Santa’s Socks! (read about them – don’t smell them!)

Santas Socks
Santa’s Socks

Silly Santa’s socks!

Today at the North Pole I made a new snow slide for the elves.  Clumsy went right thru the reindeer barn!

When we came in, Mrs. Claus had nice hot cocoa ready for us.  Of course, I had to take off my boots first.

My Santa socks were very wet, stinky and holey!  It reminded me of last Christmas.


HHHOL! (= Ho! Ho! Ho! Out Loud!)

No, Christmas last year was not wet, stinky and holey.  It reminded me of a STORY from last Christmas, silly!

When I came home last Christmas morning, I had the nicest surprise.  I was very tired.  I was ready for bed.  But Mrs Claus asked me to go to the Great Hall of the Elves first.

I laughed because I was sure that Clumsy the Elf was stuck somewhere.  He ALWAYS seems to be stuck somewhere.

Well, I went into the hall.  Wow!  What a surprise!  There was a big pile of gifts.  When I looked I saw they were all for me!  The elves had all made me some Christmas gifts.

I opened all the presents and guess what was in each package?

A new pair of thick woolly socks!  I think Mrs. Claus must have said something about Santa’s socks!

I could not have asked for better presents!  On Christmas Eve, I go through so many socks!  I have to stop at every country just to change them.

Why Do Santa’s Socks Get Holes?

Because I go up and down so many chimneys, I always end up with holes in my socks.  My big toe is always stick out of them!

It was a lovely way to start my Christmas morning and I still have many pairs left.  (And I save up all the pairs with holes for that old GrinchyClaus on Hallowe’en.  He loves Santa’s socks with holes!)

Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus

P.S.  What other things do you think I need a lot of on Christmas Eve?  Why do you think I need them?  You can click here to tell me about it or, scroll down to see what other people have written!

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70 special messages to Santa about “Santa’s Socks! (read about them – don’t smell them!)”

  1. hi santa im hannah you are so cool so are your elves. hey elves how you doing today. Im glad you got new socks last year. It must be pretty cold without socks and i am also going to read your story. I hear Nicole thought it was good and loved it hope i do to. well bye now

  2. I think you need a lot of hot cocoa and socks and lot’s of energy!You need a lot of hot cocoa because you need to keep really warm!You need a lot of socks because You need your feet nice and warm aswell!You need lot’s of energy so your able to stay up all night wile your on your big trip!

  3. I like The purple hat with the white pompoms and the sled and the helmet and the pink ipod and the radio I think that they Were Pretty Cool and Awesome To Santa From Camryn Thank You Santa Claus The purple hat with the white pompoms and the sled and the helmet and the pink ipod and the radio The Presents Were Cool and Awesome To Santa From Camryn Your Friend Camryn Did you like the Coffee cake and the white milk Have a good Night at The North Pole Santa you are a nice person To Everybody at The North Pole I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year at The North Pole

  4. I think you will need lots of boots because when you go down the chimmny you might get holes in them and you will need socks because when you go down the chimmny your socks gets holes in hhhol

  5. I think you’ll need some cameras to watch all the people in the country or state to see if they are asleep and not awake so it won’t ruin Christmas spirit.

  6. You need a spare jacket and hat in case you forget or lose them on Christmas Eve. Also have some spare boots just in case they get dirty. You need them to stay warm so you can continue delivering presents

  7. Hi Santa! I’m very angry, >:( You know why? Because I always get holes in my socks too! That is so funny! XD We have a lot in common, (I guess…. I mean, you’re Santa Clause! And I’m…. just a silly, funny little girl! LOL! Well, I know that whenever I have holes in my socks, I have to throw them out, but somehow I just feel guilty inside… maybe because I love my socks :(? I don’t know…… XD
    I’ll comment again soon! bye!
    (Four days until my favorite holiday of the year, christmas! 😀 )

  8. Santa, im sure your socks smell very stinky! hahaha
    i also bet they smell like reindeer and chocolate chip cookies too!

  9. I think you need a lot of black boots because you are making the rubber less and less all the rubber off to when all of the sudden you have no boots to wear and your feet,they would be frozen soled

  10. hi santa can i have an apple laptop and a nintendo 3ds and a xbox 360 and a psp vista and a playstation 3 iphone 4 and last but not least ipad 2 if you do i will give you lots of cookies and milk!

  11. I think you should drink milk and cookies.[maybe some hot chocolate]. Anyway, I still want that Ipad that I asked for. And the Pagani zonda, I just had to put it there because I thought it would make you dissapointed if I didn’t. Anyway, my brother and I always get up early to look at the presents.

  12. I think you need a lot to drink. May I suggest warm chocolate. (hot chocolate but not hot that would hurt your tongue)and maybe that why you like eating cookies but may I suggest nuts or fruit or even eating carrots with your reindeer. That’s what I’ll be leaving for you. Promise you’ll share Santa. That’s what good boys do.

  13. Hi Santa i have seen your message to me!! it was funny!!Now can you talk to my mom or dad to see if i can get something special!!! plus i am leaving a letter for you it should be under the tree in the family room when you get here!!
    with warm regards
    your friend Zachery stickle

  14. I Think You Might Need A Different Pair Of Glasses On Christmas Eve Because When You Go Down The Chimmney Or The Reindeer Makes A Sharp Turn They Might Fall Off 😮

  15. hi again i’ve just red the story its great i loved it imagine getting that many pairs of socks wow. well thanks for putting my message on the page now everyone can have a read. bye. oh
    P.S elves your awesome .

  16. hey remember me on email santa .com well i believe in u and love u like apile of rosea peace love merry christmas love tasha i bet your happy im now visiting your blog love

  17. Hello Santa. We wanted to tell you that we have been really good for you this Christmas. We are hoping for a lot of gifts. Thanks.

    Kelsey & Kalaysia

  18. santa i could not live without you thank you so very much ho ho ho! merry christmas all north pole and thank you very much all of you’s at the north pole

  19. Santa, it is maddie. Ijust emailed you and you told me to come post something about your wet socks. I went outside too and got my socks wet…but it reminded me of you not last christmas. I have been practicing my singing for the talent show!! My voice has gotten worse though now that everyone in my school is sick. But i will get better. Have fun. Bye now. (P.S.tell everyone i love them!):) <3

  20. hi santa! i think it is verry cool that you have to change socks in every country. and it was verry nice of the elves to give the present to you!

  21. I think you’ll need a lot of sleep on Christmas Eve you might also need some fruit like a banana so you stay full! i love everyone at the North Pole! x

  22. we love socks! all socks, ecpecially socks from my favorite brand, that sells almost only mix and match socks! i cant wait till santa comes down our chimney to give us gifts!!

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