Santa’s North Pole Rollercoaster

Did you know there is a rollercoaster in Santa’s Workshop?  Did you know elves love to ride rollercoasters?  They do!

Well, the rollercoaster at the North Pole is made just the right size for elves.  Each car looks just like a small Santa sleigh.  Of course, there are reindeer in front too!

The rollercoaster is a lot of fun.  The elves use it to go from one part of my Workshop to another.

One day Clumsy the Elf was in charge of the rollercoaster.  The elves on it were excited.   They were going to make more Zhu Zhu pet hamsters.

At first the rollercoaster train went up, up, up.  All the elves put their little arms in the air.  They all said, “up! Up! UP!”.

Then the rollercoaster train was at the very top of my Workshop.  All the elves screamed in glee.

Then the train went DOWN, Down, down and fast, Fast, FAST!  All the elves screamed in fun even more.

All the elves still had their little arms in the air.  The train went around a corner.  The elves squealed again.

Then the train went around a BIG corner.   The elves shouted even LOUDER!

Oh, did I tell you Clumsy the Elf was in charge of the rollercoaster that day?  Well, I think he forgot to turn a switch because the train went right through the Christmas present wrapping machine!

Each elf came out nicely wrapped for Christmas.  And each one had a nice pink bow on their head.  They were all safe and laughing.  But it took us a long time to unwrap all those elves!

The elves still talk about it and laugh!

Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus

P.S.  Do you like to ride rollercoasters?  Do you think it would be funny to see elves wrapped up as Christmas presents?  You can leave me a message by clicking here.   Or, scroll down to see what other people wrote!

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136 special messages to Santa about “Santa’s North Pole Rollercoaster”

  1. NO. I DO NOT like riding roller coasters because they’re scary! But yes, it would be funny to see elves wrapped up for Christmas.

  2. you r the best santa
    i wanna see the pics of the elves wrapped up
    cant wait for christmas

    jesus is the best thing that happened to our world

  3. I love roller costers! I went on one eight times once. But there was a roller coster that was not very fun. It was very high and I,m scared of hieghts. And it went to fast. I don,t think I want to ride it again.

  4. O im shore those elves had a fun time on the rollercoaster i would to probably.I love knot’s a berry farm they are the coolest rides ever!!!

  5. i love christmas!!!and cant wait till you come to my house .oh and santa can i ask you something. i want a elf please do you have one by the name of clara?please let me know! and elves since you are reading this merry christmas you yall too!

  6. That Sounds Intrestin and Wierd but I bet it is helpful.
    I am trying my best to be good so I can get a Blue DSi and 3 DS game

  7. can i come to the workshop and ride the roller coaster?it sounds like fun!( make shure that clumsy the elf is in charge:)

  8. Omg that sounds funny! If I were you I would teach Clumsy to be more careful on everything he does! Quick question for you, Do you have a spot on the rollarcoaster for you to try it out?

  9. that is so funny i would defnitly like to see the elfs wrapped like cute christmas presents that would be neat

  10. I would love to have a ride on your rolacoster it sounds so fun.I would lagh all day if I saw that. Do tou think you could send me a DVD of that?

  11. I have never rode a rollercoaster but even if I did I would be scared to death!!!!!!!!

  12. Well I get a tummy ache when I ride roller coasters!And no it would not be funny to be wrapped up!

  13. i wish i could be there on that ride right now! sounds fun! as long as it is not like big thunder mountain in disneyland!

  14. do you like your rollercoaster is it scary have you been on it today and do your reindeers get a ride too cant wait to christmas

  15. no santa i hate rollercoasters but if you like thhe go to six flags that place is fild with rollercoasters

  16. hiya i would just like to say that last christmas was the best christmas ever and i would like to thank you for all my stuff that i had. this christmas im only asking for one thing that is to have the best christmas ever

  17. i love riding rollercoasters to!but my mom doesn’t she always get’s sick after riding them!hahaha

  18. I have been a devoted follower of yours since myy 2nd birthday… even though I am 28 I still love and adore you. Have my children.
    P.S I would like to moubt your sleigh.
    Toby xoxo

  19. i like that story, but i need to talk to jing els, my elf. My name is Alexis Gabrielle Timberlake. i have been leaving out food for jingels but he wont come. i really want him Too! 🙁 🙁 🙁

  20. were you scared when you went on!!!!!! I LOVE ROLLERCOASTERS!!!!!!!!!! They are really awesome!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Thank you santa for the letter. I can admit when u give the presents you are the best from Jackson Balchin

  22. I Love rollercoaster’s there wicked especially the one at Thorpe Park in surrey they have wicked rides

  23. We like rollercoasters, but we like Galaxy chocolate bars better! Feel free, anybody who reads this, send me some bars of galaxy


  24. i love riding rollercoasters that must of been pretty funny i wish i could come and see the elves and ride with them x 🙂

  25. is the rolercoaster scarey for some elfs ps.i think you guys need to make a lot of zhu zhu pets a nd thare stuff for every one that wonts one and be carefull cuse thay will go out of wack.

  26. OH MY GOD Don’t like whizzing, upside down inside out I went on 1 can’t remember which location of the theme park it was but me and little Jack at Bromfield/Rodillian [that’s at Wakefield short Wakie JOKE HA HA HA okay I stop now done finished Leeds {home address deleted by the elves. Read Santa’s Internet Safety Tip below!} UK and was where it was proper fast this big jump right me and jack to shout 3 2 1 JERMNIO … OOOO WOOO … OOOOOOOO

  27. That is really cool that the elves like to ride on the rollercoaster and when Clumsy gets tired he might wander off. Is that true?

  28. I think that rollercoaster would not be too scare because I am scared of things that go up and down and round and round really fast

  29. the elves are very I would like one that makes fishing and halloween and easter stuff. It could use magic to do the shopping

  30. i love rollercoasters there like the best ride ever. i have been on a rollercoaster it was really,really fun!i have cousin that went on and my mom and stuff like that and they about pukked it would of been grose if they did and i love looking at all of ur pics of ur elves and stuff it is fun and your vacation and the north pole and it was like a BIG tour pretty have so much stuff to look at and its just so fun looking at it i could look at it the whole day its so fun looking at ur websites so im sorry if ur bissy and u cant look at wat I wrote so i hoped u liked wat i wrote


  31. Rollercoasters can be fun but scary as well. I don’t think the Elves would have liked being wrapped up like presents but it would have been fun to open them.

  32. that would be so much fun to ride and i would be dissapointed if i ditin’t get what i wanted from you santa if you could please bring it it would be my dream please bring it this year its my hope and dream

  33. I think it was funny to think of elves wrapped up with pink bows. I wish I could’ve been on that roller coaster!

  34. I love roller coasters!! Does Ruldoph’s nose really glow? I hope you have fun this Christmas eve getting ready to deliver presents. (o:

  35. santa you rock!!! thanks for the presents last year I loved them! By the way how is Mrs.clause doing?

  36. i love rollercoasters and i would love to get an elf so you can get just a little more time. HA HA HA HO HO HO!

  37. I would love the north pole but you wouldn’t be able to get me off the rollar coaster because I LOVE ROLLAR COASTERS!!!!!!!!

  38. santa
    how big is your roller coaster does your reindeer go on it. If they do does rudolph enjoy it and does dasher think hes flying.

  39. I love love rollercoasters! lets see a pic. lol i was laughing through the whole thing. make sure no tape is stuck to the elves. that would be embarrasing.

  40. Hey Santa, do you really have a roller coaster at the north pole???? If you do I’m packing my bags and coming to see it!!!! 🙂

  41. I have just heared from you a minute ago that I can come to this web site and right to you back so I will leave now but I will do anothere email.
    Love Eleni

  42. thats is cool santa i wish i can come to see it so i can ride it with the elves that will be cool


  43. I would like an elf in my Christmas present so maybe you should think about putting them in our presents!

  44. santa how do yo get to all millions of kids houses in one night.

    In my sleigh 🙂
    – Santa

  45. Santa, maybe you should deliver elves as gifts!!!!!! I think I would like an elf who could make hunting and fishing stuff..

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