Santa Drink Adventures

Santa Drink
What does Santa drink?

I just got a letter.  It asked which drink I liked best.  “Santa, you go all over the world.  What do you like better: cow, goat, or camel’s milk?”

Keep reading to find out my answer to this great question!  (The answer might surprise you! 😉)

You can tell me what you like to drink too!  And what you do not like to drink too!

I have tried a lot of milk and other drinks.  I visit so many places and people.  At times, I cannot believe what I get with cookies on Christmas Eve!

There is milk from donkeys, sheep, reindeer, zebra, and even yak!  Have you ever tried water buffalo milk?

In the last few years, I even get soymilk.  Mrs. Claus likes this.  She says it is good for me!

Would Santa Drink Sour Drink?

I don’t like just one drink on Christmas Eve.  I like to try all the things kids share with me.  It is fun trying new things!  Well, except maybe for milk that has gone sour! Even I have to say “Yuck!” to that!

Children enjoy Christmas in lots of ways around the world.  In Denmark, I get lots of Gløgg!  Does that sound funny?  At least it is not a lutefisk!

Many kids like to leave out what they like best.  I get hot cocoa and chocolate milk a lot.

One child even left pickle juice!  I was a little dizzy trying to fly my sleigh after that one.  I did not drink the beer and wine at the next few houses after that!

Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus

P.S. What do you like to drink at Christmas?  What is the worst thing to drink or eat at Christmas?   You can click here to tell me about it or scroll down to see what other people have written!

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120 special messages to Santa about “Santa Drink Adventures”

  1. Hi Santa! I couldn’t get in contact with the Santa tech maker. If you could send menay down to help. That would be great.
    ( your email is not working so I had to send this message on a public site) Thanks! Also, don’t forget to call tweeny bye!

  2. Hi santa I have been good at home and school please may I have size 3nike air shoes, unicorn scutter
    appleipad. Love you santa from Megan ❤️

  3. Hi Santa my name is Emerald and my grandpa told me that he is going to give you pizza and beer because you wrote him a letter last year saying that all of the kids have been giving you milk and cookies oh and can I have a ps3 and a phone and unicorn glow in the dark slime and the kid version of headbands

  4. Hi santa I love lol surprise and pikmi pops and I know what your favorite drink and cookies you like.
    PS.merry Christmas! And I want the huge lol surprise house

  5. Hello santa
    I like to drink sparkling apple and grape juice.
    I believe in you santa

    love from Emily
    p.s I real believe in you so please come

  6. I like chicken and I like mash potatoes with ice cream and milk and also I like to eat grasp and vegetables it’s healthy for you to eat vegetables. What do you like to eat and drink Santa do you like eggnog or milk or hot coco. Sign back .

  7. Thank you Santa for the presents I am leaving carrots and apples and cookies the cookies are for you and the milk is for you.

  8. Dear Santa

    we love you so much thank you for gifts last year!!

    We love to drink coke, milk, hot chocolate, water and Dad likes beer 🙂
    We love to eat Irish chocolate for breakfast especially when daddy is minding us (daddy day care)…
    love from the Shiels family Sydney Australia xxx

  9. Dear Santa,

    I like to eat cookies and drink chocolate milk! I don’t like to eat sweet pickles and don’t like to drink water.


  10. Merry Christmas happy new year I love Christmas and I love you north pole pole delete my cookies and milk on Christmas Eve

  11. Dear Santa,

    My favourite drink is milkshake. The worst drink I tasted has been Milk because I tasted it when I was a baby and I loved it but I then at like 5 I tasted it and it tasted disgusting.

    From Ruby

  12. i do not like any meat at all so i dont now what to eat i love hot choco late i am going to give you 3 packs of cookies and 3 or 4 drinks .are you going to give me everthing on my list espesslie my house bed and wii and madamoisle blyte dolls

  13. we took a poll in class and found that we like to drink Orange juice and milk. Mrs. M likes chocolate milk and cookies too.

  14. Hey Santa.I like hot cocoa or chocolate milk and cookies!I leave you regular milk and cookies.I leave the reindeer carrots and celary!Buh Bye!

  15. i like eating sugar cookies with hot coco and if im luckily i make snow ice cream snow ice cream recipe : snow vanilla extract and heavy cream! please leve comments on how you like it oh ps. please try the recipe MERRY CHRISMAS PEOPLE AND TO ALL A GOOD NIGHT

  16. Ugh…I can not imagine the idea of trying to fly a sleigh- when it’s snowing- and your sleigh must bounce around from the reindeer >:.I love EVERYTHING to eat and drink except Perrier water and peach cobbler. And turkey.

  17. I love to have milk and cookies ands cream chocolate chip cookies! We are making them new this year, but we think they will taste good! But I want you to know that Nick our elf is the best elf I’ve ever met or seen! Thank you, Love Cassie 🙂

  18. I like hot chocolate and sugar cookies. The worst thing to eat is eggnog and fruit cookies. Have a happy flight in your sleigh!

  19. My favourite drink on Christmas eve is hot cocoa and my school,my friend kade,gave me a good way to make hot cocoa.all you have to do is,take the hot cocoa mix and pour everything(marshmallows,candy kisses,)pour it into a glass and stir it with a candy cane for a pepperminty taste.enjoy!!!

  20. I’ll make sure to leave you delicous homemade cookies straight from my kitchen!hope you have a delicous adventure! MERRY CHRISTMAS!

  21. Hello Santa! What is your favorite kind of milk and cookies.? I like chocolate chip cookies and milk best. I will leave you the same. Will you wake me up in my room and say hello to me? I want to meet you.

  22. WEIRD but INTERESTING drinks!If I were you, I’d stick to regular milk.But it’s fun to try new things,and,it’s important to be healthy!

  23. hey santa and everbody in my family sed hi and hey and what are u doing for christmas and i love christmas and how about u and merry christmas santa

  24. I like to drink milk and cocoa on Christmas. The worst thing to drink is probably alcohol but I have never ever tried it because i am too young and I hate the smell

  25. The worst drinks are pickle juice,soggy milk,beer,wine,and soy milk.My favorite drinks are coke,root beer,apple juice,orange juice,and 7up.The worst foods are brussel sprouts,broccoaly,and tofu.Now the best foods are strawberries,blueberries,and gingerbread cookies.

  26. My favourite drink is COKE I love to eat chicken and Prawns at Christmas lunch.The worst thing to eat is pavlova the worst drink is wine.

  27. TO

    I just went on this randomly to check out santas blog i have just wrote a letter to you and near the end it said mrs claus wants me to check out santas blog so i did but i dont realy know what it does.


  28. I love Christmas. Right now it is in ten days. But probably not for the people that are reading this comment right now!

  29. I like to drink coke a cola.At christmas and i love to eat turkey and ham at christmas the worst things are sprouts and also stuffing(ughh)im making cookies for you and Mrs Claus
    bye frm morgen

  30. me? ma favorite is eggnog… why i’ll be i bet you don’t mind if i leave ya cup o’ eggnog with ma favorite snikers, smores!


  31. hi sanata its sadie shelton from frankfort! just wanted to say tht i hope i get wht i want 4 xmas! please please please love your best friend SADIE SHELTON!

  32. hi santa i think christmas is the best time of the year i love to celebrate xmas with my family so this year i was very good girl and i think i deserve to have presents under my xmas tree love u

  33. santa pease one day on christmas eve can i fly around the world with you i love you santa but how do the elves make everything we want before christmas

  34. hi i like cow milk allot but i leave out for you milk and mince pie and i leave a carrot for the raindeers to eat and remember i have a lettter for you good look ho ho ho ho nearlly christmas


  35. hi santa!,
    i leave the original white cows milk out every year so this year i want to add somthing diffrent. are you alergic to almonds or peanuts. dont worry no one in my house is but can i leave almond milk out for you?its hhealthy and very tasty.


  36. have you got eny girl raindeeres my bday is on the 22 of december and 3 days after you come santa me and my freind libby are so close will you give her a spesial present of me a laptop thank you so much hope i hear from you soon ho! ho! Ho!

  37. I hate pickles and cucumbers and hot sauce and not geting what I want I really hate that I get really made do yoau do that…

  38. My favorite food to eat on Christmas is the tender and juicy ham my family prepares. The worst thing to eat is brocolii. I justchristmas!

  39. dear santa
    i always leave you cows milk,mince pies,cookies and a carot or two for rudolf
    this year i might leave you hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows thank you for all the great toys you have brung me the last few years my sister lisa,15 says your not real and i keep telling her you are real
    anyway lots and lots of love kiera

  40. thanks santa that was a great question i usely leave you some home made waffels and some of my mamas best drinks bye santa i cants wait till christmas i love the christmas felling

  41. santa, i leave you my great grandmother’s cookies on christmas eve. she is not alive anymore, but my family still makes them. we make the home made icing and decorate every single cookie with love. and with sprincles:) sometimes i leave you eggnog, but mosly i leave milk. i saw the movie Santa Clause 1, 2 and 3 but in the first on you did not like soymilk. so i will not leave you soymilk. i think the north pole might not have connection, but go to channel 106.7 FM on the raidio. i plays non stop christmas music. and one more thing, can you tell jack frost to make it snow in my townn?(croton)thanks santa! i will talk to you soon!

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