Santa Wigs and beards! Santa Claus’s Hairy Little Secret!

Santa wigs and beards?
Santa wigs and beards?

Santa wigs and beards,
My secret is weird!
Here’s the story
of how Santa got sheared!

Can I tell you a secret? It’s a big one! It’s as big as a Christmas tree!

Some kids have been asking about my hair. They ask me why it looks different all the time. One day I have a nice long beard and then I suddenly have a short beard.

One day I have long straight hair under my hat. The next day my hair is all short and curly.

Some kids have even asked me, “Santa, are you wearing a wig?”

Well, I have to tell the truth!

Yes, SOMETIMES I do wear a wig! SOMETIMES I even wear a FAKE beard! Ahhh! I know! I can hardly believe it myself!

But, there is a reason!

Do you remember Clumsy the Elf?

Well, Clumsy LOVES playing with hair. He loves cutting it. He loves styling it. The elves even have a little saying:
Hair on your head?
Whiskers on chin?
Where ever it is,
It’ll make Clumsy grin!


I think if Clumsy wasn’t an elf, he’d be a hairdresser!  It’s just too bad that, well, I don’t think he’d be a very good hairdresser!  (But please don’t tell him I said that!)

Every chance he gets, he asks. “Looking shaggy today Santa. Can I cut your hair?”. An hour later it will be, “Santa, your beard looks like it needs a trim too!”

Santa Wigs and Beards!

What can I say?  So of course I let him cut my hair or trim my beard.

One day he’ll cut half my beard off.  (And by half, I mean only one side!).  The next day he’ll shave my head, but just the hair on top!  It looks like I have a great big bald spot!  (Mrs. Claus hates when he does that!)

The only thing is, I don’t want to hurt his feelings.  He really thinks he’s doing a good job after all!  And he thinks he’s being really fancy & creative too.

So Mrs. Claus had an idea.  “Clumsy the Elf gives you really bad hair cuts and whisker trims.  Why don’t you let me cut the rest off and just wear a wig or fake beard?”

I was shocked!  Santa would never wear a wig or a fake beard!

Then she said, “But no one will recognize you if you have part of a beard on only half your face!”

So, I agreed.

At first I thought everyone would notice and make a big deal about it.  But, so far, everyone’s been really nice!  (Although some kids still pull on my real beard to test it and that hurts! Ouch!)

So now, if you ever see me with a wig or pink hair, please don’t laugh.  But at least you’ll know who gave it to me!  (It’s a really good thing my hair grows like magic)

Santa Claus

P.S. Have you ever cut or styled your own hair?  How did it turn out? Better than Santa wigs? You can click here to tell me or, scroll down to see what other people have cut, oops, I mean written!

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189 special messages to Santa about “Santa Wigs and beards! Santa Claus’s Hairy Little Secret!”

  1. Soy Alejandro tengo 16 años puedes venir esta noche para llevarme a tu país para ser tu erfo cuando tu muera ago yo papa noel verdadero un saludo Alejandro.

  2. Hey santa im 10 years old and for cristmas i would like 2 reborn babys and 1 laptop i also want a pram for my baby im called millie i love u millions i hope u and rudolph like ur yummy treats bye bye love millie

  3. Hi. Santa Claus
    You. Get. Ruth Hattie
    Pepmint. Candy. Christmas. Eve
    You get. Paper. Write. Greg
    Note. Eve. Christmas. Eve
    You tell. Note. Call. His. Mom
    Christmas. Day

  4. hi santa can you come here at my home please reply to me and about the hair style of you had a bad style santa i wont laugh because i know whats the meaning of it and my hair style is great because when we hair style ourself it could be perfect but i heard a hair style about my older sister when they where kids that my sister cut the hair of my older sister because my older sister just said that please cut my hair so my sister cut her hair and when she cut her hair my older sisters hair is crooked and my mother see it and my mother was mad but they do was just nothing and the date past the hair of my older sisters hair is growing and it dindt form crooked anymore

  5. hi santa I am watching a show about xmas cakes . I can’t believe it’s only 22 days till sunday 25th December 2016! do you even like me?

  6. I have desighed my hair and first it was bad then i tried to do it again and it`s the way i like it.Some times my family members do my hair.Also when i was young i cut my own hair when i was like 3-5 years old.

  7. Yes, i did when i was like 7 years old i cut my hair to where i had short bangs. Then i cut my hair even shorter so my parents did not find out. But it ended up they found out. Then i got in big trouble.

  8. When I was seven, my little sister cut off half of my hair! She was trying to style it for me, but my hair got tangled and stuck. She got really annoyed an cut the whole thing off. I hadn’t realised until my mam walked into the room, stopped and stared at my head…
    There were big chunks of hair missing from my head, so I shaved the whole thing off. When I went back to school people stole my hat so they could see my hair. Then I moved schools, and the other kids used to ask me if I was a boy or a girl. This annoyed me.
    I am twelve now and all my hair is back! YAY!

  9. I have cut my hair once when I was 6

    My mum was in the kitchen and I was in the lounge room and I had a big knot in my hair and I didn’t like brushing my hair at the time

    So I was behind the loung rom door and I had some scissors and cut the hair the know was at the back of my head and I cut it and I left the chunk of hair and the knot in the floor behind the door not thinking my mum wouldn’t look behind there and then I walked to my room and …

    My mum saw the chunk of hair and I got a BIG smack send got grounded

  10. No I haven’t styled my hair but my sister did she put it in a high pony tail and got heaps of hair spray and stick it up in they air I thought it was really cool having a different type of hair style

  11. I have never cut my hair but if I ever cut my hair I bet it would turn out bad. By the way, your beard doesn’t look bad. Merry Christmas.

    Love Sara xo

  12. You look like you don’t have a real beard when you go to the mall.I love getting trims but not big cuts.You probly don’t have a fake beard or a pink beard.(Ithink your beard is not fake like some other people.)See you later santa!

  13. I have cut my hair before. It looked horrible. I cut one side off and left the other side alone. It was right before my aunt’s wedding and I was the flower girl. So I had to go and get the other side trimmed. I hated it. So now I want to not cut it for a while. It has already grown a lot since summer. I hope you have a good Christmas and get a lot of cookies! Also have a good New Year!

  14. one day i was messing with the siccors and i accidantly cut my frindge one side was full of hair and the under side had no hair i hated it

  15. I got my hair cut for the first time when i turned 10 and I liked it at first but now I wish that I had my longer hair back… I am never cutting my hair ever again in my entire lifetime! !!! 😀

  16. Dear Santa we’re hoping you can make it to our house because we know you have many stops to make so I’ve heard a bunch of people saying your not real my sister Nathalie said that you are real that you just don’t want anybody to see you she’s only 7.

  17. Hi Santa I have never ever cut my own hair but I don’t think I should because I like my hair the way it is and I don’t want to get in trouble ( especially before Christmas ) o and it would be awesome if I could go see you because I am sure your hair or as my. Rother would say looks fabulous and I know that you are probably really busy rite now but we haven’t had one of the things I am about to ask for in a long time in north Vancouver bc but pretty please with a cherry on top if it is possible for you to do this I would and I think everybody els that I know would compleatly appreciate it is a white Christmas so ya that’s it and thank you for telling me the secrete bey ps: what is a common name for the Elfs in the north pole

  18. My sister once cut her hair it did not go good, there was hair everywhere. 🙂 🙂 🙂 It might have been a dream 🙂 😉

    P.S. I would like an elf on the shelf

  19. Dear Santa, I hope you and the elves have fun every day at the North Pole, making toys and everything. P.S. I can’t wait till Christmas!

  20. Santa can you tell all the elves that their rain deer jokes are really funny and the one that read the night before Christmas was really good !!!

  21. Dear santa, I cut my hair once when i was 5 and it did not turn out to be what it thought it would be…..Ps: Hope you have fun shaking your tushie…….The elves told me, and will you please send me and elf on the shelf, I have enver had one before

  22. Santa can you tell the Elfs that they have really funny rain deer jokes and the one that read the night before Christmas did a really really nice job .

    thank you Kadence

  23. Wow santa that must be awful! maybe clumsy the elf would like my house. just a thought. we would be willing to clean up his messes. it also teach michael and i to clean our rooms. i am just sayen.

  24. Hi Santa, when I was five I cut my hair in my grandparents bedroom and I got in HUGE TROUBLE.

    Thanks for reading my story

  25. Well before I was playing with my dolls and then I thought to myself what would happen if I cut their hair! So after a while of thinking I got a pair of nail scissors and cut their hair really short! I really do regret it ! And once I also cut a tinsie bit of my hair at the front, which I regret lol! It isn’t as bad as all your stories but it is kind of bad!!!! My mam didn’t know lol. Santa what is your next blog gonna be about? My mam doesn’t like tinsel ! I always say that she should because it is a way to celebrate Christmas ! Lots of love,
    Maya, age 10, United Kingdom. Xx

  26. one time when i was in first grade my friends were telling me to cut my hair and then i got scissors and i had it close to my hair and i cut it and ever since my strand of hair i cut is still short!!!

  27. when I play with my barbie dolls I can’t to when I have a chance to cut some off but when I do my room has barbie hair all over it

  28. One day I straighted my doll’s hair and it Sheded all over the place. And then one day I cut my hair in the kitchen and my Mom was in the living room and their right beside eachother I got in a little bit of trouble.

  29. Dear Santa Claus your beard beard is beautiful.and I also love your little note on the email would like to get a new tv for my room so I can give the old tv to Tyler and a lot more tiara

  30. When I was little I cut my bangs off completely and when my parents came in they said, “What are you doing?!?!” I said, “I want to look like Daddy!” And my dad had a buzz cut. Luckily I didn’t get that far!

  31. Dear Santa

    I once cut of my hair when I was 5 or 6 so then I put the hair ( that I cut of ) under my bed so my mom would not find out then she did

    Love Victoria

  32. When I was 4 years old, I wanted to be a men’s hairdresser, and , I went into the bathroom, and got my dad’s razor. So, it turns out, I thought that I could shave, so I wound up shaving off part of my eyebrow.Most of it grew back,but, you can still see a little dent of hair missing. I BELIEVE IN SANTA CLAUSE!

    P.S. Say hi to the mrs. for me. 😉

  33. I cut my hair when I was 2 and it did not look good 5 inches I like elfs I want an elf
    if u give me a elf u can giveb me him

  34. No I haven’t I would never without my parents permission.

    P.S. love u and have a merry Christmas and a happy new year

    P.P.S. I want an iPod 5 please or christmas

  35. Thank you for putting me on the nice list.

    tell your elf to not cut your long ,curly hair. hope you have a safe journey.

    from Iona

  36. When i was,i don’t know,my mom cut my hair and it looked great but then she cut it too much and i didn’t like it so when it grew a little i liked it and then it grew longer and….I didn’t like it!Your hair can never stay perfect!

  37. I never cut my hair before but I have styled it.I styled it with a braid braided to the scalp going it to my pony tail

  38. Dear Santa my hair looks a mess so please oh please do not feel bad because it does not matter how you look from the outside what matters how you look from the inside so ignore all of those mean kids love from Annie

  39. I never cut my hair by myself. I always go to the salon to get it done. But right now, It is more than half-way down my back!

  40. when i was 3 i nearly cut all my hair of i know i cant believe it cant you [i dont usualy write in this blog any way]

  41. When I was younger I cut like three inches of hair.The bad thing is that it was my vangs.

    Emma Grace

    (P.S. I’m ten years old)

  42. HI santa so my elf still has a mint on i lap and it is so funny to me p.s i have to be on the nice not the other list am i on the nice list!!! love nevaeh

  43. i really want a silver iphone 6 so when i open my prents i wish that i have and the whole my life kit on my wishlist

  44. I was taking out my hair and I accidentally cut a large chunk. Luckily it grew back and wasn’t so noticeable. ☺☺☺

  45. hello Santa I hope ruldough is going to guide your sleigh he is the best reindeer in the world because of his red-nose.I love Christmas
    and I have done a lot of things to decorate my house I have gingerbread houses that you can eat part of but not ALL of the house I’m really exited for Christmas


  46. Dear Santa, I have cut my hair. In fact I just got it cut about 1 and a half weeks a go. But the bad thing is that I think my hair person cut it a little too short than I wanted! It has all ready grown a lot!

  47. Well, once in 2011 I was looking at my hair through the mirror and I had a fringe back then…IT WAS A LONG ONE TWO!!!
    Anyway, I took some scissors and cut it RIGHT off!!!
    Lets just say it has grown back now…

  48. I am 11 and I styled my own hair but never cut it, I really think when my mom styles my hair it looks better, Merry Christmas! Ho Ho Ho! ♥☺☻♥☺☻♥

  49. Santa

    I Have Never Cut My Own Hair That Will Bea A Disaster!!!

    I Have Cut Some Of My Dolls Hair And It Turned Out Really Good


    (P.S I Am Only 8 Years Old )

  50. Dear Santa,

    When my mum curles my hair it always looks really nice.
    Especially when she does plaits.
    Or even straightens my hair.

    Love, From, Enya Xoxo

  51. Whenever there is a big party I style my hair, but there isn’t much to do so normally I just brush it and leave it alone.

  52. Your hair probably should look fine don’t feel bad once I died my hair pink too and it looked bad it was a fuzzy mess.

  53. my older brother cut his hair.. after he cut his hair its look eew but my father borrow my older brother to hair cut shop and after cut his hair its look so cute and handsome….
    (i think santa like my older brother and mrs claus like my father)
    I hope i have hair like you..

  54. hi everyone i’m back again i can’t believe it’s only 22 more days until Christmas hope you all are excited and a very merry Christmas. I hope you get what you asked Santa for.

  55. My Mom MADE my dad cut my bangs and I did not like what he did with then and I was trying to grow them out! I just hate when I have to get a haircut I love my dad and all but I don’t want my bangs so short.

  56. Why does the elf like to mess with your hair and can you tell me if the elf is really a elf. And can you tell me if the elf is a boy or a girl

  57. When I was 3 or 4 Gracie {my older sister} gave me a hair cut.

    IT WAS REAL BAD!!!! I had to cut my hair the same! But it was a great idea. BUT STILL I DIDN’T LIKE IT!!!

  58. Once I had styled my sisters hair with barrets and color fake hair. then we tried to get it out and it got stuck!her hair was all knotted up and messy!I guess that I wasn’t a very good four year old stylist!

  59. Santa, there is no problem with your beard and hair! I never see the difference! What if you get clumsy a big hairdressing doll for christmas! I know he will like it!

  60. Dear Santa,

    can you tell all of the elves at the north pole thank you for making my presents every year, and that i am very grateful.I also think that you should tell Clumsy the truth because if he finds out before you tell him he will know that you were keeping a secret from him and you shouldn’t let one little secret get in the way of you .Merry Christmas to everyone at the north pole.

    yours sincerely Alexis aged 8

  61. It is okay Santa all of us kids got your back and so does Mrs. Claus. And if clumsy the elf is doing something you don’t like talk to him but in a nice way and say something like “Clumsy you are really sweet and well really good at being clumsy but maybe you could try your hair styles on some one else like maybe one of the other elf’s . like what about scout he is my friend Olivia’s elf on the shelf and he has thick hair light brown hair.” See Santa if you say that to clumsy in your big jolly Santa voice he will understand.


  62. That’s ok! Don’t worry we won’t tell anyone and trust me if I saw you with a wig on I wouldn’t know the difference!
    Send my love to everyone in the toy workshop!

  63. I can’t believe it’s only 24 days away from CHRISTMAS!:):):)
    Can you please send me back a message asap thx.
    P.S.I wish I can have an Ipod 6 this X-mas thx***!

  64. one tme when i was 6 years old i decided i wanted to cut my hair so when everyong was asleep i cut alot but i looked the same my mom didtnreally mind tthough

  65. I got a hair cut and my hair was all puffy and I didn’t like it.It wasn’t fun then it felt good

    P.s I really shan’t a phone for Christmas

  66. Dear Santa,
    Well last year I really wanted to have bangs so I cut my hair but by mistake I cut it right to the scalp.

    Sincerely, Luisa

    PS I have curly hair

  67. Dear Santa,

    no I have never cut my own hair. i just wanted to tell everyone what the true meaning of Christmas is. Its not about how many presents you get but everyone should be grateful for what they do get. The true meaning of Christmas is about spending time with the people you love most and giving them the perfect present each Christmas. So when you open your presents on Christmas Day try to think about children who are too poor to even have one present.

    yours sincerely Alexis age 8


  68. Ones I cut my hair but I didn’t men to and that day I was going to have a shower and when I got in it some of my hair fell out

  69. One time I tried to style my hair and it turned out well let’s just say it looked liked Clumsy styled it NO AFENSE CLUMSY

    Sincerely,Ava Wakefield

    P.s. I want a puppy for Christmas

  70. Santa, why didn’t you get me Donald Trump for Christmas last year? I was so disappointed. :'( At least now your hairdressing elf can give him a proper hair cut!!!!

  71. I always cut my own hair. I use to look bad after I did it. Over the years I’ve gone better at trimming it, but let the hairdresser do the full cut so it don’t look to bad.

  72. Hey Santa I live in north Carolina. Im8years old I want monster high dolls for Christmas and a laptop
    Love,nataliep.s bring anew pare of shoes and clothes. For my dad’s birthday

  73. Dear, Santa Claus I know it look’s like i’m taletelling but one of my friends does’t believe in you. Of course you should give him a present but not a big one. Well that is Josue he is a boy and 7 years old that lives in Raleigh.

  74. Dear Santa,
    I have cut my hair and styled it. When i cut it it did not turn out well but, when i styled it, it looked really good!
    Alyssa Binkowski

  75. hi i what for chrismas is you!!! a my bother whats a toy thats all he said he whats an my cousin whats a toy thats all he whats

  76. When I was little I cut My Little Ponies hair because my mom said it was better than me cutting my own hair. And when I was 4 I had a “boyfriend” and he came up behind me and started cutting my hair because I was leaving that preschool <3
    Santa you're the best!

  77. Dear,Santa
    You should thank Mrs.Claus for the idea.Also you should tell clumsy elf because if you don’t he might want to cut your fake hair

  78. Dear Santa,
    How are things going, dos Rudolph hope he guides the sleigh this year cause I voted for him cause he’s my favourite reindeer! Merry CHRISTMAS! 🙂

  79. when me and my sis were little my sis cut her hair to try to make it look like Cinderellas and it didn’t look good. that was right before Christmas pics too. 🙂

  80. Well I didn’t cut it it was my friend Alexis so at school we were doing things with paper clips and about 5-6 got stuck in my hair so we had to cut it out and then the next morning I was brushing my hair and heaps of my hair came out

  81. Dear Santa clause what I won’t for Christmas is a Rebelle Arrow Revolution Bow.Rebelle codebreaker crossbow. Zoomer ZUPPIES love Diamond. Shopkins Glitzi ice cream truck playset. Shopkins season 12 pack. Shopkins small mart playset. Zoomer kitty. Little live pets pink clever keet playset. Frozen ultimate Olaf animated plush. Vtech kidzoom. Cra-z-Art shimmer’n sparkle nail and body art studio. Knit’s cool knitting studio. Hello kitty imagine art case. Kinetic sand paradise island floating sand playset. Bunchems mega pack. Crayola magic thread wrapper. Text cool studio. Karaoke machine. Pop stream game. Monopoly here & now edition game Shopkins game board and hedbanz. Easy- Bake ultimate oven. Twirl & swirl ice cream maker. Cool bake chocolate maker. Candy craft chocolate pen. Yummy nummies make-A-meal fun set. Girl scout oven. Razor E150 Electric scooter. Xbox one for my brother please je really wont’s it thank you

    . sincerely. Amirah

  82. Hi santa this is Madelyn you get me a lot of peasants and I am so grateful of that and I love it but I also know that chirsmas is not just about gifts it’s about being thankful I want cool stuff can you please send me back a message bye

  83. Dear Santa
    How would you feel if Mrs. Claus color your hair pink ?
    Don’t let the Elves laugh at your hair . I would love to go to the North Pole to meet you and see the reindeer. I have some questions to ask you if you don’t mind. If there was no chimney, how would you get in the house and deliver gifts to children around the world?
    PS: my mommy is writeing this

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