cause im a crooked but nice but not at home

    love gabby

  534. can rudolph come on christmas night for woody my dogs early birthday tell him to wake me up and tell him to bring dog party things and bring a birthday cake for dogs he really wants you to come and one more thing i needa spell that can make him more active. love maddie davis

  535. to santa

    i can see what you mean why youcan not tell anyone if they are on the naughty or nce list because if you tell them well if they then made up they were someone els that they knew then lke u said iits secret?. love louiise

  536. I wish I could you could give me a phone for christmas. But if you can’t. We always have next year!!!!


  537. my name is justin drew bieber im 16 years
    old i have a baby brother and a baby sister i just wanted to know if im still on the nice list this year

  538. Hi Santa!

    It is not all about present’s it is about family & friends.

    Good Bye,


  539. hi im 9 yrs old i hope im on the nice list happy christmas p.s hope santa liked the cookies i gave him last year

  540. I think that i am on his nice list. i always try to do best and keep uo the good work!

  541. Dear santa,
    have i been on the goog list for 2010
    my name is DAKOTA JAMES even has harley
    james been good
    thanks dakota xxxx oooo

  542. I hope i’m on the nice list because i clean up at school i clean my room i use my manners thats how nice i am and i know there millions of presents to deliver to the childern.

  543. Dear santa you are the best prson in the word!!! im I on the notey or nice list is jake V on the nice list

  544. i want to see justin bieber this year 4 christmas i love him so much i am his biggest fan ever that what i want 4 christmas thank u santa

  545. Santa,how are you today?I just wanted to know if I am on the nice list or not.I hope I am.If I’m not,I’ll try to be nicer throughout the year.Love,Teresa xxxxx

  546. Well…I don’t know if I am on the nice or naughty list.But I am guessing I am on the nice list.Because I am nice to everybody all the time.

  547. i think i am the naughtey list because i
    got in trouble today but i dont know if
    thats true so i am hoping you will tell
    me i love you santa oh and thank you for
    all the presents you gave me last year

  548. HI



  549. i love you santa and mrs claws oh thank you for my presents. i love xmas what presents are you going to bring me. whatever is on my christmas list. i hope so you bring whatever is on my christmas list please.

  550. I do hope I am on the Nice List.If not then I better have to start being nice!I will try the most nice in the world.But I do not think I am.So one day I will not be mean any more.I am sure.Hope your nice to Santa Claus!

  551. hi santa claus
    thanks for all the lovely presents i got .
    i got everything i asked you for.

    thanks anyway


  553. my brother is crying because he is on the naughty list his name is william ruble

  554. okay then cool i guess (i didnt even read it):) but i will later sorry bout dat g2g bye

  555. i know i not on the naughty list because i am a really good girl i now i have been a little smart with my mom but i say sorry i bet that there are no other pepole who say sorry to there mothers and farthers but i dont have a dad but i still like living with my mom she is funny even if she is mean she will always be in my heart!!!!!!!!!!!

  556. my birthdaaaaayis so soon u should know that though so i liked what i got so thank u
    ps my birthday is on the 25


  558. i really hope im on the nice list Santa
    my parents say that im good so i think you might come to me anyway you came to me thats the inportant thing.

    love Leah.

    P.S.I love you

  559. Is taylor lea and anniah ranel on the nice list? they are my school friends if they please tell me.

  560. I hope you give me a christmas hair bow next year,heres my wish list I want a new booksack,christmas hair bow a big one like in the pink box you saw last night and a new headband with a bow on top of it. xoxoxoxoxo

  561. I am nice to my friends at school and never got any trouble in denham springs junior high never. I believe in santa because I know just parents doen’t give children gifts, santa does too.

  562. santa i hope i am on the nice list.i did not get a ipod touch like you told me i mite ifeel bad can u write me back.

  563. I can not believe you are not telling us about if were on the naughty or nice list that’s mean.Love,Holly and Ethan

  564. Dear Santa,
    I was Sydney who sent you you the letter.
    Hope you saw the food and the sparkles and the reindeer will come to our home.
    We hope you have happy Christmas.

  565. Santa Whats Up my Man How You Doing , Merry Christmas And A Happy New Year. Ps Am I On The Nice List. Love You Loved Koey

  566. am i on the good list cause I’ve been a good girl and i have coulored a picture for u and Rudolph

  567. hi santa thank you for all the presents over year i love them!!!!!!!!!!!!! you are the best.

  568. hope u have a safe trip say to the elves and reinders i said hi and have a wounderful christmas.xx

  569. Yo da sante nick,
    I knowzz iz onn dat freakin nicezz lizt. Yall dont need to teellzzzzzz ma. Harpy christzmazz.
    Bob jenkins of fredville

  570. hi yes ive been naughty and nice naughty parts all beause of my brother he blames stuff on me that he did and he tells mom and dad i lie wat shuold i do because my parents dont belive me santa please help


  572. me thinks i am on the naughty list cause i:
    broke my bat on johnnys head
    hid a frog in sisters bed
    spilled some ink on mommys rug
    i made tommy eat a bug
    bought some gum with a penny slug and somebody snitched on me

    put a tack on teachers chair
    tied a knot in susies hair
    did a dance on mommys plants
    climbed a tree and tore my pants
    filled the sugar bowl with ants and somebody snitched on me!

  573. i think i am on the nice list this year because i have been kind to others love you santa meg

  574. hi santa i hope ive been on the good this year if im on the naughty list ill try and be extra good ok see u on christmas eve bye for now!!XxXxXxXxX!xox

  575. Am I on the norghty or nice list.
    Merry Christmas and a happy new year.

    Pleas write back.


  576. i thinki am on the nice list ( well atleast i hope i am) i really am enjoying writing to you i have had afew sqaubles with my brothers and my mum but we will allwayse be a loving family also how is rudulph and the elves getting on oh and how are you getting on and a

    HO HO HO georgia XXX

  577. I hope I am on the nice list, I have done naughty things but I dont regret them…I just learn from my mistakes!



  579. Dear Santa

    I hope I am on the nice list and my friends are also on the nice list.

    Thank you for all the nice presents that you left me last year. I hope my teachers get something nice to.

  580. I have been pretty good. Sometimes I get to rough with my little brother or I do not listen to my mom but most of the time I am pretty good.

  581. I think im in the good list becayse i help with house work try my best at school i like homework i try hard to make new friends and always remind my self is a bout the three Gs that is giving , getting and god.

  582. Santa I wanna know if I’am on the Naughty or nice list.

    thank you love you elianny(:

  583. Santa please tell me if I’m on the nice list because I am trying really hard to get on the nice list

  584. i dont know what list i should be on because i can be very naughty but i can be very nice

  585. i probely on thenice list but sence my birthday iis tommtrow i might not get like alort of prestens!

  586. I think I am on the nice list because I try really hard and I have been doing lots of wonderful things even when it’s not CHRISTMAS. WRITE BACK

  587. Dear Santa, I have been SO good this year, because I deserve lots of things, do lots of good stuff, help people, and I am a Role Model to others

  588. I hope every one is nice and that im on the nice list!

    ps:please get me a nook!

  589. Hi santa i am melissa again in sunrise id really have been a good girl this year like id said i am have been like an angel in this sky id really wanted to talk with you santa id do have a little disablity to but id really want a great christmas i am a sweet girl to santa so please say hi to the elfs and miss claus from me thank you santa xoxoxoxo

  590. hi santa and the elves also the raindeers cant forget about all of you you are all spicaL

  591. I think I should be on the good list because I have been really good, and I have even had a phone call from school telling my mum how good I have been x

  592. Santa, I’m sure – you’re doing the right thing 🙂
    P.S. If I have some spelling error, I am turkish but I study english at school 🙂

  593. I was looking at the santa tracker and it said people have been more naughty than nice Santa if your reading this i know everybodys been nice so please give me and my friends the best christmas ever!!!!!!

  594. I have been bad to my parents and i am sorry for doing that sometimes i like to tease my friend then i would feel bad in every bad thing i find a way then i get forgived i hope i am on the nice list