Santa’s elves get up to mischief. Read what they wrote here!

Santa's elves
Santa’s elves are running around & getting into mischief. This one took an “elfie”.

Hello? Hello? It’s Santa’s elves here!

Is this thing working? I pressed all the buttons.

Did you activate the voice recorder?

I think so.

So why are we arguing?

What should I say?

Say hello.


I say Hello too.

Hello from me three!

I am one of Santa’s elves.

Me too. I am one of Santa’s elves.

Me three! I am one of Santa’s elves three!

Santa told us not to use his computer in case we delete something by mistake.

Yeah, but we wanted to send all the children of the world a message.

All of them, even the ones living on the moon.

Do children live on the moon?

I think so.

Anyway, we wanted to say hello to all of you.

And wish you a Merry Christmas.



Shhhhhhhhhh! Santa will hear us.

I love Santa.

Me too.

And me three.

What else should we say?

Santa’s elves are getting into mischief!

I don’t know.

Um, How are you doing?

They can’t hear us!

Then why are we talking?

No, no, no, they will hear us, but not right now. The message has to be beamed up to outer space and back.

So the children on the moon will hear it first?


If there are children on the moon.

I heard that there were children on the moon. They are all made of cheese.

They must be stinky. Stinkier than normal children.

Oh, I know what to say.


I just had a look at the naughty and nice list. Almost everyone is on the nice list.

That means that almost everyone will be getting Christmas presents.


What about the ones not on the nice list?

There is still time for them. All they have to do is try. Being nice is not about always doing nice things. It is about trying to do nice things.

Yeah, and trying not to do naughty things.

And, trying to be the best child, or elf, that you can be.

I think I hear Santa Claus coming!

We should go.

Do you have any messages for us elves?  You can click here to tell us or, scroll down to see all our messages!  Do you think we’re being naughty?

Oh, yes, make sure you save the naughty and nice list before you close it.

Is it this box?

No! Don’t press that one.


I think I just deleted the naughty and nice list.

Santa is coming!


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918 special messages to Santa about “Santa’s elves get up to mischief. Read what they wrote here!”

  1. Shouldn’t you be helping Mrs clus with her cookies and brownies for you guys and help Santa with the rainder .

    PS from true believer oh and we live on earth we are not made out of cheese.

  2. hi santa can i be your elf
    there are no children on the moon and they are not made out of cheese.

  3. Hi santas elves how does the north pole look like and I wish you a merry christmas even if christmas past a few weeks ago how do you guys look like and how does santa look like by elves I hope everyone in the north pole gets to see this and the reindeers by

  4. Hi u elvs are in BIG HUMUNGUS TROBEL.
    Please let santa and the reindeer i love um and Mrs.clase

  5. Yes I do. Why cant the elves stay until December 31? Also, For Christmas can Santa bring me roller skates? My dream is to have a pair.

  6. Dear Santa and mrs Claus i hope you have a wonderful Christmas if you could you please leave me a message to tell me if I’m on the naughty list please?If so that I you so very much if not thats fine i understand its a bit late.lots of love E.A.Santoro

  7. hello elfs i have a elf at my house its elli sparkel
    and she is happy i gave here a littl tedy baer

  8. hi silly and naugty elves my name is kyla i am 9 years old i was wondering if i could see the naughty and nice list

  9. I wanna tell santa if he can get me a nintendo stuich or a nail set or if want to get me a elf i really wish for an elf pls santa i really want an elf from angie sosa

  10. Dear Elves, I hope all is well and I can’t wait to see you this year,p.s. try not to delete the naughty and nice list this time!

  11. Hi., elf this is Ariel so one of you please come to my house and whach me if I’m bad or good. And If you come to my house you can see if I’m bad or good well see you if you come to my house BYE!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. so I think yous are being a bit to naughty you elves, but a bit funny to. all I got to say to you is that you should follow Santa’s rules and listen to him. I’m not trying to be mean but if I was their I would say to you, if you do that again you will be in a lot of trouble and won’t get I said I’m not trying to be mean. just listen to Santa and you will be all good.

  13. no se si esa foto es una cosa rara yo digo que es el virus y que esa cosa con nariz grande esque tiene mucho frio.

  14. Hi Santa I am Itiah and I know I have Been naughty but if you can let me have a present I would be happy and I want a 2 dress’s and some jewelry and it is ok if you don’t have to thank you

  15. Please tell Santa that I would like a puppy this year. PLEASEEEEEEEEE!!!!(specifically a German Shepard ❤‍

  16. silly elf’s,i’m an elf in training even i wouldn’t do that wile Santa is there your so-posed to message us Christmas eve so the elf’s can text everyone without Sana knowing what the elf’s sent or did

  17. There so mischeevies but at the end of the day they are so cute and very hard workers everybody see’s there work every year

  18. HI SANTA AND SANTA’S ELF’S AND MRS.CLAUS AND ALL REINDEER AND SNOW MAN!!!I hope you all are having a good day today! it’s fall right now and I’m at home right now, it is all most Halloween and I’m so exited for Halloween!!!!!Hope you are to:)BYE!!

    TO: Santa, Elf’s, Ms.Claus, Reindeer and snow man
    From:Aeleah, Aedin, Antonio, Emmanuel, Mom and Dad

  19. Hello! Am I the only one that is not a elf here?
    uh, I like Undertale….. a lot.
    :3 :I I don’t know what else to say
    uh, somone pls reply?

  20. Dear santa

    three of your sneaky lil elvs wear messing with your conputer even thuogh you told them not to if you want I’ll help you find them this year if you take me on a magical ride and let me pet,play,feed your raigndeer also the elvs that messed w/ur computer thaught that kids live on the moon also if u want i could educate them (the cost is my ride and presents today! XD

  21. hi elves you have been very sneacky over the past ten years for me also the past nine years for me oooo the past six years for me we are excited for you to come and see us:-)

  22. Hi i’m Isla from New Zealand and Can you please get me a big box of chocolates for christmas? Thank you!

  23. elves this is my messge
    but first My name age and hometown country will all be here elves befve
    Seth 7 ballymeana UK

  24. i really really want 4 scout elfs but they never came it was when i was 4 but now i am 9 years old please come this year please.

  25. bad and silly elfs kids dont live on the moon and why did you delet the lists santa is going to be mad

  26. Hi Elfs/Santa/whoever is reading this! I cant wait until Christmas this year it is going to be really exciting! I is taking ages to come but i try to make it come quicker! You told me to write a comment so i did And the answer to your quetion…

    YESSSSSSSSS!!!!!! You are naughttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttty Elfs!!!!
    Thanks for reading

  27. Im willow I heard that Christmas is coming very very long so I just wanted to send you this cuz you cuz you said for me to send a message so I did and I just wanted to say I can’t wait for Christmas cuz I just send it Santa a letter and Santa might give me something so he said that I deserve to be on the nice list so just saying and if you check on the knife with maybe I’m on there cuz I know I’m for the nice or sometimes bad so maybe you can put me on a maybe less so yeah and I go to my granny’s a lot to send me a little bit of presents at my granny’s so yeah I think I got to go cuz I think this letters too long bye

  28. Hi there I left you a message and can you get another one of these messages and talk to Santa why doesn’t he let you use the computer you must be very mad at Santa can I show you anger
    Can you reply to me

  29. lol you naughttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttty elves and you’re telling us not to be naughty

  30. big a tall gift address on the map
    nice list santa claus book paul bastmant down s paul bedroom

  31. hi elves i have a message for snowflake and bob elf they come to our house every year i want to tell them that thir children are doing ok but one of them ran away!! we dont know what to do can you tell them please and thank you!!

  32. Well I think it is time this I’m fine I’m going to be part of girls are amazing

  33. Hello, dear Elves!

    Do all of you elves also have behaviour? Are you nice? Are you naughty? Oh, and.. your mischief was funny! Heehee! Anyway, you are very helpful to Santa as you make most of the presents. Very kind of you! Could you please tell the other elves and Santa that they got a big hello from me? Thankyou. And thankyou for reading/replying this. Merry Christmas! 🙂

    Love from, Arlette xoxo

  34. Hii elves, do you guys know if I am on the nice list/ Please tell me!

  35. To the elves, Kids don’t live on the moon yet sadly. I want to live on the moon though.

  36. What a nice surprise Kassidy!

    The elves and I are so excited to get your letter. You are one of our favorite girls in Indana you know. A bunch of the elves ran to the big computer screen and squished their little noses against it. That’s how much they wanted to read your email! I sure do love the Internet because now I never feel lonely all the way up at the North Pole. An email from you, Kassidy, really makes my day!

    Rudolph put this on personally, just for you Kassidy!Flying figgy puddings, Kassidy! You are growing up so fast! Here you are 13 years old already. Has it really been 12 years since I first visited you? I remember it so well. You were just a teensy weensy baby. I tiptoed to where you were supposed to be sleeping only to find you wide awake. You looked right up at me. You giggled and made cute little noises. You were so happy! Then I tickled you under your chin and hopped back into my sleigh. I don’t care what anyone says about Christmas or Santa Claus. That’s as real and as wonderful as it gets!

    Did you know that I sent Sherlock Elf himself to check up on you last week? He’s the Head Elf at the Noddy N. Nice Elf Detective Agency. Do you know what he saw you do? He saw you… well I guess I really don’t have to tell you because you were there. Sherlock Elf saw you do many things. In the end though, he told me you’ve been a really good girl.

    Let’s see what you put in your letter for Christmas wishes: 1. i wish for a phone; 2. i wish for a ps4 and; 3. infinity vbucks of fortnite. my epic:awwhemad. May all your Christmas wishes come true!

    Did you know I had to get rid of my phone? Every time I phoned the elves they thought my name was ‘Santa Calls’! HO!! Ho!! ho!!

    Did you know Rudolph challenges me to play reindeer games with him every time he sees a PS4? Silly Rudolph! When will he learn he can’t play a PS4 with hooves! So if there are bits of carrot and hay by a PS4 you’ll know who was there!

    Sugar plums and sleigh bells! Thank you for saying you love me! I love you too Kassidy. You know what we always say at the North Pole, I love you lots like jelly tots! HO!! Ho!! ho!!

    Did you really ask me if I was real? Yes, Kassidy, I exist just as surely as love, imagination and the spirit of childhood do. I have lived for a very long time because people of all ages have kept me in their hearts. And even if the way you think of me changes over time I hope you will always keep my spirit with you.

    As soon as I saw your letter I had to tell Rudolph that you said Hello!. Rudolph’s nose was so bright! He says Snarf! meoww chirp! bark! to you. Of course, I said Hello! to everyone else for you too. They were very excited to hear from you and wanted me to say Hello Kassidy! and Merry Christmas! to you!

    I love to read your emails, Kassidy. You, your family and friends can send me as many as you like. You can also get a friendly reminder from my elves to come back and visit me again next year. Then you can send me even more emails. HHHOL!

    HO!! Ho!! ho!! The elves are diving into the present wrapping machine again! Such silly elves! They’re okay, but I better dash away to help unwrap them. Take care Kassidy and don’t forget to come back and visit me here at on Christmas Eve!! And remember… only 214 more sleeps until Christmas!!

    All My Best Christmas Wishes,
    i love the meassage that santa sent to me i love you elfs Santa Claus

    Thank you Kassidy for thinking of me!P.S. Why thank you for the wonderful hugs & kisses Kassidy! Here are some extra special hugs and kisses just for you from everyone at the North Pole!

    P.P.S. I’ve attached a special postmarked copy of your email below so you can print it off and show it to all your friends or put it on your fridge. (Don’t worry, only the good parts print 🙂

  37. What are you doing elves you have to hide go now I see Santa Claus coming your way

  38. nawty elves you shold not be ding that or Santa will put you on the nasty list

  39. Dear Elves,

    I hope this letter will find you well. I just wanted to say that no children live on the moon. Not yet, at least. I really like to imagine living on the moon. I like that kind of science. Ailens, the moon, stuff like that. I also like books. Maybe you can learn more about space by reading space books. Well, say hi to Rosie Snowflake for me(that’s my elf).
    Stay awesome,
    Avery Nisbet

  40. Hi elves I thank you for making such wonderful toys and other things that make wishes come true so thank you so much for everything you do even in these times.

  41. Santa kids that live on the moon witch they don’t are not made of cheese and for Christmas can I get heely shoes please thank you

  42. Yes elves i think you are being naughty! If santa told you not to use his computer then you should not have used his computer! I think santa should find the naughty and nice list and put you elves on the naughty list!

  43. Hi Santa it’s Emma here can I please have airpods , black mountain bike and a Apple Watch please thank you so much

  44. hello elvs your crazy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! bye

  45. Hi! I just wish everybody a very Merry Christmas and have a great year! Don’t be bad!

  46. you elves were definatly being naughty you deleted the list BAD ELVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. Dear Elves,

    Y’all guys are getting into too much mischief! Be more careful when you touch the computer!

  48. Stop talking about the nice list if you are not on it and I think that you are NOGTY no denig .

  49. HIHIHIHIHIHIHIHIHIHIHIHI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hear you have been naughty! Well we all are once in a while so its all right. I am also a little teeny bit naughty sometimes! But my friend Pal has been really naughty! She is making me feel a little left out, but not on purpose. And it might be a little more than little. = (. I don´t know what to do but its okay. But since you have got magic, maybe yo can cast a spell to make everything better again! And get me a dog please? YAYYSEEYS!!!!!!

  50. Hello Merry Christmas I want a Air hockey table for Christmas and a elf on the shelf for Christmas and a phone for Christmas and different kinds of Candy canes for Christmas.

  51. Santa’s elves are very mischievous they get into everything he didn’t even say to get on his computer even though I am four years old in Devine my house you have to come to Luxemburg so it’ll take you a while to get from the north North Pole I love you Santa I love you Santa and your elves. Do not forget about mrs. Claus

  52. Christmas is only two days away. Those elves better be very good or THEY will be on the naughty list. Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

  53. You elves are the most greatest elves santa could ever have I love you all at the north pole send me a message and tell me your favorite thing about christmas my favorite thing about christmas is the familys and santa and the wonderful elves at the north pole

  54. if you coming house on Christmas eve night it santaclaus dop off gift house best men o words I want a Christmas practice formsantaclaus at northpole forme love each oaicer wartn thankful with you hugs im sleelp in bed roombestmeet down s in bedroom im wanting for you did here for our house mn55079
    lift size house tan house dec 18 wed 20019
    dec 24/ 20019 /.
    put on the map paul address for santa claus put you nice list

  55. Hello This Is Kendra speaking ! Your favourite child of the year 2019! . I was wondering if Santa was ok? And I really want some robux gift cards do you think you could pop to Sainsbury’s and Buy Some? XxxXx

  56. Dear Santa Claus
    I like to say I believe in you always to be the best friend in my life this year for Christmas I like to be on your nice list every ear you are the best friend ever had in my life because I believe in you always have happens I like you to have my picture for keeps I wish you the happiness New year I have your favorite treat is my chocolate budding pie and also your favorite drink is diet colla the best is my favorite just for you love always Ella may Dillard is have your self a marry Christmas happy New years eve

  57. Hello Michael here what I want four Christmas is A firefighter DVD Firefighters Exam book Police DVD POLICE EXAM BOOK

  58. Hi elves are there young elves in the northpole, and can I visit u guys an santa in the northpole this year for christmas

  59. Hi!Santa my name is Andrew jase smith and I just was wondering if you’ve got my written letter in my own handwriting that i sent you in the mail in november.

  60. well I kinda think yall were a little bad of course because you deleted the naughty and nice list. No offence though! Also you need to not be playing with Santa’s stuff or we will not get presents this year. And tell Pepperment to be good and come this year!

  61. There are so many Christmas games in the world but in all of them Santa says Ho Ho Ho but does Santa say Ho ho ho


  63. if you have a elf that is into fashion and Gucci can you please send that one to me because I love fashion and Gucci oh and by the way MERRY CHRISTMAS

  64. Hey elfs I dont think you where to wrong all you wanted to do was say hi to us kids but dont delet anything hahaha

  65. hay nikey and elf i miss you a lot i can not wait to see you i love you more everything in the world sorry that i spelled silicone baby doll the one i want that i showed elfey i love you elf and you nickey and santa claus and the other elfs i miss you i wish i can see you ok bye now i love you all marrie christmas to all of you i love you all

  66. your elves were being very naughty and they think that children live on the moon and they’re all made of cheese! smelly cheese! and your elves have made a cover for the blog that looks like it is from a horror movie! still love everyone from the north pole though

  67. Santa your elves deleted the naughty and nice list. they also should know that if there were children living on the moon then they would not be made out of cheese, but if it was not clear already there are no children on the moon. and they have to be more confident on camera, especially if they are going to be delivering presents!

  68. U silly elf are so funny can u plz come to my house on December 1st and see what I’m doing I have a lot of toys to play with and it’s rlly cool

  69. hi how r u i hope we can talk in person but we cant i know u might git in trouble but i still love u so much say hi to santa to me i love u all

  70. To Santa I really want 145633688000009990900000000000000000000000000000
    Bucks for Christmas

  71. Dead Santa you should hire nicer elfs or when they be bad just make them sit in the corner

  72. Hi elves I want to see your real faces and I think you are on the nice list because you help Santa make the toys for all the kids like me

  73. It is not much for Christmas and listen to the good melodies that are heard in the Christmas songs of the 60s by Ray Conniff, Paul Mauriat, Henry Mancini, etc. Despite my 16 years, I love the music of that era!
    Greetings from Miraflores-Lima-Peruvian 08/07/2019

    Falta poco para la navidad y escuchar la buena melodias como se escuchaba en los 60′ los temas navideños de Ray Conniff, Paul Mauriat, Henry Mancini, etc bueno a pesar de mis 16 años me encanta la musica de esa epoca !!.
    Saludos de Miraflores-Lima-Perú 08/07/2019

  74. Magic. Power. Santa. Key
    Texi. Maile part. Big


    Cookies Santa. Milk
    Puppy. For Christmas. Paulshaw
    Christmas. Magi power Santa. Key
    Forchristmas. Forpaul
    Angel Talk. Tome. Forchristmas. Paulshaw
    Bulid. HouseGames.onmy
    Red cam.

  75. Silly elfs if u dont wanna get caught then dont do it u know Santa will be mad and I can tell him so if u do it again Santa will know

  76. hi my name is lollie i live in portsmouth and i am 7 i live with my dad love you lol

  77. Santa elves are right cildren do live on the moon and i am 1 of them har har har

  78. i love elves be good elves i love you eleves and i love sannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnntttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa dont be nuaghty i love you all i loved my christmas

  79. Your you’re so naughty you’re such a silly billy you’re going to get in trouble with Santa by the way do you know Dan and George the other elfs bye

  80. Hello I’m Elsie . I don’t think you should be on that computer because you could end up on the naughty list !! (Not that you can because you deleted it anyway !!)
    Okay , well I need to go now . Bye !!
    P.S. don’t get into any more mischief

  81. i im cookie hello say HI to santa for me we wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year good tidinds we bring for you and your king we wish YOU A MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR


  82. Is Elfie Bennett okay? He is my elf on the shelf. By the way never sneak into Santa’s computer again. p.s. answer my question please elves.

  83. Hi elves ,
    You do know that if you used santa’s laptop without his permisson and deliting the naughty and nice list you could get into lots of troble so i am telling santa
    J.K only joking.

  84. Hello I’m Lucas is there an elf that i can talk with that has come to Marychurch Road before cause I miss him could he come back please

  85. I know, I know, it’s really and truly too early to be writing a Christmas letter, but Santa, I have been asking for an iPhone every Christmas and you never bring it to me! Will you give me one this year? Thanks!

    P.S. Here are a few questions:
    1.) Are you real?
    2.) How do you go to everybody’s houses in just one night?
    3.) Are you friends with God and Jesus?
    4.) Are you Jewish?
    5.) How old are you?
    6.) Will you die soon?
    7.) When’s your birthday?
    8.) When where you born?
    That’s all the questions I have for now! I ask more later. Thanks again for reading this and have a MERRY CHRISTMAS!

  86. Hey Santa those naughty elves are being really weird because they have been playing with your computer and they maybe deleted the naughty and nice list I just hope you gave them a swat on the rump!

  87. Hey this is Lauren and I just wanted to hello to genji and I want to know how is he I hope is he is not be naughty. I miss him and so do my bros. Well text you later

  88. SANTAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Your elves deleted the naughty and nice list! Meow! I want to scratch them, also please tell your elves that no Twoleg or cat lives on the moon. Bye! Mrrow!
    -From Tarshadow’s apprentice, Amerapaw of ThunderClan

  89. santa is real!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it took a lot of reaserch but i did it ! i told my perents to thay sed it was true and if you dont beleve me ask your perents and the only person that can do that is god and jesus christ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  90. I think you guys should be asleep and not cheating if Santa is here or not go back to bed and then you can look at you presents in the morning go back to bed now!

  91. Dear elves I had a secret just don’t tell santa and Mrs clause you guys I have a joke why did the elf cross the road to get to the north pole but here’s a secret you can tell him why did santa eat cookies and milk ones a night every year to get christmas magic love owen seltun p.s have so much fun and be good not sneeky just only that secret I told make sure to not tell them that

  92. Dear santa I belive your elves did something they took a photo on your computer wrote a message do you know that or not from owen seltun

  93. Hey santa.
    It’s me Lisa Barrios I only saw you in person when I was 4 years old and you came to my preschool and I told what I wanted good news in almost 12 YEARS OLD! Shocked anyway it’s 8 years since I saw you i keep an eye on my way monitor every weekend I am with my parents but until I see you again face to face i will give you the biggest hug.Love you

  94. Dear Santa. I sent you a letter saying that I want Roblox 50 dollar gift card and I did not get it.

  95. dear elves that could be a naughty thing to sneak on santas computer next time dont do that sneaking could kinda be naughty i hope you are excited 140 more sleeps from owen !

  96. Hi Conor kiernan he rd this year i would like to get a elf on the shelf a Christmas tradition please my presents for this year are keyboard and mouse for my Xbox one please caper max shoes and I need a happy life you elves are funny a mischievous i love you lots and I will be really good bye for now Lov Conor

  97. Hi sana tell your elves that only adults that are highly trained go to the moon no one lives there. And you should teach them how to do a blog and not to touch your stuff. Oops!! I wasn’t meant to say that sorry elves!!

  98. Hi little elves .you are so cute ‍♂️‍♂️‍♀️‍♀️I love you ♡♡
    Xoxoxoxo ,
    Angie ❤

  99. Ha elves I need you gise to do me a favor and tell Santa that I want me and my boyfriend dashone yo get back together because we Brock up because of me because I slap him but he made me mad that’s why so I want use to get back together

  100. hi Santa how is Alfie and Jester going?
    I surely do miss are special too! I am 7 please write back to me.

  101. Hi Santa ,I tried so hard to be extra good.can Alfie and Jester come back tonight with no bobble or shoe’s plain red legs? if you ever need help call me. You are in my heart forever!I surely do understand you! happy new year to you!

  102. Is Santa angry that the elves deleted the naughty and nice list?!Wich elves were causing mischief?

  103. Elves, there are no children on the moon, go here to find out why. JUst copy and paste this link w/ ctrl+c to copy and ctrl+v to paste. The link:

  104. I think that the elves are getting in a lot of mischief .Dear elves NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO kid lives on the moon . Just think about it if a kid lived on the moon there would have to be a adult there to take care of them right. Oh and I hope that the elves that did that were NOT ELFFIE OR ELLIE because sometimes they get in to mischief.#mischief

  105. Hey elves first thing I thing you’ll get in big trouble and tell the Bloyd’s elf buddy we said hi we all miss him and second tell Santa welcomef for the cookies love Jathon

  106. hi santa ilovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeu

  107. Dear elve you look so cute can you tell till is your job fun or hard making toys.

    Love you bye

    Xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo oxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  108. The elves were getting into mischief for sure

  109. Thank you Santa!! I didn’t get what I wished for but I got lots of stuff that I liked! Thanks again.

  110. hi i was wondering what its like at the north pole and how long till santa arives at my house i am happy really happy to see what i get for christmas

  111. why are you using Santa’s computer when you are not supposed to you guys are POSSIBLY the ones on the naughty list

  112. Hi elves I’ve been good and I hope you’ve received my present from me it has little thank you cards on them !

  113. Hi elves I’ve been good and I hope you’ve received my present from me it has little thank you cards on them !

  114. Dear elves ,
    First of all am I on the nice list and I have some questions.
    Will the elves on the shelves disappear after christmas?
    Is santa on his way to our house and will it take 4 hours?
    How many people are on the bad list ?
    Did santa mke the elves on the shelves?Thats all the questions.
    Merry Christmas and a happy new year!!!
    From Layla xxx

  115. Hey um I had to read it can your elves make another one they already did one on your computer santa. May have a bell fromRudolph

  116. Why are the elfs so naughty! Can you send a note if im not aloud to touch the elf that i get because il have to tell ollie and isla not to touch the elf if thats ok with you
    From lily m
    England United Kingdom

  117. Hi santa!! it’s already Christmas Eve. I want to now have a pet elf even though it sounds like they are very mischievous. everyone makes mistakes but they make a lot!! And make sure to tell them that there are not any kids living on the moon. If there is then we don’t know about them. Don’t forget: you have cookies and some milk waiting on you! Bye!!!
    p.s. I really, really,really, really,really want a real alive pet sloth. please!!

  118. Hello, elf’s. No kids live on the moon. Merry Christmas. Also how does Santa get by the world in 8hrs,


  120. Dear Santa,
    I think you should be a little bit more careful with your elves because they just got into your computer and were talking to the whole world!

  121. I think these elves are being very naughty. Santa trusts them, and they should respect him! If they are telling kids to be nice, then maybe they should. Also, the don’t want to get in trouble by Mrs. Claus!

  122. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my elf has disappeared befor Christmas and I didn’t touch it and they left a note but it was in elf writing so I didn’t understand their names were Blush and Fizz hopefully they didn’t die of couse they didn’t they gave me a letter so they didn’t die or did one ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh im ready for Christmas cause I get ealy Christmas presents YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #elfaremessy #elfsarecheeky 🙂 but I need to go

  123. You should ask Santa before using his computer!! Anyway you guys seem fun!!
    Love you all!!!
    P.S. There are no kids on the moon

  124. You guys are being very naughty and won’t get any presents for christmas!!

    From Reet


    #Love santa claus

  125. Dear Santa can i please see you tonight thank you so much for all of my gifts you are a kind gentleman.

  126. Hi Santa and elves I want to say merry Christmas to all of you and more good health and more blessings to come godbless you and I love you elves and rendeer and ofcourse Mr. And Mrs. Claus

  127. That was FUNNY (kids don’t live on the moon we visit)lol lol lol lol elves are really funny I wish I had one 🙁

  128. you are so cool santa I love that you are so kind and tell your elfs to hurry up for christmas oho I was’t supposed to say that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  129. Elfs how are you being touching santas list with out him permission your supposed to ask him first you silly Elfs

  130. Dear Santa,
    I don’t know if you are reading this or not but I just wanted to say that your elves said that Christmas was Mooney. I don’t think that they should be your nice elves, I think that they should be your naughty elves. Merry Christmas and a new year!! 2019!!!

  131. Dear Elves,
    I’ve wanted to know this answer the moment I opened my eyes ready who is on the naughty list and who is on the nice list?

    From Ruby and Madison

  132. Dear fellow elves,I have an elf on the self and her name is Snowflake.Please say hello if you see her.I have a question for you.Do you like being an elf?Well I am now going to say goodbye and a Merry,Merry Christmas to you!!Love,Jasmine

  133. I think you are so cute elves are you coming with Santa claus!!!!!!!!! When you come to my house!!!

  134. Hi elf’s how are you doing? We really want lol dolls and jojobows. And Barbie dolls. I heard there is a n lol suprise house, can you get me that too? Oh and while your at it get charla a new dress and mommy a free Starbucks card and my daddy a robot he likes those.

  135. Hi there Elves! I’m watching you. You should behave and whatever you do, don’t touch Santa’s computer. I love you, thank you for all you do.

    See people aren’t the only ones that need to be cool watched!

  136. Your elves a in a lot of mischief, I think you should put them on the naughty list. I love Christmas so much. Merry Christmas Santa
    Sincerely Taylor

  137. Wasssup everyone at the north pole and whoever else is reading this! I hope y’all have been good, ’cause I’ve tried! Hope y’all have to! Adios!

  138. hi Santa, This is Chloe Noel here but people call me Coco. How are you doing? I am doing great!I hope I’m on the nice list this year. So you elf Elenor is my elf and she is SO GREAT!
    today she was hiding with baby Jesus and brought us chocolate and it was so nice! : )
    my mom and dad will e-mail you my chrisms list! I hope you have a MERRY CHRISTMAS!


  140. Hi Elves
    I see you’ve beeen up to no good but the thing is that your always nice and you make presents thank you for all your hard work xx

    Love from Stephanie

  141. Hi I have a n scout elf named Sally I just bought her a brand new sparkly dress I think I have been nice please respond to this message as soon as possible!!! Thanks ,loveCamila

  142. I hope you have fun on your Christmas adventure around the world! Today at school I saw Sprinkles the elf! She was sitting on our fire alarm. I was really surprised to see her out in the hallway, but I thank her for the candy canes and I hope you enjoyed the movie the other class watched! ‘Elf’ was very cool! and also cute and funny. I really liked that movie and I wanna watch it again! I have to go to bed now though. Goodnight to you all!

  143. Hello! I wish you elves, Santa, Mrs. Claus, and the reindeers a very merry Christmas! Only 3 more days until Christmas and I’m so excited! I am grateful for whatever I get on Christmas day and I love Christmas because its the day Jesus was born! I will probably send another comment but not today, It’s nearly my bed time now! Goodnight to you all!

  144. Dear elves,
    I think you where being very noddy and that if you come to my house then you will have to be on your best behaviors and if you are not Santa will hear about it.

  145. I think your elves need to be tamed! I’ll happily do that for you – as long as you give me extra presents! I’ve got two elves of my own; they are called Jingles and Ginger! (They are soooo cheeky!)

  146. Hahahahaha halarius and when are you guys going to send me that silly elf dance if you do then I’ll tell you elf on the shelf to bring a candy cane to you guys okay,okay,okay,okay,okay

  147. Santa,
    Your elves have been a bit naughty!
    Mabye you should keep a closer eye on them.
    Also I hope that they haven’t missed out on making any of the presents.

  148. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I can not believe I am talking to you right now!Oh,and you should punish your 3 elves.They ruined your computer.

  149. Santa!!!!!!!Your elves have messed up your computer!!!!!!!!!!They deleated your naughty and nice list!!!!!I have two younger siblings I can take care of them if you bring me there on Christmas Eve.

  150. Hi hi I’m crystal can I meet you guys btw my mom tells me I have adhd and outisum I don’t like that but I’m nice but help me so my mom won’t say those things to me

  151. Elves i want one of you but you never come to my house so please come to night and write me some.
    with a big present

  152. Hi Santa elves hope you have a Merry Christmas and a better watch out because Santa coming don’t push the wrong one are you going to be trouble stay out of trouble, girl and I’ve been good this year every day even but my family I’m going to tell my family and friends to be on the Santa Claus email have a Merry Christmas love you

  153. Hey Santa elf’s hope you have a good and great day and Christmas love you don’t get any trouble but you known wt happen when you get and trouble by by ❤️I want a dog for Christmas please

  154. Dear,Santa
    I think you should not let your elves have anymore candy
    for 5 days.You need to teach them a lesson

  155. Hiya Elfs,
    Do you know my elf, Merry, she is very good but sometimes shes quit cheeky!
    I wonder how many elfs there are in the noth pole??


  156. dear Santa Claus my name is Jayden Blake Perkins and l hope your elves are great
    Merry Chirsmas Santa Claus and Mrs Santa Claus.

  157. Silly little elf’s, getting into mischief sooooo much (plus it’s me Caroline) I could pick a elf up and give him a piggy back ride!

  158. dear santa your elves are touching your computer plese teach them to use a camara !?!?!?! OR NOT!?!

  159. I loved your message I am I on the nice list?
    I would really like a claw machine for Christmas so can I please?

  160. Hey Santa’s elves you should be o n the naughty list for not listening to Santa about not using his computer. You have been bad elves so that means no Christmas presents for you elves. Such naughty elves you deserve coal.

  161. Hi santa your elfs…um…deleted the naughty or nice list….i think that may be a problem. Xoxo give those very naughty elves a hug and tell them not to do that again

  162. i want a lot of presents for Christmas and santa don’t yell at the elves that much plz and thank you

  163. DEAR SANTA,


  164. DEAR SANTA,


  165. DEAR SANTA,


  166. can i see a picture of you? I love santa! I love all the reindeer. I love the elves. Do you ck on me at school? Have I moved on to the nice list? Did I change from the naughty list to the nice list?

  167. Dear elves you make me laugh. You are so funny. There is no kids on the moon. That’s silly. I hope you didnt get In trouble with santa.

  168. Hi santa lm back angin . Di you no what your elf’s done !?If yes did you punish them 5 elfs santa ? Or did Miss clause said,,we will give them one more chance !,, If yes then you should of bunshde them righte a way .
    Love you !
    Merry Christmas!
    Love truley Grace xxx

  169. Hi santa lm back angin . Let me tell you something about your elfs .Di you no what they done ?!If yes did you punish them 5 elfs santa ? Or did Miss clause said,,we will give them one more chance !,, If yes then you should of bunshde them righte a way .
    Love you !
    Merry Christmas!
    Love truley Grace xxx

  170. You are the best santa . Some of my friends say ,,He is not real ,,. But l don’t believe that because l believe what is in my heart .
    I Love you so much santa xxx

    Have a great Christmas xxxxxxxx
    Love truley Grace

  171. Dear santa your elfs are so so
    naughty . I think they licke to mess a rowned with things .
    . Can l please have some pink slime
    . Orso a squishy pleases
    That’s what I just won’t for Christmas .
    Merry Christmas !!

  172. Hi Santa I never knew I was good I will keep it up ur the best and I asked the elves on Gmail to tell you your the best Santa I ever seen Merry Christmas

  173. Hey Santa I want to confess something I have been naughty but I want to change that so will u plz give me time to change my direction and go on a better path to get to the nice list. And plz reply. And thank you for reading this


  175. Your awesome! Elves, I am really hoping you don’t get in trouble. All you need is your own blog! See? Problem solved. Don’t get mad a Santa though, after all, you DID go on the computer and deleted the naughty and nice list. Don’t be naughty!
    (at least try not to be),

  176. Hi Santa, I can’t believe your elves did that! You should give them their own blog if they want to talk to children that bad. Sugar cube and Pickles our elves are doing great. They are being ridiculously crazy. As expected. Please either send me the naughty or nice list or just witch one I’m on. I’m itching to know! P.S. Your great even though some people don’t believe in you. My best friend doesn’t. I’m trying to prove to her your real. Although I have an idea! you can send her an elf on the shelf! leave a note that says
    “Zella sent me!” I know she will believe then. Cause I am determined. YOur awesome, keep up the good work!
    Love, Zella

  177. Dear Santa’s elves if santa says not to use his computer don’t use the computer see you already deleted the beauty and nice list now how is Santa going to know who’s good and who’s bad from Daniel p.s the christen on the moon are not made of cheese


  179. hi elfie i really hope youve enjoyed staying and hiding at our house. i love and hope you come back every year.

  180. Dear Santa,
    Alexis is back! I just wanted to say ” Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!’

    P.S. The person next to me (on the left) in the picture is my best friend.

  181. Dear Santa,
    How are you? Are your elves causing any mischief? How do you feel about delivering all those presents Santa? I just wanted to know what your up to and to talk to your elves, wait did I say that? well can I talk to the elves please. Thanks

    Yours truly, Alexis

    P.S. your elves seem very silly thinking that children live on the moon!


  183. Hi im Olivia Im sure ive been good this year my elf on the shelf is pretty silly She has been trying to go in the snow and trying to kiss Joseph Baby Jesuses Fauther and marry my barbie doll AND kiss three indian statues Hehee so im done with this message Bye!

  184. Hello Elves! My name is Evie! I bet you’re some of the naughty Elves! Can’t you make your picture clearer too! Sorry!

    Evie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  185. dear santa and elfs, i am sad to say that there are no children on the moon and your elfs deleted the list and messed with your computer so you should punish them

    from kyla

  186. Dear elfs, we kids do not live on the moon and do you know my elf o the shelf Snowflake? shes the best! and tell me more what my elf did for the whole year when she was not with me bye love you elfs and Santa P.s. You elfs are gonna be in trouble. PLease write back

  187. Dear elfs, we kids do not live on the moon and do you know my elf o the shelf Snowflake? shes the best! and tell me more what my elf did for the whole year when she was not with me bye love you elfs and Santa P.s. You elfs are gonna be in trouble.

  188. Stop elves! You’ll be on the naughty list!If you won’t I’ll tell Santa you lil mischief making elves!!soo you better be good!!

  189. Your elves deleted the naughty and nice list so I guess every one is on the nice list right? Pleaseeeee say that everyone is on the nice list especially meeee please say especially me.

  190. hey,an you try and find chippy.he looks like this:red hat,red suit,blue eyes always smiles.can you please find him if you do tell him to come back to us.thank you so so so so so so much! we miss him! hailey.

  191. # you guys are so so so naughty and you better stop getting into mischief around the north pole and can you pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee send me the naughty and nce list.

    # p.s can you please tell eli ( my elve on the shelve) to act a tiny bit better.

  192. Hi you mischief little elves. You sure do cause trouble i the north pole don’t you! This christmas can you pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee make me my own computer.

  193. Hi you mischief little elves. You sure do cause trouble i the north pole don’t you! This christmas can you pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee make me a i phone 8.

  194. Hi elves! Have a merry christmas and a happy new year! Tell santa that i said hi too! And the reindeers and mrs claus! Xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo!

  195. I would like Hamilton tickets, a pet bunny, and a baby sister. can you please make me these things? thank you

  196. You Elfs are being VERY naughty… Santa claus told you to not go on his computer but- YOU DID!!!!! you elfs are very naughty… mabey even naughter than my friend

  197. Hi elves!! Hey what are you doing?! Santa would be very mad if he finds out. He might even put you on the naughty list! Good luck and wrap lots of presents this year

  198. hi elfs! stop getting into mistief! mabye you should come to my house and report back to santa if I have been naghty I relly want an elf on the shelf santa already knows that but I relly want an elf of my own! p.s id love to meet you in person your dearest frend Jordyn

  199. Dear Santa, did you know your elf had been making mischief? They deleted something in the nice or naughty book!


  201. Hey can you tell Santa to get me a Samsung iPhone Apple Watch and science kit and a trampoline

    Love Ashleigh (what do you elevs look like send me a picture of yous)


  203. Hello my name is Anessa! And Christmas is like one of my favorite holidays!!!!! 21 more
    sleeps until Christmas!! Omg
    I can’t wait until Christmas!! And I can’t wait for all the presents gtg anyways have a wonderful

  204. MeowMeowMeowMeowMeowMeowMeowMeowMeowMeowMeowMeowMeowMeowMeowMeowMeowMeowMeowMeowMeowMeowMeowMeowMeowMeowMeowMeowMeowMeowMeowMeowMeowMeowMeowMeowMeowMeowMeowMeowMeowMeowMeowMeowMeowMeowMeowMeowMeowMeowMeowMeowMeowMeowMeowMeowMeowMeowMeowmeowwwwwwwMeowMeowMeowMeowMeowMeowMeowMeowMeowMeowMeowMeowMeowMeowMeowMeowMeowMeowMeowMeowMeowMeowMeowMeowMeowMeowMeow

  205. You naughty elves, but i forgive you only because you’re very helfful, get it, elf! Let me tell you just one thing; you’re so cute and btw how old are you? How tall are you? Thank you!
    Sending hugs and kisses for you all!
    Ivy bee

  206. Please tell my elves at home to have some fun and they are more than welcome to cause a little mischief because having a little mischief is okay .

  207. Hi Santa! I was going to say that everyone deserves second chances (like those elves) and I hope that all my wishes come true and I hope that everybody has an amazing and merry Christmas!

  208. u elves are being very bad. i hope Santa remakes the naughty and nice list soon! PS: tell Santa i want lol dolls.

  209. Why did the elves delete the nice list? My guess is that there are about 4,000 people on the nice list. Well,at least they didn’t delete the naughty list.

  210. Hi my name is angela and im 10 years old and i wish the elf that theay have good luck raping all of those presents and i hope my present isan in there and i guys are funny and pleaz dont be notdy pleas love angela!❤ ps merry crhimas to everyone!❤❤

  211. Dear elves. I wish you could come to my house so I can see you. I’ve always wanted to see you

  212. Hi elves what is your favorite part about being at the North pole?say hi to The reindeer for me.

  213. hi my name is Carolyn I was wondering what my elf in my house what is his name please help thank YOU

  214. I think that the elf’s are being naughty because they are doing what. Santa told them not to

  215. i heard that you guys were floating around on hoover board i relay want one so work hard to make me one

  216. dear santa your cheeky elfs were being naughty how are you are you fine have some of your magic it 2126 oclock what i want for christmas is a ipone. one day can i go in your sleigh to bring all the presents and see your elf until morning is your elves being very helpful xxx

  217. DEAR SANTA YOUR ELF GET UP INTO MISCHIEF WHAT i want for christmas is a iphone and to see a elf santa is your wife sometimes get angry give me a message back please in 1 minute

  218. Santa, and the elves, merry Christmas! Have a good one! my parents say i am too old for Christmas, but I don’t think so!
    Love you all at the North Pole!

  219. Hey guys i have a question do you guys know Pebbles she is my elf she is SO GOOD! I LOVE HER !!!!

  220. ssssssssssssssssssssaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnntttttttttaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  221. when they said do you think we are being norty i think they are because Santa said not to hop on his computer and they did so ye.

  222. Santa you need a new password the elves were snooping around oh no was not supposed to say that sorry elves

  223. Hey if you are real what happened to me on January 6 and I think you guys are being naughty because Santa’s elves should be great role models on Santa tells you not to do something you shouldn’t it doesn’t change the fact that I don’t know if you’re real or not first of all tell me what happened on January 6th I’ve been emailing Santa and he just won’t answer me thank you

  224. please can one of you elf’s come to my house on December 1st and leave in January .I really want an elf .I promise i won’t touch you.

  225. Hi elf’s plz tell Santa all I want for Christmas is for him to send gifts for the kids in the hospital

  226. I like how you make children happy all around the world,you are the best . With all christmas wishes Mateo.robles.❤️☮️☪️

  227. Dear Santa,

    Can you send an elf to my classroom at school? We have a Christmas tree! But…it still would be better if we had an elf 😉

    Your child of God,

  228. You Elf’s are soo funny i love you so much thank you for making all of my preasents and make sure you make me my iphone and karaoke and 97 trainers well you can’t really make my trainers but you could sure get them for me well if i’m a good girl anyway hehe



  229. Dear Santa, your elves were on your computer texting, and deleted the naughty and nice list. Do you know about this?

  230. Hi elves or. Santa I don’t know who I’m talking to please tell me if I’m talking to Santa your elves are up to mischief if talking to elves I’m in big trouble if talking to elves Ahhhhh

  231. Dear Santa, I think you are so sweet for giving all us kids who behave gifts. I love that you do this for us.

  232. Hi
    my brother is just down stairs watching television. I wanted to ask how does the reindeer fly that must just be some type of turbo engeine or something . Oh and how do you know if us kids are on the Naughty or Nice list ? How can you see us children? i get confused please contact back i would appriciate you answering my questions. Thank You


  233. you elfs are lucky that santa has a big book of the naughty and nice kids
    keep working on thoses toys and if you can have santa take a video of the reindeers iceskating he said it was funny

  234. Hi. You elves better be good or Santa is going to get you in trouble and there will be no toys! From Kameryn.

  235. Hey elves just got done talking to santa and i read your note please write BACK i won’t tell him

  236. Dear Santa, you might want to keep a close eye on those elves, or they might just mess up something important on the computer like the naughty or nice list

  237. Elfs, why did you get on Santas Computer without asking him you should be put on the naughty list for this year well I hope you can make up in a few weeks we have left till Christmas but still why did you do it that’s a very bad thing say sorry to Santa and tell him what you guys did as soon as possible

  238. Hi elves I was wondering do you go with Santa on Christmas Eve if you do can you tell me what it’s like? Happy holidays!

  239. Santa did you know the elves deleted the naughty or nice list? And I hope girl didn’t get into that mischief! Tell girl I said I love you ❤️

  240. Dear Santa,………….THE ELVES USED YOUR COMPUTER/LAPTOP. Do elves eat chicken, if so I am tweeting your elves (@santaselvessaveus) to eat grumpy chicken (easter bunny’s friend) because he is super annoying. p.s what are you bring my friend edith for Christmas this year AND lani AND lily AND Leighton AND reuben AND you get the idea please tell me

    Sincerely, Ellie p.s I was not supposed to tell you about the elves i’m friends with Sherlock elf so I told him and he told ME to tell YOU

  241. Elfs you are supper funny and I don’t THiNK. Eny kids LIVE on the moon at all
    I’m sorry and. I think your not on the nice
    LIST your on naughty list for shur

  242. Wass Up my homies, the elves. My good friend Chance the elf is coming and is bringing his friend, Zaire. So have fun

  243. Dear three elves , were you good this year ?, I was I hope you all have fun this Christmas season.

    Xoxo Natalie b

  244. Hi I hope you guys have a happy cristmas.I think that Santa is real? he is real! But kids don’t live on the moon. I think that Santa can’t go to the dad got a picture of Santa last year.and if kids live on the moon there not cheese.!

  245. We do not live in the moon hahaha we live in earth hahaha ps I know about the phones clumsy and about th e hachimals

  246. Hi and elfs we live in earth not in the moon haha haha well anyways I know you invented phones clumsy and you trip over them and I know the brachial story too hahaha byeeee!!!!

  247. Hi its me faith and caylee there are no kids on the moon. Santa do you play ROBLOX because, I want to be friends with you. Heres a jock that I made up
    “knock knock”
    “who’s there”
    “do you want one”

  248. Hi Santa I have been good this year I hope you will give me lots of presents I know that’s not what it’s all about it’s about Christmas cheer.

  249. Hey guys thanks for talking guys tell Santa thanks for your replies p.s i love for

    From braxton

  250. Hey elves, will our elf.. Scarlet…. be coming back tomorrow for Christmas reports?☃☃❄️❄️

  251. Yes your being naughty little elves.And no kids don’t live on the moon but you made me laugh harder then ever

  252. Your elves are very naughty. They should be on the naughty list because they probably deleted your lists.

  253. Hi elves! I think your funny and I have a question. Can you ask my elf Mardy if he can come early this year? thank you elves! Bye.

  254. Hello elves! STOP GETTING INTO TROUBLE! We might even tell Santa, so stay out of trouble. You could possibly delete the good and bad list. We have been loving our presents, and this year we would like a note from all of you.

  255. Hi I’m Elizabeth I was wondering how tall are eleves? What do they do when they are not making presents
    for the lucky children.

  256. Hiya there, are you the elfs? I heard you guys are silly!! Wowzerpants!! Hope you guys have fun making toys and having fun and…whatever else you guys do. But have a good Christmas and I’m Phoenix.

    P.s don’t tell Santa I asked but am I on the nice list I hope I am.

  257. Hiya there, are you the lets? I heard you guys are silly!! Wowzerpants!! Hope you guys have fun making toys and having fun and…whatever else you guys do. But have a good Christmas and I’m Phoenix.

    P.s don’t tell Santa I asked but am I on the nice list I hope I am.

  258. Hahahaha that was hilarious and my little brother likes silly elf dances do you think you can send us one of your silly elf dances

  259. Hello. My elf’s name is eddy. I love eddy. He always comes up with the fun is spots to hide. He always rides our reindeer

  260. can you send our elves to our houses tomorrow please and thank you with some cookies if possible thank you soo so much

  261. £¥€_¥[#&2#*@8#/-((%#/@
    (Translation is hi earthlings how was Christmas last year)

    ISHD THSIS BETTERE OOOH MUCH BETTER I’m a cat and I like fish

    \/ not real pic

  263. hello there elves and santa and mrs clause and the reindeers hope your having great time.can one of the elves come to my house for december??

  264. To Santa .your elves are being very cheeky!
    I think they have deleted your list!
    One even took a elfie(selfie)
    I probably should not be telling you about this

  265. hi’ my name is justise and i just wanted to say MERRY CHRISTMAS! and i/we hope that santa has another or remembers the noaghty and nice list and tell your elf’s that kids don’t live on the moon.and also i think you should help your elf’s on the blog .oops i’m not supposed to say that. sincerilly,justise MERRY CHRISTMAS!

  266. You guys are in big trouble! If you have an elf named Finn there please have him write back to me because I miss him. And you other Elfs should probobly stay off of Santas computer after this. Love you all bye!

  267. Hello elves I cant wait till Christmas even though I wont see you….. but I’ll make sure to leave treats out and carrots for the reindeers! And that story called ‘Santa’s elves get ul to mischief’ was sort of Naughty because Santa said not to get on him Computer and you disobeyed him that was not Nice. Well see you in 39 days to text a thank you not for the presents! ♡

  268. You might not like to hear this but the elves deleted the naughty and nice list! I forgive them though!

  269. Do you elves know when Santa and the deers do there practice runs over the U.S.A near New York ? Because I really really want to see and know when Santa does his practice runs. Can you please ask him the date and time of santas practice runs. Thank you

    From thomas

  270. Ola estou muito anciosa para chegar o natal e ja fiz minha cartinha e a do meu irmao
    Gosto muito do natal uma pergunta estou em qual lista ? A eu sou brasileira beijos e ate o natal

  271. Dear elves,
    I wish you can bring me presents on Cristmas eve. I wish Cristmas eve. I like to say thank you for bring presents last year. I wash but you can’t because it’s not Cristmas.

    FROM Ginnessa 5yrs

  272. My name is Chloe i am so excited for Christmas!which elf is nice the most nice i would love to meet you bye xxxxxx

  273. couccu je m’appelle Karim comme kactus et j’ai 7 ans jai cliquer ici car c’étai joli et surligner. Bref ct pour savoir si a cause du temps frisquai au pole nord tavai pas la creve comme maman elle dit ? Car stv jpeu te laisser des dolipranes cet ané avec les cooies et le lai de brebis ?Repond moi vite tu compte pour mwa, tu sai ma vi c pas facile jai un controle ce moi ci et c unz dicter sauf que je sui pas tre for en aurtheaugrafe, bisus loulou je t’aime autant que le train sncf.

  274. Kids don’t live on the moon! You silly elves you are in trooobbblleeee don’t worry santa can’t stay mad at anyone!he is soooo sweet and you guys too…….

  275. Dear Christmas elves, you guys are so funny because every year when you go on the sleigh and Christmas is after this month and the month is November but I like how you talk to each other and Santa Clause that he is funny, kind, smart, and nice and so is Ms. Clause is too and tell her that she is that same way that her husband is too

  276. Hi I love everyone at the North Pole I really want an elf to come to my house this year so much I hope I get on sent to my house love u


  277. I think they are getting in a lot of trouble.Okay now i want to play the game trouble. Why would they try to do that with out permission.My elf Jamy once made me breakfeast,DUDE he”s crazy!!!!!!!!SOME HOW HE MADE ME TOUST AND PUT NUTELA AND SPRINKLS ON IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I MEAN DUDE IT WAS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  278. I love you but can you ppppppppllllllllllllllllllllllllllllzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
    Right a letter to me and tell me if I’m on the naughty or nice list plz

  279. Dear Santa please tell the elfs that there are no children on the moon. Cheese is not on the moon either.Also your elfs are very cheeky.

  280. Hi elf’s it is kannan you are Being naughty Santa will be mad angry you all are in big trouble huge trouble so I wold run if I whare you

  281. You are very cheeky and l hope that isint my eleves begging naughty who ever that eleves are l love you xxxxxxxxx

  282. Can you please get me one of those bowling Balls please thank you love you apreicate all the stuff you do for me and the world!

  283. hi im lily its very funny how your elves wrote on your blog and how did they get the idea that children lived on the moon that were made out of cheese and also check your computer the elves deleted the nice and nagthy list and they should be on the naghty list thanks!

  284. Hahahahaha u are sure funny no kids live at the moon I love u guys I need to pee but I will take to u once more

  285. Santa, How is Jason doing i wonder if he is ok? i just cant wait to see him and i cant wait until Christmas my mom said that we might start decorating before THANKSGIVING! i was SOOO happy when she said that. I hope you have a very merry Christmas this year too. HO HO HO


  286. Hi my name is Libby what are your names I would really wish I could come and seee you in lapland but my mum said it will be really cold but we could just were some warm stuff I wish we could see you but we can’t it has been a dream to come and see you from Wirral to lapland

  287. I Always Wanted Gold but do you know how to make it or can you send it to me at Christmas
    from Alan

  288. Naughty Elvs always messing around
    Pleas Santa
    Send me a letter back I’ve made you a letter

    Ps Its on the fire place

  289. Dear Santa, your elves have been on your blog and getting into trouble. Also they need grammar lessons because they’re not good at it.

  290. I think that the elves should get fired because they were being naughty. Couldnt they make their own computer anyways since they are elves and they are known for making stuff?



  292. Do you no how many people are in the world.

    How many presents are you going to make
    This year

  293. hello elfs have you been naughty because it sounds like you have it even sounds like you have been on Santa’s computer that sounds really naughty to Me goodbye elfs




  295. Hello elves I don’t think Santa would have been really happy if he saw you on his computer but you guys are so crazy and funny I hope toy guys have fuunnnn

  296. Good evening elves this is Hunter, I am 21 years old and I would like someone to sleep with me calming help me to get a job at RV and I have been waiting for RV world to call me, but if you’ll wouldn’t mind help me to build a RV that is big enough at least 90 ft. 80 CM. 70 Inches. And I need to make to reach ☝ to $28,00.00 and buy myself a diesel , build a ⛽ pump and separate the ⛽, and put all the auto fluid in my storage building and my door knob is broken but not completely. I love you!

  297. I wish i could be like one of you guys santa says every time i email him you all jump around tell clumzy the elf to not be clumzy

  298. Dear Santa,

    I know it is 86 sleeps until Christmas but I’ve already written my list ,and by the way your elves are being a bit naughty but they sound really cute! They said they there are children on the moon and they’re made out of cheese but I don’t think there are even any animalson the moon
    ❤️ love ❤️

  299. Hey i the elves and i want to ask you am i on your naughty or nice list and my friend Hallie doesn’t believe in you. Tell all your raindear and elves i them. I you to.

  300. Hi santa I can’t believe I’m talking to you I really want a phone for Christmas I have been very nice and tell my elf sparkle I said hi

  301. Uh-oh!! Santa this is an emergency!! Your elves have deleted the naughty and nice list!!!!!! I hope you can use your very special magic to get it back or Christmas could be a disaster because you might give a nice girl coal and a naughty one all of the good presents. Also you need to tell your sully little elves that children don’t live on the moon!! That would take ages for you to go to the moon and come to the earth!! Anyway I hope everyone in the north pole has an amazing Christmas from me even those silly bully little elves!! Goodbye santa! Please make this the BEST CHRISTMAS EVER!! Thank you Santa!

  302. Hey my little elves. You really are quite naughty and that’s not good!! And also there are no children on the moon so you need to tell Santa not to go up there!! I hope you have an amazing Christmas and have fun making all of our presents this year!!

  303. hiiii santa your elves are so cray cray we love them so much we are sending them a present this year thx but we have to dash away ski ya later XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO

  304. Santa I wish I was you elf and I know you are a really nice person and I know this is weird but I love you ❤️

  305. Hi Santa it’s me and your elf’s are crazy! I had an elf on the shelf last year I named it crystal it was a girl I’m so excited for crystal

  306. I can’t wait until Christmas I mostly want a MacBook but it’s ok if you don’t but I really want one ok.Also I will be giving milk and cookies I just want a MacBook and a Nintendo switch if I don’t get one for my B Day.Ans lots of games for it.I hope you right back to me by my B day.Also maybe a birthday present.ok but instead of you whriting a message to me can you write me a letter and send it to me thank you.Have a good Christmas from Ryan

  307. My birthday is on thanksgiving this year!!!Santa I love you!!!!!! !! How are you and braydee doing today.I love you and braydee the eif.

  308. I was wondering if you are allergic to anything if you are please tell me. Can you please tell me what your favorite treats are.Can you give Brady the elf a friend to work with this year. THANK YOU SO SO MUCH!!!!!

  309. I want a elf so I can see him so he can prove to mom you are real guys I want a phone and LOL doll and computer and PHONE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  310. Hi Santa, please tell Dotty[my elf] that I really miss her and that I am really excited for when she comes back as I have so much to tell her!!!!!

    Whatever people say, I do still believe in you!!
    Oh, I tell the elves that no kids live on the moon.
    Also, I love you Santa too!! :] :]

  311. Hi! Even if im 13 and most people my age do not believe in santa anymore, i dont have an opinion on the matter, so i like to tell myself you are real, using this website on my computer has become one of my favourite things to do every year and i hope i can still use this website for many years to come, thank you for making every year exciting and special!

  312. Santa ur elfies are up to mischef poor rouldoph when i heard the song rouldph the reindeer when they called him name rudolph my faviourte reeinder hope that gives cheer ♥️♥️

  313. santa I really want one of your scout elves so can you putt one of them on my pillow tonight aug,19 2018

  314. Dear elves,
    do you have any elf on the shelf working there if you do can you say Hi to them for me and that i miss them

  315. Hi Santa I read all of
    The wonderful names on the list a thought I like there names and I want a name as good but I know I can’t because all name are unique and.. I can’t take one!

  316. Hi I love the game and it has been great to play it all over the world I can’t play the play and now it has to get me out on the same channel

  317. the elves should not get on santa computer because santa said no bye the way nobody lives on the moon lol

  318. I love santa and elves and santa said all elves love me the most in all children

  319. Hi please give this to bucket……..
    What is your favorite color
    What is your favorite cind of cookie

  320. Hi please give this to buckle ……….
    What is your favorite color
    What is your favorite cind of cookie

  321. Hi you little elves uh oh Santa’s combing better run haha you silly elves hi santa

  322. Haha! So funny but that’s being naughty! Oh elves by the way tell my elf I said I miss him but if you don’t know his name its Passco I think that’s how you spell it but it’s how you say Christmas in the Phillipines!

  323. santa please meet me at my house july 4 2018 at 700 am wake me up if im not awake also tell erica i really miss her also tell her to come on july 4

  324. you need to put up security cameras so you can see them or just put them on naughty list

  325. Hi Santa elves you were very naughty Santa will be mad well Santa tell me if I’m on the nice list and tell eddy our elf I miss him

  326. Hi Santa it’s Olivia here I miss our elf eddy plz tell him I said hi I love it here in Krum I really miss eddy our elf so also make sure he’s not getting in trouble he’s a trouble maker when he comes to our house well tell him I miss and and that I love him well write me a note back Santa byee

  327. Hi, DONT GET IN TO ANY MORE TRUBBLE athore wise Santa will be VERY MAD!!!!!!!!! Santa told me that I was one of your favorites. I wanted to tell you that the email Rudolph from your pet thing wont work.

    Sencerly Rori

  328. You you are stupid stupid elves you are idiots Santa is better than you you are yousless

  329. Wow evles are into mischief. And evles i dont think children can be on the moon no air. No food. No water. And they are not made of cheese what? The moon isnt cheese either. ???

  330. Heya santa! i wish i can have an elf so we can be besties and also tell everyone i said heya.I lova ya guys <3!!!!

  331. Hi yes I do thing u have been naughty if Santa told u not to play on HIS computer then maybe u should not. I was wanting to know if for my Birthday my Elf On The Shelf could come and see me for my Birthday. Can she. Her name is Snowflake Grace Senko. BYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  332. Where is Santa I was wondering and i wanted to know if santa is watching us right now


  333. The elves should be honest and tell the truth
    Or you will get .
    ☺Dear elves tell the truth ma k my day.

  334. What is it like living in the north pole?I bet it is cold!are you getting up to mischief you cheaply elves.oh and there are no children who live on the moon

  335. Dear Elves, hi I’m Jenna and I’m 11 years old. you see I read about you talking about the naughty and nice list and I had to say that I’m a honorary elf of Santa’s, and you see I have seen kids around me be very naughty, especially a girl in my 5th grade class. Today I spilled my soup all over my lap by accident and everyone in the cafeteria was silent except her. She was LAUGHING at me for doing it! I was really mad! And she didn’t even get in trouble, even after laughing at me constantly and lying about NOT laughing! when it was obviously her! what should I do? right now I’m at my house, but I’m still mad! what should I do?

  336. I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  337. Hi Santa i have heard about you since I was 1 year old my cousin says that your real yeah!
    So how is Ms.claus

    by the way my name is cat.

  338. Hi Santa Claus Rudolph the elf and miss Santa Claus Rudolph the nothpole . Has the elf on the shelf he is good elf because he tells Santa Claus if I beaming a good boy this year

  339. Hi i am Rihanna Corcoran and i am 11 and I hope wish I could have some of your elfs they are just crazy! Some of your elfs have been really naughty some are really good !please say I am on the good list! Santa I really want to see your workshop and I would 1 time come with you to the North pole could you pick me up one ☝time please!

  340. That was very adorable-desu. My friends Italy-kun and Germany-san are not as kind and sweet as you elves.

  341. Hi Santa you might want to get that list back can our elf on the shelf Julia come back for one day

  342. Maggie chen i want for Christmas i love santaa clausi want a camera iphone plus x 10 x box 360games blue Toshiba laptop golden reteriver puppy girl karaoke set cd player lol santa love santa

  343. I love you santa i want a blue Toshiba laptop iphonex plus 10 camera goldenreteriver

  344. Those silly elves and hi I’m ayse and I’m 12 years old and Santa the elves were on you computer and they deleted your naughty and nice list

  345. All you three are a bit naughty but i think that nothing could take you of the nice list because you prepare toys all the time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  346. Dear Santa’s Elves,

    You are all very naughty. How could you delete Santa’s Nice or Naughty list? By the way, there are no children on the moon and none of them are made of cheese.

  347. Santa! The elves were on your computer and accidentally deleted the naughty and nice list!!

  348. So your not being to naughty but if Santa said not to do
    this you should not do it. Cause you might get caught
    and you`ll be in trouble.

  349. Hi Elf’s
    Buddy (the elf)
    is staying here and next year he is bringing his girlfriend

  350. Y’all better not be a mischief or I’ll tell Santa Claus and he won’t be to happy about it but I love y’all and Santa Claus to and have a blessed Christmas.

  351. hi santa your elfs have been so naughty you better hurt them by the way i am 14 so you better right bake to me

  352. Santa by the way your cheeky elf’s were on your computer and they acidently Delted your naughty and nice list hope you gat it back how is the raindeers foing

  353. Santa by the way your cheeky elf’s were on your computer and they acidently Delted your naughty and nice list hope you gat it back how is the raindeers foing

  354. Hi you guys are so funny and I love you guys and haha I did laugh at that note because that was so funny I also want to say that I really want to visit the North Pole some day it seems really fun there LOVE YOU

  355. Hi Santa I’m so amazed that this is real I’m so happy that I can talk to you i love roblox and Rottweilers btw that my pet tourtise named marvin

  356. Hey Yougurt Drink & Abagalle I Wanted To Tell You This: I Went To My Moms Work……….YESTERDAY!!!!!!

  357. dear santas elves you are so cheeky I might tell santa that you did that do you know an elf called elfie???

  358. No your on the noahty list unless your trying to be good but if not your on something your not supposed to be on

  359. Hi Santa I signed up to be an elf and I want to live with can you come pick me up so we can both go to the north pole

  360. Dear Santa’s I hope you are ok after that very long journey on Christmas Eve! Please can you send me 3,4 or maybe even 5 elves this year?Thank you so much for all my presents I had last Christmas I was so sad when your elves had to go.xxxxxx
    Thank you so much love Amelia.xxxxxxxx

  361. Lol!!!!!!!!!!GET WRECKED!!!!!!!!!
    Lost your naughty and nice list!Lost your naughty and nice list!you 3elfs you are so wrecked!when Santa finds out you are so dead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!but dont worry he will still love you whatever you do!P.S.Never ever in your whole entire life do that again or you are defenitley dead on the spot!!!!!!<3<3<3

  362. hi santa the elves were on your computer being naughty sorry elves you cant be on santa’s computer

  363. Alert. Alert. When it come to Xmas Santa will be wondering who was nice and who was good. Alert. Alert.

  364. hi Santa i am wondering if your elf’s go to school because they are about as dumb as a bag of balloons

  365. dear santa your elfs were getting into mischief 3 of them one accidently I think deleted the naughty or nice list.

  366. Hello, my name is Danielle and I am a girl from New Jersey. I have always loved waking up to the smell of my Christmas tree and opening my presents. I want to thank you for making my Christmases so great.

  367. Wow. I am so sorry for you that you lost your list, but it’s still funny how the elves wrote in your blog. I hope that you can restore your list! Also how did your elves get the idea of the moon being made of cheese?
    I hope you have a nice December!

  368. Hi Santa I was wondering if you say that I have sciences fair tomorrow and was wondering if a elf was going or be there

  369. Emergency!!!!! The elves deleted the naughty and nice list!!! It was a mistake but after all you told them not to get on your computer!!!!

  370. hi santa. is it true that you hate chimneys. can you please come and pick me up so you can take me to the north pole?

  371. Sear Father Christmas

    please tell me if I am on the good list or the bad list
    what is your favorite thing about Christmas? Mine is seeing my family and friends

    Love From Amelia

  372. Hi Santa I love christmas because it is the only time I get to spend time with my dad. I also love the delious food my gran cooks for breakfst

  373. Hi I love Christmas and I have an elf named elffy I thinks how you spell it.Got to go have a great day. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  374. dear Santa . tall your elf’s that no kids live on the moon. and you should help your elf’s on the blog. oops I was not supposed to say that.

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