Santa’s reindeer Dancer isn’t himself. I hope he’ll be ok.

Santa's reindeer Dancer
Santa’s reindeer, Dancer

Christmas is almost here!  I am so excited.  The North Pole is getting busier every single day.  The elves have started to sing their Christmas Carols as they slide down their ice slides from their beds in the morning. It is the happiest sound to wake up to.  But my reindeer Dancer isn’t himself.  I hope he’ll be ok.

I am actually looking for your help today.  I went in to visit the reindeer this afternoon to see how they were feeling about it being flying season soon.  We start to practice a lot in November.  We have to make sure our flight is smooth and jolly on Christmas Eve.  I said hello to everyone.  Rudolph’s nose was brighter than ever.  He can’t wait to visit you all.  But something was wrong with Dancer.  He was a little bit quiet.  When I squeezed in to his stable he was facing the wall and he let out a deep sigh.  He sounded very sad.  I asked him what the matter was.

“It’s nothing,” he told me quietly.  His voice was sad and he wouldn’t look at me. “I’m fine.”

I could tell something was really bothering him.  I tried to tell him everything would be okay.  He has been pulling my sleigh for longer than I can remember.  This year shouldn’t be any different!  It didn’t seem to make him feel better.  I am not sure what to do.  I feel sad for him.  He is usually so happy and has a lot of energy.  When he pulls my sleigh, it is like he is dancing in air after all.

What do you think I should do to make Dancer feel better?  I think I need to help him open up and tell me what is really bothering him.

Santa Claus

P.S. What do you think could be bothering Dancer? What do you think we should do to make him feel better? You can click here to tell me or scroll down to see what other people are suggesting.


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  1. I think you should give him some space for a minute then see how he feels and you might want to talk to him privatly

  2. Maybe he got teased by the other reindeer maybe it’s just chiters take him for a walk and ask him what’s wrong

  3. He might be jelues (I don’t know you spell it) of Rudolf because he is so much more famous. Dancer should be as famous as Rudolf!

  4. I think he is depressed. Maybe he is tired of pulling your slay. You now what I would do if I were you I would throw him a surprise party. He needs to get cheered up. # Cheer him up!

  5. See if he is jealous that Rudolph is at the front and explain it to both of them so they can come to an agreement for Christmas Eve. If not get him to the doctor and see if he is ill.

  6. Dancer every thing is going to be ok because I’m always looking for bulling. If people are saying mean things to u . U can walk away, tell Santa ,tell them leave me alone please or one of my favorites let’s work this out and be friends with the person who is mean to u. If all the stuff that I told you did not work then I’m so so much so much sorry I hope this helps a lot Mary Christmas

  7. I think Dancer is jealous of Rudolph. If you think about it Rudolph gets all the attention. There is even a song about him. I think Dancer wants to be the leader of the sleigh, I think Dancer wants a big red nose that lights up, I think Dancer wants a nice song about him.

  8. Dancer is my favorite reindeer I hope he is okay.

    : Maybe he feel’s scared about something:
    : Or maybe he has a cold: He might even have anxiety I hope I spelled that right:) Feel better Dancer!

  9. Maybe he is a little bit worried that he wont do a good job on Christmas eve, try to reassure him that he is amazing and there is nothing to worry about if not, try and get the truth out of him, love you Santa xx

  10. Dear Santa,
    I hope Dancer is ok! Here are my ideas on what could be bothering him:
    •He could be keeping a secret, like maybe he fell in love with a female reindeer and won’t tell anyone.
    •He could be sick. When you’re sick, you don’t really feel like yourself.
    •He could be jealous of Rudolph. After all, Rudolph is the only reindeer some kids know, want to see, or give carrots. I get jealous all the time and maybe you should ask if this is the case.
    I hope this helps you, Santa! Please tell us when he feels happier. <3

  11. Hi Santa!

    I think that maybe:
    ~Dancer might be sick
    ~He might feel like he’s not getting attention

    Ask him what’s wrong and help him out.


  12. i think that people aren’t dancing enough. and that he might not like the food you are feeding him. or maybe he is getting left out of the group of reindeers. or maybe he wishes that he could be in the front instead of radolph. i hope you find my ideas helpful! merry chrismas!

  13. i think Dancer has a cold. I think you should give some medicine he will soon be better,i hope. Tell him Isabella said i hope he gets better soon.

  14. Maybe dancer is upset about something .
    Try to cheer him up!does he have a Christmas cold?????
    I have been very good this year.MerryChristmas!!!!!!!!!
    Hope dancer feels better!!!lots of love Isabella.m.L.

    Woo hoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I love Christmas!!!!!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  15. Hi Santa! I am very disappointed to hear that Dancer isn’t himself. I think you should give the most love and care that you can provide. Maybe he just needs some carrots or a cup of milk. Prepare his favorite dinner or do something that he enjoys. Tell Dancer that I said hello and Merry Christmas. I hope Dancer shapes up in time for Christmas. Hope to see you soon! Bye!

  16. i think that he might want to spend time with you on youre own away from all the all the reindeers and elves

  17. Dear, Santa

    Are you real or is this just a reagler website I need too know. If you are real this is what I want a puppy that is a Golden Retriver that is real I 6 years old i am in 1st grade. i am really smart i live in Dayton TN.


  18. Dear Santa Claus,

    I’m sorry that Dancer is sad I think you should go tell him that we all care about him and he needs to tell you what is wrong. I think that Dancer is worried about something.


    P.S. You never responded back about my question about elves pleas respond back about elves tell me everything about them.

  19. he probably dosn’t feel good or he is not jolly any more i belive in him a lot and he is the best reindeer he try’s to be so that is probably the reason.

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