Santa’s Other Reindeer – read about these silly reindeer here!

Could this be one of Santa's other reindeer ?
Could this be one of Santa’s other reindeer?

Did you know I have lots of reindeer that do not pull the sleigh?  Some people call them “Santa’s other reindeer”.

Well, today we had the first reindeer games tryouts.  There were many reindeer.  But, I can only use 9 special reindeer to pull my sleigh. I am sure you know the names of my most famous reindeer:

Now Dasher! Now Dancer! Now Prancer and Vixen!
On Comet! On Cupid! On Donner and Blitzen!
To the top of the porch! To the top of the wall!
Now dash away! Dash away! Dash away all!

And of course, there’s Rudolph too!

It takes a very special reindeer to pull Santa’s sleigh.  To begin, very few reindeer can fly!

They also have to be fast.  That is because we only have one night to deliver all the presents.

Likewise, they have to be strong.  That is because the sleigh is very heavy.

Santa’s Other Reindeer Tryouts

The first reindeer practice is always a little funny to watch.  Of course all the reindeer try very hard.  But, well, like I said, it takes a very special reindeer to pull Santa’s sleigh.

These are just some of my other reindeer.  And of course they were all at practice today.  But, they did not make the team.

– Chub-Chub could barely get off the ground;
– Bruno, the brown-nosed reindeer liked to be right behind Rudolph but couldn’t stop very well;
– Tipsy kept falling off the roof;
– Blinker would fly for hours with his turn signal on;
– Tinkle had to stop for lots of potty breaks;
– Olive the other reindeer used to laugh and call Rudolph names;
– Pokey was too slow;
– Achoo had a red nose too, but she kept sneezing;
– Daisy and Rosie wanted to pick flowers at every stop;
– Krasher kept flying into buildings;
– Thumper kept waking people up when she was on the roof; and,
– Toots just putt-putted along;

Of course, I hope they will all try again next year.  After all, the more you practice the better you get!

Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus

P.S.  Do you think it would be fun to watch the reindeer practice?  Maybe you would?  Can you guess the names of Santa’s other reindeer that don’t pull the sleigh, and why?  (Scroll down to leave your message for me or to see what others have written!)

13 special messages to Santa about “Santa’s Other Reindeer – read about these silly reindeer here!”

  1. hey Santa i love seeing your site and reading all that stuff every year and i will never stop sending letters to you, also its fun thinking of a plan to see you one x-mas night. i may cacht you on camra one night if you see it could you wave at it.

  2. hey Santa i love seeing your site and reading all that stuff every year and i will never stop sending letters to you, also its fun thinking of a plan to see you one x-mas night.

  3. Do u guys actually think these reindeer are real? I do not think so, their names are similar to what they do in the competition and I do not think they are real if they do that to the reindeers names but it is just my opinion. Let me know what u think. Bye!

  4. Everyone should be able to be in the sleigh!
    I root for Chub-Chub because fat people (and reindeer) should get a chance too!
    I root for Bruno cause reindeer with different noses should get a chance too!!
    I root for Olive cause dogs should get to lead the sleigh too!!!
    I root for Pokey cause even the slowest reindeer should get a chance!!!!
    I root for Achoo cause the North Pole needs more red-nosed reindeer!!!!!
    I root for Blinker cause he can go for hours!!!!!!
    I root for Daisy and Rosie because flowers are beautiful!!!!!!!
    I root for Krasher cause I’m clumsy too!!!!!!!!
    I root for Thumper cause I step on people’s feet to by accident!!!!!!!!!
    I root for Toots cause it’s hard to hold in a fart!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I root for Chub-Chub cause fat people (and reindeer) should have rights!
    I root for Bruno because reindeers with different noses can do it too!!

  6. To Santa I hope I have not been to naughty This year . I hope you can get me all the presents that I want to share if you can’t just let you as much as you can get me from Sofia

  7. Time. Coming. For. Christmas. Eve. Santaclaus Rog box. Blue. Talk. To me. Magictaick. I. Wante. For. Christmas
    ✈️ M part. Set for Christmas.

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