Who is on Santa’s Naughty or Nice List?

Santa's Naughty or Nice List
Santa’s Naughty or Nice List

Are you on Santa’s Naughty or Nice List?

Many people ask me, “Santa Claus, am I on the Naughty List or the Nice List?”  Some people want to know who else is on the Naughty and Nice List.  Yes, everyone wants to know about Santa’s Naughty or Nice List! Even the elves!

Well, I would like to tell people if they are on the Naughty List or on the Nice List.  But, you see, my List is “Top Secret”.  That is why I keep it locked in a very special place.

There is a special reason its top secret:  I don’t decide who is on the Naughty List and who is on the Nice List until just before Christmas.   That is right!   The List is always changing.  After all, even good kids are naughty sometime.  So, I want to give all the good boys and girls lots of time to get onto the Nice List.

That is why I’m making a List and checking it twice.  I have to find out who’s Naughty and Nice!

There is another reason I keep my List top secret.  What if someone saw an old Naughty List that had your name on it?  Maybe an elf caught you being naughty that day!   You know I would not want to get you into trouble.

Who is on Santa’s Naughty or Nice List?

Now, can I tell you a secret?  Ssh.    You can see if you have been naughty or nice by going to a special web page.   It is my “Incredible Elf-o-matic Naughty or Nice Determinator“!  If you have been good then you will even get a special certificate from me!  It will say that you are “Santa Certified Nice”!  So make sure you leave your certificate out for me on Christmas Eve.  Then I’ll know you are on the Nice List!

You can also see who is on The Nice List and who is on The Naughty List.

Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus

P.S.  Do you think you are on the Nice List or the Naughty List this year (and why)?  (You can leave a message for me. Or, scroll down to see what others have written!)

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2,649 special messages to Santa about “Who is on Santa’s Naughty or Nice List?”

  1. Hello my name is Brianna I was wondering if I was on the nice or bad list util I heard about the secret. I love Xmas eve and Xmas day. I’m one of your fans. I have a little elf.

  2. TO:Santa is Annabelle and sariah On the nice list because we have been really good from:sariah and annabelle❤️❌❤️❌❤️❌❤️❌❤️

  3. Sussn would like a new boyfriend thanks it’s will be better chirstams ever thanks
    My boyfriend name Johnnie he died yesterday mouth off July send him flowers at the ceremony at funeral home thank you. Don’t forget him it’s susan at the ceremony

  4. Hurray! My days are always extra special when one of my favorite girls in Harry surprises me with a wonderful letter. I sure do love the Internet because now I never feel lonely all the way up at the North Pole. An email from you, Harry Kelly, really makes my day!

  5. HI SANTA did rupert get my message give me a message back okay can you give me an elf tracker and rupert he is the coolest elf i know oh and don,t forget about reggy the elf i am really big fan. and i am really sorry just give me one more chance LOVE Ariana

  6. hi Santa for Christmas I want cole cole Sprouse the hot one compared to him the sun will give you hypothermia

  7. Hi santa i know im on the naughty list this year but give me a nother change i can be good deep down im not askng to be on the nice list but i can be good✨.

  8. I love you please can you give me what i wished for i would be really happy if you did if not it dos not matter

  9. I love you i wish i could see you in real life i have always dreamed of seeing you my auntie is having a baby today

  10. Dear Santa I love you and I want some things for Christmas I want rollerskates from you and and a gymnastics bar please and thank you and hink you guys are the nicest people in the world by


  12. dear santa

    on next christmas i want my cat back home safe his got a name massie he got missing he didn,t came home let me know he is ginger careful with him and i want my boyfriend as well also missed

  13. hi santa is these things to see if you are on the bad list or nice list from you and do they tell if you acuilly on the bad list and nice list?

  14. Dear Santa i wanted to wish u merry Christmas to u mrs clause all elfs and reindeer love them all have safe journey as u travel around the world plz wear your mask stay safe love crystal amen i pray i hope u write to me find my home in regina Saskatchewan left u milk and cookies your always welcome to our home god bless u amen i pray better Christmas this year thanku for listen to me

  15. Hi Santa what I want for Christmas is a hover board
    I hope that your reindeer are hungry for Christmas snacks and I will get you something good to your friend Kinley

  16. Hi santa how are you? I’m doing good. I am trying to be on your nice list. I would like presents under my Christmas tree. I will lay out cookies for you. I hope you are staying safe and warm. I’m excited for Christmas. Thank you for making Christmas extra magical and special. Take care. From Alyona

  17. I want LOL they are the best but i want the ones that can change their hair they are super cool also want a credit card so i can but money in it and get more robux so i can buy everything in adopt me roblox is awesome and to get minecraft so i make the biggest house ever and it will be pretty. thats all wait.I also want a new barbie one of the rainbow doll bye i think thats all

  18. dear Santa.I hope you are warm and cosy.Please tell me I am on the nice list.My elf,s took my christmas list and I hope they showed it to you.if you can please give me everything on it or most of it please do.

  19. Dear santa am I on your naughty or nice list? I have been doing good in school I’m being kind to my friends and family I will leave you cookies and milk and food for the reindeers. Can’t wait to see you. I can’t wait for you to come to my house. I have two cats but they’re nice. Merry Christmas!! Love keltie

  20. Hi Santa I’m I on the naughty list or nice list
    Can I please know
    I really wanna to know
    Can I please get a umbreon plushie and can I also get a blue and yellow designe case

  21. Dear Santa,

    I have been a good little boy this year. My name is Ethan. I would like a dragon toy egg for Christmas please.
    I love you Santa,
    Thank you,

  22. Dear Santaclause and miss Claus am I on the nice list .
    Or the naughty list this year and Santaclause have I been a good girl this year and Santaclause I’ve turned .
    My behavior and Santaclause I have been asking questions and Santaclause who I choose to listen and .
    Santaclause I would like a cave girl this year and a descents doll named. Uma and mal and Santaclause a strawberry shortcake and cherry jam and I would like ever after high epic winter and Powerpuffgirls chapterbooks number 2 is all chalked up and Santaclause Powerpuffgirls chapterbook number 7 scaredy princess and Powerpuffgirls chapterbook number9 is frighty night and Santaclause Powerpuffgirls
    Chapterbook number11 is teacher’s pest and Santaclause Powerpuffgirls chapterbook number 12 .
    Miss mean and little miss pokey oaks Santaclause Powerpuffgirls chapterbook number 14 shrinky jinx and Santaclause my little pony friendship games I want sour sweet and sugar coat ,sunny flare and lemon zest and .
    Ingo zap , sci twilight sparkle prinpical cinch shining armor and dean Candace and Santaclause spike the dog and Santaclause I want we’relalaloopy stromey e sky and jewel sparkles from Netflix in stuff and miss Claus I want Pokemon black and white version 2 and Santaclause Pokemon video game that is coming out this year too Super smash Bros for Nintendo switch games and Santaclause a brand new Vamperina playset
    That sings Santaclause I would like my little pony equestrian girls beach version , pinkie pie slumber party set and Santaclause and a brand new baby alive and a playpen and a stroller and a play mat ,girls mobile and a
    High chair and a Powerpuffgirls comic book recess all day and Santaclause then twilight sparkle and the crystal heart

  23. Dear: Santa this is what i want for x-mas oh some of them are on amazon so i will put the ones that are on amazon oh ya some are also in Walmart.
    1: Scruff a Luvs jungle is only on amazon
    2: Nintendo switch console only in Walmart
    3: Paper.io for the Nintendo at Walmart
    4: apple watch
    5: Spryzen set only on Amazon
    6: The new beyblade stadium only on amazon
    7: ultimate garage only on Amazon
    8: Roblox for Nintendo switch at Walmart
    9: Samsung tablet s6 only on amazon

  24. can you tell me if im on nuaghty or nice list santa and i want an android phone that is 12 and a hatchimals and lol big doll of 3 of them

  25. i have been good this year and i love you santa and i love to sing here is a powm iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ilove you i now iiiiiii iiiiii now iiiiii iiii now now now now now now now.

  26. hello santa i would like an iphone 12 pro max and a pc computer and santa can you make sure the iphone 12 pro max is pink and santa can i have a barbie dollhouse with dolls and the furniture inside and santa can i have a nail appointment with a massage and a spa day and santa can i have a new house make sure the house is a mansion with a car the car liscence plate is gonna be $$jamia and santa can i have a puppy ive been wanting one for years but my mom says maybe next year but can it plss be this year and santa can i have one more thing can you wish everybody in the world A MERRY CHRISTMAS.

  27. Hey Santa my name is Ryan I ask for Some Shiny Charzard pokemon so pls forgive me if I didn’t behave throughout the year but pls forgive me and put me in the nice list.

  28. Hey Santa I saw I was on the nice list can I get like lego of like Batman LEGO, some cars of lego, and a house that I can built out of lego set

  29. hi santa i have been nice this year but I have angxiety of coronavirus and the people who reads this comment I hope your staying safe and staying healthy and if your sick you haft to stay home

  30. Santa Claus, I think I’m on the naughty list because i call people dumb. But i dont mean it i just say it cause im mad

  31. Hi I am Brittney and I am 15. My 6-year-old sister has been super good this year and wants to know what list she is on.

  32. Deer Santa for Christmas I want a
    Tree figurine. And a Hatchimals and
    A cat toy for CHIP and I am making
    A cat magazine for CHIP to make
    CHIP famous ………………PS.you can
    Grab 2 for you and Mrs.Claus.

  33. Deer Santa for Christmas I want a
    Tree figurine. And a Hatchimals and
    A cat toy for CHIP and I am making
    A cat magazine for CHIP to make
    CHIP famous ………………PS.you can
    Grab 2 for you and Mrs.Claus.

  34. Dear Santa,

    For Christmas, I want hatchimals. I think I am on the good side. I have a couple questions to ask you at my house. You will see it on the wall.

  35. Deer Santa for Christmas I want hatchimals
    I thought I was on the good side and
    I have a couple of questions to ask for you

  36. I would like a bunkbed and a doll set and a mermaid bed and I love Santa so much how are you doing today I am in Panoka .I love you …………..to Santa .From

  37. i want a female orange cat that is nice that can have babys. i want a golden retreeever dog. i will promise to be good. I LOVE YOU SANT.

  38. Hi Santa Claus
    How are you feeling today hope you are well and happy day and can you not put me on the naughty List or good List and can you tell me if you you’re coming to visit me today or tomorrow


  39. dear Santa I am writing this letter to you because it has been 10 years since I last saw you and yes I’m 10 now I can’t him two weeks ago and I just really want you to hear this and also my friend top presents are a new electric scooter a LED lights fangc you from evie

  40. was I good enough to get a nentendoswch? tell me wen I meet you also an x box,ps5,samsung tv 55inch,apple comyooter,wivrone tempes beyblade,a fish tank,2cleener rass,1 reegel angel fish

  41. Hi how are you doing I was just wondering if you are sending our elf buddy this year because me and my sister Nevaya really really really miss him and hope you send him if you can so if you see him in the North Pole can you please say to him That me EV and my sister Nevaya really miss him and hope he comes and hope that you come body this year

  42. I’m Elianah. Am I on the nice or naughty list? If I’m not on naughty, can I please have a magical pixies rider? It’s my dweam toy.

  43. santa i have been a good girl i will get you milk and cokies and my name is kaylee i love you and i know your real we trust you santa and i hope your not in a rush please say hi to evry one for me we are allways bff best firends for ever and am i on the nody or nice list and say hi to clumsy for me and mis.cluse thank you by

  44. Deare.santa i have been a good girl i hope in on the nice list for christmas i would like a phone with earbuds with a chareger thank you santa your the best happy christmas

  45. hi santa i wont a i phone 11 wsith a pop socit and i phone chger and i wsont makup this year thank you and plese santa hope to see you soon bye santa

  46. Hi my name is Kaleb I will give u cookies and I will write a note for you I hope I’m on the good list I’ve been doing good in school and can I have the inquisitormaster fairytale plushy collection a laptop and maybe slime and you can get me other stuff you’d think I like.

  47. Him santa it chloe. I would. Like.. A present from. My. Dad. Paul Newman and. Some. New I pods.. And. I now. This year I didn’t get a video call. From. You. I would. Like. A video call. To. See. If. Am. On the good. Or. Bad list. Thanks. My. Regds chloe. And linda and dorthy

  48. hi Santa its cody just wanna say ive been really good at school im really good at home too im trying i will start again TM i hope tm is better i also love michael jackson

  49. Santa, I want to know if I am on the Naughty List or the Nice List because I want to know if I have been good this year. I know I’m not perfect, but I still want to know. Thank You!

  50. Hello santa I know its only September 2020 I was wondering if you can tell me if I’m on the nice or bad list I know I have issues but it will help if you tell me know so I can straighten up plz love you.

  51. Hi Santa, I really like Christmas. But could you possibly tell me if your real? I believe that you are tho. Am I on the nice list? I hope I am. I know I fight with Ali a lot but she can annoy me.
    Love, LAUREN

  52. Ella May I live in false Pennsylvania I am very nice good girl in very every year i am for chirstmas this year i wish for for chirstmas is laptop the golden girls DVD collection prayer candles prayer staue

  53. Hi there I am very excited about you coming tonight! I hope that I am on the nice list to just like my sister! If I don’t I will celebrate god’s birthday because Christmas is not always about presents Merry Christmas

  54. Hi Santa I am not sure I am on the naughty list still? I hope l get presents but if l do not l know that Christmas is not about presents it is about spending time with family and celebrating gods birthday.merry Christmas Santa.

  55. Hello Santa Christmas
    I have been very good and I Hope I’m on the nice list.
    I will leave a cookie and some milk for you and a carrot Rudolph.
    Love Sienna xx

  56. Hi santa ,
    Am I on the nice list or naughty list it’s only 4 more days until Christmas wow it’s gone quick I will leave out some nice treats for you and Rudolph
    Love ,
    Mia xx

  57. Hey santa i’m 17 and in high school so we all know i know your little secret but my little brother kaleb wants to know if he is on the naughty or nice list because his elf on the shelf has been moving into hard places to find so that he can see him, his elfs name is henry elfcins

  58. Dear Santa,
    I have been really bad this year. I know I deserve the naughty list but I have a heart. I feel for the poor the homeless the sick the dying. Please Santa if you could bring one thing is peace to the lives of these people and bring them love and let them know they are loved too. I would appreciate it. I love you Santa! I know I’m to big to believe but I trust in you I trust that you will bring hope to these people in our world. WE all could use hope.

  59. So, Santa, I’ve been a BIG potty mouth most of the year but, during december, i’ll fix that mouth, im 12 after all, so, Am I going to get on the nice list by doing that?

  60. Dear Santa,
    My name is Autumn Cheyenne Rockwell I am 17 years I know u may think I am too old but I’m not I just want to know if I am on the nice list. I have a lot of Christmas Spirit I hope u are doing well can’t wait to see u soon at Wal-Mart in Witcha Falls, Texas soon even though I live in Electra, Texas
    Here is a pic of me on the first day of school of this year

  61. Hey santa,

    Is I on the good list or bad list there are sometimes I,m bad but please wake me up on Christmas Day I want to ask you something.

  62. Am I on the nice list and I miss my elves so bad and much can you send themselves back tonight and I do hope that I and my brothers are on the nice list because I really was good the whole year and my brothers were good the whole year and I want lots of things for Christmas so please send all the things that I want and I will message you what I want and where i live

  63. hi santa I just got two puppies this is there first chrismas the boy is kai and the girl is kona I love them. I hope im on your nice list cause I think I have been nice.I hope you have an elf come down to my house and watch me so they can tell you that I have been doing good. My dogs also like presents.Love you guys at the north pole and thanks for making presents. I forgot my sister savannah wants a recerd player from you.

  64. Can I be in your nice list? At school, I worked very hard but I have little problems of writing.My parents are very proud of me!I have been a good boy and I can’t wait to open my presents!

  65. I did elfo Matic naughty or nice list determinator and you told me that I was on the nice list but you also said the detective elf saw me do something but you didn`t tell me what. please let me know.

  66. I think i should be on the nice list beacuse i will do my chores and i will help out a little more because i love getting presents fro you are the only person who i count on and you are my hero thank you


  67. if have a good day santa claus
    paulshaw sleeping am im happy
    it year see santa down s in my bed room paulshaw
    I wall eat lunch 12;pm day god talk with you gift
    elf talk with you gift
    rog boxblue talk to me with you gift
    im so cold down s paulshaw
    good on nice list nov 1 1/24/20019
    thanke you paulshaw

  68. Hi Santa I think I have been good this year I always think about you when it’s November so yeah I think I made I might have done some naughty stuff but I think I was still nice.

  69. Santa, i have been ill for 6 months now from cancer my name is Bella and all i want for Christmas is to be normal again and not bald

  70. Dear Mr Santa Claus my name is ella May Dillard I am on your nice list this year my favorite gifts this year is laptop and printer and art collection and I like phone line portable toilet flush camoping hiking toilet potty and wash basin atm mini bank cotton candy maker portable blendr outlet ice cream makerperfect keto heating pad pisbugh stellars bathroom collection and green Bay Packers coffee pot pregnancy test beltd
    Prayercandles and chable set Trammell story books picture framesand hannah montana koacoke machineswith karaoke cds melissa etheridge collection dolls with stuegewith dolls tent

  71. Hi santa claus,

    My name is miguel pantoja and i want to know if i in the nice list or the bad list and this is what i want for chiristmas airpods, a popsocket of the warriors, lionel messi golden soccer shoes, kevin durant red basketball shoes, warriors gear, curry 4 mid grey, barcelona gears, goalkepper glove, wwe 2k 19, nba 2k 19, and a red new phone cast for lg fortune 2

  72. Love you you are amazing am I on the nice list in trying to be good . Can’t wait for Christmas were decorating on the 25th of November and it is the 23 rd of November SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!! Have a merry Christmas Santa love you

  73. Santa, am I on your nice list or naughty? I hope Ive been good this year and I also hope that everyone gets the presents that they have been waiting for! I hope you and everybody else has a lovely christmas! Merry Christmas everyone! Love From Danulya Rathnayaka

  74. Dear Santa claus, I have been a good girl this year. Just to let you know I will have two magazines by the Christmas tree.


  75. dear santa,
    am i on the naughty or nice list im really curous also do you think you can face time me on christmas eve also i have been good all year hope you get this letter your friend brooklyn

  76. I know I’m on the nice list this year because I got good grades all around my midterms! (except science- but I’m gonna do extra credit for that so I’m gonna be fine.) I ave also been kind to everyone!

  77. Santa I think I should be on the nice list because I am being kind to all and today I seen someone sad and I made them so so happy and now we are friends

  78. What I What For Christmas is Boyfriend like Famous some one ☝️ Maybe You will Pick one for Sara Surepirce on Christmas Eve Night???? Is it a Okay With You!!!!! I Would like that from you people Santa I Love You a Whole Lot
    Sara Scattini Salinas Ca, 93908 Thanks

  79. hey, this is Natalie and my dad is having problems with his back can you get him some stuff to help him with that and I have been so good not really gust hope for this.

  80. Santa; I hope I am on the nice list because I do a lot of nice things for my family and if I am not at home ,can you please deliver me and my family’s presents please.

  81. Merry Christmas Santa Claus I would like for Christmas is riverdale stuff and walt Disney stuff and WWE stuff and a blanket and new headphones and new cell phone and ipod and camra and scary movies and I have been nice to everyone and say hi to everyone for me and I will leave cookies and milk out for you and I live in Barrie Ontario Canada

  82. Santa,hello my name is Chelsea sokolovski and everybody even me have wondered if I was on the nice or naughty list and I really hope I am on the nice list I will try to be nice on December and for Christmas I always wanted an iPhone 11 pro max and a chucky doll becouse I really love scary stuff! And clothes and shoes and some skirts will be beautiful! And I am not gonna be upset if u can’t give me all that I want I understand that u have a lot of presents to give out and there’s gonna be way to much stuff on the sleigh and Santa I won’t forgot the cookies and milk! I will leave my favorite ones hopefully u like them love u Santa!

  83. Hi santa it’s serenity I. Like school my favorite subject is math it’s fun I would like 1. A Lego set 2. 5 surprise mini brand balls and. 3. I don’t care am I on the nice list ?

  84. Hi Santa my name is Sadie I am 4 years old and I live in Glenroy of Australia
    for Christmas I would like:

    1. bowl
    2. barbie dolls
    3. fairy garden
    Am I on the nice list?

  85. Hi Santa Elizabeth has been a very good this year she deserves a lot of stuff For Christmas she a Beautiful girl she says when she grows up she wants to be Help when you’re there and be in the elf or helping you were living with you because she has a lot on her mine

  86. Hey first I’m gonna start off bye saying I love u and ur elves and remember to tell buddy we moved,Santa u r the best thing that’s happened to me u should see my face when I open my presents oh silly me u do I hope u in joy all the cookies and milk I give u and Rudolph I hope u in joy the carrots!

  87. Hi Santa. I was wondering if I could get a new iPhone 11 for Christmas. If I can that would be the best gift. I would love it. I love iPhones so much. I’m 15 years old and I wish I had a new iPhone 11

    Love:Emily Ann Burdick

  88. Hi Santa my name is mikayla is it true that you watch over me ?I’m going to watch a x_mas movie for dinner I think. I also wish for my mom to be off of work and to have a super duper great Christmas not just my mom but my hole family but I want to go to school on the day before Christmas eve so I can see my friends for the day before Christmas eve.Can I also have a turtle I would ask for a puppy but I am allergic to all animals with fur.I have 2 kittens I want them to have presents too so they also are happy on Christmas.

  89. Keep dreaming no matter what. My life is not great because I have a brother with mental health, I just wanted you to know this santa. Live. Every. Second. Of. Your. Life.
    Thank you
    PS I am a regular messager so if you see the name ‘Elizabeth’ it’s most probably me

  90. I think I am on the nice list because I always try to be nice to people even when it’s hard to, and because I’m always in the Christmas spirit! (I left a photo of my dog lexi in her Winter wear!

  91. Hi I’m Taylor and I’m a good kid please bring my mom back because I miss her bye santa Claus make it snow let it snow let it snow tommorow

  92. Dear Santa Cluse how are you doing today this time of the year in 2019????? I being have and help out My Lovely Parants With my Two Nephew’s Like Nolan and Even Scattini they are very good Around Aunt Sara and Grandma Joan and Grandpa Jim Everybody are good to Me around Christmas Time of the year!!!!!!! What I what for Christmas is Boyfriend maybe can you look for me please and New Basketball Shoes Size 5 in a half or 6
    I love you a whole lot Love Always Friend Sara

  93. Hi, Santa Claus! This year I am on nice or naughty list? Since I was little I think you exist, and now when I get older I understand that you do not have time or that I was not happy and I think that is why I do not receive gifts from you. I hope this year has been better. Love you, Santa Claus.

  94. Yo humans of the world! I love Christmas even though I’m not religious . I just gonna type random stuff so you can continue readinga if you want to. Did you know that Santa is 1,748 years old… but the oldest person alive is 116 years old. So that means he is the oldest. This is a lil bit about me. I am a girl who lives in Canada and no Canada isn’t always a cold block of ice but in my opinion is beautiful and in the summer (2019) Canada was warmer than it was in Florida! Facts. My only wish for life is to make others happy. Knowing that others are happy makes me happy. So keep following your dreams, mistakes are things to help you succeed, without mistakes you won’t learn much. Never doubt yourself and if your ever needing help there will always be someone there for you, out of the 7.7 billion people on this planet at least one will care about you. You are your own self, so be your own self. You do you. Have a great day and always try your best, if you don’t you won’t have as much fun in the end. Merry almost Christmas peeps! Xoxo

  95. Hi Santa my elves just had a baby girl!!!! Her name is either Buttons or Mittens can’t really decide maybe you could?

    Mittens Yes. No

    Buttons Yes No

  96. hello im clodagh ginty from dooriel ballycroy westport co mayo please can i have aniphone 6 please i always wanted one xxxx

  97. hello santa claus this is clodagh ginty from dooriel balyycroy westport co mayo please can i have an i phone6 i really wanted one all of my life from clodagh ginty

  98. remember guys Christmas is about jesuses birth remember he saved us. just a reminder Christmas isint about the gifts its about jesus.

  99. Hello Santa I believe in you I hope I’m on the nice list and I hope I don’t get coal this Christmas what I want for Christmas is Blair’s American girl doll and that is all! I love you Santa with all my heart!


  100. I realy hope im on the nice list but im pretty shure I am ive tried to be my best I was wondering too is my best friend haden on the nice or nody list I love santa and I wish him a hoho merry Christmas 52 days till Christmas so exsited and I wonder if my brother Nathaniel is on the nice or noty list

  101. I’ve been a good boy all year being a good young man all year so I was wondering if I can get my presents on Christmas it’s all right with you Santa Claus

  102. Hi it’s Caitlin here
    I think I will be on the good list this year. I have been really good this year ! I am hoping that I get lots of presents! Please can you reply to me?? Xxx

  103. Dear Santa,
    could you just make a real boy out of me? There is no other wish…
    I feel so lonely and misunderstood.
    I really respect that you have a lot of work, so if there is someone who needs your help more or sooner than me, it´s ok.

  104. Nice list! i have been counting down to christmas but my friends say that i should be counting down to halloween cause it is first but i will keep counting to christmas

  105. I think I’m on the nice list because,I have been working hard and listening in school,
    listening to mom and dad(most of the time).I treat family and friends nicely. And treat friends nicely even if they aren’t kind to me.And I 100% belive in you!

  106. I believe in you Santa I love you and I hope I am on the good list, I know it’s been a rough week for me I’ve fought through and kept my head up with positivity

  107. Nice! I try my best. blah blah blah, I want to help and try to help. I moved to a new school, handeld it, in a club of friends or whatever. I has a friend named Sofia White!

  108. Hi Santa, I’ve been a very good kid. I’m 8 years old and I’m a very good big girl! I would love you see you santa but I can’t your in North Pole. I wanna see you but if I don’t, it doesn’t matter! I’m a big good girl! I wish I met you one day in my dreams. Love you santa! -By Xiyao

  109. Hi Santa I just turned 14 in very sorry I been good sometimes I cant help it I’m very sorry I wanted alot of stuff I really tried to be good and i joined the penguin project for annie play show i will be good next year i will try Love Damian

  110. Am I on the nice list and I have 4 elf on the shelfs and I miss them so much I was wondering if I could get
    them back there names are Buddy, Ruby , Chippy and Alfie
    Thank you xxx

  111. Dear Santa,
    I am already thinking about Christmas. Christmas is my best day ever in my whole entire life! Only one thing. I will be in Korea on Christmas. I won’t be home. But just to let you know, I really really truly want a real true phone. The phone I am using is my dad’s phone, and I can’t play some apps because you can only play them when your paying money monthly. But if that is too expensive, I will want something else. I want an apple watch. I really really wanted an apple watch, and I seen people wear it on their wrists every time, I just love them! Santa. May I truly have an apple watch. Santa, I really thank you that you gave me this expensive chromebook, and I love my computer! Santa, I love electronics such as computers, tv, phones, apple watches, and other electronics. Santa, I like you so much, I always count on you to give me the best presents. Please, I am begging you, please give me an apple watch!! Oh, and I hope I am on the nice list. I am sorry for the things I have been naughty for. But I still hope I am on the nice list. Thank you and please make my wish for getting an apple watch come true.
    Thank you,

    Dear Santa Claus,
    I really want a transforming, coolest Robot I will ever see. My second option is to get a bigger and new tv for my family, and a tv that we can see cooler stuff. Thank you for giving me a race track and I played with it so good. I like you and please give me a transforming robot or a tv for my family.

  112. I am being good this year doing all my cleaning jobs going to sleep especeally christmas eve i will leave you out a sherry and mince pie and a carrot

  113. hi santa
    I am nine years old and I really hope I get the lol suprise amazing suprise because it is really expensive. It is $320 on amazon and my mom and dad will never buy it for me.

  114. Hello Santa I really really really really really really really really want a iPhone Xr or iPhone 11 with Airpods. Because every single person in my class has a iPhone, and I feel left out. I hope you do. Or at least give my mom some money to by me one. Thank you Santa love you.

  115. Santa I have been waiting so long to get a fire strike nerf gun with toy soft bullets a kids armour also kids walkie talkies and two milky bar buttons tubes please Santa clause thank you

  116. Santa,
    for years I have been mean to my little brother and every Christmas I want to be nicer to my brother . I am coming clean to you and I fully apoligise. I have cleaned up my wrongs and I will try to never be mean to my brother again. I am so disappointed with myself I will never do it again. By the way, thanks for your letter and I hope you can get my elf ready to write near Christmas. I can not wait to write you that letter for Christmas eve night and I give a yay to comet for his dance routine I give him five stars.

  117. Hi Santa I’m sorry I been Cussing To much And Iam So sorry I been bad Or Nice Iam sorry I am Autism I cant Help it I’m really sorry I will try Next Time Love Damian

  118. Hi Santa Its me Damian I’m in 9th grade and I’m 13 now I will being going to high school I want a Sillcone Doll Wonder woman and Spongebob Pjs and Spiderman far from Home Jacket and Boots and Yoga Pants and I want shoes Air Jordans shoes

  119. hi my name is charlotte and for Christmas this year I would really please like a block of caramello choclate
    yours faithfully,charlotte

  120. HI Santa my name is Johana and i am 3rd grade.and When I ask people is Santa real and they don’t believe my that your in real live and i have a sister name Elisa and I think that my sister is in the nice list and i am not.and I ready believe you.and I hope that your still alive so you could like at my message for you. Merry Christmas.

  121. Dear santa,my sister is starting to stop beliving inyou but I stell belive in you her name is Briana please all I want for christmas is for her to believe in you agin.

  122. Hi Mr. & Mrs. Clause thank you for the presents you got me and I understand how hard it is because I am feeling the same as you I’m am always on the good list and I always try my hardest I don’t mean to be a bit cheeky thank you for a lovely Christmas and new year and the elf left me a phone so say thankyou so much love from Aimee

  123. Hi Santa remember me, Jamil. Remember I wanted a guinea pig for christmas and you gave me a backpack thank you for the backpack and you also wrote a message back to me and i am getting it tomorrow.

  124. I think i was good because i helped people and i was very kind and caring. This year i was very good. ps: i took the Naughty or Nice btest and it said i was nice but my halo was a little crooked

  125. Annyeonghaseyo Santa Claus! 잘 지냈어요? 올해 저는 정말로 즐거운 시간을 보냈습니다. 착한 녀석 명단에 올 자격이 있다고 생각하지? 인사말!

  126. Hello Santa I got your I got your presents that you gave me on my tree and it LOL bling series I love it I can’t believe you gave me six of them Well I think you are busy but I think you so much! Love :Aleyla I am 7 years old

  127. Nice list because I have help out a lot this year and I have been very sweet this year love you Mrs clause and Santa Clause

  128. hello father chrismas my name is azayla ivyonna scott age 8 years old i have been a naughty but i am still geting presents love santa claus ho ho ho merry chrismas ho ho ho i really love you

  129. Dear Santa Claus,
    I’m on your nice list bcoz I never lie to my elders I respect them. I keep my room very clean. I help my mom in her daily chores.
    Love, Indra

  130. Hello Father Christmas . I am not sure what list I am on but I am ashamed of myself because I was a bit naughty yesterday but most of the time I am good . Ssshhh don’t tell the elves or Mrs Claus I made a present for them which is also for you . I made it because I everybody is a bit spoilt except you and Mrs Claus and the elves who just get food so I thought that is a bit unfair .Hope you have a wonderful Christmas

  131. Hello and merry Christmas . I am not sure but I feel a shamed of myself because I was a bit naughty yesterday but most of the time I am good . HOPE YOU HAVE A WONDERFUL CHRISTMAS❤️ Poppy Hayward aged 8

  132. Hello dear Santa,
    I think I’m on the nice list♥I left cookies and milk for you! Be sure to visit me dear Santa! My lovely wishes of Christmas to you and Mrs. Claus too!! I hope she’s knitting on the North Pole!

  133. hi santa I love Christmas so much but I wish my London nan and grandad were here and fin and also I hope you and mrs clause and your elfs have a really good Christmas all together. I have made u some mince pies home made and l have left your reindeers a carrot all of love charlotte ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    merry Christmas

  134. dear santa I am waching ..GRINCH.. now and thinking of you I realy want for christmas a speaker – JBL GO 2 LOVE YOU SO MUCH
    XO XO XO

  135. Hi Santa please can you tell me if I’ve been naughty or nice I’ve also been trying to keep the house tidy
    Love from daniel Harnden
    Xxx please can you message me

  136. Hi Santa,
    I really do hope I am on the nice list!! And trust me I know you only usually bring me one gift so nothing special is just fine with me. Thank you for always making are christmas traditions so special!!! Cant wait to see what you get me!!

    Ps.. Felix and Minty said hi and they will see you tonight. Love carly

  137. Dear Santa
    I left you mince pies and carrots for your reindeers every year! I cannot believe that your coming tomorrow night! I hope that I am on the nice list!

  138. Santa you are the best one in whole world of christmas are you going to driver the prezent? I love and like you santa More

  139. I think I have been really helpful, lovely and kind this year. Next year I will be a House Captain and a Road Patrol Monitor. So thats why I think im on the nice list.

  140. I think I am on the nice list I have helped a lot of people and have done a lot of nice thing for myself and for other people


  142. I can not wait for Christmas me and the girls Sophie and baby born are over excited this year I can not wait

  143. I feel like I am on the good list . Can’t wait till Christmas Day and I hope that You give me lots of beautiful presents

  144. Dear Santa,

    I’ve been really good this year. I hope you have a really good Christmas .

    Santa i also had a question am i on the nice or naughty list ?

    baysia pierce

  145. Hi santa I know that I have some issues about my attitude and I lie a little but dont put me on th le naughty list please I really want some presrnts this year.
    Love alicia.

  146. Dear Santa
    For Christmas I would like
    A toy house.and a toy bumble bee.and a astronaut suit with a helmet. Ang glow in the dark moons and stars.

  147. Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyy! I’m on the nice list!
    Can you pleassssssssssss FaceTime me some day? I really want to see you!
    Merry Christmas Santa!❄️❄️

  148. Can you please FaceTime Because I need to tell you something very important just on FaceTime please thank yo because I need to tell you something very important just on FaceTime please thank Q you

  149. Hey Santa am I on the nice list I just really want to know and I’m having a Christmas party and it ends an about 1AM or 12AM but are you still coming

  150. En se te suivant avec un rasoir, un peigne et des ciseaux pour couper toutes mes cheveux et masquer mes cheveux pour ne pas avoir besoin de se faire tatouer sur le visage au complet

  151. Santa am I on the nice list, I have my fingers crossed and I really am praying that I am on the nice list cause I really do want my own phone and laptop.

  152. Hey Santa it’s Jessica I just got your letter I hope I’m on your good list this year I love you have a good flight to Edmonton house on Christmas Eve

  153. Hi santa im being nice all Christmas long so I hope I get gifts I asked for thank you Merry Christmas and happy new year

  154. Dear Santa,
    I am on the Nice list. Thank you for giving me presents and reading my letters that I have sent you. I still believe that you’re real, but my family doesn’t!

    Anyway Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  155. Hi my name is Isabel and I just wanted to know if i was on the naughty or nice list because Pippa has said if you don’t get your halo straitened before Christmas Ev she will have to tell you.

    Pleas help me get on the nice list this year.

  156. hi my name is emily lintner and i was asking you if you could get me a pair of headphones that is blue. Ear-Headphones-Mic-Jelly-Comb-Foldable-Corded-Headphones-Wired-Headsets-Microphone-Volume-Control-Cell-Phone-Tablet-PC-Laptop- from walmart in moncks corner sc and 4 packs of earbuds. please am i on the naughty or nice list?

  157. Santa you better tell me if i am on the nice list or naughty list if not you don’t know whats coming for you.you old retarted old man.

  158. Hi my name is Lara I’m 14 years of age and I would like something extra special for Christmas even though I am a good girl all of the time.’

  159. My name is kelsey I am a girl . I bean good this year I want for Christmas is a new bike and I want to meet
    Eli Manning and petyon Manning

  160. I want to tell you something. My name is Rishi and I do very good at my studies you are the best and you helped me a lot my elf is name is Buddy and we just got him

  161. Im I on the nice list? Do you think I was bad because I stole all of the cookies from the cookie jar last night. And I might have ate all of the candy .

  162. Hi Santa Claus is the time for the day you get to work to deliver all the presents to the boys and girls I hope I’m on the nice list if you can tell me Thant will be great lots of love Brooklyn oxoxoxox❤️

  163. I have been really good all through the year even my family said. I will always believe in you and you might always believe in me. I do lots of talented things all the time.
    Love, Ocean-Raine xxxxx

  164. Dear Santa it’s Damian i just wanted to tell you if me and my brother have been good or bad this year give me a email i will email you when I get a chance

  165. Santa am i on the good list or bad list because i can say I have been very good looking after my family if they have been sick and i have been giving homeless people some new stuff
    hopefully i get a gift from you this year Santa looking fored to seeing you give me a gift

  166. am I on the nice list because i have been so good this year and i have been looking after some of my family the ones that are sick an the ones that are homeless but I can say that this year I have been very good and Santa all those people that want presents from you will get them if they are on the good list you chose who gets them and who doesn’t get them if they are on thee bad list.

    by hayley

  167. i believe in u but i rather call u St.Nicholas or St.Nick is that ok with u ????
    i alsp want to know if im th nice or naughty list .to be honest with u ive tried being nice sometimes i couldnt because i lost my temper or i just found things not fair.

  168. Santa, how do you truly know if a child is sleeping or awake at night? I’ve always pondered that question, and I really want to know!

  169. dear santa am i on the nice list or the naghty list?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  170. Hey sup Santa I was wondering if I’m on the nice or bad list I’m can be rood at times or frudrated at my brother and sister from Brooklyn

  171. I think I have been very good this year, there had been some hard times but I gotten through it, please read this note. I wrote another letter saying I wanted a hamster.

    Sincerely, Alaina

  172. I think I am on the nice list because I’m always nice and I tell the truth and all kinds of stuff but yea I think I’m on the nice list.

  173. You guys santa is SO REAL!?!?!?!?! You’re parents aren’t the ones hiding your elf. AND the thing about ms claus is that if santa is not real then MS CLAUS WOULD KNOW!!! You guys have an awesome life!!!!!

  174. How is your day looks good I can’t wait to see you on Christmas remember I was at the thing in Rochester I thought that was you I think that was a real Santa Claus and I think that is you because you gave me a picture to put on my fridge and and you always gave me this year my elf on the shelf is amazing

  175. dear santa ,
    I am on the nice list . I just recived a letter from you on my computer . I need to tell you something that my sisters have been very mean to me and some children in my school

  176. I just want to know if any of my family or friends are on the naughty or nice List if it’s ok with u can I tell them what they are on I really want to know I would love to know

  177. Dear Santa,
    I have been waiting for Christmas the whole year. I love writing to you and getting to watch and read your replies. I totally believe in you 100% and I believe in your reindeer too. You’re so amazing and kind as you give all the good children lovely presents. I’ll leave you a delicious mince pie and a nice, refreshing drink to cool you down. Also, tell your reindeer that I’ll leave them a big, juicy carrot to eat!
    Sincerely, Kitty

  178. I think I have been very nice this year Santa because I have helped out with chores and jobs. I also believe in you and your reindeer. Otherwise, how would I get presents under the tree? Your sincerely,
    FiFi Thomas.

  179. Hey santa

    I think I am on the nice list this year because I have been helping around the house and doing my jobs when i am told without arguing, I love you Santa please let me know if I am in the nice list because I have tried so hard this year to make things right and I think I have reached my goal I love you Santa❤️
    Love from Gracie

  180. I love you Santa Claus! I will believe in you even when I am old an wrinkly! I will believe in you when no one else does!! I love you!!

  181. Santa I think that this year I’m on the nice list I have helped around the house without being told and I have helped out in the public to you can check on me anytime and watch in on what I do . Santa if you can may I please have an elf on the shelf sent to me I think then you would catch in on everything I do I heard a lot of the elves need a home and I think it would make a great addition to our family. And Santa if you read this I am very thankful that you did, have a wonderful day!

  182. Dear santa can you tell me if i am on the naughty list you can text me it i just want to know so text me if im on the naughty list or not ok so merry christmas to everyone.

  183. dear santa claus,ive been a good girl this year and i want to thank you for what you give every one ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,merry christmas.

  184. hello santa! ….and yes my name is gorilla….. i was wondering how you are able to go around the whole world in just one night!? i looked it up and last year there were 126.22 million households! i really want to know your secret! Also, please give your reindeer an extra kiss for me!

  185. Hello Santa! I bet you I’m on the naughty list so if I’m naughty where is my COAL because your supposed to give coal to naughty children or if I’m on the good list will I have a present?

  186. Hi Santa its Sydney you said to me and my brother would get an elf on the shelf but you haven’t gave us one. we are very upset but at least we will all have a enjoyable CHRISTMAS hope you are not to busy hope you come to us at Christmas
    Loving you all the time

  187. Hello Santa,
    My name is Georgia and my favourite colour is blue. I love Cats and Dogs but I share the love with all animals. This wonderful year I have been excellent because I won a junior citizenship award on awards night.
    Lots of love from Georgia

  188. I am so ready for CHRISTMAS. I think that Santa should just deliver a little early . We all want a gift from Santa know so we can find out what we got. I hope that everyone on here believes in Santa because if you didn’t why wouldn’t he send you something back. I LOVE Christmas

  189. Hi Santa I am being really good this year (all the year) I hope I am on your nice I have one elf at my house it is name snowflake

  190. Hi Santa!!! I want let you know that you’re awesome!!

    P.s Theres gonna be A LOT of chocolate chip cookies and a HUGE glass of milk just for you!!

    P.s.s And a lot of carrots for the long trip!!

  191. Dear Santa I am very excited to see you this Christmas and you are real right do you know who fifi hartley is he is the coolest and silliest of all the elves

  192. Hey was up, so I miss u Santa and i miss my elf on the shelf, but I lve been really bad anyways tell miss Claus I said she is beautiful and sweet Hppy thanksgiving

  193. Hi Santa, I wanted to know if I was on the naughty or nice list. I hope I’m on the good list because I do really well in school and I try and help the most I can!

  194. Hello Santa Claus! Its me Erica! I would like to know if I am on the naughty or nice list and I would like to have some new elves. PS girl elves

  195. Can you give my elf his magic back please
    Santa you are the best I touched my elf can you give him his magic back please your the best

  196. Hi Santa,
    I would like to know if I am on the nice or naughty list I hope I am on the nice list I do believe in you
    Love lots from Georgia xxxxxxx

  197. Hi Santa,
    I would like to know if I am on the nice or naughty list I hope I am on the nice list I do believe in you
    Love lots from Georgia xxx

  198. Hey Santa!

    I’ve been really good this year. but I’m still not sure how ya can always get into those chimneys. And am i on the naughty list? I never have been.

  199. I really hope I am on the nice list. I have tried hard this year. I have been good but I have gotten into a little bit of mischeif. I just wanted to say Merry Crhistmas to all!!!!

  200. hello santa i have been a good girl this year that is what the elfs said!and even the grumpy elf said that and im getting bigger now that im 9 years old

  201. You are so good at making presents I want to be you and know you because you get the best job in the hole wide wold am I on the nice list.

  202. Dear Santa, I don’t know if I’m on the naughty or nice list because I been a little mean to my brother and I don’t feel very good about it. But, I help a lot of people out and I think I’m in the middle.

  203. Dear Santa.
    I am in first year of high school and I love going skateboarding with my boyfriend so can I have one and also a new ipad and an iPhone please

  204. I want to be n the good list,
    I want a big donation to cancer research because there hasn’t been a cure for a super long time now and people are dying for all kinds of cancer, that needs to stop.

  205. Hi Santa, I have written my Wishlist & posted it. IF I’m on the Nice list – I’d really love a Tablet to play games on & do my homework.

    I hope to see you soon…Samuel xxx

  206. Hi Santa I know you are real and I know that Christmas is not about presents it,s about love and celebrating Jesus birthday