Santa’s New Baby Christmas Elf!

Baby Christmas Elf!
Which stocking do you think we’ll need for the baby Christmas Elf? Pink or Blue?

Do you remember last Christmas?  Rudolph and Clarice had newborn twin reindeer.

We were so excited we tweeted about all the fun at the North Pole!

Well, we have great news this year too!  Would you like to hear it?  (No peaking at my photo!)

We are having a new baby elf!

The Mommy and Daddy elf are very, VERY happy.  It is not very often that there is a new baby Christmas elf after all.

The Mommy and Daddy elf know when the baby Christmas elf is coming.  We ALL know when the baby Christmas elf is coming.   You see, all Christmas elves are born on the same day.  Can you guess when?

There is something else the same about all Christmas elves.  Christmas elves are never born by themselves.  Can you guess how many elves are born at a time?

Baby Christmas Elf Names!

But wait!  There is still more fun! (My goodness, how much fun can you handle!)

Everyone had lots of fun last year picking the names of the new reindeer.   So, the Mommy and Daddy elf have a surprise for you! the Mommy and Daddy elf want YOU to help pick the names of the baby elves!

That is right.  They want everyone to think of names for their new Christmas babies!  You can give us names for boys and for girls if you like.

So, leave the Mommy and Daddy elf a message! We really want to hear what you think the baby elves’ names should be!  You are so good at coming up with such Christmassy names for those cute little babies!

Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus

(You can leave a message for Santa Claus or the Mommy and Daddy elf.  Or, scroll down to see what others have written!)

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1,532 special messages to Santa about “Santa’s New Baby Christmas Elf!”

  1. can I name her/him here are some suggestions.girl:
    andrew,hudsen,cris,bull,hon, solo

  2. i think it should be paula if its a girl and if it a boy paul cuz its my papas name and he was a vetrain he died falling of ladder and i was only 7

  3. Dear,santacalus iwant a holy bible in English and iwant a prayer from you my address is Chennai poonemallee Tamil nadu India

  4. so ima girl dont blame my parents for this nick name :D. ok Ava, Isabella, Charlotte, Emma, Layla, Grace, Lily, Hannah, Chloe, Luna, Lucy, Anna (Ana), Skylar, Violet, Bella, Allison, Sarah, Alexa, Autumn, Hailey, Ruby, Everly, Clara, Alexis, Sara, Reese XD, Mya, Nicole, Lucia, Brooke, Londyn, Rachel, Gracie, Juliet, Vanessa, Lila, Summer, Destiny, Dakota, Noelle, Lola, June, Tessa, Remi, Hope, Angel, Lilah, Jane, Kate ok thats all ok ill come later to see what the babies might be called!!!!!!!!!

  5. Santa, I know this is not a baby Christmas elf name, but I really want to know if this is Linda’s and Walter’s baby Christmas elf, or Bubble Gum’s and Clyde’s baby Christmas elf. I really want to know that because Linda, Walter, Bubble Gum, and Clyde are my elves. I have 6 elves and I have a baby elf that you gave to me, and I named Angel. I would looooooove if this baby Christmas elf was one of my elves baby. If anybody is wondering what my 6th elves name is, my 6th elves name is Si. Uncle Si. He has a beard and you can buy him on ______. The amount of little spaces that I put for the online store name, is the amount of letters that the online store name has. I don’t want to advertise for free.

  6. Sparkle

  7. dear santa clus for Christmas iwant some more chooolate coverd bachon and my sister angelacason andtyler blair and parker Wesley adams sheeppard says they wil come back for Christmas your friend andy and maybe ican beee aelf helper on Christmas eve

  8. Santa,Tell The Elves Parents I Said Congratulations, Now The Name Should Be “Girl Angela Michelle “Boy Andrew Michaels”

  9. For a boy I would name it Easton Candy. For a girl I would name it Mackenzie Mouse. Congratulations mommy and daddy elf! TAKE MY ADVICE! Maybe

  10. Dear Mommy and Daddy elf, My name is Meadow if your baby’s a girl I think you should name it Meadow .Did you know Meadow means a beautiful field of grass .Sence the elf’s was born on Christmas I was actually born after Christmas

  11. Girl names:Laurel, Emma, Addy, Chloe, Melissa, Jessica, Kaeldra, and Claire
    Boy names: Jonas, Corbin, Ethan, Jacob, Cris, Tyler, Darian, Isaac, and Joshua
    Girl or Boy names: Sugar, Cookie, Cocoa, Marshmallow,

    I think you should name him or her Star in memory of my hamster. It is also a good name because of the star on the day Jesus was born. Star is a very good name!

  12. congragilations for your son or daughter I cant wait to see what he or she looks like the next time i come on here.

    sincerely Elizabeth hagan

  13. dear mommy and daddy elf,I think a good ELF name is Madisin and I think a good name for boy ELF is giggles and a nother good name for a girl is Snowflake but you dont have to but i hope you do thank you if you do love Madison

  14. i think you should call your children lilly, mary, bethlyhem, joesiphine ,tracy,angel,holly,ivy, snowy,glitter,r ed,sky,star, sparkle[girl] [boys] joeseph, jesus,michael, lord,nick,scott, calvin,christopher, christian,max, sam

  15. Well i love babies but i bet baby elves are cuter and smaller!!!! xxx I have a few names for girls and boys and they are unique !! xx The girls names are :Keely, Crystal, Scarlotte, Sky, Hope, Ailsa, Albreda, Alfreda, Alva, Alvar, Alvara, Alverdine, Alvina, Arwen, Aubrey, Avery, Elfrida, Elvina and Nissa.

    The boys names are : Alfred, Alger, Alston, Alvar, Alvin, Aubrey, Avery, Elger, Elvin, Elwin, REGAN, and Aiden. xxxxxx

    I *Hope* you like them very much and i hope you choose two or a couple of my names! I said a couple because I don’t know how many elf babies you are having ! xxxx

    I thought I would answer the questions above so here goes, Q: “Do you remember last christmas?” A: Yes i do it was amazing !!! xxx” , Q: “Do you remember when Rudolph and Clarice had newborn twin reindeer?” A: “No because I didnt know about this sight last year so I didn’t hear about it.” , Q: “All Christmas elves are born on the same day.Can you guess when? , A: Well I think I do it is either on *Christmas Eve* or *Christmas day*” , Q: “Christmas elves are never born by themselves,can you guess how many elves are born atthe same time?” , A: ” I think it is either twins or triplets!” xxxx

    Thankyou! For reading my
    comment ! xxxx

    P.S: I will be sure to keep writing my comments so that you can all see what i think . xxx

    P.P.S: Christmas is only in 40 days, 41 sleeps, 977 hours, 58596 minutes and 3515756 seconds. I cant wait !!! I already have the christmas cheer! xxxxxx

    Read again soon xxxxxx

  16. simon please name him simon or sydney simon after our own elf he vistes us every Christmas and sydney after my sister in heaven

  17. that great news, i hope you name the baby somthing that suit him or her. and wish the new baby merry christmas and great job to the parents.

  18. Hi

    I have just looked round your website and I have seen that you have new baby elves I was wondering if i could have a picture please

    Lots of love



  19. i would think these names should come in handy with the babies.Girls Mura lle. Boy Gurrale.Boy Hosses. I hope you like them . that is the best i can do

  20. congats! I think you should call them all somthing realated to christmas because of when they were born
    lots of love,

  21. heya umm i think that you sould call the girl ummm let me think kiee kiee short for kiera and the boys name ohhh thats a tuffen ummm ??? i think you should call the boy victor and vic for short yeh oh i have another girls name called dorothy and call her dotty or dot for short but i recon you already o some one called dorothy dont you santa tell her i said h please when you get to see her !!! thanks sant and the mommy and daddy seya on christmas santa love you x x x

  22. dear santa, i hope you get this messege can i have heps of pressents and i wish you a VERY VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS from kirra p.s i want prressens ill give you stuf too

  23. hi congrats i think you should name one of them blue moon nd another charley oh how i love that name well i wish you good luck:)

  24. So if it is a girl Crystal may be good. Just name her or him by its traits. Nicholas is a good name for a boy. Congrats on your new baby!

    Luv Peneeta

  25. i think if its okay with u if u could name one after me id really love it if u could oops gtg/that mean got to go bye

  26. i think that jolly jake would be a good name for a christmas elf my birth day is one week away from christmas[:

  27. dear Mr, and Mrs, daddy and mommy elf
    i think you should name your elves noel, sam, justin, lisa, alexia, johanna, anika, kelsey, brianna, peter, max, and lucas

  28. For the baby girl elf’s name I chose Millie, and for the baby boy elf’s name I chose Jay. Have a great day Santa and the elves. I love you guys so much!!

  29. I suggest the name Amanda for a girl and the name Andrew for a boy [Of course, I don’t know if you have just girls, just boys, or a mix of boys and girls]. By the way, congratulations! 😀

  30. you are having a baby elf congratulation santa and elfs!!!!!!

    give the baby huges and kisses from makayla
    and you too!!!!!!!

  31. Hello my name is Ashley.I just want to thank you for letting your elf help Santa Claus.That is verynice.

    Tamk you again!
    Ashley Marie Johnson

  32. Me & my brother play a game where I’m a reindeer named Olive & he’s a elf named Elf! If your Baby is a boy, why don’t you name him Elf?

  33. hello

    I think one of the elves names could be Chloe (girl) another name for a girl could be Ariana the last name could be emily but I dont have any ideas for boys so, bye!!!!!


  34. I think the baby elf’s name should be:
    if it’s a Girl: Candy
    if it’s a Boy: Elroy
    I hope you like the names!!!
    Emma G.

  35. Hi I like the name Baliey Jo the Christmas Elf Thanks I hope for a girl and Jhacob Michicle for a boy. that gave you edvise
    love forever,lexie

  36. looks like santa wont be the only one delivering this year………GOOD LUCK Cant wait to see what you guys name your new baby elf

  37. I like the name Peyton for a girl and a boy name Dylan or Patrick because i once had a crush on a boy named Patrick Dunn

    from your friend ,
    Hannah Boykin
    P.S. please right back

  38. Mommy Elf & Daddy Elf Here Are Twleve Baby Elf Names:
    1. Jingle Jade
    2. Jolly Jaclyn
    3. Noel Nicole
    4. Danceing Dana
    5. Caroling Caroline
    6. Holiday Hally
    7. Christmas Christy
    8. Naughty & Nice Nicky
    9. Merry Michael
    10. Santa Sandy
    11. Joyful Joy

  39. Hey santa its me emma-claire i heard about the new baby christmas elves and wanted to give you some names that you guys might like i was thinking of christmas names and thought of PEPPERMINT GINGER or CANDYMINT HOLLY.

  40. Dear Mommy and Daddy elf,Congratulations to your new Christmas elf I am thinking for a girl Holly,Misty,Bell,or Clara for a boy i was thinking kris write back please.

  41. Hi santa it is me Gabby and my sister Danielle we love getting letters from you and we hope to get more. How are things at the north pole? I bet they are great! Well I have to go its time for bed and i am tired. Well MERRY CHRISTMAS

  42. For a boy, I think a good name would be Wolfgang. Not very Christmasy, but still an awesome name. For a girl, Holly would be a great name.

  43. Congratulations! I think the girl’s should be Winter and the boy’s Wayne. Merry Christmas! I hope they’re cute! Love, arleigh

  44. Congratulations.
    Just a few questions for you.
    Is it a boy or girl.
    I have some names that you could name it.
    Boy:Mj or Alfie
    Girl:Stella or Alexis
    These are the names that you could name them.
    Thank you.

  45. hello i think the baby elf should be called buddy afther the film elf that film is so so funny. if it a girl it should be called ellie it a verry nice names. are you looking forwood to christmas i am i am so excited has it been snowing where you are it has where i am i have brought eveyone a present merry christmasand a happy new yaer

  46. congratulations elfes! i think you should call it jingles, carol, joy, bell, lightning, snow, sparkle or any other name 🙂

  47. Congratulations on your new babies. We would like to name one of them, if it is a girl name it Holly. If it is a boy we think Christmas would be a good name.

    Merry Christmas!


    Isabel and Katie

  48. Girl Names:
    Gum Drops
    Candy Cane
    Boy Names:

  49. these are names for the elfs…
    1 victor
    2 rebecca
    3 christofer
    4 mella
    5 annrose
    6 litson
    7 conner
    8 lora
    9 giaan
    10 lisa
    11 john
    12 alexander

    i hope you like the names!!!!!!!
    from annie

  50. hi i would suggest the names for if its a boy…. i suggest the name buddy and if its a girl…. the name suzie would be nice

  51. hi congrats on your new baby!!!Do you mind if I advise a name for your baby?
    If you say yes then her is the name:
    i hope you like it,

  52. hi Bonny this is Addison you talkt to me remeber i side you are cool i went that to you no that rit:) i hope you like the north pole and i hope you like your job to.have a Merry Christmas Bonny i do not no if i speld evrey thing cuz i am only in 1 gred:) have a Merry Christmas Bonny.:) love addison.

  53. I think that Christina is a very nice name for a lil infant girl and i think bam~bam is a very sweet name for a infant boy..

  54. here are more baby names. girls first.
    sarahlynn clarice like rudolphs wife it is
    his wife right well ill try to talk lader
    i went to explore more of the website
    ps. tell santa hi for me im 8 years old and my name is jaylynn .pps . tell clarice
    and rudolph and the rest of the reindeer hi
    love jaylynn.

  55. take care of the elves for me!! my cat remembered when she was a stray she had 3 babies but some people caught her to sell her and all of her babies got bought before her and she probably misses them. Anika says,” Don’t get caught by the sellers. your babies might get sold before you.” She probably thinks youre a stray cat. I love babies!! if they love running you might have to put them on a leash so they won’t run away from you!! I loved to roam around so I had to be put on a leash! I didn’t like the leash but it kept me from running away!!

    yours truly,

  56. do u know roudys parents if so thats my elf! is santa aloud to send baby elfs to somebodys house?how come people aren’t aloud totouch elf will got to go vye have a nice chirstmas ☻♥♦

  57. these are some GREAT name,s.BUT.YOU should prolbley use these for twins.these name,s are from ridglines twas the night before christmas play.i thouhgt thay were relly cute.Felicity p.s i go to ridgeline

  58. Hi i love Elves that come from the North Pole.
    Can you please tell me what the mum and dad s names are first then i will let you know about the little ones.
    love Lauryn ANNE Schneider

  59. Possible Boy Names:

    Possible Girl Names:
    -Sonny Playstation

  60. hi santa and mommy and daddy elf
    Well i am so exicted for you all and your elf comunity i think so0me good girl names are.HERE ARE SOME BOY names aswell.thank you

    boy names jacky johny and tom

    girl names piper bristol sky

  61. I think that THE best names would be are
    sydney(boy or girl)
    b.’smore(burnt ‘smore)
    chocolate “Ice Cream” cake

  62. I really think that you should name the baby elf Anastasia. Anastaia is a beautiful name. If it is a boy elf i think that you should name it tiberius or maybe dayton. Those are very brave names. and if not those names than maybe you could name them Lindsey or Tristan!

  63. Dear santa, I think the girl’s name should be pandora or charlote or reberta or anastasia. The boy’s name should be elijah or rymond or devon or arthor. Those are my opinons. thank you for leting me comment!!!!!!!!

  64. i think christmas elfs are born on christmas, and i think there is 2 born at a time
    the names i think you should call the new baby elfs are:
    eve (girl)
    chris (boy)

  65. I think great names for the elves would be;
    . Ben
    . Sally
    . freddie
    . will
    . sam
    . alfie
    . joe
    . Rosie
    . Lilly
    . Freya
    . Hollie
    . Mistletoe
    . Jess
    . Gabbie
    . Layla
    . Lulu
    . Millie
    . Molly

  66. Hi, my name is Lauren. What I think you should name baby elf is, if it’s a boy:
    if it’s a girl: Angrua or Anngrua.

    either names are nice. it also depends on what YOU guys want to name the baby.

  67. I think a good name for the baby elves would be: Will, Sam or Ben for a boy
    and Hollie, Rosie or Lily for a girl.
    Thanks for taking my names into consideration!

  68. Dear elves,
    I wonder if you guys like it snowing up there? Does that means that you can have snow ball fights whenever you want…?

  69. I think Sally would be a good name for a baby girl elf and Ben for a boy. My mum thinks that Holly would be a good name for a christmas elf or noel for a boy
    Hope they all arrive safely
    Love Gabby Aged 5

  70. elizabeth, kathleen,
    mary kate:) ( that my sissters name)
    lucy , ellina , annie, sabrina, stephanie,
    sam, samantha, lulu, adriana

  71. DEAR, MS.AND MR.
    clause.I have some suggestions for some baby nameshere they are

  72. what about sprinkles and tinkles and leo and lenardo and dana and mishai(haha thats my name)and noelle and ebeny and david and livaliy or telluple or thereisple

  73. If you have girls either call them Orla, Trixie, Hope, Star or Penny. And boys could be called George, Thomas, Joe, Ollie or Jamie. Good luck!

  74. dear mommy and daddy elf congrats on the new baby you are going to have here are some suggestens for names

    . angel
    . madison
    . scott

  75. We think the new babies name should be if it’s a boy then Aden and if it’s a girl it should be Jasmine.

  76. If your baby is a girl, her name should be Snowflake. If your baby is a boy, his name should be John. And here are some more names for your baby.
    of course my favorite name of all, MOLLY!

    Hope you have good luck with the baby. Merry Christmas!

  77. Dear Mommy and Daddy Elf,Congratulations on your new baby I can imagine how cute it’s going to be.If it’s a girl I like Nevaeh Grace because Nevaeh is Heaven backwards.And for a boy I like Clayton Cole but it’s your baby so it’s totally up to you just have fun and stick together for the baby.

  78. first i am so delighted about the new baby elf i think you should call it either lilly or milly cause i think there really nice and popular in ireland see you laura carr

  79. Pointy, Green, Builder, Speed,
    Your very lucky to have new baby elves. And the top 4 words on the top are all the names that I picked.

  80. HI Im Haley Teixeira, I think you should name on of the babies mocha. I wonder what the new baby will look like. I’m really excited to hear from you. 8 more sleeps until christmas. Please tell the other elves i said Hi!! Im going to leave gifts out for you and my annalee elves and my elf on the shelf, Elfie. Do you know any of my elves, Blizzard,Pixie, Bobo,Molly, Holly, Sammy, JJ, Jack, Candy, Jessica, Benny,Rudy, Darren, Elfie,Chrissy, Snowy, Gwen,Nikki, Cookie,Chloe, Baily and Sidney. if you know some write their names please. Thanks!!!!!!!

  81. to the elves
    merry christmas.
    please can you tell me the twin reindeers and baby elves name and how many elves there are?
    love from

  82. i think the baby elf shoud be called merry belle please can you name it it because my hole family want to vote for merry belle and there’s six people in it

  83. Here are some names for the elves: Mary, Starr, Kringle, Joy, Holly, Jingle,Jesus, Belle, Sparkle, Payton,Peyton, Snow, Jacob Jr.,

  84. I am so happy for you! When are they (or him/her) going to be born? Hope they are going to not be sick!

  85. I think that the baby elf should be named Ariana or Matthew because those names are sooooooo cute! =) When he/she is born and if you choose one of my names please tell me and say hello to the new baby. By the way, congradulations!

  86. Santa i really want a Christmas elf i know i can out water and crackers on my porch but i don’t have a porch where do i put it

  87. hi my name is morgan and i think the baby elfs name should be…well if its a girl thanit should be crystal and if its a boy than it should be christian

  88. hi! i really like the girl name Ellie.for a boy i like the name Landon.i hope your little elf grows to be healthy and strong. my mom is going to have a baby soon too so i know how you feel.we hope ours is a boy but we are happy with a boy or girl, just not both… please NOT both. i went through this three and half years ago on April 19, 2007.well that is pretty much i have to say…. bye!

  89. dear santa,
    i love all your toys .those elfs sure do work hard thanks for all you have dont to make this life perfect you did it not me thats on gift i will never forget and hope its the same with you your a great person and it will stay that way i sent you a writen letter so you will now what i want i love you thanks so much!

  90. elder,poler,loler,taller,reger,
    and casie would all be great names for the babys


  91. I think that the baby elves should be named, Huggy (just like Kissy), Rudy (Like Rudolph!) and Feliz (Merry/Happy in Spanish)

  92. and have a wonderful christmas and here are some names : libby,tinky ,tutu,cookie,
    tinker,brownie,makenah,ashlyn. i hpe you like the names and they will give you great ideas

  93. dear eleves you are so good at making presents and you are nice and good luck on your babys being born there going to be quit

  94. My name is Allie you shoud name the elves Sam Annabell Grace Rosamont Nora Lila Rosabell Noodle Pinecone Mr.Cat Eleanor Mr.Nut Julie Shabbycat Sophie Bill Felicity and Lily. I know that I rote a lot of names but Istil hope you love or like 1 of the names or at lest all.Love,Allie

  95. dear mommy and daddy elf i think you should name one baby elf pointer. because the ears on an elf are pointed. thank you for your time.

  96. Tia Dan
    Milly Sam
    Kelly Max
    poppy lewis
    Lilly sonny
    Nina Kofi
    Mia Charlie
    Molly Luke
    Sophie harry
    Lucy Joe
    Taylor Jamie
    Claire Ben
    Jess Ollie

  97. The students in room 5 at Raymond School would like to tell you good luck and we hope you have a great great CHRISTMAS!!!

  98. The students in room 5 at Raymond School have some suggestions as to what you should names your elves…


    Thanks for reading our ideas!

  99. they should be named……..
    p.s.i did all e`s becacause e is the first letter of elf

  100. Santa,you’ll be so happy this year! did you see me outside today? I steped in snow today when the school bus dropped me of at home, (my mom hates when I step in snow and it gets in the house)so I grabbed my scarf and wiped it all over my pants, and then my pants were all dry! I was so proud!(oh congrats with the new baby elves!)

  101. Girl: Boy:
    Rachel Paul
    Sandy Nickolas
    Grace Rhiannon Bob
    Raine Mason
    Tina Josh
    Gigi Drake
    Briana Attikus
    Lavender Jesus
    Katie Noel
    Miranda Jimmy/James
    Cassandra Puddlegum
    Kayliegh Steve/Steven
    Unicorn Marshall
    Maci Jack
    Mary-Alice Joey

  102. Hi mom and dad elf. first of all congrats! and you must be very exited.I just love elfs! there so cute! Do you know what your going to name it? tell me as soon as possible thanks. Love,Emily

  103. Hi i knew all elfs were born on xmas . But i hope you have a good christmas with youre children.

    And i am 10 years and i still beliven santa and i alwas will

  104. I have got 9 names for boys and girls:
    .sprinkle .snowdrop .snowflake .crystale .iceickle .snowy .frosty .slushey

  105. girls

  106. Boys: Thomas, Elvis, Joe, Matthew, Niall, Austin.
    Girls: Amber, Jayne, Ellie, Hannah, Savanna, Amber.

    Santa please if it’s a girl get the elves to choose my name Amber please.

  107. i think you should call the baby Abby if its a girl and if its a boy call it Leo because those names are very and i mean very populure

  108. Hi i am proudly exsuted for you to let me give you some nice names for he/she so i thought Charlotte or benjiman or Libby and last but not least Finlay

  109. Hi,

    I have got 9 names to call your little elves !!!!!!!!!!!
    1. Olly
    2. Holly
    3. Kate
    4. Hannah
    5. Olivia
    6. Bell
    7. Nicky
    8. Aidan
    9. Atlanta

  110. Hi Santa and the new mom and dad
    My name is Atlanta i am 9 years of age
    I have got 3 names to call your little elves !!!

    1. Olly
    2. Llly
    3. Kate

    One question how many elves are you having ????????

  111. hello i think they should be called girl elf and boy elf but if there is more they should be called boy or girl elf 234556789 and so on bye

  112. hello
    congratulations on your new baby.
    i hope you will get a name soon
    merry Christmas and a happy new year
    may you tell all the elves i said merry Christmas and a happy new year


  113. is it a girl or not? well if it is a girl , you could name it lily (thats my cats name!)

    if it is a boy, you could name it quentin! that is a illestrater.

    other names: sophie, ben, molly, milly, joe, peter.

    please tell me if you don’t like these names.

    but if you like them i’ll be very pleased!!!

  114. i whould love to see the baby elves
    .i think you are a good dad and mum
    and what are the baby elves do in now
    and the baby elves names can you say
    lot of love caitlin crawford age 9

  115. Girls:
    Hope some get chosen:()

  116. i love that you had a new baby elf its real good that you did is there any thing i can send you? well keep in touch bye-bye

  117. i am sooooo happy for you! if it is a girl it should be named Mary Claire and if it is a boy his name should be James or Mason.

  118. hi my name is chloe and i am 11 years old and i would like for christmas is the new ipod touch with a camara but not the thick one also i would like riannah’s new cdand the third thing i would like for christmas is an slush puppy maker/frosty maker as they call it some times. love from chloe allthorpe.

  119. hey santa me again how are u goin only twelve days to christmas i cant wait and my birthday is tommorow the 14 of december and i no one thing im getting for my birthday and its a camera accutally i no 2 things im getting a cammera some bratz

  120. hi santa that is very exiting.
    if it is a boy you should name it duke or mikey.
    if it is agirl you should name it misty or daisy

  121. If it is a boy you could name it Charlie
    If it is a girl you could name it Holly or Missy (for mistletoe)
    hope you can use them!

  122. its sounds soo wonderful to hear that theres going to be a new elf in the north pole but always remember to keep him rapped up warm because u dont want him getting cold xxxx

  123. I would call one of the Girls if they are short Little Redstem. One of the Boy could be called Tuf. I can’t relly think of any more names, But Redsteam is mnamed after a plant called Litte Bluesteam. I just took a Christmas Colour. I hope you can choose one of my names. Have fun with the Baby elves why they are still little

  124. Hi , My name is Miranda Michelle Reid . I live in Little Catalina , Newfoundland . I was reading Santa’s christmas blog and I saw that you and your husband Bob aka Head Elve, had 12 babies ! Wow , Thats alot . Im the only child . If I had that many brothers and sisters , I would have to leave the house and move away . Please write back . Loves Miranda Michelle Reid

  125. Congrats on the baby! If the baby is a girl, a nice name would be Holly, Lou-Ann, Co-Co or Butterscotch. If it were a boy, a good name would be Cody, Link or Emile!
    Hope you like my idea’s!
    Good luck naming him/her!

  126. I think the baby elf could be called Hope or Erin if its a girl or if if its a boy mabye Max would be a good name. Please I hope you aggree with me.

    From Marika Burnett,Aged 9

  127. Hi, I am very excited! Well we are having a baby too! It is due March 21. Well back to the baby. Is it a boy or a girl? Well what are your whole names maybe you could name him/her after one of you!

    P.S Maybe Rudolph can help!(;

  128. Dear Santa ,

    I think if the baby elf is a girl you should call her Hope because all the children hope for presents on christmas day

  129. I think the baby elf should be called Allyce! and my sister Emily thinks the baby elf should be called Lollipop polka-dot!

  130. I think Polka-dot, Lolly, Poppy, Muffin, Berry, Buttons, Sunny, Peperminz, dot, jolly, Holly, Joy, Lollipop, Pippy, Ginger, Eve, Cookie, Amber, Fizzle, Reeses cup, Skye, Bow, Giggles, Snicker, Munchkin, Cherry, Angel, Cream, and Hollie are good names for an elf girl!


  132. i think you should name a girl Julia and a boy camual.

    P.S. you should name a girl crista.have a good time and good luck.

  133. I think one of the baby elvs should be named lily!Or Wesley,alyssa,kyler,lily,fayth,conner,
    jessica,addison,emily,tootsie,ameilia,and regan.Of course i have many many more but i only wanted to put 12 names.But i have really really cool name and i will tell you.The name is April.Peppermint i really like your name and bob your’s to.I hope you like the names i am telling you.So have a merry merry merry Christmas.(make sure you tell the baby elvs to that i said have a merry Christmas to)Well see ya.Oh yeah just pick one of the names i said PLEASE!!!!!!!Well gotta go!!!!!So see ya!

  134. I have one name for the baby elf if is a girl then her name can be Kate or if it is a boy then his can be Larry or Jake.

  135. hi santa it’s me again can we pleas get a shelf elf me and my sister wants one to we realy want one pleas pleas pleas santa can we pleas pleas santa

  136. Congratulations Mommy and Daddy elve i think a good girl name is Lara and a good boys name is james LOTS OF LOVE ERIN TOWEY

  137. hi guys!!!!! For a girl name i would name it Kiersten or Kira. For a boy name i would name it Jason or Ryan. Good luck with the names!!!! 🙂

  138. if tis a boy you should call him frosty
    for the frosty Christmas day he is born!
    and the girl frostine or carel for the songs we sing!

  139. Sooooo Happy Your Having New Elves. I Think You Should Call Them :
    Girl- Cocoa or Candy
    Boy- Choco or Chuck
    PLease Put Up Photos When The New Baby Christmas Elves Are Born
    .. i think they will be born on christmas day 🙂
    Thank You

  140. Hi, Santa,
    I’d really appreciate it if you named the baby elf Mia. That is, if the elf is a girl. For a boy, I’d like the name Jason.

  141. Dear Mrs and Mr Elf,
    I am writing to tell you some nice names for your wonderful children.

    Firstly, I have some christmas names Snowy,Snowdrop, Holly,Ivory, Advent and dreamy.
    Finally, I have some normal names like Sarah,Sally, Max,Maxie, Jamie,Jack, Lucie,Paul, Honey,Claire Noah,Alfie or even me Lucy.
    You don’t need to pick any of those but if you do thats fine thankyou for reading.Merry Christmas!!!!!!

  142. I think, if it was a girl, that you should name the new baby Holly. If it was a boy, i think you should name him Cane , like candy cane

  143. congrats! They must be so cute ! If one is a boy name him:Buddy. If one is a girl name her : Juliet.

    Celeste and Isabel

  144. I think the new elf’s name should be Gingerbread. Gingy for short.P.S. Santa,why didn’t you answer my question? What is your biggest, most embarrassing secret?

  145. I think the baby elfs names should be for a girl Emma or for short m and for a boy Peter or for short pete Thank You Love Jenna

  146. i think you should name it the christmas cheer elf oh and tell the mom and dad elf’s im very happy for them love tatiana

  147. franchesia jessie jessica jake haylie leslie olivia mackenzie grace mark john jack taylor jacob sam casey musey eathen hether

  148. hi how are all of your at the north pole
    am missing u is year xx me and my boyfriend we going to come and see you at the north pole

  149. hello mummy and daddy elf i am soo excited that you are having a new baby so i have dicieded to help with 2 names 1 boy and 1 girl

    the GIRLS Name is lucyna
    the BOYS Name is matthewen

  150. Guess what!….
    For a change it is snowing in Ireland!!! It never snows in Ireland and there is now about 3 inches. I know its not much for America or anything but it is for Ireland. I have so far had 4 days off school!!

  151. I think one normal name should be Jared. But a more “elf like name” is Snow Flake (girls name) Ice Cycle (boys name).

  152. hello my choices of names are:
    belle clara,hermione, felicity,felix, dove,ivy,chesnut, snow ,claus

    north star

  153. Dear Santa elves,
    My name is Adrien A. Anderson and I think if you had an girl elf she should be named angel or Christmas or shine. If you have a boy he should be named shine or lacey.Bye that’s all the names I can come up now if I have anymore names i’ll come back.

  154. Marissa,Angelina, Cela,Kassie ,Jaleania, Amerious, and of course,Erica.Oh,………Here are some delightful boy elf names.Robert,Robbie, Eric,Blake, Avery,Korbin,And Anton.I hope you all use these delightful names;Please!! Hope life is going well there.Tell Mrs. and Mr.Clause that i wish them very,very, Merry christmas and to ALL the elves there too.

    Courtney Lynn Turner

  155. your baby should be named sanelf cause santa and elf go toghether and make sanelf and that is a cuite name congrats

  156. We would like to send you 4 names. Joey wants to name one of the babies Cody. I (Brooke) want to name one Elina. Here is 2 more names one Emily and Elvie. Love,
    Brooke and Joey

  157. Girl names: Mary Jessica

    Boy names:
    Santa Jr.

    I hope u use these names for them! THANK U!!!!!!!!!!!!

  158. i thinks sara and winter are cute names along wiht sierra, claire, tyler, zaine, LIlly, silverbelle, and jill lik ejilly bean

  159. Here are some names!


  160. I think you should name him/her. if it is a girl you should name her snowie and if it is a boy you should name him stormy and if there is both of them you should name them both of the names.

  161. for the names i pick out alot tinsle,candycane ,pepermint,daisy, dominic,
    stripey and that all i have so far hope you like the names

  162. “I don’t know what gender they are!
    I’ll just put six for each gender.
    1. Ivy. 7. Harry.
    2. Holly. 8. Bobbin.
    3. Pixie. 9. Jingle.
    4.Twinkle-toes. 10. Bramble.
    5. Maisy. 11. Frosty.
    6. Snow-Drop. 12. Ice-Pop.
    I hope you liked my names! I tried really hard to make them all related to Christmas!

  163. That’s sooo exciting that your getting a new baby elf!!! What I think that you should name it Clare.( A girls name.)Can’t wait to hear more about it!!!

  164. if its a girl i would name her Elizabeth. if it a boy i would name him Jack.if twins i would name them Exavior and Amanda.

  165. 1. Santa
    2. Rudolph
    3. Sally
    4. Bob
    5. Clumsy
    6. Nick
    7. Sarah
    8. Matthew
    9. Michael
    10. Jennifer
    11. Mike
    12. Olivia
    14. Emily
    15. Jackson
    17. Kelly
    18. Sandy
    19. Marley
    20. Debby
    21. Bernedette
    22. William
    23. Billy
    24. Adien
    25. Robert
    26. Gina
    27. June
    28. Rachel
    29. Ryann
    30. Ryan
    31. Joanne
    32. Brianna
    33. Alyssa
    34. Helen
    35. Marisa
    36. Julia
    37. Bridget
    38. Goofy
    39. Mickey
    40. Elizabeth
    41. Catherine
    42. Katherine
    43. Lynn
    44. Johanna
    45. Claudia
    46. Genivieve
    47. Kait
    48. Kate
    49. Kim
    50. Peyton
    51. Payton
    52. Colin
    53. Shamus
    54. Shawn
    55. Sean
    56. Amanda
    57. Aurora
    58. Kendal
    59. Devon
    60. Kristie
    61. Sam
    62. Samatha
    63. Katie
    63. Cara
    64. Thomas
    65. Jen
    66. Violet
    67. Rose
    68. Kitz
    69. Paul
    70. Saul
    71. Jesus
    72. Mary
    73. Joseph
    74. Gavin
    75. Murph
    76. Cha Ne
    77. Ralph
    78. Steve
    79. John
    80. Jenine
    81. Jeff
    82. Papa
    83. Mama
    84. Daniel
    85. Brandon
    86. Brenden
    87. Jacob
    88. Timothy
    89. Morgan
    90. Alex
    91. Alexandra
    92. Patrick
    93. Bobby
    94. Susan
    95. Mary-Kate
    96. Arthur
    97. Kieran
    98. Joey
    99. Sunshine
    100. Buddy

  166. I think the baby’s name should be…
    either Sarah (if it’s a girl!) or Sammy (if it’s a boy!) Congratulations! I hope you have a nice, healthy baby!

  167. I have 1 quick ?. Whats the baby raindeers name. And I thinck for a boy Malick for girl Emma. xoxoxox … xoxox well u get my love.

  168. I think that these are some good names:

    twinkle randy
    terry nick
    finkle jeffy
    jolly danny
    noel perpile
    jingle hinkle (P.S. I hope
    elly winky these help!)

  169. a few good names are jade,Karen,pepermint
    if you name an elf pepermint you could also call her/he mint or you could use those as two diffrent names

  170. awwwwwwww it sounds very cute? is it a boy or girl? if it is a girl… madilynn, jordan, molly, brandie, hannah, robyn, madison, savannah, marley or jane. boy… bentley, dawson, marley, jordan, henry, happy, or zane. what if you have twins like rudolph and claudia with blizzard and georgina? i think marley and harley would be cute for twins!

  171. Aw, how cute!I think baby elfes are the cutest! So santa on the Maceys Thanksgiving parade i saw you and Mrs. Clause on a sled i think. It is so exiting seeing you, instead of dressed up ” Santa Clauses.” Well nice typing to you!

  172. Name them
    1. jack
    2. jo
    3. harry
    4. elvis
    5. snowy
    6. dan the man
    7. daisy
    8. charlie
    9. flaky
    10. snowflake
    11. lily
    12. storm
    they will be great kids

  173. Sanya if they are girls and boys then (girl)Alice’Madison’ Flower’Jillian ‘Elizabeth’ Danille’Daisy’ Tracey’Zoe’ Caroline’Amy
    Andrew’Aruthur ‘Grant’Kyle’ Woody’Wayne’ Landon’Mike ‘Tyler’Taylor’ Eddie. Those are the names I like and want!

  174. wow your really having a new elf baby! good news! if its a boy. name it……..oh how about candy cane or girl snow flake!

  175. i just read about the new baby elf i think the elfs name shud be kaitlyn if it is a girl and if it is aboy it shud be zachary i relly like both of those ames a lot

  176. I think you should name your baby elfs Abby and susane if they are girls if your babies are boys I think you should name them Jerrald and Patrick if your babies are a boy and girl I think you should name them Anabell and Alexavyer

  177. in rudolf the red-nouse raindeer, you know rudold was in love with a raindeer name charece, are rudolf and clarece married?

  178. i think you should name the babies

  179. here are all the 12 names i like 🙂 i recomend these names for the little baby christmas elves :)#1-Monika #2-Lola #3-Diana #4-Merry #5-Jade #6-Julie #7-Markus #8-Max #9-Tommy #10-Lionard #11-Sean #12-Daniel

  180. i think that he will be adorable heres some names tiny teena, sugerstick,snowball ,randel,ally,paul, tiny tom p.s that will be tiny teenas twin witch was born right after she will your baby will be a elf myricle tell santa clause to blog about it and put a pichture of him or her good luck p.s having a baby hurts and probaly having a elf would hurt even more with almost a his body parts being point p.p.s it will have to where premee size baby cloths

  181. you must be so happy good luck wow you must have a lot of elfs coming maybe you could name one after me My name is Lillian but im mostly called Lily!(: Im so very happy for you have a good time with your new baby elfs xoxoxoxo Lily ps tons of good lucks Love Lily

  182. hi i am Felicia.I have always wanted to name a i have some ideas if it is a girl.I would love it if the two elfs used one of these names.please tell them that I am happy for them.That is such a great thought.I am so excited for the new elf baby.I bet the baby is going to be so cute.I cant wait to here if it is female or male.It is so cute thinking of two elves that are married.I wish I could see the baby.I hope you do not mind long letters.I cant wait to hear what the elves name the baby.maybe you can ask some of the other elves if they have any idea for a name for the baby.they might have some good ideas to.hope you like my ideas for the name of the baby elf.please read them.
    P.S.I put how the names would sound right next to the names.Sorry.I only have girl names.but I hope you like them.Here they are:

    Jayla(J-la, Fay(Fa) ,Guitara(Gut-or-u)
    pursy(Per-see), Fallon- Fal-in) ,nicky(Nik-ee)
    ,ardy(R-dee) ,eyecile (I-sill)

  183. I think you should name her/him Gabriella.P.S.if it is a boy then Tommy and I am so happy for all of you I wonder how many elves you have now!!!!!!!!!




  185. I think some good Christmas names for Elves would be like…Jingle Juliet…Misiltoe Marven…and that’s all I can think of!


  187. congrats i think you should call them Jasmine,
    Jeanette and

  188. i think you could call the baby elfs…………

    alfie,james, olivia, debbie, phil, kath, peter, craig, betty,angel,bell, jolly,,holly,henry i hope you like the names from oliviax x x x x x x

  189. I think you should name the new baby elef Lisa so if its a girl and then santa will always remember me his good friend but if its a boy you should name him David! Congrats!!!!!!!!! can i see a picture of the baby when its born? have santa my bff email it to me!!!!!!!!!!!

  190. i think you should nameit……… mabe a name close to your name like if your name is henry it could be elfe! it deppens what sounds like your name.

  191. Dear Mummy and Daddy elf ithink the baby elfs name should be Molly and Daniel becauz Molly stands for Mummy elf and Daniel stands for Daddy elf

  192. dear mummy and dady elf

    beth thinks :annabell
    zak thinks:josh
    emma thinks:tom
    josh thinks:sophie
    sophie thinks:lolly

  193. Dear Rudolph and Clarice, well how are the kids i beat your getting ready for the 25 of december on saturday i know i am and don’t worry i have the grinch/my dad right here and i’ll make sure he does’nt go near the cookes i think that you have a very nice famaly unlike me my mammy and daddy are very cool but my two sisters emma and ciara there very very very very very very mean to me well say bye bye to everyone and merry christmas

  194. i hope everyone is happy for santa cause i realy am i love cristmas and i hope everyone dose and dont talk mean about santa and he is reall you know i love everyone and every animal a the north pole. !!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😉 ;0 🙂 :0 ;0 😉 😉 😉 ;0 ;0 ;0 😉 ;)!!