Santa’s elves get up to mischief. Read what they wrote here!

Santa's elves
Santa’s elves are running around & getting into mischief. This one took an “elfie”.

Hello? Hello? It’s Santa’s elves here!

Is this thing working? I pressed all the buttons.

Did you activate the voice recorder?

I think so.

So why are we arguing?

What should I say?

Say hello.


I say Hello too.

Hello from me three!

I am one of Santa’s elves.

Me too. I am one of Santa’s elves.

Me three! I am one of Santa’s elves three!

Santa told us not to use his computer in case we delete something by mistake.

Yeah, but we wanted to send all the children of the world a message.

All of them, even the ones living on the moon.

Do children live on the moon?

I think so.

Anyway, we wanted to say hello to all of you.

And wish you a Merry Christmas.



Shhhhhhhhhh! Santa will hear us.

I love Santa.

Me too.

And me three.

What else should we say?

Santa’s elves are getting into mischief!

I don’t know.

Um, How are you doing?

They can’t hear us!

Then why are we talking?

No, no, no, they will hear us, but not right now. The message has to be beamed up to outer space and back.

So the children on the moon will hear it first?


If there are children on the moon.

I heard that there were children on the moon. They are all made of cheese.

They must be stinky. Stinkier than normal children.

Oh, I know what to say.


I just had a look at the naughty and nice list. Almost everyone is on the nice list.

That means that almost everyone will be getting Christmas presents.


What about the ones not on the nice list?

There is still time for them. All they have to do is try. Being nice is not about always doing nice things. It is about trying to do nice things.

Yeah, and trying not to do naughty things.

And, trying to be the best child, or elf, that you can be.

I think I hear Santa Claus coming!

We should go.

Do you have any messages for us elves?  You can click here to tell us or, scroll down to see all our messages!  Do you think we’re being naughty?

Oh, yes, make sure you save the naughty and nice list before you close it.

Is it this box?

No! Don’t press that one.


I think I just deleted the naughty and nice list.

Santa is coming!


24 special messages to Santa about “Santa’s elves get up to mischief. Read what they wrote here!”

  1. dear santa your elfs were getting into mischief 3 of them one accidently I think deleted the naughty or nice list.

  2. Hello, my name is Danielle and I am a girl from New Jersey. I have always loved waking up to the smell of my Christmas tree and opening my presents. I want to thank you for making my Christmases so great.

  3. Wow. I am so sorry for you that you lost your list, but it’s still funny how the elves wrote in your blog. I hope that you can restore your list! Also how did your elves get the idea of the moon being made of cheese?
    I hope you have a nice December!

  4. Hi Santa I was wondering if you say that I have sciences fair tomorrow and was wondering if a elf was going or be there

  5. Emergency!!!!! The elves deleted the naughty and nice list!!! It was a mistake but after all you told them not to get on your computer!!!!

  6. hi santa. is it true that you hate chimneys. can you please come and pick me up so you can take me to the north pole?

  7. Sear Father Christmas

    please tell me if I am on the good list or the bad list
    what is your favorite thing about Christmas? Mine is seeing my family and friends

    Love From Amelia

  8. Hi Santa I love christmas because it is the only time I get to spend time with my dad. I also love the delious food my gran cooks for breakfst

  9. Hi I love Christmas and I have an elf named elffy I thinks how you spell it.Got to go have a great day. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  10. dear Santa . tall your elf’s that no kids live on the moon. and you should help your elf’s on the blog. oops I was not supposed to say that.

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