Santa’s Magic Key is Missing! I need that key for Christmas!

magic key
Here’s the last photo I have of my Magic Key

My magic key!  My famous Santa key!  It has not been the best of days. I have been looking for my magic key all day!

I’m not sure if you know about my famous magic key? It lets me get into every house so I can deliver gifts. Its magical powers can open any door. I keep it on a very special hook in the workshop. I always know where it is and I check it every day.

Today when I looked the key was not there. Oh, how my heart sank when I saw the empty hook.

I called a meeting with all the elves and told them the bad news. All the elves went very quiet. Kissy the elf actually began to cry a little.

We split into three groups and began our search. One group searched the workshop. One group searched the kitchens and the last group searched the stables. Mrs Claus searched the house. And the reindeer used Rudolph’s nose as a torch to search outside.

My magic key was nowhere to be seen.

I am very worried I don’t mind telling you. Without the key I don’t know how I can deliver the presents!

Professor Fumblebumble has told me that it will be June 23rd 2017 before a new one is ready. Magic keys take a long time to make. Scunner, the grumpy elf was very quiet when I visited the workshop.

Do you have any ideas where I may have lost my key? Have you lost something and found it later in an unusual place?

Santa Claus

P.S. Do you have any ideas where I may have lost my key?  Have you ever lost something and found it later in an unusual place?  You can click here to tell me or, scroll down to see what other people have written!


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222 special messages to Santa about “Santa’s Magic Key is Missing! I need that key for Christmas!”

  1. hi i think you had it in you shlay under all the toy and stuff look there oh and do no lose my phone or maching earings when you are moveing all the toys to find your key oh and can i get two phones one for me and one for my mom she has a phone but it is not working well and my mom dose not have the money to buy a new phone so plz can you get my mom a phone to?

  2. Hey Sana this is James I want some underwear I’ve been in a good boy and I this is the email please send this back I love you Santa this is James I’m 29 no Kenny not at all I’ve been in a good boy please bring me something something cool a flashlight or something some clothes and underwear some underwear and athika
    Santa love too and some size 16s sweatpants and steel toes boots please bring those Santa I love you I take care of you. And love you so so so so so much Santa.
    And please get this text or an email Shana Oliver
    Shawna all over please Santa I love you and call me I love you.
    If you just text this email please please please do this to me I love you period and please do this bring me some sweatpants size 16s and some underwear ethika 1333
    That many underwear okay. and one more thing I take care of you and feed you some cookies Santa if you just did this text Santa please get this text . Love you….


  4. Maybe the let is in the baby crib, I’m the photos album you said you had a baby, McKenzie and I forgot the rest of it.

  5. I think you should look in your sleigh or you could ask all your Elves. One more thing, maybe look in your bag for your presents.

  6. Try in office you may have taken out the key and put it inside of your desk where your laptop is on

    I think I have seen it?

  7. Wait remember what I said before I was wrong it was the pic that you showed us to know what the key looked like ma bad but you said you leave it on a hook and you left on you desk right any way bye

  8. Wait look on the picture of the desk the key is there look at my big pharagrath and see that I said clean your glasses

  9. Maybe it was in your beard or just give you glasses I good clean and search search and search again!

    I forgot who but some one said it could be the grinch just check your pocket and I could be grumpy because he was silent or It could be vixen,prancer,dancer,Rudolph I forgot the other names but may be the reindeers thought it was food and chew it?

    As I am on the good list I will find clues and update this comment instead of calling me Sherlock Holmes call me leona Holmes

    One off my tips:
    Lemme tell you some thing if you see a girl and a boy on the road with there back to each other and the boy had a flower that means that the boy was tryna be nice and give her a flower but the girl said no that’s what I think if I see that but yah
    Love you Santa

  10. I think The Grumpy Elf or a Grinch might taken your key.I will help you to find the magic key.

  11. maybe it was in your pocket it happened to me too with my house key and that’s the only one we had that’s why we needed to search

  12. My dad has lost his scissors then a week later they were on top of the work top huh maybe it was the Easter elf

  13. I am not sure if what I will tell you is true but I have an idea maybe you might have left it somewhere so reatrace your steps and organize the house.

  14. The grumpy elf hat has it Santa because he was very quiet and when people are very quiet that means they’re hiding something okay

  15. The grumpy elf hat has it Santa because he was very quiet and when people are very quiet that means they’re hiding something okay

  16. Hello Santa , I don’t know where your key is , but if I find it I will send it to you immediately

  17. I am sorry about the magic key! mmmm WAIT i thnk i know where it is maybe in a drawer or something? mmmm hey maybe it is in a elf hat! or something

  18. Santa my mom always says to sit down and really thinks about it. But i would check with the grinch.

  19. OMG OMG I THINK I found IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!so I was outside and there was a rock and and it had something sticking out from it . I pulled it out and it had rubys and emeralds on it I hid it but it unlocked my neighbors house and my door so you can come to my house and get it or I can mail it I’m not lying I promise I would never lie to Santa and his elves btw’s love you alot

  20. I’ve heard you lost your magic key I think I know where it is YOUVE LEFT IT AT MY HOUSE !!!
    I know that because you left your magic sack at my house and inside your magic sack I actually saw your magic key!!!!!!!

  21. We found your key! When you flew by our house you lost it! My two sons ages 6 and 8 wanted to let you know we will leave it on the balcony for you tonight! Sorry santa!
    Love the McIntyre family

  22. santa I love Message you get us stuff. your name is cool. Leaveing a message is cool. Last christmas I was 6 that Time.
    To santa From Te Marama

  23. hello Santa did you check in your office and in the bag of toys in case you dropped it in there.

  24. hello Santa did you check in your office and in the bag of toys in case you dropped it in there.

  25. Dear Santa, I think I know how to find the key: plan A, first look in your pocket, plan B if plan A doesn’t work I will just ask people in my school if they have seen the key I will tell you later, ok?

  26. Dear Santa,
    Maybe one of the elves took it like Scunner he was quiet in the workshop right, so he must be hiding something is it the magic key or not.

  27. Santa, We found your key at our bus stop today. We’ll hold it for you until next year. I was so excited to get home and research with my Mama to find out more about the key we found. I’m sorry that you lost your key, but you can bet it is in good hands with me.

  28. Scunner was quiet when Santa entered,right? He might have taken the key. Scunner is grumpy to,right? So that might be why he would take a key.


  30. Omg Santa you need that key how will you go to everybody s houses YOU NEED TO FIND THAT KEY!!!
    You should ask the elves on the shelves. P.s I have a girl one and I’ll make sure to ask her if she has seen it.

  31. Dear Santa,
    Did you look in the pile of presents. Maybe it is in the sink.
    You should track your steps from the last time you used the magic Christmas key. Maybe it is under the Christmas tree.
    You never know where your magical key could be. Maybe one of the elf’s hid the key on you,[ Those sneaky little elf’s]
    Merry Christmas Santa

  32. Hello Santa. its Emily from Maroochydore. I have felt that way many times. you see I have a plate (for my mouth) and I have lost it many times.(most of the time I forget where I put it). But I always find it!. look I might not know where it is, but I can tell you what you NEED to do. 1. Retrace your steps. 2.Always have faith and believe you can do it. 3. DON`T PANIC.(I do that sometimes). and 4.Ask for help. (or do something else)


  33. when I was little. I lost my favourite Winnie the Pooh toy! because I was playing with it. I threw it. it was lost! I Thought my toy was in my bedroom. after dinner I went to my bed and I felt something I picked it up. but it was my tin foil that I ate my snack in. I threw it then at midnight I found my Winnie The Pooh toy! it was behind the lounge. I quietly shouted for joy!

  34. Hi Santa I want to know if you can you can send a girl elf on the shelf. And can you ask Jingle that if I can only touch him and bring him to school.

  35. Is your hook for your special key near your chimney? Then the key may be in your fireplace!Or maybe it is in your pocket!

  36. I think that your magic key could be baked in one of your cookies, in an elf hat, in one of your pockets, or any other unusual places. Good luck finding it!

  37. santa the key maybe fall down and it can be under the cuboard or the desk because it wasnt a good place anyway you are magic
    see you in 3 days later ım gone make you a cookie

  38. santa can I please have a bike to ride on to get to north side produce and can I please have money because I was a good boy

    P.s. Lots of love paddy and I think you are real

  39. 2015

    Dear Santa,

    maybe one of the reindeer’s took it?
    But i have a feeling about Elfie; he was to be watching over Steels town primary school P5a Mrs Doorish’s class but he is very naughty so ASK HIM

  40. i think the dude named scrunny ,sorry i forgot the name!

    well i think he stole it

    merry christmas !

    17 more days till can track you on your sley!

  41. i think it is on your chair. i remember from that picture.another place is under your bed. tell elfy that he needs to help find it and have me and my sis come and make toys.


  42. Maybe you lost it in a house if anyone is reading this search your home right now or else NO CHRISTMAS or the grinch

  43. Maybe it’s in your pocket Santa Try there, or in your bed, or you gave it to mrs. clause accidently. Hope you find it soon.

    Emma N S

  44. Hi I want a electric cop car for chismas eve and can you bring me a electric cop motorcycle please

  45. Hello Santa,
    I am brea a new elf and i was wondering if I could take a ride on your sleigh? oh, yeah and see you and the reindeer?

    you really don’t have to just wondering

  46. santa your the best. did you get my post to you I hope you felt better and p.s I will maybe leave you cookies and milk your favorite o Christmas. I love you. ho ho ho! BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  47. I saw it! a rich guy had it! he does not have it but it is in my town!
    in the home of a rich guy! not the same but he s” using it as a gate key!

  48. hello santa yesterday ı lost my wallet I LEFT İN KİTCHEN maybe your key can fall down under somewhere ok bye bye love you

    from kayra xxxx

  49. Santa I think I have found it but you have lost the key at somones. House ur come to my bed room window

  50. oh no!! i wonder where your key is! it might be under the bed or the the reindeer house or maybe the reindeer food and one of them ate the key. well i hope you find it!
    p.s. it is not in my house santa!!!

  51. oh no I am so sorry you don’t have your key!Maybe you should ask Scunner the grumpy elf or maybe you dropped it in the reindeerfood maybe one of your reindeer ate it you can get a doctor if they did bye

  52. oh no I am so sorry you don’t have your key!Maybe you should ask Scunner the grumpy elfor maybe you dropped it in the reindeert food maybe one of your reindeer ate it youi can get a doctor if they did bye

  53. I lost my tablet once and well I took it to school and I put it on my desk and someone took it! It took days to find.Then my friend took it because she thought it was hers.

  54. P.S. Don’t get me wrong I DON’T think that Vixent is bad! I just think that A: he was trying to help, or B: he wanted to play!

  55. Sorry to hear about that Santa! When I lose something I retrace my footsteps, it doesn’t always work, but it should help! My hamster Nibbles thinks that maybe Vixent took it!

  56. did you check the elves houses. maybe you cold have drank it those elves are pretty tricky. or it could be in a gift so If I where you when you deliver presents leave a note. also it could be in the sled ,chair, dresser, or even in the reindeer shed. the whole time I’ve could of said the Grinch might of stole it he does hate Christmas!
    love, brooke
    p.s. tell the Grinch to see what’s really about Christmas family!

  57. Santa make a post to tell EVERYONE to unlock their door on Christmas Eve! Tell them to also tell their friends!

  58. have a great day candy gift card walmart purse socks thanks u so much for Christmas present I have birthday in dec 20

  59. my moms friend Joe gave me a Santa Claus key this year he told me it was very magical and I’m very excited to have it now especially now that I know how special they are. I hope you find your key Santa Claus.

  60. Dear Santa Please don’t worry. Maybe when you where checking at some ones house to see if they have been bad or good. What house where you at when you lost it .

  61. Dear Santa, you’re fired! We can’t have the good boys and girls not receiving presents this year! Do you realize what a sad place this world is gonna be? Maybe Mrs. Claus should take over next year if you are that irresponsible!

  62. Hey Santa! In your rhyme about kissy the elf you said she puts seven little locks and magic Santa key, maybe that`s were to look.

  63. Maybe you ate it when you were eating the cookies to fast. Or maybe Scunner accidentally shallowed it. Turn him upside down that should help him get it back up. LOL Good luck.

  64. The last time you had the key it was on the hook. Maybe someone from Peterburgh crawled into your bag and stole it.

  65. Did you ask all the elves? Or pudding? Did you ask the Santa puppies? You know how naughty puppies are sometimes! I am not saying someone DID take it. But it’s possible. Maybe you should retrace your steps. For example:
    Hmmmmm…. I was polishing it last time I saw it, then again maybe I should look in the kitchen. I WAS getting cookies there after I polished it. Hmmmmm… Pudding have you seen my magic key? What?! The mice thought it was a good decoration for their house?! Well that’s ok. I’ll give them something else but I need my key back.

  66. You could think were you last had it in your beard or under your bed with rudolph accidentally got in one of the presents or anywere i just know you could find it

  67. I know you can get the key before Christmas Santa.Never give up on it. You should try to look in some of the secret places at the north pole. I know you can find it and i hope you didn’t lose it last Christmas and didn’t notice that it went missing. You can do it Santa! P.S. You should search on the Grinch, jack frost, and Scunner. Merry Christmas Santa.

  68. Dear Santa,
    Your key must be missplaced somewhere and you just don’t know it.My advice is,look in the places you doubt it is,because it might be there!Good luck with finding that key!

  69. Hello Santa.Maby you misplaced your key or need more time to find it.It happened to me once.I found it a couple of days after.I hope you find your key!

  70. Try asking around if anybody has seen it or used it. Maybe it turned invisible. Have you used it recently? Try thinking back to last time you used it. Maybe it’s in one of your pants pockets.

    Gook luck Santa!

  71. Santa I will try and help you the Grinch might of taken it, could of been bumped, clumsy might of wrapped him self with it reindeer shed
    love Jack 🙂

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