Santa’s Christmas Wish for the World – 2012

Santa Claus
Santa Claus

I know many of you have wonderful Christmas traditions.  You have told me about them in my blog!  (Yes, I do read everything that you write in my blog 🙂 !)

Well, I have a special Christmas tradition of my own too.  It is my annual Christmas Wish for the World!

Would you like to learn more about my special Christmas tradition – my Christmas Wish?

Well, I am very lucky.   I get to see the whole world.  I get to see many wonderful things.  People have done such great things.

But, I see a lot of things that make me a little sad too.  After all, bad things do happen to good people through no fault of their own.

I see people who are hungry.  I see people who are hurting.  I see people who are afraid they will not have somewhere to live.

This year I have received many emails from Moms and Dads needing help.

Yes, I see many things that make me thankful for all that I have.

And I see many things that give me hope.

What always gives me the most hope is the young people of the world.  The kids that Mrs. Claus, the elves, reindeer and I love so much.  The kids like you reading this.  The kids who can make the world a better place for all.

You see, we are really good at making toys and other Christmas presents.  But, we just are not very good when it comes to other things.  Like making the world a better place.  That takes more than Santa’s magic.

I think that is why we like making toys.   It is the one thing we can do to make people happy.  Even if it is not as important as finding a cure for disease.  Or stopping world hunger or war.  Or making sure people have a safe place to live.  Those are things that people have to do!

So here are some things we cannot do at the North Pole that we are wishing for this Christmas.  We have been asking for these things for a long time.  We hope maybe this is the year some of them will be granted:

Frosty the Snowman wishes an end to global warming.  I do too. (It is very hard to be a snowman when it is so warm after all!)

The elves wish they could make every child in the world safe and happy.  I do too.

The reindeer wish people would stop hurting other people and animals.  I do too.

Mrs. Claus wishes that all people could live together in peace and harmony.  I do too.

And my Christmas Wish for the world this year will be the same as always:  “Merry Christmas to All and to all a Good Night!”

Now it is your turn.  What is your Christmas wish for the world?  People all over the world will read your wish right here on my blog!  That is pretty amazing and special.

Just remember, if you want to make a wish for a present from me, then go to my “Email Santa Claus” page.

Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus

P.S.   What is your Christmas wish for the world?  What do you do to make the world a better place?  You can leave your wish for the world here.   Or, scroll down to see others’ Christmas wishes!

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162 special messages to Santa about “Santa’s Christmas Wish for the World – 2012”

  1. I really like Christmas! It’s my favourite holiday! I love to receive presents, but my family, well, not much of it comes in for other holidays. But for Christmas… everyone comes in! And I have a cousin who is rather rude. She always has to look on the dark side of things. So my wish to the world is that everyone should look on the BRIGHT side, even in the darkest days. It will help you get through tough times. Remember to ALWAYS have hope!

  2. My wish for the world is peace,love,care,and to make people happy and find good homes.This is all I want for the kids is presents,family,care,love,peace,and for everyone including Santa,the reendeer,Mrs.Clause and every child in the world to be safe.Now you see all this could happen,butwe all know that everybody will come together and on Christmas day we wll all pray for Joy,Peace,and Love.

  3. I would like people who have BREAST CANCERand HAIR LOSS CANCERto live a long life. So I take a stand and DONATE my HAIR to all kids and everyone for WIGSand every year I get a email or a postcard about who I DONATED my HAIR to. So EVERYONE TRY ( BUT ONLY IF U WANT TO … BUT PLEASE TRY

  4. I want to STOP hunger because some kids there are just excited to eat bread! at your school talk to the princable and ask if you can have kids in YOUR school donate food to send I mean kids there have a short life and some babies live until there only three months I mean we can make a big change it would also help people stop hurting people there because people there hurt other people for food I call this fundraiser food for children thank you for your time.

  5. My wish for the world is that everybody is joyful, happy, safe and is not alone and that is thankful for their family, friends, shelter, homes, and that they are loved and protected by everyone and that they have nothing that can harm them and last of all that they have no sickness, no disease, and no illness, also that they have what they want the most, their family and thanks for everything that they need and that they have and the happiness that everyone has so that they can never feel left out or feel alone.

  6. i wish for love,joy,and fun! I think that if you go to homless shelters and nsuch,one thing that you should get everyone is a nice soft blanket…but save 2 for me and my dad! 😉

  7. Santa I see hurt ,crying, dieing, hungry people and my family tries to help but sometimes we don’t have enough money. So i give them all the toys I have and cloths that don’fit me. I also try to save nature. So my Christmas wish is that all things get to live and people will get all the love they need.

  8. my wish is that all boys and girls of all ages will have a nice home and a family.This year all I want for christmas is nothing I only want to give things I don’t need for charity all my christmas presents that aren’t so important I am donating to charity

  9. Hello Santa! Writes Nastya.Ya you dream to see you and visit with you) I wrote you a letter about 1-2 hours nazad.Ya you love Santa, you’re so kind, I hope someday I’ll be able to go .. but you do not I can not .. I live in St. Petersburg, and I can not go abroad .. But do not let the plohom.Santa, I ask, come to me in St. Petersburg, a visit to Rozhdestvo.Ya’ll wait for you, Santa.Bay: *…

  10. My mom teaches at a school and this lady that works at her school has two twin daughters and one of her daughters has cancer, and she’s really young to have cancer. ( She’s only 15 )Anyway if you were to visit my town you would see all these signs everywhere that says “Sarah Strong”. Her last name isn’t strong it’s just that she’s strong against cancer,and it’s really sad. So my wish is to find a cure for cancer. There are millions of people dieing from it every year and it’s just so sad.:(

  11. Hi Santa!My Christmas wish is for the old people to have more people visiting them to entertain them,I have done it before.My second Christmas wish is for Singapore to become a smoke-free city.I hope you will be able to grant my wishes.No matter how long it will take you to grant my wishes,I will wait.Thank you Santa!

  12. Santa.I always see people who are hungry,hurt,tired and dieing.My family and i try to help them.But we some times cant help them beacuase we dont always have enough mony or food and all that other stuff.So my christmas wish is for every one on the streets and hurting cus a loved one died is for every one on the streets to have a very merry christmas.And for every one in the world to have peace in the world to have peace with there selfs and every one ellse.



  15. My Christmas wish for the world is that people will find Jesus and accept him as their saviour. And also that we can have peace and stop fighting wars and battles.

  16. dear santa please come to my house at 12:50pm and give me mr.kat do it for real i’ve been good this whole year royal promise and never break that promise!!!to:santaclus from:morgan turner mephis teneesee misty woods cove ps:santa please come over to my house!

  17. Santa you are the best guy on earth and you are very kind to every child because you give us presents at Christmas and we always give you cookies and we give the 8 reindeer’s food and i hope everyone on the world will have a merry Christmas.

  18. Hey santa I loved my trampoline and next year im asking for a tablet and a pingpong table! Thanks big santa p.s. Eat papa eat! Your biggest fan,libby

  19. I wish no one hurts people or animals and everyone is safe and people have food water and shelter.That makes me sad to think of people that have nothing.

  20. I wish that everybody in the whole wide world are nice and give like well here is an Example: At my school we had a program where the teachers hang 3 Grinches on the wall and under them there are boxes and you put toys in the boxes and each time you put a toy in the box you would put a heart on the grinch and you would give. So why don”t you try it. What Does Giving Mean to You?

  21. please do not be mean to my friend santa or he will not give you people or kids presents so be good or you won”t get present”s but you will get slim.

  22. my christmas wish for the world is that everyone and i mean everyone in the whole world gets a chance to spend time with eachother and forgive eachother for anything they did and becaome one big family even if its only for that one day and that underprivlage kids and familys can have a chance to do the same 🙂 ♥

  23. My Christmas wish for the world is to bring peace and harmony and end world hunger and to make the earth greener. I want everyone to have the most awesome christmas ever

  24. I wish that all the people would understand that there are other people who need a home, food, water and shelter. And what would make my day is seeing people share what they have to the people who do not have that. I also wish for everyone to have a wonderful and safe holiday. And for people to help each other who in need. For the homeless to have shelter and food. For the world to be in peace and happiness all year around. For the people who dont have loved ones to share this holiday with is for them to be with someone who cares about them.I hope everyone is loved this Christmas and also that everyone get’s at lest 1 present! If you don’t get what you wanted to not be disappointed and to be glad you have got everything like: a loving family,food,water and lot’s more that other people don’t have! Merry Christmas:):):):):-)

  25. I hope that this year on Christmas morning kids are happy with the presents they got and get to spend that special day with a family member

  26. my Christmas wish is that there be world peace and all the people would not kill the animals and the animals do the same to the people

  27. I wish that people would stop killing other people and animals and I wish that everyone has a wonderful cristmas this year MERRY CRISTMAS

  28. dear mrs.claus i love you and your wounderful family also and mr.claus is a great man and i will understad that if he dont git me all of the things that i asked him for god bless you and her family and i love you all also

  29. Dear Santa, or should I say a fat red stocker. Why do you always break into my house every year? And you need to go on a diet. Also, while you were kissing my mom, your reindeer friends had run over my grandma. Also you get way to much credit for what you do. When they say you deliver presents all in one night, you have a full 24 hours. While one end of the world is night, the other is day, so yOu have twelve hours for one half of the world. Also, there are many naughty kids in the world, so that takes alot of kids off your list, and also many countries and families do not celebrate Christmas so that is many less. So that is what I think of you, Santa.

  30. Me and my family have a tradition where we put out our pillow cases and you fill them with small toys, pencils and lollies!
    Santa I thank you very much and I cannot believe your coming tonight!

  31. Hi santa it’s me hailey,I just wanted to say that I love Christmas. I hope that you will like our cookies and the carrots for the rain deer. I can’t wait to wake up on Christmas morning and see all the presents under the tree and in the stockings:). I hope you know what I really want, a iPhone or just any other phone except a flip phone please. I hope that you have a good Christmas and mrs. Claus and all the rain deer and elves. Merry Christmas and a happy new year:)!

  32. hi santa pleaes help gerry out morv my old van going up mor in back waindow watch allt tims santa sleep bed ok santa tuesday 25 2012 gerry sleep ok back yeard by waindow my liiter room is now santa for gerry kelly in sequim wa

  33. Dear santa Claus I was hoping if we could give everybody gifts on Christmas sovthatceverybody can be happy and all of us can do to everyone deserves to get gifts that we deserve on Christmas so we can all live a happy holiday

  34. i wish that those in nursing homes get stuff and the kids in the children homes because it is sad they don`t have a parent to watch them open gifts so i feel for those they could have some of my presents because it is so sad for those i love every one at the north pole and the ones in need

  35. thats not all wat do u like?how do u fit down th chemny?ok i told u about me tell me about u. so im leaving u ginger snaps with lemon curd and milk!the dog mite bark at u its her first christmas so its gona be the best!

  36. My Christmas wish this year is for people to live in peace and harmony. It hurts me to see people getting hurt from one another. I will do my part and spread the word of Christmas Spirt. I promise that i will think about my actions before i act upon them. I know if we all work together this dream can come true! After all it takes one person to make a chain reaction!

  37. a peny board
    a big drum set
    a laptop
    a wahu rocker
    a wahu climber
    a magic wand
    Figit friends
    a motor control car
    a santa tracker
    an i pod
    an i pod touch
    an i phone
    a 3 ds
    an electrical guitar
    figit newbies

  38. dear Kris Kringle i helped people and shared and did a little mistake this year and i love sending emails and post letters and received one from your elf’s and you. thank you and merry Christmas love John.

  39. So all I want everyday is love and peace while this happens on Christmas why can’t it happen everyday peace harmony freedom no hunger no gread just love and happyness and no hunger this is my wish love peace everyday.

  40. Enturnal love for all and peace for all we all need to do this love peace no hate nor gread just living together as one that’s my wish as its my wish everyday! We all in the world can archive this we have a great great compassity to love we just don’t see it

  41. This year my school has donated 65 boxes of food to the food bank and the boxes where over flowing.Next year we are going to do more and collect it so we can help peolpe go and eat the wonderful food that i am thankful for and make them feel happy so they can eat and not worry about starving or getting sick (which i do not want) so as my New year resolution it is to help stop homless people cause no won should have to be scared of getting heart or of not having a home.
    Thank you

  42. Dear santa you are the best
    can you bring my dad back for
    chrismas please and can
    I have a blue gitar

    jessielee mery chrismas

  43. Well we have a strange tradition at my house.We get onions and draw faces on it.Then we name them and look after them then sadly we fry them.We then eat them before bed on christmas eve.Then on new years day we get new onions and start again.We then keep it till christmas.My onion at the moment is Charlie.The meaning of it all is that life ends but a new one starts.Gonna probbaly cry when saying bye to Charlie but at the end of the month ill get a new friend .
    Lots of love

  44. we went to church some people wont get what they want this year i hope they (or you could ask Mrs Claus to make lots of Christmas dinner and i wouldn’t mind at all if you gave some of my toys to them)

    Thank You

  45. I wish that the world was in peace and harmony so the world would be a better place to live no war no hurting people or animals

  46. I wish that no one is poorly not even you and the elf’s .My dad saw a man looking in the bins and searching for food.Poor him!!MERRY CHRISTMAS PEOPLE!!

  47. My wish for the world is that people would stop hurting one another. I also wish that all children are happy and safe. The flu is pretty bad in my area so I hope the reindeer don’t get sick before Christmas.

  48. My christmas wish for the world is that everyone will have a jolly new year,and that the world will be a safer place for everyone merry christmas

  49. Everyone to be nice and not to kill. Like wha t happened in connecticut with that guy who had an illness that he was born with and can’t get rid of. That’s my Christmas wish.

  50. my christmas wish in the world is that i want to make a cure for diabetas because i have it and lots of people have it it is very sad

  51. I agree with the reindeer. If I could have any wish to make the world a better place, I would stop animal cruelty. I would like you to tell the reindeer that I have been very nice to all three of my dogs and I would never hurt them.

  52. My wish is to all the kids and adults that were shot in the Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting. I hope they are having a good time in heaven and I also give my prayers to the adults that loved those kids, and the ones that died trying to save the children.
    Rest in Peace, Sandy Hook children and adults, you didn’t deserve this

  53. I wish every child in a orphan in a adopion home gets adopted and every thing you said I want to.:) 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 :0 :0 ;0

  54. hi santa i have a elf but i never got to see her how can i and i believe in u and im 10 merry christmas and a happy new year

  55. MY Christmas wish is for everyone to have a wonderful and safe holiday. And for people to help each other who in need. For the homeless to have shelter and food. For the world to be in peace and happiness all year around. For the people who dont have loved ones to share this holiday with is for them to be with someone who cares about them. And for all the animals to not get hurt or abandoned and for someone to love them. I would love to give back to the people who has helped me and my family. I am truly grateful and blessed to have my family that love me unconditionally. God Bless to those who doesnt have anyone or anything to have.

  56. Hi,my Christmas wishis:
    1.for no child to be left out and get what needed gpa and gma wish for no more taxes mom wants our eyes to go*bing*when we get up this christmas and for us all to be healthy
    4.My dad wishes he didn’t have to work so hard and have more sleep
    5.and me, my christmas wish is on Christmas day every person rich and poor snobby and shaggy nice and naughty big and small all have a happy exiting peaceful Christmas day.


  57. I wish that the world would be peaceful with no wars or shooting.I wish everyone could get along and share.Can you make it happen?Even just for a few minutes I’d like to live in a peaceful world.I really really hope you can do it!And um can you make the Sandy Hook kids come back to life please?Thank you so much for trying!

  58. My special Christmas wish is that the soldiers from wars get to come home and that people will learn to us their words instead of guns when they have a problem.

    To make the world a better place I put smiles on everyones face and always their for whoever needs me on the internet and in my town.

  59. Dear Santa I would like… Monster high makeover ,Doll’s of them,Make your own doll and more monster high.just dance I love dancing… MERRY CHRISTMAS SANTA AND ELF’S!!!

  60. I love spending time with people at the north pole and when can i go to the north pole and i know some people how dose not beleve in you santa

  61. my christmas wish is to have all of my friends and family safe,for everyone to be happy, and for everyone to have a joyful and jolly christmas!:]

  62. I wish everyone can live warm, safe, happy, never have fights, and have lots of money so they can buy food. That is my wish.

  63. I wish that all the people would understand that there are other people who need a home, food, water and shelter. And what would make my day is seeing people share what they have to the people who do not have that. Cause where I live all there is is poor people on the street hungrey. And all I see is poor, poor animals that are sooooooooo hungrey and looking for a home. It just makes me cry!! I wish everyone would understand there are people who need us to help them!!

  64. Hi! I’m so excited for Christmas! I love waking up and opening my presents. But I know that the true meaning of Christmas is Jesus’ birth. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

  65. My wish for the world is for all wars to stop. For children to have a better place to live where they always feel safe, loved; never feel left out, hungry or thirsty. That all children have a warm, safe place to live.

  66. My Christmas Wish for the world is for everyone to be happy and nice to each other. My greatest wish is a world of peace and harmony where everybody loves each other unconditionally.

  67. my chirstmas wish for the world is…
    1.everyone can have a safe xmas.
    2.everyone can be happy at christmas.
    3.every one can get what they need.

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