Santa’s Sleigh Is Ready For Christmas!

Santa Claus' sleigh is ready!
Santa Claus’ sleigh is ready!

Christmas is so close.  I can almost taste the cookies!  HoHoHo!

We are all ready for the big night.

There are just a few things to do.

Everyone else is sleeping.

So I thought I would share

My silly poem with you…

The sleigh is all packed,
The reindeer in bed,
Dreaming of pulling,
Santa’s red

The elves have been busy,
With paper and bows,
Ribbons and packages,
And polishing a nose!
Do you know which one?
It’s famous.  It

And I have been busy,
Checking out my new sleigh,
Making sure it’s perfect,
Making sure it’s okay.
Cuz Santa is coming,
I’m but one sleep away

Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus

P.S. Do you have any special messages for me on my big trip?  (You can leave a message for me.  Or, scroll down to see what others have written!)

P.P.S. I just hope Scunner makes it back with my magic key!

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108 special messages to Santa about “Santa’s Sleigh Is Ready For Christmas!”

  1. Hi Santa, I think it is so cool how you and you elves work

    P.S. I want a yellow Nintendo Switch Light. Thank you! And thank you for all the happiness you bring the world. I am so thankful for you and the Elves.

    Sincerly, Poki-Joe

  2. I have been good all year but I won’t lie I’ve had a few bumps in the road. Have a nice trip.your toys bring be so much joy thank you

  3. Hi Santa I was just wondering did you get my letter, it s OK if you did’nt because i’m going to do it now.
    Santa, this year I would like a tab A 7 and a lego suprize .
    And I hope Dancer get’s better soon.

  4. hello Santa How are you today? I have been really, really good girl this year by still helping my mummy around the house by doing the house work making dinner and doing the dishes and keeping my room tidy at all times. I am also looking forward to Christmas this year.

  5. This Christmas I would like some long slave pjs, littlest pet shop,
    short slave tops and long slave tops, chocolate and to see you. XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO. I love you Santa and what I really want to have for Christmas is to ride in you slay but also see you :3. Santa I don’t mine if I cant ride in your slay or see you, I am just happy that your happy and in December I’m going to try hard to be a good girl and try hard in school.
    love from
    p.s love you XOXOXOXOXO

  6. dear Santa,

    I was wondering what type of treat that you would like on your big day, because you have been working so hard with your elves, I just want you to have something that you will enjoy on Christmas day

  7. This is my Christmas list 1. Telescope 2. wii game ( Super Mario) 3. Sky rover 4. wii u 5. Physics kit. That’s enough. Merry Christmas! You don’t have to get me everything I want!

  8. I love you Santa and I want an elf on the shelf and of course you need to read my whole Christmas list I want to get presents early like my cousins but I still don’t put the Christmas tree.

  9. Did you get my message? Snowflake better be reporting to you. He should be bringing you my Christmas list and my sister’s Christmas list.

    Katie Raines please Wright back.

  10. Hi Santa! I was just wanting to know if there were any accessories that I could get with my good ol Christmas kitten Snowflake. You probably know who I am from those two letters I wrote. I wish u had an elf on the shelf so that they could mingle. Have a good day. ^_^

  11. Hi my name is Milan and I want for Christmas is a real dog and all the MLP and LPS toy .If I get a dog you can get me a bed for the dog and I hope you have a very nice Christmas and God bless you 😉

  12. hello santa for Christmas I want a watch and baseball cards and can you come to my room so I can meet you . love adam indianapolis in ps thanks santa and merry Christmas

  13. Hello Santa Clause! I hope you have a safe trip to and from my house in Waldo Arkanas. Can you tell the elves and reindeer Hello for me and I have a few questions for you: Can I meet ou? Every one knows that Santa Clause will never let a child or adult see him and if they where caught trying to sneek a peek at oyu then you would through magic sleeping dust in your eyes! And you always catch them when they are peeking and you never run out of magic dust!

  14. dear santa am I on your nice list I have a couple questions I do not have a chimney how are you going to get in my house. can I meet you. you are a very jolly man when can I get my video love Emilia

  15. dear santa I was just wondering am I on the nice list I have a question how are you going to get in my house I don’t have a real chimney its fake and our door is locked at night.What do you do you if somebody catches you do you leave love emilia

  16. will you tell my elf christopher that we haved moved and dont go to the house that he has come to because we are not there and tell him that we live right by our grandmothers

  17. Tell Rudolph that I said good luck flying the slay on Christmas Eve and Santa good luck delivering all the presents and hoho Marry Christmas and don’t forget that they are 80 more sleeps till Christmas

  18. Critmas is ds. Just joking around with you it’s really:‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍

  19. I have an elf on the shelf named Lola, could you tell her that I said “Hello!” and that I love her.
    Ariana Harper

  20. you know how you said ask my family if I can have a puppy well they said yes to a real or pretend.

  21. Hey santa I am 12 Years old and I like Christmas and Christmas is my best. And horse and even the reindeer especially rudolph. I am love with him lol

  22. Wow santa you gave me and my family a amazing Christmas and Happy New year . Just a quick question how do you have to be santa? Sorry got to go love you bye.

  23. I♥u Santa
    I hope you have a safe trip and a happy new year.
    p.s I maybe some homemade gingerbread cookies hope you like them and do your reindeer like water and carrots or frozen water since you are at the north pole

    well nice talking to you have a merry Christmas and a happy new years

  24. oh God, oh God,oh God,oh God!this day is over so there is only one day till Christmas! tomorrow is Christmas eve!oh yeah by the way we`re leaving mince pies and I think carrots for u and the reindeer but be careful with the mince pies cuz their very easy to brake!

  25. Dear amiriah I can answer one of those questions for ya santa has a magic key and that’s how he gets into peoples front doors without having to go down a chimney because not all people have chimineys.Hope I helped!

  26. Hi Santa, I like your poem( it was cool) and I have two questions. What if someone sees you at their house? What do you do? And my second question is What if someone doesn’t have a chimney, how would you get in? Love Amiriah

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