Santa’s Sleigh Is Ready For Christmas!

Santa Claus' sleigh is ready!
Santa Claus’ sleigh is ready!

Christmas is so close.  I can almost taste the cookies!  HoHoHo!

We are all ready for the big night.

There are just a few things to do.

Everyone else is sleeping.

So I thought I would share

A silly poem with you…

The sleigh is all packed,
The reindeer in bed,
Dreaming of pulling,
Santa Claus’ red

The elves have been busy,
With paper and bows,
Ribbons and packages,
And polishing a nose!
Do you know which one?
It’s famous.  It

And I have been busy,
Checking out my new sleigh,
Making sure it is perfect,
Making sure its okay.
Cuz Santa is coming,
I’m but one sleep away

Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus

P.S. Do you have any special messages for me on my big trip?  (You can leave a message for me.  Or, scroll down to see what others have written!)

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358 special messages to Santa about “Santa’s Sleigh Is Ready For Christmas!”

  1. hi its me Nicola iwas talking to you lastnight on santa blog so who are you getting on i hope mrs clause is getting on ok. this is my poem, you wake up in the morning feeling like winter. you got your hat and you scarf you aint going back, your toes are nippy like icecream cones, you head is freezing like candy cones that is all for now Nicoloa.

  2. Dear Santa,
    I know im getting old because I’m already 11.Although I am getting older over the years but I will always believe in you! I loved the poem about your sleigh and you inspired me to write a christmas poem to you!

    Here goes nothing!:I call it :

    Christmas Sparkle!

    When the temperature drops and Jack Frost does his rounds you’ll find billions of Sparkles left all over your grounds.
    It isn’t the robins, the presents, Santa or even the reindeer, these minute beings’ smiles spread that contagious Christmas cheer.
    And if there are billions in frost, how many more are there in snow?
    When children throw snowballs is this what sets their faces aglow?
    And when kids start to collect and form the snow into a pile,
    again it’s the Sparkles that ensures every snowman wears a smile.
    They don’t care if you’re young, or old, what you do or what you say.
    A Sparkle just doesn’t care. It’ll smile anybody on their way.
    Too many people see Christmas as a cause of struggle and strife.
    So when one smiles at you, let the Sparkle into your life.

    I might have another up my sleeve I will try anyway:Here goes: I call it:

    Christmas Fairy!

    Have you ever heard the tale of the Christmas Fairy
    and how it came to be at the top of the tree?
    No? Then make yourself comfortable and listen to me.
    It was in fact the morning before Christmas
    and Santa was asleep in his bed.
    Dreams of children excited and joyous
    currently occupied his head.
    Then he woke with a start and looked at his clock
    that was flashing zero zero, zero zero.
    He glanced at his watch and sat up in shock
    and frowning he said “Oh …”
    “Ptooiee!” was the word he finally chose in
    an admirable display of restraint.
    Then he muttered his way down to the kitchen
    to find his next source of complaint.
    He found his wife Mary had made his breakfast for him
    but that that had been two hours before.
    The contents of his plate were now an incentive to slim
    (though one he intended to ignore).
    The first task of the day was the workshop inspection
    to ensure all the toys had been done.
    Well there were toy parts scattered in every direction
    but of the elves he could not find one.
    In a rage now he stomped off to the stable
    where he found that the door was ajar.
    For an hour he chased Rudolph but was unable
    to avoid being outdistanced by far.
    And at this point the fairy came to deliver a fir
    and full of the Christmas spirit
    said “Here is the tree that you ordered sir.
    Now where would you like me to put it?”
    And there perhaps I’ve told enough of the story
    for you to know why it’s at the top of the tree
    and now you have heard the tale of the Christmas Fairy.

    How did I do? Please let me know if I can improve them! xxxx

    Oh and I will be sure to carry on with my *Merry* comments be sure to carry on reading them! xx Thanks !!xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxx

  3. der santa i love you becus whay a love you is becos you ar a veriy loving man cers a lot for peopl love from adam McBryde

  4. Hi every one at the north pole. My name Brooke. I love you santa claus. I am 7.On febuary the 20th it is my birthday.I will be 8 YAHH


  6. Wow santa can you send us a picture of your sleigh before the night you go my family ware getting ready and my brothers and sister will all have a kind of sleepover in my room and help track you and sing christmas songs i would love if there was a big chat here where every child can share what food they will give what presents they want and help trak you down please come over to my house and when you are on my roof be careful its very small and drop down to my room and say hi to my baby brother who dosnt believe in you thanks santa

  7. I can’t wait for you to deliver presents to my house but don’t worry I will make sure all my family leave you some food and for the reindeer

  8. hi santa hows it going up there!!! i cants wait til you come on christmas morning I WONDER WHAT THE SUPRISE IS I HOPE IT IS READY BEFORE YOUR LONG JOURNEY!!!!

  9. dear santa i hope the weather will be nice for your trip around the weorld your friend franklin joe browning

  10. hi santa i am verrry excited for christmas and it is right around the conner can you believe it now like some of the other kids in the whole wide world i am going to make you a present

  11. i love poetry. i practically laughed while reading this poem. it seems like santa is a better poet than shel silverstien

  12. hey santa,
    Wow santa i can believe that the sliegh still flies after all the toys on there!I wish I could talk to you in real life.I love you!does it take alot of time to go to every little nice boys and girls?I bet it does.well, got to go type more soon.
    p.s.I hope your having fun up there.

  13. dear santa i love you very much and all your elves and your reindeers i hope you can bring me the hannah montana tickets i wanted because i am big big fan of her and i would love to see her if you cant get me them that will be really fine i do want more but i am hopeing i can get them defanatly xxxx tierney xxxxx

  14. heeey santa i love u so much u mean a lot to me and defenly my family as well…..for chrismas i would love to have a i pod tough and a camrea ya
    so i hope u get to my house and evry ones house really safe and take care
    p.s remebr u mean a lot to me and i hope u leave a message to me wehn u leave my house well if u do come love u lots:>>>

  15. dear santa claus i love you and i like you because you brought me a really cool blanket and i use it every night and my brother put a hole in it so can you please bring me a new one thank you i love you bye


  17. Dear Santa,
    My mommy is typing this cause im too little~ i dont know the keys!!I want a mary mcmuffin doll and i know it hasnt come out in stores yet but you probably have it.My friends jessie and alex say you arent real but i know that your real cause my parents dont lie to me!!I love you so much please get me a mary mcmuffin doll if you cant then i want 3 dogs one a beagle named sofie1 and a chiuaua named sofie2 and a white lab named sofie3!!

    ps~ive been very nice this year!luv u!!!:)

  18. Dear Santa,
    I have been a very good little girl this year! i dont think that i will get coal. My mommy said that i wont so i dont think i will. but i think my big brother will because he is a naughty boy! i want a puppy for christmas!!!! not coal! i <3 you santa!!!

    <3 Kalani <3

    ps. i am expecting a puppy from you!

  19. Hello santa again I,v come to talk to you again becarse I like you well you still know it,s me I,m staying still I went on email santa already sos for not listening to go on this program on christmas eve!I went on it becarse firstly I like talking to you secondly I love sendding messages to you thirdly I love you.I don,t mean love you as in love you I mean like in the second condition I like talking to you.Thats all for now becarse I oady DID talk to you.


  21. dear santa if its not to much to ask for would you mind getting these things
    1 of each elf there is to keep
    squinkes castle
    zooble momma and baby penguin
    doll house
    diary of a wimpy kid books
    a picture of you,Mrs.Claus,a couple of elves and the reindeer

  22. Dear Santa, I hope this Christmas will be as GREAT as last year’s. You got me everything I wanted!

    P.S. THanks, Thanks, Thanks!

    P.P.S. We LOVE you Santa!

  23. Santa,

    For christmas can i please have a netbook.
    i believe in you. cant wait until christmas. lots of fun. Love brianna

  24. Hi santa, just wanted to let u know that my bday is in xmas and that is my favourite time of the year becoz i get double the pressies.
    Love u XOXOXO

  25. Here are three things i want for Christmas 1.Paper jamz mic series [BLACK] 2.Hamster stuff [Anything] 3.Fluffy hats and fluffy socks

  26. Dear santa
    i love you
    i would realy like a cat
    and a camra,phone
    a dog and a puals boutiqe coat
    i believe in you
    lots of love Ella xxxxx

  27. Hi santa I believe in u and Christmas is my favorite holiday. When I walk downstairs on x-mas morning I love the stack of presents I see under t+he tree!!! I love u

  28. Hi my name is Abigail I am a big fan of Christmas and you so can’t wait till Christmas don’t forget that you Come the day before Christmas eve at my moms house only because we are always at my dads house and youi will never believe where I am going. I am going to New york to go see the Christmas tree.

  29. Santa,

    i just wanted to let ou know that December is when my birthday! and december is my favorite because of christmas and becuz of my birthday i will always believe in you NO MATTER WHAT!!! YOU ARE AAAWEESOOMMMEEE!!!

  30. dear santa this year for christmas if its not too much trouble could i have

    catwalk creations
    remote control car
    zuzu puppys
    pop music
    i carly box set
    plaster scene
    play dough
    sky box
    fashion kit
    my own friends dvd boxset
    bigger bedroom
    zuzu hamsters
    blackberry phone
    anything victorious
    anything wizards
    drum kit
    white oard and pen
    alarm clock
    teddy rabit
    real uggs
    clarks boots
    selena gomez autograph
    thank you i believe in you even if others dont and most inportent i want my family thank u:)

  31. Dear Santa,
    Christmas is my favorite holiday and December is my favorite month. I love snow and sleding. I like to decorate my house all festive and bake delicious treats in December. I might move so I want you to still come to me on chirstmas even though I will be in a different house. I love you Santa!! And I will always believe in you no matter what.
    Love, Isabella

  32. Hi Santa! I had a lot of fun last Christmas and i am so excited about Christmas coming! I really cannot wait for Christmas! When are you going to start writing on your blog again for this year? Thank you for all the wonderful gifts you brought last year! I have some gifts in mind for this year so keep a look out for a letter from me! Please make November go by quick so Christmas can come faster! I watched that really cool Christmas Sand Art video for the song “Do you hear what I hear” I showed it to my whole family and they made them excited for Christmas! we love you Santa!

  33. hi samta you be careful on chrismas eve because i don’t want you to get cold so wrap up warm ok and put coats on the rideers for me i don’t want them geting cold either ok xxx from maria xxxxx


  35. hi santa i love you so much i hope i get what i want for chrismas. hehehehehe by thge way merry chrismas and thankyou for celebrating chrismas

  36. dear Santa,
    I aliyah can’t wait till Christmas what cookies shall we bake you. What is your favorite it is hard to chose I wrote you a letter earlier I am writing you another one
    form your dearest

    Aliyah P.S I love you (do not tell Mrs.Clause that )by

  37. santa i was ready to sleep but i could not i read a book fell asleep and was ready to see opened it my eyes got huge and sang a happy song!

  38. hi santa i just writed you a letter and how old are and do you now how i sayed i want a bike not a bxm bike a kids road bike because i love triathlon merry christmas bye

  39. Hi santa

    Because this year for christmas me and my family are going away for christmas day to potters holiday resort so pretty please with a cherry on top could could you leave mine and daniels presents in the room we are staying at in potters holiday resort. ill be really upset if i cant open any of my presents on christmas day, and i come back from potters holiday resort on my birthday which is on the 27th of december (two days after christmas, yay) thanx Bye

  40. Ho ho ho i really really really want an ipod touch and so dose my sister sarsh. And i am hoping if you can make 2 ipod touchs this year so if you can make 2 ipod touchs sarah and me would be really happy but if you dont we would be really really sad and i know you always try. Ho ho ho thank you p.s love you

  41. i love waking up on CHRISTMAS morning and remebering the special one how deliverd them to all the kids and adults

  42. who cares how old im i i want curtain call ruthless people and the last airbender okay santa hun i gave you a kiss this is for everyone not just for little kids and you know im right okay nice writeing to you hun im gaveing you a kiss oh and im in rio rico arizona i know your trying your best take care hun


  44. Santa i have been good can i have a honda 350 forwheeler for Christmas or a xbox 360 live with black ops and modren warfare 2 please it would be my dream please!!!!

  45. Hi santa i just wanted to say is I am happy for what you gave me at christmas 2010 say hi to all the Elfs and mrs.claus PS:cant wait for 2011

  46. I know it’s 170 days till christmas but im sooo exited. It’s summer now and im hoping it will go by quickly becausei love the winter. well there you go bye santa xx

  47. hi santa cant wait for you to come to my house! cant wait till christmas! how are the elves? i love christmas


  48. Hi santa i’ve been really good oh and one thing is well if I were you try putting on a descise to see who’s naught oh and who’s nice

  49. dear santa I want a republic dropship with At-ot walker, I want two please anyway all the reindeer in your stall and say hi to MRS.SANTA,MICHAEL KNIGGE

  50. dear santa I hope you have a great time reading letters of all the children from all around the world.Say hi to the tooth fariy

  51. I cant wait for cristmas it is going to be fun everybody everybody I wish I could see samta and tje north pole

  52. santa i know that you cant deliver all presants people ask for but this year all i want is just pokemon stuff if thats ok.
    Love Ryan

  53. dear santa you are a woderful man. you must be really bizzy at the work shop. are you getting ready for christmas yet? well even though it is summer here im all ready getting ready for christmas it is my favourite holiday and easter. love hannah

  54. Hi santa claus

    Thank you for my presents last year I love the mirror ball and the skartboard the most but i still love all the presents you gave me.

  55. Hi Santa! I love you!!!! Thx for all the stuff I’m 11 and I still believe I will alwayse believe!!!

    XoxoxoxoxoxO- Emma 

  56. Hey Santa, I Dont Care About The Presents Under My Tree I Care about being with all my family because,There are somes Childrens dads who have died saving our country and i just feel so sorry for them and i hope they have a Merry Christmas For 2011 Because of course christmas 2010 has gone.Although My Auntie And All My Grandads Have Died From Cancer I Miss Them Loads But I Bet That all thoughs other childrens miss there dad more..

    P.S I Always LeaveYou A Can Of Stella Large and some mince pies.And I Leave A and pack of carrots for the reindeers.

    This has took me ages to realise whats happended to thoughs little children and old dads and i would like to say thank you for trying to save our country and sorry that they have died.

    Love Annabelle xx

  57. Dear Santa i hope you have a lovely christmas and i think the elves are very busy there tidying up

  58. Today my brother was hiying me with a straw. His name is Jack Kreilein. Now he is puting smoky (my cat) on my head. So, now I am telling you about his bad behavior, and as we speak he is tilting my chaire to make me stop i

  59. dear santa
    i like your new santa website it is so cool that i wont be of it untill 12.00 at night.i hope you will like biscuits we will leave you out.
    bye bye love you lots with allmy hearts bye bye

  60. i think this poem is so cute and sweet ilove to read poems when its come to xmas i also think christmas is very special holiday for me and my family ps ill always love xmas cuz christmas is my fav time of the year hohoho mery christmas everybody love u

  61. Sorry for This again but How is Mrs Clause and all the reindeers and the Elves.
    Did you like the Milk and Mince pies and even the sweets?.

  62. dear santa I hope your sleigh is ready for christmas with all are presents I am really exited about christmas even though it is a long way away happy christmas lots of love freya and my brother seth!

  63. Hi Santa its Cameron. I just wanted to let you know that I`m so thankful for everything you and my parents got me. I hope you had a fabulous Christmas as I did. Happy New Year

    Love Cameron

  64. dear santa its Samantha Loverde and i just wnated to ask you if you could tell Barclay and Wedi the loverde family said hi to them p.s. i loved the guinea pigs you gave us and i loved the lala loopsy doll the webkinz the mazin hamster and the justin bieber cd i listen to it every day in my room and put it into my cd paleyr and whenit turns on the first song i start to dance and sing to it

  65. Hi santa I miss cchristmas I’m going to tellyou a rimm.:) 🙂 Santa got a beef and I link he’s got his ears peased we are going to cheer till the night comes clear hopealy with my fingus croosed we will bring us candy floss Christmas has ended and I’m sad to say the magic feeling has gon away Done it does ene one like it! Fro

  66. Dear Santa,
    On Christmas I want is a DSI with 100 games.the nexts gift is that I what is a model Thai airway airplane with wheels.

  67. hi Santa,
    I love christmas, oh if i were you i would wear a coat when you come to my house because its cold. Brrrr. I’ve left you some treats. Are you in england yet ?? I LOVE YOu Santa 🙂
    x x x love josah x x x

  68. To santa have are you?
    plise for give me for all the bad things that i have done this year hop the elvs are ok hop mrs clars is ok hop you enjoy all the food that you have my mums brother livesd in newzelan and he has just been ther i hop thay had all thay whanted for christmas well better get going got to get redy for bed lods of love from Rachelxxxxx

  69. to santa,i hope santa gets around safley especially for all the little children cause we dont want santa ill on christmas eve do we ! [ps am leaving a carrott out for the reindeer,a glass of milk and a mince pie!!

  70. im lookin forward to you coming to murton.

    ive got a question for you.

    what do you do when your done traveling?
    thank you for all the work you’ve done over the years.
    when you come to our house we’ll give you some tasty food! bye bye

  71. dear santa
    rember to bring a jumper because it is frezing and we have a speshall gest oscar who is our nana dog please can you give him a treat as well as neelix and please give pece on eath and good will to all men
    merry christmas

  72. Hi santa i cant wait for christmas day just to tell you you dont have to get me everything i request maybe one or two out of the list i hope im not being to greedy. i hope you get my letter p.s i left some tasty treats for you!

  73. Yay! Christmas soon! I won special biscuits so I will make sure I put them out for you and some of my dad’s Guiness. When you get to my house because no-one gives you gifts I have a present for you and a letter/card.
    Merry Christmas to all!
    From Bethan xxoo


  75. Hey Santa,It’s here! Finally, the night we all been waiting for! It’s going to be cold and snowy,so pack some extra gloves. Also, I just heard that you were in china! It’s day here and night there! Not fair! Anyway I’ve been nice, but, im not sure I can say that about my little brother! Love, Ellie

  76. Hi santa, have you gone to Australia yet??? y know I;ve been a very good girl and the most thing I want for christmas is my family happiness and JOy!

  77. dear santa good luck on your journey all over the world.I know you’ve already been to Russia and New Zeland.I hope they like the priesents you gave them.I hope they like the priesents.MERRY CHRISTMAS.

  78. Dear santa i cant wait for you to come tonight i will be on norad tracks santa tonight til about 9:00 or 10:00 but i promise i wont stay up too late.Please drive carefully i will leave you a treat and merry christmas.Lots of love Katie H

  79. I can not believe it is christmas eve!!!!I am waiting, and waiting till you come.I have waited all year for this and im not going to give up.merry christmas and happy new year!

  80. Dear Santa,
    YAY! I can hardly wait! Me and my cousin were recently chatting about what may accure on your flight, it is suppose to be foggy christmas night near where I live, make sure rhudolphs nose is nice and shiny! Also, I will be on until 10:00 while you are flying so I can make sure you are okay but don’t worry I won’t stay up too late!
    Your Freind,
    Annella T.
    P.S. Tell Olive that I will leave her a dog treat!

  81. DEar santa, I can’t believe Christmas is one sleep away! My whole family is soo exited! This year we adopted a little brother named Zac so if you can can you bring him some extra special presents for his first Christmas? Thanks love Qiana

    ps. I left some carrots for the reindeer and cookies for you!

  82. Dear Sant this is what I want for Christmas:I want a guitar and moves an pjs and slipers and for my family to have a good Christmas.I will leave you cookies and the Reideer food.

  83. Thank you Santa for myself and you too Santa. I think it is nice of you to give girls and boys presents and all around THE WHOLE WORLD is magic real send me back. P.S. Love FAITH at your blog

  84. heey santa hows it going i hope you have a great as trip to mackay it will be heavy raining but hopefully you will make it to my house i look forward to this day all year and i just want you to know i will be leavinyg cookies and milk you and also im sorry if im still not alseep by the time you reach my house its just cause im excited 🙂 love always letesha <3

  85. hey Santa i can’t Belive that it’s almost Christmas. i guess the year goes by fast and that it’s almost Jesus birthday.I wonder how old he is? I bet that’s he’s older than me and thank you for bringing joy to the world.

  86. That poem was really funny! I think I know the answer to that nose-polishing question; It’s Rudolph’s nose! Heehee!
    Tonight I’m going to sleep in my mom’s chair in the living room with the tree, but on Christmas Eve tomorrow I will be sleeping in my bed because I know you need privacy to do your work.
    We’ll lay out some treats for you and your reindeer tomorrow, okay?
    Love, Ethan and Daniel and the family.

  87. Hi santa i just talk too my mom and dad
    and they yes for the panio and for the hamster as long as I was good this year
    email me at

    love the best ,

    ruby every

  88. Please be safe …… You are going to be really excited when you reach my house… Hint: there is one for the reindeer Mrs. Claus the elves AND YOU!

  89. i hope you see the note i left you and anser the questions i got you and im going to leave you milk and cookies.but what kind of cookies do you like?can you tell me?

  90. Sorry about my last name in the comment so yeah its me louie i wonder if rudolph will guide your sleigh? Hope you have a good christmas!! love louie. XXX OOO

  91. Hello Santa its me Louie James Hanna lucky its christmas eve! 🙂 I hope you come to my house and see my christmas tree!!

  92. hi santa can you say hello to comet and rudofh and all the athor fellers and my mum is a big fan of cooking so mabey mrs claus an my mum should meet up one day!!!

  93. santa i willry to make you some cookies by myself make sure you eat them all if you dont ill be kinda sad but no i will always be happy!

  94. Dear Santa Claus,
    I will have sugar cookies and Oreos and chocolate milk ready for you tomorrow night. I hope you have a good time with your reindeer and a safe trip around the world. I love you Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus.

  95. i forgot to tell you somthing say to everyone please and you are amazing have a safe trip around the world. corning n.y toid you i would email you soon lol.

  96. Dear Santa,
    For christmas I want roller coaster wii game. Speed racer battle morph car. I hope I have been good.

  97. santaa!
    i cant wait for you to come to my house this year 🙂 i want a bunch of new things:
    new uggs
    nail polish
    and spending time with my family
    Thanks for all you do!

  98. Hi Santa! How many elves do you got at the North Pole? Santa, would you please bring me what I want for Christmas this year? Such as the Nintendo DSi, the audience effects machine, and the magic wand. Let me tell you about the audience effects machine: it has a computer on it. The Nintendo has a screen that reads directions on it. This magic wand has a braille magic spell book.

  99. Hi santa you know it is TONIGHT you will be getting on your sleigh and giving presents to everyone on the WORLD !Heh Santa you remember what i want of corse you do but i just want to tell you that i want a laptop DS games and a surprise. Santa have the best ride on your slegh with all of your reinndeers. Have the best Chistmas EVER ! XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO love always Liam

  100. Dear,Santa, I am so happy your sleigh is ready a few days ago I realized that you ajusted the navagation panal on your sleigh I knew that meant any day now.SO NOW ITS DONE! All you need now is too pack it!-Alex

  101. hi santa i hope that you have a blast and a safe jurny on your way to deliver every ones presents. it meens a lot

    ps tell mrs.claus that i said hi

  102. dear santa i hope you have a really safe trip i will pray for you and dream about you i hope your mouth does not dry up cuz when you come to my house there will be cookies and milk will i hope you have a good christmas and a merry one to i love you all

  103. HI tell your reindeer we said hi and Mrs. Claus, we cant wait to see the presents in the living room! MERRY CHRIST-MAS!

  104. I am trying best to write English for Santa Kurohsu, I hope you can read it well enough!

    I am excited very much about you coming to Japan today! I leave you cookies tonight for you, and my brother Jin did aswell. He had been very good all year, and sure to so you wouldn’t see him behave badly. Mother and Father bought a tree and we hang oragami on it! I made a stork which came out very nice. I kept it though. It is by the cookies for you to keep :3

    So long for now, Santa Kurohsu!! Sayonara!!!

  105. Dear Santa,
    I would like to know how rudolph is doing says 6 year old Carissa

    L.O.L. I cant believe theres only 2 sleeps before Christmas says 10 year old Kaylin

  106. santa how much toys do you have to make? i left cookies and milk? what kind of cookies does mrs. claus like? i am going to see you tomorrow at the mall santa is`nt that amazing? i can go to the mall and buy some toys and i can make some presants fpr my family

  107. hi santa i want you to come to my house and have cookies and milk and i have being a really good girl tell the elves if the can`t make a doll they can make a snowglobe what kind of cookies do you and mrs. claus like?my faviorate is chocolate chip.

  108. hi santa i want you to come to my house and have cookies and milk and i have being a really good girl what i want for christmas is a doll but not a baby doll. tell the elves if the can`t make a doll they can make a snowglobe what kind of cookies do you and mrs. claus like?my faviorate is chocolate chip.

  109. I like your new sleigh, can you please tell me what your bringing me for Christmas ….please…..thank you for being so nice to all the boys and girls around the world…P.S. you are really great!!!!

  110. i know you are true but im not certon. and i relly wish i could give you a gift but i dont think my mom will let me now im relly pumped for xmas so meryyyyy xmas to u

  111. hi Santa,I am getting really excited for xmas. can’t wait to see what you bring me. Tell Rudolf and all of the other reindeers I said hi! Have a safe flight this christmas eve.

  112. Santa are you excited for christmas? You should be, but you have to stay up all night. Hmmm…. will you get anytime to sleep?


  114. santa i hope your sleigh ride go’s ok i bet you cant wait until you come to my house cause we have got milk biscuits and carrot for the riendeer
    lov always the best 11 yr old in wainuiomata olivia

  115. hello santa thnkyou for you email i loved it my sister ses that you are right i have been good she is also exited about you comming and i will make sure i am sleep for when you come tomorrow anyway i am verry tired now and am going to have my bottle night night santa
    love from
    Ana x x

  116. Dear Santa,
    I hope all is well with your sleigh and reindeer. Tell Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner(Donder), Blitzen, Rudolph, and Olive(?) I said to take a nice long rest before you leave. Mrs.Claus must have baked so many cookies! Think of me when you take off. I will probably be asleep. Best of luck and I can’t believe there are only 2 days left!!! 🙂
    Your biggest fan who still believes in you,
    P.S. My dog Buddy loves you!! 😛

  117. i love you, hope you have a wonderful flight and safe one. we just moved back to wichita falls from graham cuz our house flooded, it sucks actually sinks lol! sorta.anyways all i want for christmas is suprise me ha ha, lol! merry jolly holidays!

  118. I would love to see you and Rudolph one day, could I? I would really like it if you could also introduce me to one of your elves. Have a safe trip on Christmas eve.

  119. Hello thanks for sending a letter back i really am happy i wish you luck on your trip i am going to leave you extra coockies thanks santa

    love maddie

  120. I just wanted to let you know that my friend Delaney hadbsurgery and is in the hospital. Can you please make sure you stop by her house, she might not be feeling very well on Christmas day.
    Love Savannah !!!!

  121. i hope you have an awesome journey and for christmas i would like gogo my walking pup,a guitar and a blonde moxie teen. would you give me a present if i came out to see you love emily p.s (all i really want for christmas is gogo)

  122. hey Santa i almost forgot i just wanted to say that your the best Santa in the north pole. oh i was just taking a milk break to also because i thirsty! so anyways are the elves making lots of toys for Christmas day! but anyways i wrote you a letter to you so you can see it it’s on my paper Ok. but hey your the best Santa ever, and tell Mrs. claus that i said hi.

  123. Santa howare you going to get to my house we don`t have a chimmeny. I guess you can climb threw the window. We have milk for you I`ll try to find some cookies. I hope you have a safe journey around the world. Goodbye.

  124. Santa,
    I can’t wait for you to come but here’s what I have to say. Thank you for giving me presents all these years. I might leave something speacial from me to you.
    Merry Christmas,

  125. dear santa,

    santa this year were making cookies with the cookie cutters and leaving food for the rain deers. i hope you make it to my house on christmas eve night.

    PS. Thank you for all the years of giving my familey joy and peace on christmas day oh ya and merry christmas

  126. Dear Santa
    I really want a cellphone.Also I really want world setting bubble mix.I will have some cookies,milk,and some carrots for the reindeer.Have a great Christmas.

  127. I can’t believe it’s almost the Big Day! Can you believe it? All the hardwork you, the elves, the reindeer, and Mrs. Claus have been doing is about to pay off! Have you ever thought of being a Christmas poet? The poem you wrote is really good! I hope you like the chocolate candy and the milk and the carrots I’m putting out. If my mom or dad’s going to the store, I’ll ask if they can be my cookies. I hope I’ve been good. I mean we’re all naughty once in a while, right? 🙂

  128. Hi I love your blog so much! it is quite interesting and i can’t stop reading it I wish everyone a fantastic Christmas!!!

    HO HO HO !!!!

  129. Hey santa hope you can make the flight to my house before your mouth waters Too much we have short bread cookies ready and stawberry milk something new this year!!

  130. Dear santa,
    I really want a kids TsWs trikke and a telescope and then I just want one more thing and its a paintball blaster or an Arcade basketball. I hope you have a great trip delivering presents and a great day today.
    p.S. I’ll have a present for you under the chimmeny and it will have some questions for you.

  131. heyyx i am jessica and i am eleven xx i am with my lovely sister angelina who is 2. angelina has been good all year (kinda lol). i have too ha ha ha :-);-) xx i am a good girl REALLY xx also my new baby bro called malachy who is three months old says hi…..well he thinks it lol he cant speak xxxxxxxxx love always ur fav 11 yr old jess, 2 yr old angelina and 4 month old malachy xxxx

  132. I hope you will like my cookies!Happy flying! Say hi to Rudolph for me! (and all the other guys too, especially Blitzen and Comet)

  133. I hope you have a safe journey all around the fascinating world i hope you have packed all of my presents into the sleigh oxoxoxox byeeeeeeee.

  134. I dont really care if I dont get anything but I do care if the less fortunate people do get something. I am lucky already because I live in a beautiful farm house and lots of animals so I care for the less fortunate only.
    Hugs from

  135. Yo my Clawz!!! Was up billy g! Anwayz if u got me that dell laptop could u b so kind as to put some of my files from my moms laptop to my new one? That would b a timesaver!!! CANT WAIT MY MANS! peace G dog dude man whateve

  136. I Love Your Blog I Will Be Leaving Out Mince Pies and Coca Cola and Biscuits I Will Draw A Picture For You! Christmas Just Comes and Goes! But It Wouldnt BE The Same Without You! xOxOxoOXOXOXOX

  137. Santa, i hope you can come to Brunei.I am worrying that u might not come… Most of the houses in Brunei here doesn’t have chimneys. How are you suppose to go in?

  138. I’m going to leave you some cookies and milk and a compass so you know where to go and don’t get lost. love you Santa !

  139. Hello Santa I cant wait to open all my presents on Sunday I was just wondering if i could leave you a little letter just look in my christmas tree for it

  140. Santa is my hero!! i am getting ready for you and my Grandmother!! It’s a hard job to get ready for you and her!! help!!

  141. Hey Santa thankks for the photo i didn’t know Mrs.Claus had red hair i guess I got my red hair from her.I still believe in Santa if you do to type me to. I will cherich your picture Santa for as long as I live.

  142. Hello people merry christmas all and merry christmas santa and others 2 i hope rudolf has enough energy to pull ur sleigh

  143. My! Santa I Can Not Wait Untill The Big Night. I Really Would Like It If You Left My Dad Some Gifts Too! my Dad is Picky But One Thing I Know For Shure Is He Loves Furr Lined Navy Blue Crocs! I’m Going To Give You The Finest Coca~Cola On Christmas Eve Which Is Tomarrow!
    Yours Truely,

  144. Lol! Nice poem Santa! That’s funny. I am so excited. I have already had my dance recital and I did great! Tell Rudolph to hurry up and get some rest! Love,Hannah

  145. Have a safe ride out there, Santa! oh, and be sure to bring some snacks for the reindeer! I don’t want them to be starving and I am sure that not very many people put out carrots and water for them!!!
    Love you forever and always!

  146. i can’t wait for you to come!!! you’re like the most famous guy on the planet!!!! don’t you have an elf named buddy?
    love, jillian

  147. Dear Santa,
    It is going to be very cold so wear your big coat. I hope you have a good trip. We also took the Naughty Nice Test. We both made A+’s on the Nice list. It is in the Elves vault. Did our elf Barley let you know how we have been? We are really trying to be nice. Cookies and Milk will be waiting for you. Plus we wrote a note that you can write back on it.

  148. I hope you have a very sucsesful run around the world and all the best for the new year

    lots of love and all my wishes



  149. santa, I’m sorry Icalled you a freak. I thought you were a prank phone caller. I thought that because you didn'[t answer. Your still my BFF. I love you.

  150. You are amazing Santa. Your elves are great workers. At school i went on a different websight and saw how great Mrs.Clause is at baking. Your reindeer have great great landings. Seems like you have a great crew. Your my BFF to Santa.

  151. dear santa only 1 night away i just wanted to say hi so hi anyway see you before i go to mass
    Thank You
    Yours suncerly

  152. I really like your poem!
    i hope you have a wonderful christmas!
    i was wondering is olive real?
    Merry Christmas

  153. hello santa claus ,
    how are you ?
    i hope you are ok and you are doing well , make sure rudolph is ready and well for christmas eve and can you let dancer came this year its just she makes a beautifull sound with the bells from Tegan

  154. Dear Santa my halo is a little bit crooked ive tried my hardest to not be naghty but i know i have been a little bit naghty but also ive been a little good to love from Emily Albrighton xxxxxxx:) 🙂 🙂 🙂

  155. I know that Christmas is alot of work but you manage to make it better for all of the kids in the world. Me and my mom have been doing some baking and decided to make you some yummy treats for christmas.


  156. hi santa member me i sent you a letter via the internet last night and i sent those tasty cookies i love your poem and the reindeers nose that was being polished is rudolph please say another hello to mrs claus and the rest of the gang give mrs claus a big huge hug and a big huge kiss from me finty and poppy say meow (that means hello) and i hope you can get me that puppy i wanted if not that is ok.

    love you lots.ronan.

  157. You are verry nice Santa,I can’t believe tomorro is Christmas eve,
    (I can’t wait)
    Thanks for all of the presents that you have got me in these past years

    Lots of Love Naomi

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