Santa stuck in a chimney – a true story!

Santa stuck in a chimney
Santa stuck in a chimney

Today the elves wanted me to tell them the famous “Santa stuck in a chimney” story.

Everyone wants to know how I fit down a chimney. I’ll tell you, it is tricky. Chimneys today are smaller than they used to be (or maybe I’m a little bigger, ho ho ho). So here it is, my famous “Santa stuck in a chimney” story.

Up The Chimney He Rose

It wasn’t my round tummy that got me stuck. Instead it was my red suit. It got caught on something inside the chimney. I couldn’t go up and I couldn’t go down. Only my head and arms were outside the chimney. I was flapping my arms like a partridge in a pear tree.

I whistled to my reindeer. After all, I knew one good tug from Rudolph and I would be out. They didn’t hear me because they were all asleep! I could hear them snoring so I didn’t want to shout. I might wake up the children in the house.

Then I had a great idea. I would sing a Christmas song. I cleared my throat and opened my mouth to sing, “You better watch out, you better not cry,” when I heard a little child’s voice say, “Mommy”.

Oh no. Someone was awake. I wondered if they could see me stuck up in the chimney. I was glad Mrs. Claus told me to wear my black boots. Black boots don’t show in a dark chimney. I wanted to wear my gold boots because they are more festive, but Mrs. Claus knows best.

I listened as the little child asked for a story. The mommy began, “Twas the night before Christmas.”

I really love that story, so I rested my head on the chimney top and listened. Snow fell softly on my cheeks like kisses.

Santa stuck in a chimney… still!

Then I remembered I didn’t have time to be stuck in the chimney. I had presents to deliver.

So, I took off my hat and threw it at Rudolph. I got him right on his red nose. He woke up and saw my snowy white beard hanging down the top of the chimney. With a dash, a tug and a rip my team of reindeer pulled me from the chimney. “Ho ho ho,” I laughed loudly. My red pants had ripped and fell around my ankles. Luckily, Mrs. Claus always makes sure I have a few extra pair! With a little magic, I made all my deliveries by Christmas morning.

Now, whenever I hear “Twas the night before Christmas”, I think about the famous “Santa stuck in a chimney” story.  My elves even posted “Twas the night before Christmas” online so they can tease me!

Santa Claus

P.S. Do you like to listen to Christmas stories on Christmas Eve? Which story do you like best? What does it make you think about? You can click here to tell me or, scroll down to see what other people did.

P.P.S. Oh, and one more thing. Do I make too much noise bringing you presents on Christmas Eve?

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29 special messages to Santa about “Santa stuck in a chimney – a true story!”

  1. I’m on those kind of shoes that have the wheel on the back of them and I want my phone back from my mom and dad from Bad talking to them but I promise all stop back talking to them and I am on the Xbox headset what you can get from the Halo 5 box game the thing that holds the game if you would look you’re going to see something they can piece of paper I want the top one on the game card once I already told you about and this will really be the best Christmas ever since there’s no and I’m under the snow on Christmas Eve and all the entire night and Christmas Day so we can have a snowball fight

  2. You don’t come down chimney nor do you come through my door.
    But I still get presents, more and more.
    P.S. My door has a code lock, you know it. And I know you are real now!

  3. I liked when your team of reindeers helped you get UNstuck from the chimney Mr kringle
    Silly old fat elf

  4. ha ha! that was a funny story. i’m glad that you got all the presents to everyone on x-mas! pls bring me that robot cozmo for x-mas. my parents wont get me it because its to expensive. but maybe your elves could make one for me? thank you for making this website santa. i’m so glad i can send you messages and emails! the rodulph cam was WAY to bright but i think i could see rodulph a little. before i looked up your email address i did not know i could “talk” to you! why do you only come when we are sleeping, but we can talk to you at malls, streets, ect. i will send you another message soon, yours, tyler k.

  5. Cass said to Santa Claus ;is What i want is a ipad a elf on the shelf please and a case for my iphone5s please and some make up and a mathematical caculator i want some jolly ranchers please pack of bubble gum spearmint gum peppermint gum bozooka ice cubes gum ice breakers a waterproof case for my iphone 5s i want some clothes please i wear 11 12 in medium in teens a karioke machine earasers photo album a blue clock please a mac book please some new hair ties please and rubber bands please a blue watch please some batteries pencil cup callander if u can u can give me a apple desktop if u can u don’t have to some blue hair dye please and thats all i can think of that i want right now

  6. Hi Santa,
    I am very exited for Christmas !
    And really hoping to get a letter back if you have the time !
    I want to wish you a very Merry Christmas .
    And a great New Year!

  7. Dear Santa,
    We would not have to put our name in are you not
    Watching today I saw you where?please write back the answwer

  8. HI santa pls send a note back to me i relly want one back ps cutie you know her she is my elf on the shelf so she said that asia,gia,and me that we were on the nice list and mia is on the notey list and that is ture so YEA BYE!

  9. Hello Santa,

    We are in our classroom in England getting excited about Christmas. We’ve just done our Christmas Nativity and even had someone dressed as you in it. We are thinking about our favourite Christmas stories. The ones we like are The Polar Express, The Night Before Christmas, The Christmasorous, The Snowman, Rudolf and Frozen. We also like many more. Anyways enjoy your wii sport game. It looks like lots of fun!

    Lots of Christmas hugs!

  10. Um it is 12/9/16 and we have calculated that there are actually 16 days till Christmas including today

    That’s because where Christmas first starts it is already tomorrow so it was 15 days there but it’s 16 where you are because you are still yesterday! What can I say, I know the magic of time zones! – SC

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