Santa’s Christmas Elf Podcast!

A Christmas Elf
A Christmas Elf

Well, the Christmas elves wanted to try something different today.  You know my elves!  They are always creating and trying out new things!

Would you like to find out what they were up to this time?  I think you might be surprised!

As I said, those Christmas elves are always creating and trying out new things.  Of course, Clumsy is still a bit touchy about the time he tried to cross an EZ Bake Oven with a water blaster gun.  He thought he could make a gun that shot donuts!  Anyways, the other elves called him Clumsy Crisp for a while.  It did take a while before his hair did not stand straight up too.  Ho! Ho! Ho!

Well, today, the elves wanted to try podcasting.  What is podcasting you ask?  That is ok.  I asked the elves that same question!  A podcast is like a blog post (that is what this is!) but you can listen to it!

Would you like to listen to a podcast that one of my elves made?

Then turn your speakers on and click to hear a Christmas Elf Podcast!

Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus

P.S.  What did you think of the elves “podcast”?  You can tell me what you think of the Christmas Elf podcast here. Or, scroll down to see what others have said!

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222 special messages to Santa about “Santa’s Christmas Elf Podcast!”

  1. That podcast was really good I liked it a lot they have to keep doing that please say they will I want to hear more.

  2. dear elves what is on your podcast and how come the elves on the shelves cant talk.

  3. It sounds great Santa can we always have that and what are you doing in the Summer ? Do you sleep tidy up have a diet please response

  4. i want to see s picture of chuckles the elve i also want to talk to him so if you are reading this chuckles would you come visit me

  5. can u send a pictur of elvs and raindeer.
    can u try to let me see a eif i wont to know what they look like.

  6. I wish everyone a wonderful christmas and may all yuor wishes come ture i love ya snata and the 6 mighty ROOS be safe and i cant wait until christmas time rolls around only 37 more sleep be good evryone! from LeeAnne!

  7. i love christmas my whole familys been good ecspecially jay hes being real good he is a great brother

  8. santa i just want to say thank you for the pressents last year i hope you can get what i want this year

  9. santa im going to be at my daddys house

    chrismas eve . park Rudolph on the balcane.
    xxxxxxx.ive got a present for you.x

  10. dear santa clause and elves i would like to wish you a verry merry xmas hope u all have a great christmas from laura

  11. the elfs realy are creative aspecialy
    clumsy. i cant belive he tried to make a dounut gun!!!! 🙂

  12. That Clumsy is so funny!Why didnt he shoot juice out instead it would be less explosive.;p

    P.S.Tell Happy Elf, Gibson Elf, and Mrs.Claus hi for me.
    PLEASE 🙂

  13. hi santa ive been a relly good boy well i think lots of love all the way down here at ireland and cant wait for chirst eve xxxxxxxx oooooooo

  14. The podcast was amazing!!! 🙂 I really love how he rhymed it and it feels like its a poetry to make the kids have a smile on their face

  15. santa clause i am your best fan.And one day i wish that you can take me for a ride in your sley!and you can take me around the world on your sley. And you can take me to the north pole on your sley.Got to go byeeeeeeeeeee

  16. I Love You Santa Clause! You Are Very Cool and Give Me Wonderful Presents For Christmas!

  17. I love you eleves and I really , REALLY DO MEAN THAT and aswell of corse I love you Santa

  18. I mean I like the eleves and they are allways funny and that is true because I watch the poler Excpress that’s why and when they turn up I allway’s say yippy there here!

  19. Santa I will just thank you but lot’s and lot’s of people go on this and I actully like the eves there funner and there small and I like that ha ha I lath every day but I don’t know how to spell thing’s and Santa I like you too! From Millie

  20. I think it pretty cool! But,they could tell about what their life is about!!!]
    (If they want too i mean…) I still think it’s SO COOL!!!

  21. Daer sanat Can you bring a present for my birthday it is aprly 9th pleas sanat i wude like to go to the north pole pleas love kaity and i wus the home that gava the letter in woshinting in wenthrup love Kaity

  22. Thats an awsome elf podcast keep making elf podcast’s and i will keep checking out your christmas blog every year santa. Also santa thank you for the letter you sent to me, I really appreciate it.
    – thank you santa claus
    P.S i will be writing to before this christmas of 2011

  23. Hi!Its libby agien i would just like to say thank you for my letter and i hope the elfs are enjoying there snowball fight but tell them to not stay out to long or they mite get so cold that they will not be able to make christmas presants and thats not good. Im really exsited about christmas but i hope u have a good one to.

    love libby

  24. i wish i could meet a elf but i cant santa would have to wake me up well i want to meet santa in person but he wont wake me up Christmas night my brothers and sister are talking alot today mostly Mcenzie and Joushua how big or small are the elfs

  25. santa! its me again I cant wait till christmas 5 days
    to go good luck and hope the elf are all ready to go
    love georgia

  26. santa,

    I was just on email santa . com with you. Were making the Christmas cookies today.I told my mom to make them extra sugrey.I love the nutcracker you gave me last year but I want another one for my collecton merry christmas!

    ps frosty my elfsays hi.

  27. santa you have such a wonderful personality when i sent the letter to you can i not just get a phone loaDS of stuff because my mum said i have been very good girl this year ]

    love nicole

  28. Hi Santa Claws I think that the Elfs pod cast is very good and should do more of them to get childrens attention or even make it come on when people put email santa on so it could be a bit like a introduction to start people of with this website

  29. Ithink the elves did a great job but I think they would have done it with more hapiness and glee

  30. hi santa that podcast was awsome it was like poetry I think that clumsy is his name because he is,well you know clumsy but he is so loveuble and cute love u elfs merry chrismas,a very merry chrismas hehhehhe

  31. Santa I know that your elves always are fooling around.Tell Clumbsey that he better not be messing with the toys because some of the elves one year played with my baby doll and I got mad because they didn’t have that same baby doll at the walmart.Also tell him that he should not do that because instead of eatting them they could throw it at him back.That’s bad that his hair stood up.I bet this will be funny to listen to the podcast.

  32. please come to luttrell now please please please please please please please!!!!!! p.s. please please

  33. santa, you are awesome.I’m so excited. The podcast sounded cool, do all of your elves sound like that.
    merry christmas to you and your elves
    Good luck!!!!!!!!!!

  34. I love santa and all of his elvs aren’t they so awsome because santa knows want to get us and his elvs make the stuff and wraps it, well by.

  35. santa first of all, i love you very much. second, i can not wait til christmas eve and christmas day! i love the idea of the elf podcast. they are always making new stuff for you. 🙂

  36. hey santa the post kinda sounded like a song or a poem wich elf made the post was there a picture with it to see them all i got was the talking

  37. I was helping my grandma and my mommy do the table I washed the dishes without her asking and my mommy gave me a great big hug


  39. i luv christmas just to let u know! i hope i get a laptop! tell all the elves i said hi and wish them a merry christmas

  40. we’ll i thought it was amazing and tell the elf’s thanks for the presie’s and to you and mrs clause and the raindeer and elf’s and everybody who make’s christmas possibal for us merry christmas.

  41. I think that that podcast was amazing ang by amaking I mean AMA ZING! I just have 1 little request. Cann you video tape and podcast Santa Claus and Mrs. Clause? Even if you dont I will still love Christmas and still love this website.

  42. Dear Santa Claus,do you remember the stuff i wanted for Christmas that i told you in a letter from Charlotte,North carolina.If you do,tell me.Send me back a letter and tell everyone in the North Pole i said to them have a Happy Christmas.

  43. elfs are the best at making toys and cloths.thank you elves for making christmas gifts for ashlyn

  44. I LOVED the elf’s podcast!! It was a very cute poem. I can’t wait to hear the next one! Tell the elves I said hi.

  45. dear,santa i would like a litte somthing in my litte stoking on the christmas tree!!!!!!!!!(:(:(:(:(:

  46. I couldn’t hear your elves podcast but when i get speakers i can hear them.If i did hear them i would think they would be fantastic.I like the picture of the elf just now.What are your eles names i wonder and how many you have got because i could do some food for them aswell.I loe your eles eventhough i dont know them because i like small people and i like santa clause aswell,i loe you all.

  47. well I really liked it. Well the truth is I really did not get to watch the blog because it wold play But would Not show the pticher/vedio.But I bet it was good though!!!!!! alexa collins


  49. your podcast was so cute and sweet and kinda funny too!!i love you thanks for making all the toys!!:)

  50. i love christmas so much i cant wait to see what i’ll get, are you still very busy i wish you,elves,mrs claus,reindeer and clarice and both bab reindeer blizzard, georgie gingerbread all the merriest christmas and the happiest new year

  51. Hi Elves i love how you make toys for everyone for christmas that is super nice. I hope all of you elves are liesting to santa claus How many toys do you guys make every christmas. Well BYE for now I will write to you again soon. I love all you elves because you help out santa claus make all those presints and that is really nice.

  52. Hey santa. Love the elf blog.By the way,do the elf’s make the toys?If they do, tell them that I want a psp for christmas. And by the way, I love your outfit.

  53. santa are u going to send my present to my house?? i need a playstation an ipod and a skateboard

  54. that was so cool my dog was scared he was like WHERES THAT VOICE COMING FROM AAAAAAAHHH and he was hiding in my lap it was so cute he was sqrimming to 🙂 like santa says HO HO HO MERRY CRISTMAS HO HO HO MERRY CRISTMAS TO ALL AND ALL A GOOD NIGHT

  55. Hi elves you guys are awesome i love how you help Santa I’ll be sure to leave out cookies for Santa 😀

  56. Dear Santa I got your letter. I love it and I love you more than ever. XOXOXOXO
    ( can you get me orbees)But if you can’t get me that it’s okay… So remember eat your cookies on Christmas. XOXOXOXO… Tell your Elf to write us a letter. Is Rudolph getting called names again? I hope he isn’t… um o… did you hear are reindeer song? Rudolph the red nose reindeer had a very shiny nose like a light bulb. Like that… me and my friends made it up. My friends like Annie,and Matt say that Frosty give you the presents and Santa eats the cookies. that is not true!!!! I think you are grate just the way you are!!!!!!!!! I never ever want you to change not even a bit!!!!! you have to give my best friend lots of presents on Christmas…I will make extra special cookies this year just four you… I hope your Christmas is grand. Good bye and thank you… Merry Christmas to you and all of your reindeer!!

  57. i like it sant tell lenn the elf i said hi snd i cant wite to viste the north pole agosee you later santa

  58. hi santa i cant wait untuil you give me my staff. can i chance my mind. could i chance that truck and trali to ipod. bye bye xxxxx00000000

  59. I like how you can travel the whole world in just one night and make sure to give my presents and hopefully clumpsy dont drop any of them u might break them and i dont want a borken present. Thank you.

  60. I love it and I can’t wait for Christmas!!! Well okay then as Santa alawys says “Ho,ho,ho” Merry christma too all (:

  61. i love this i rely can’t wait until christmas i am gettiong really big girl now, i am 4 allready!!xxxxxxxx

  62. Wow!That was wonderful I am glad that you did this. Well then gotta go and have a MERRY CHRISTMAS.

  63. Wow That Was Awesome Elves!! Anyways Santa I Hope You Like My Letter And Umm Wat THe Word?
    Oh Yea MERRY CRISTMAS!!!!!
    P.S. I Hope I Was Nice Agin This Year A Happy New Year!!!

  64. When are you going to come to luttrell TN?How are you doing at the north pole?Just remeber that i love you! love, christa p.s.I had a dream about you.It was about mommy and I driving,and you and your reindeer was coming above Luttrell and you said”in DAsheron Dancer on Vixen,comit cupid Donner,and blitzen and rudolph.bye.Write more soon!love christa


  66. Ahh i am really talking to you!!!
    I am going to leave out a couple of questions in my bedroom for you to answer but I want to ask will you answer them for me please.

    Love, Paige

  67. That very sweet, and i wonder what you elves look like? Well, there is no luck in answering that question. :(, but, i hope everybody has a great christmas up there, so love all you,

  68. hi santa i thought that was cool i have
    your website written on my hand

    merry christmas love from

  69. it was brilant evels good podcast ever you got some clever evles there santa tell your evels good podcast and one more queiston for my list can i have lots of rainbow crystals for me and my girlfriend and a teddy bear i lie all of your elves mwach josh

  70. in school we are doing podcasts and i told my class today that the elves made one it is a good idea


  72. Hey Santa,
    Really i don’t kind of understand what’s the name of the black newest member of the reindeer,
    I am so surprised the rudolph and Clarice had a new baby what a nice time, i wished i had a life like you

    Best wishes,
    Yours Sincerely Punch
    Ps. Love you forever and always
    Love you so much

  73. Hi dear elfes. My name is Kayla and I liked your podcast it was very good! I can’t wait til’ Christmas!!!!! Can you??? I’m so excited!

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