Santa’s sleigh is missing!

Santas sleigh is missing!
Santa’s sleigh is missing!

Santa’s sleigh!  Oh no, Santa’s sleigh!  Everyone knows about Santa’s sleigh. But now Santa’s sleigh is missing!

Do you remember I told you about my missing key? Well, things got worse today.

Last year, Professor Fumblebumble and Scunner, the Grumpy Elf made a new sleigh for me. It was too fast for me to use on Christmas Eve.  So, we used my usual sleigh instead.

Santa’s sleigh is missing!

The Professor came to see me today.  He told me that the new Santa sleigh was missing!  Scunner and Tumshie the new reindeer are also gone.

I hate to think of one of my elves being so naughty that they would steal from me.

That’s what seems to have happened though.

The other elves are so upset. But, I remember jumping to a conclusion before and being wrong. I cannot believe that Scunner would have stolen from me. I asked Sherlock Elf of the Nawdy N. Nice Elf Detective Agency to investigate.

Three hours later he brought me a note he had found.

“Dear Santa,
I am awfy sorry about your key, I didnae mean any harm. I just took it to show my mum and dad. Dunna worry, I promise that I will find it and bring it back. I will email you and let you know how the search is going.


It was then I remembered that Scunner had gone home for a week in summer. He must have taken the key home and then forgot to bring it back. I wish he had just let me know. Sometimes secrets seem the best way but the truth is always better.

I hope I hear from him soon.  I just checked how long it is to Christmas and it is less than TWO WEEKS away!

Santa Claus

P.S.  Have you ever kept a secret that you shouldn’t have?  Do you think I should be worried about Scunner, my sleigh and my key? You can click here to tell me or, scroll down to see what other people have written!

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62 special messages to Santa about “Santa’s sleigh is missing!”

  1. My friend and me I’vey and Jude wered a paid for a week or two or three or four or so ago and so please he said don’t tell Ivey about it ok I don’t have to but I did Ana

  2. dear Santa I feel so sad for you I think one of your elfs stole your sleigh on acdent but one of your elfs are being nauuty.

  3. You could make a agreement that who finds the sleigh can have a bucket load a hot cocoa!Elfs and everybody like hot cocoa right?Thanks!


  4. Dear Santa Clause,
    I hope you find your sled in time. Cheryl has baked a lot of cookies, and I told her to make sure she has some coffee ready too.

  5. Do not be worried about your slay it will be all right but I hope it will not be ruined if it has a scratch please say so.

  6. Hi. I am Aurora Anthony I am 10 years old soon I will be turning 11 years old on August 30th.

    I am a nice girl…………….
    You may got my other emails to!
    I just wanted to say thank you for all my presents

    Where was I oh yah

    I cant believe that they lost the sleigh :0

    the reindeer probably took it for a test ride ( he he )

  7. Dear Santa,
    I want to know if i’m on the nice. I want to visit u. But i know that is NOT able to do i wish. I want to tell u want I want for Christmas. Barbie Dream House; a dog a small one to another elf that runs and does funny stuff i mean next year. I want to tell u my brother in laws friend saw one of your reindeer while he was driving. It was on the rode not that much it was in woods he could see his body

    bye bye now ttyl

  8. I think u shoudnt worry but for the main time think of somthing more important 3 days till christmas i am sure every thing will be fine.

  9. dear, Santa

    when I heard that your sleigh was missing, then I ran to my mom and dad and told them that your sleigh was missing. so I hope you get your sleigh back.

    sincerely. devan

  10. I think u should be worried about the key what is it for anyways? Tell Scunner to go back to London and look in the Big Ben

  11. I hope you find your keys Santa.I am so exided there is just 11 MORE DAYS TILL CHRISTMAS. I JUST LOVE CHRISTMAS because of gifts and the birth of jesus if it was not for him we would not be alive!!!!

  12. hi Santa. when I read the passage, I could not believe that your sleigh was missing. so I hope you get your sleigh back.


  13. I love you so mutch santa claus!! I hope you find your key,raindeer, and your sleigh I love you soooo mutch!!!! xoxoxoxox

  14. I think you shouldn`t worry even though Christmas is just around the corner. Just keep your faith in God. After all , it is a sin to worry. Everything will work out just in time.

  15. I think you should because what if you can’t make Christmas happen I would be so sad scunner YOU BETTER BRING BACK THAT SLEIGH OR I WILL FIND YOU AND I WILL SCREAM AT YOU

  16. Santa don’t be too harsh on Scunner. All he really wants is his parents to be proud of him to choose his job. I kept a lot of secrets from my mom and dad. I am sorry. Please forgive me I promise to do better next year. Merry Christmas!

  17. my freind callum said he had a letter from you he said he soor it in chepstow in our school called thornwell at brake time with clummsy the elf takeing pichers of mia i soor it to the howell school did put him on the narty list.

  18. Dear Santa,
    It’s always important to tell the truth but don’t be too harsh on him, after all we must forgive if we inturn want to be forgiven.

    Merry Christmas!

  19. I use to keep a lot of secrets that would have been better told to my parents. These days I only keep secrets so my mom does not act paranoid.

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