Santa’s missing sleigh and Mouse the Littlest Elf

Santas missing sleigh
Santa’s missing sleigh would look like this (without Santa in it of course!)

Hello again. Do you remember I was telling you a story about Santa’s missing sleigh? My sleigh has gone missing and Mouse the elf has gone to find it.

Thank you so much for the words of encouragement. Mouse has told me that she would have been too scared to go on this adventure without your help. She has also told me that she needs your help again, I will get to that soon so keep reading!

Mouse has been updating me on her progress so far. Would you like to hear about her adventure finding Santa’s missing sleigh?

Mouse took off on the reindeer, riding from our toy factory into the Candy Cane forest. Have you ever seen Candy Cane trees? Here at the North Pole we grow candy canes on trees just like you would grow an apple. When they are big enough we pick them and send them out into the world.

Mouse rode through the forest so, so fast. The reindeer’s legs were a blur she was riding so fast. The great thing about reindeer is that they never get tired. This is very handy when you have to deliver so many presents in one night.

A Brave Mouse Looks For Santa’s Missing Sleigh

Next Mouse came to the chocolate rivers. Oh yes at the North Pole our rivers are all chocolate. Drinking from the rivers is a very yummy thing to do. Swimming through the rivers is a very hard thing to do. Usually we have to find a bridge.

But Mouse did not have time! Never has a reindeer jumped over a chocolate river. But Mouse was feeling brave after hearing your words and she rode faster and faster. When they came to the first river they jumped. They jumped higher than any reindeer and elf has jumped before. They jumped across the entire river. From one side to the other. After jumping the first river all the others were easy.

When Mouse had crossed all the rivers she saw some sleigh tracks leading up the snowy hill. Mouse is a brave elf. She followed the tracks up the hill. The tracks stopped at the entrance to two caves. One was filled with marshmallows and chocolate drops and the other was filled with bugs and dirt. Mouse had a decision to make. She did not know which cave to go into. But she knew who would know. So she is asking you all for help. Which cave should she go into? Which cave would be the home to someone who does not like Christmas?

Santa Claus

P.S. Which cave should Mouse the Littlest Elf go into? Which cave would be the home to someone who does not like Christmas? Would you rather go into a marshmallow cave or a bugs and dirt cave to find Santa’s missing sleigh? You can click here to tell me or, scroll down to see what other people wrote.

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25 special messages to Santa about “Santa’s missing sleigh and Mouse the Littlest Elf”

  1. hello santa i think mouse should go into the cave with the bugs because i know everyone would go into the marshmallo cave.

  2. Santa Claus I would like a Santa Claus and a Nintendo switch and a Chromebook and iPad and a phone and a jersey and a toy fire truck and I was like a lot of things

  3. Please let me have one of the little elf’s please Santa seinserly, gavin. Wanta is the best ever all ways have all sass will

  4. hi Santa how are the elfs and raindeers and mis clause . Can I ask you a question ? are night furs real?

  5. I want a police scanner and itiPhone 7
    And bass CB radio and I part two and a guitar picks and the banjo picks

  6. Ryansterbenz
    I want a iPhone seven and a banjo with banjo picks and in the please scanner or a please CV with you about CB radio
    And a bus radio the cb Radio

  7. Tell mouse to go into the cave with bugs and dirt hopefully that will lead her to your missing sleigh after all she does not like Christmas and hopefully she finds it because you need it after 4 more sleeps.

    P.S. Tell Mouse to be careful.

  8. I think Mouse should go in the dirt and bugs cave because I think someone might have stolen the sleigh and that’s their home. And why they might have stolen the sleigh is because they don’t like Christmas.

  9. Dear Santa,
    I think the person who stole the sleigh lives in the cave with the bugs and the dirt instead of the other ones. Tell the person who stole it that it was okay and you forgive them because they were probably just jealous of the fun you have.

    Tracy 🙂 <3

  10. Dear Santa, We think that it might be the grinch who took your sleigh. Tell mouse to go into the cave with bugs and dirt and hopefully she will find your important sleigh.

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