Santa’s Nice List – How you can get onto Santa’s Good List!

Santa’s Nice List

Santa's Nice List and Naughty List book
Santa’s Nice List and Naughty List book

I really cannot believe how close to Christmas it is getting.  Are you getting an excited feeling in your tummy?  I sure am.  Christmas means family.  Christmas means presents.  And of course Christmas means love.  Christmas also means double-checking Santa’s Nice List!

You may have heard my elves accidentally deleted my Nice List.  Hopefully, we have most of it back.  But, it never hurts to tell me the nice things you have done!

After all, if you are on Santa’s nice list, then you might be getting lots of nice presents.  But don’t worry.  If you are on the naughty list, there is still time to fix that.  Like the elves say, “it’s never too late to get onto Santa’s Nice List”!

I am writing to you today to give you ideas.  If you think that you are on Santa’s naughty list, there are things you can do to move to Santa’s nice list.  I call them Santa’s Good Deeds.  Would you like to hear some?

Ways to get onto Santa’s Nice List

• Is it snowy where you are? Why not shovel a neighbors driveway for them.
• Bake some Christmas cookies and hand them out.
• Volunteer and help people.
• Tell your family how much you love them.
• Help your little brother or sister with homework or chores.
Write me a nice letter.
• Say something nice to someone.

These are only some of the things you can do.  I bet you can think up lots more on your own.  Being on my nice list is about trying your best.  If you try to help people, you are a nice person.  It does not matter if you fail.  Always keep trying.

I love to see what you are up to.  If you do a Good Deed, send me a picture or a story about it.  Let me know if you have been naughty or nice.  I want to make sure that I have my lists in order.

So, have you been naughty or nice?  Tell me which you are and what you have done.

And don’t forget to leave out your “Naughty or Nice” certificate for me to see Christmas Eve.

Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus

P.S.  Have you been nice?  Then leave me a message here to tell me all the nice things you have done!  Or, scroll down to see what nice things other people have done.

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229 special messages to Santa about “Santa’s Nice List – How you can get onto Santa’s Good List!”

  1. I have been very good to my mom and dad I have been a bit mean to my sister but I will try to better

  2. I have been very good to my mom and dad I have been a bit mean to my sister but I will try to better

  3. Hi i help my auntie jess with her little kids and my mum for Christmas I a
    Want is Barbie camper van i hope I’m on the good list this year

  4. I have been very good to my mom and dad I have been a bit mean to my sister but I will try to better

  5. I wish for my ex boyfriend Jonathan happy Christmas and a happy New Year I hope he could take me back

  6. I was washing the dishes after I ate folded the 3 bedroom draw clothes in order in the right way and organized my shoes in the right way.I had also baked my mom with a strawberry came

  7. Dear Santa my sister Donna has been on the nice list she had her breasts removed this past summer from cancer could you please put her on your nice list my sister is my number one friend love you Darlene

  8. It will be nice to see every one happy and happy days
    It will be better if people start to be better be good
    It will be the good Christmas presents ever

  9. I am 30 years old
    I am being nice I always want for Christmas Is a Color Yellow and Brown. Swing Set.
    With Three Yellow Swings. and Brown Ladder that goes at the Front.
    With Brown Rope Swing Back and Forth Ladder that goes at the Left side.
    With Brown Monkey Bars.
    In My Back Yard. that’s already build by you Santa Claus
    I Do Believe In You.

  10. The sense of giving is is spending time with friend’s and talking to my mommy foster millie.

  11. Yes I believe I been angle this year and I wish I get want I wish for this year please and thank you. ❤️☺️.

  12. Hi, Im alexis from syosset and ive been nice but i still need to fix my tweensy little bit crooked halo. I have always asked if my mom or dad need any help, i hnded out pies / tomato sauce/ cookies to my neighbors. I kept my Christmas cheer, and a few monday’s ago i wrote a letter of appreciation to Some of the people in my school. I helped the new student in our school catch up to what were doing also! I hope I’m on the nice list this year >_<

  13. hi santa please will come to ashton road road tonight by 12am midnight please
    i will leave milk and choclate role see you on christmas eve i loveyou santa
    will you nring mrs claws in my bed room please give me tickle thanlyou santa

  14. Hey Santa thank you for giving all the poor and needed kids special presents around the world every year

  15. I really really want to help you on Christmas and I wanna have 1 of your else I wanna pink elf from you so he could watch me and my brother so you could see if we’re being rude or nice I really hope I’m on the nice list I really wanna help you I wanna be kind to Santa Claus cause Santa Claus you do a lot for us and I really really feel bad for you cause you have to go around the whole world Can I meet you 1 day and go to your go to the north pole So I can really see all your elves and how you guys make the toys or make the things. You are the best Santa love Hayleigh Jane

  16. i want rudolph the red nosed reindeer dvd frosty the snowman puzzle frosty and karen 100 pieces

  17. Hallo I was good but I was not too good I want a bird as gift but i am sorry if i am doing any bad thing sorry

  18. Hi Santa! I grew up in a place where they tell that you do not exist. But I DO believe that you exist. I have got a bit of a dissapointing grades this year, but I did my best!

  19. I don’t need proof to know you are real. And I am always helping my mom. I never yell and get all weird. Yes, sometimes I do lie and I don’t like it. I promise to be a better person. And I am always wishing to live in the North Pole and watch over certain kids like the elf on the shelf.
    Love Zoë

  20. I think I have been nice because I always wash my dog, get things for my mom, do the laundry, do the dishes, put away my clothes, make my bed, brush my teeth, I help my sister and brother, and a lot of other things.

  21. Hi Santa I have tried my very best to be the best girl I could possibly be. We are all lucky enough to Santa in our Lives and Santa you need to have a very very big rest through out next year and a holiday and my elf snow flake wasn’t that bad when she came!! Well BYE SANTA (: (: (: ❤❤ from your friend Casey

  22. I am trying very hard to be good. I listen to my parents, fold clothes, dry dishes, and I’m giving my friend a present at school.

  23. I am trying very hard to be good Santa. I listen to my parents, fold clothes, dry dishes, and I’m giving my friend a present at school.

  24. I’ve been good to my older brother and I got my mum a Christmas present so I really want my dino mask I did the dishes when my mom didn’t tell me I’ve clean my room I’ve washed my grandma’s walls and I was good on a basketball game I was nice to the other team so plz plz plz bring me a present this year

  25. I have been nice but sometimes I get mad and I really can’t believe what people are saying about you but I still believe in you and the amazing Mrs. Claus and can you text me or email me .

  26. I am so so so excited for Christmas! I think I am on The Nice List because I have been helping out a lot.

  27. i am so exited for CRIMOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. I have been realey good.
    ive been helping set the table
    and been help mum by going shoping
    ive been being good in the class room and been clean the clothers

  29. Hello Santa i had a rough year of 2019 i been bulliied alot in school and i would love if you replied to me it would make my day

  30. I’ve been a good girl this year but we have had a few ups and downs. I’m doing really well in school. I’ve got loads of friends. My best friend is Belle.remember I live in England uk.

  31. Hi santa how have you been I wanted to ask you if I can get a parakeet please I love them so much. I promise to be a good girl

  32. I am a little girl who is 6years old and I am always trying to be nice kind and helpful I love my family so much and my mummy and all I want for Christmas is a pug puppy x I love you santa

  33. I sent you a letter in the mail in the morning today and when you get it could you please write me a letter back in the mail and send it to this address

  34. I help my family by feeding the chickens looking after echo my tortoise and helping my daddy on the farm. Also I make my bed and tidy my room. I am trying to be nice to my sister and merry Christmas love from Blake Povey age 6 years old

  35. My name is Ryann and I have done many things like, tell my family members how much I love them and say something nice to people.

  36. I have helped my parents by doing chores.but sometimes I am just a bit bad.i hope you forgive me Santa.thank you for the presents.i love you and merry Christmas.

  37. i what a scooter and phone
    and a gymnast mat gymnast bar gymnast leotard about 100 of then scrunchies about 100 of then make up

  38. Hey santa can I have a elf on the shelf I put some presents on my counter just send a elf over to get it!!!!!!!

  39. Santa this year I have been a good girl here are somethings I did

    If I see someone I go over to them and make sure they are okay and ask them if they want to play with me

    I try my hardest on everything

    I help if it is needed

  40. Hey Santa I’m Justice I have been so good that my halo’s is just bearly crooked. Ok I admit it I have been a little mean but that was because of bullying, you know when someone messes with you stick up to them . I sure will be excited to know what you have left for me on Christmas day!

  41. If it says ‘am’ on any of the times on my messages its not the real time cos right now it’s 5:04 pm but I bet it says something different!!!!
    PS I do not stay up that late if it does say ‘am’
    Oh well!

  42. I have just done the hoovering (like I said) I tided the lounge and swept also I cleaned the dining table. Lots of hard work!!!

  43. Can you bring Alfie Christmas presents and birthday presents on Christmas eve because it is his birthday on the same day as Christmas eve santa ok santa and I want it to be a very special birthday present and Christmas presents for Alfie and a very big secret for him ok santa and I hope you can bring it all for him because he has been a very good boy and he deserves it from Ryan

  44. Hi this is Bobby Jacobsen I Bobby Jacobsen been a very very good Boy this year I Bobby Jacobsen Been a good Boy this year can you tell Santa and Rudolph and the elves hi for me I Bobby Jacobsen want for Christmas this year Segway scooter and I want a motor scooter I want a Xbox I want a reset under my Christmas tree I Bobby Jacobsen want A motor scooter A flat screen TV huge one A Cadillac car with the red ribbon on it by my yard My family will live you milk and sweet and I Bobby Jacobsen will live you carrots for the reindeer

  45. Dear santa i only have one Christmas wish all i need is a good home for me and my kids one of my son Isaiah in a hospital we where homeless for a long time i want to see a smile on my kids face

  46. Dear Santa I help my mom and dad with a lot of things I also play with my brother a lot when my dad is in the shower at my moms in the shower or my dad’s in the shower my mom is working or when or the other way around I really want to show your appreciation so I’m going to be really really nice to my brother I’m gonna try to be nicer than I usually am to my brothers by helping him when he’s hurt and not pushing him because I want to be a better sister and that’s the only thing that’s keeping me from being on the Nice list so I want to be nice to my brother like really more nice and a little bit more nicer than my dog I mean I have been very nice to my dog but I don’t think I’ve been super Duper nice but anyways him for Christmas I really hope that I get presents because if I don’t my heart will be broken and that would be the first year ever getting no presents and if I don’t get presents everybody is going to think I’m a bad person so Santa so Santa you can count on me for being on the nice list because I will do anything to be on the nice list and yeah I will always believe in you and Mrs. clause and the elves because I will always because Christmas is always going to be in my heart and I never ever ever would ever say anything bad about Santa if somebody says they don’t believe in Santa I’m going to tell them more about you and make them believe in you so Santa by I got to go eat dinner

  47. Hi santa i am really looking forward to seeing you maybe in2023 if not on christmas btw please can i hace An i Phone x an Alexa and the beechwoodhall also can i hace a baby carrier and a for Poppy aka my doll also can you check out my YouTube channel.

    Lots of love
    Amelie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  48. hi santa i will see you on christmas eve and i will give you pork pie and glass
    of milk will you say merry christmas to my june brown and lenard brown as well
    i have been a good lad this year thanks ps
    paul brown

  49. i kinda have a confesion i kinda sorta pushed my friend half way down the stairs on acciendent and she got hurt and hat to go home i said sorry and she accepcted but i want to make it up to her better

  50. I have been really good but of course you already know that but I just wanted to ask if you could tell everyone at the north pole that I want to go see them and I love them all and also tell Rudolph that he will be getting a letter from my cat soon

  51. I have been a very good girl and I wash the dishes,clean my room,say please and thank you,helps my parents,ALWAYS brushes my teet and I don’t do innapropriate stuff

  52. I have been helping my mum and dad to do the pots and put it away and I have been nice to my sister

  53. 0n I’m. Good. Nice. List. Forpaul shaw Stacy mn 55079. I hop. Good. Happy. Day. Dog corn Hamburger. ? Com.
    Email. Address. Email. Me. Mrs. Claus night.

  54. Help my friends my brother with cats checkens
    Help with church things and help my friend Landra with her shop in corydon do most havey stuff so don’t do it herself

  55. thank you santa for the christmas gifts you sent me for christmas morning love you lots santa claus i see you on christmas eve night so that i can track you down then leave you out a mine pie and sherry and a carrot for the reindeer love from Hayley xxxx

  56. “Pshaw “.paulshaw. Email. Address. Email me. Night. Santa. I’m. On. My. I. Pad.

  57. I’m. Funny. Joke. Mrsclaus.
    Tall. Elf. At. Northpole. Santa. Drop off. Christmas.own 1one.
    Gife. My house. Christmas. Am. I. Did. It. Up.
    Paul. Shaw. Christmas next year. Stop. Buy. Fist house.
    Stacy mn55079

  58. dear Santa I have a confession to make. a couple weeks ago I yelled at my sister because she took one of my school lunches to work without asking me first but I felt awful afterwards when I realized it was an accident and the next week when I helped my mom with grocery shopping I bought her a lunch to make up for my despicable behavior. I know that what I did before was wrong and I hope I will remain on the good list for correcting my actions and my behavior

  59. Am I on the nice list
    We are going to have a great Christmas and
    We wish you a Merry Christmas we wish you a Chriwish you a Christmas to the Happy new year

  60. I helped my mom bye putting away grocerys and I also help her babysit and I also take good care of my dogs and u also love all of my family members

  61. Hi santa i love being nice and I’m a biggest largest fan of you and yeah it’s still April so yah

    Looove yah

  62. Dear Santa
    I’ve been good this year and I am hoping Forwards to Easter and I will give up chocolate this year.

  63. Dear santa I would love to see you soon
    I would love to have more slime
    Toys and more

  64. I can take trey up for Christmas Eve night. The North Pole at December 24 I have a to get a gift card for Christmas I trey Is to going to get a money for Christmas I trey marry Christmas … gift for you getting girls up

  65. Dear sant a my room is really tidy i look after little ones and do the chores for my mum because she is prevent

  66. Dear sant a i am so good at looking after little ones room always tidy and am always mind and polite

  67. I am I bad gill so I think santa is poo and trash so I will leave him out smelly and sweaty feet socks

  68. Hi Santa you said that I have been a really nice girl and you said the elves like visiting me

  69. i have been a good listener at school and im kind to my older people i said the plege t school thats respecting people who serve for my country and i pray over my family every night what list will i make it on

  70. Dear santa I know that no one believes that you are real but I think that you are real . And I yesterday helped my father in taking heavy things in room Thank you

  71. Hey Santa,can you get me lots of unicorn stuff because I love unicorns. Please please PLEASE let me be on the nice list because it is already Christmas Eve and there is no more time to turn back if you are naughty. Love from Jada- Lovisa

  72. I’m Natalie I just want to let you know I have been a really nice girl to
    My mom and my dad and my baby boy and my 2 Brothers

  73. When I.was working at Walmart some adult woman ask her child to watch the infant a baby in car but it was so so hot in summer and I think she got arrested you cannot with your kids in a car and a hot car especially in the summer that’s my story in Walmart when I used to work

  74. i have set the table at dinner
    i have made my bed every morning
    and i got to sleep early

  75. Dear santa…

    Today i helped my nanny.. also helped people in my family do things they asked me to help them with….

  76. ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho

  77. Dear santa I have been really good this year and I keep my house clean and I want for Christmas is a iPhone 8 makeup and Apple tablet and a Nike sweater

  78. am i on the nice or naughty list? and i would love i got a iPhone 5 space grey santa your the best and i hope i can get a couple of other little presents to

  79. Susan like to have Chirstams latter too
    An Chirstams Bouns at cc. Pizza at bussy street in midlothian va thanks
    Love you Santa

  80. I have said that one of your elf friends came to our house and cleaned everything that my mum would usually do except (her work).

    The things were….
    1. Bathroom
    2. Washing
    3.Steve + Penny Bedroom
    4.Luke bedroom
    5.Ella Bedroom
    9.Lounge room
    love ella

  81. I am on your nice list already but one of my friends got on the naughty list. He got pranked into writing a naughty letter by a NAUGHTIER KID! What the flip! He is guilty and hope u can help him.

  82. Santa I so happy that I am on the nice list today I am going to help decorate the tree and my little sister and on Christmas Eve I am going to help my mom decorate and bake the cookies and set out the milk love you soooooo much love Madison Marie Hanna

  83. Hi there santa, early this week I helped my Mum look after my younger brother and sister. Have a nice Christmas, and the elves and Mrs Claus.

  84. Dear Santa Claus this Christmas I want American girl doll kit and art kit because I am really bad at art and I want to learn about it and I want to magician kit and can you tell me if you write back if you’re really Real or not thanks love Cheyenne.

  85. Hi Santa Claus, I can’t wait for christmas this year! I helped clean our chimney and I folded the laundry and i made cookies for the neighbors and then I helped my little brother do his homework.

  86. Santa I’ve been trying my best to be the best and I hope I’m on the nice list I hope I don’t get tick off the nice list please

  87. Santa if been trying my butt off to get on the good list. From school to every day life. I just hope I have a memorable Christmas.

  88. i am doing good i halp my mom and Aunt i love you Santa do not for get to come to my house in perham mn

  89. Santa can you please help Jingle by elf get better because it will make me fell better cause I fell bad that I hurt him , I am very sorry Santa and can you tell Jingle I am very sorry.

  90. Dear Santa i fed my dogs ,helped my mom told towls,and yesterday I helped my mom Carrie in groceries.

  91. Dear Santa i helped my mom told the towls,I fed my dogs,and yesterday i helped my mom Carrie in the groceries.also say hi to the riendeer.piper

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