Reindeer love carrots from Scunner

Reindeer love carrots
Reindeer love carrots

Today was Scunner’s first day in his new job.  He turned up at the stables at five in the morning wearing a pair of big work overalls.

The overalls were quite the sight.  They had big candy cane  straps and flying reindeer on them.

I could tell Scunner was excited to start his new job.

The reindeer all moved over to greet him and he patted them one by one on the nose.

They seemed to like Scunner and that was good.  Even though they are my reindeer, they can still be nervous of new people at times.  Anyway, I stayed for twenty minutes and saw that he was doing well.  That is when I decided to get back to work.

I was only halfway to the workshop when I heard a loud shriek.  Quickly, I turned around, worried by the sound.  I ran as fast as I could back to the stables.

‘Santa, get me doon!’ Scunner wailed.  I tried not to laugh.  He was dangling from Blitzen’s left antler.

Blitzen was moving his whole body, slowly walking in a circle.  It looked like Blitzen was trying to nibble Scunner’s behind!  I did not know what was happening but they were going around and around.

Reindeer Love Carrots!

‘He’s trying to get the carrots that are in my back pocket!’ Scunner moaned.  I smiled and tried not to chuckle.  I understood what had happened.

You see, Scunner is a kind little elf.  He thought it would be nice if he brought some carrots as a treat for the reindeer.

Scunner was changing their straw when Blitzen saw the carrots.  Blitzen LOVES carrots.  He tried to sneak one out of Scunner’s pocket but his antler snagged Scunner’s candy cane strap.  The harder Blitzen tried to get those yummy carrots in Scunner’s back pocket, the more Scunner was bounced around.

Scunner was fine when we got him down.   Instead of being Scunner the Grumpy Elf, he was now Scunner the VERY Grumpy Elf.  I am not surprised that he does not want to work in the reindeer pen anymore.

Ah well, back to the drawing board!

Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus

P.S.  Do you have any special messages for Scunner?  Would you like to remind him that reindeer love carrots? You can click here to tell me or, scroll down to see what other people have written!


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68 special messages to Santa about “Reindeer love carrots from Scunner”

  1. Hi Santa all of those reindeer sound like trouble when it comes to food tell all the reindeer that I love them.
    Your friend Natalie

  2. Well,Scunner can be grumpy and if I saw him dangling from Blitzens angle,then I would have laughed(no offence to Scunner)

  3. hello my name is samuel please say im on the nice list or i mite cry and i want you to wake me up when you get to my house i live in wilson springs rd please wake me up

  4. scunner should do something he likes and maybe that will cheer him up and if he gets happy try some christmas things if he gets sad again do things he likes and stick with that huggs and kisses from gracie ayscue

  5. Will someone please explain that grandchildren can spend Christmas Eve with their grandparents, and Santa will know where they are, and deliver their presents even I’d they are at their grandparents house?

  6. Hi again i hope that i didnt ask for to much.for christmas this year and i hope that i will get to see you very soon and my mommy wont get to make it this year because she is in orlando florida and i miss her very much.she is the bestest mother that i could ever ask for.and my grandparents are the best to.i hope that you really like this post because everything iam saying is from the bottom of my heart.

  7. maybe Scunner can plow the side walks or make you cookies or he could orgenize kids fiels for bieng noughty or nice (and if he does hopefuly he would see me in the nice list) I have many more ideas if you need them so i will post them towmorrow.

  8. Hey Santa i emailed you a few minutes ago i would hope you could email me back that would be nice and send some pictures of the North Pole It would be cool to see what it’s like

  9. maybe you should tell scuner that being grumpy wont solve his job problem, and he should give the reindeer another chance

  10. Dear Santa,

    How have you been up in the North Pole?

    Is it very cold over there?

    What is the whether like?

    Could I please get a cleaning set, motor bike, new gymnastics ds game and some clothes for christmas?

    How have the reindeer been ?

    Who is your favourite elf and reindeer?

    See you before christmas for a photo xoxo

    Love From Jaicinta Possum xoxox

  11. I have a great idea for a job for Scunner if he likes music. Why don’t you guys add speaker i every work station and then have him be in charge of the music. The other elves can even request him to put whatever song/music they want and he could put that on to with dedicasion from one elf to another maybe. Hope he finds something he likes.

  12. scunner you had a quite big accident dont sneak carrots anymore when your by the reindeer! anyway work on that i pod touch4 for me and be on the nice list for my christmas to, now, hey, i seen santa before you dont wanna see him get mad! anyway see ya next year

  13. Scunner, remember, it’s only the first day, after a while you’ll get the hang of it. xoxo, just keep your head high and don’t let anyone let you down. Keep up the good work 🙂

  14. Dear santa,I have not been perfect because I have a brother and we fight sometimes but other than that I have been pretty darn good

  15. I’m sorry Scunner! I thought working in the reindeer barn would be thhe PERFECT job for you! How about you try working in the mailroom, because then you can get letters from children all over the world!

  16. hey scunner im really sorry of what happend.
    but hey! it was only your first day you could keep tryin. and you know what helps me when im angery is to talk about it with a friend or even just to a have a nap! well good luck
    love charlotte

  17. Scunner, Scunner, Scunner, You always seem so grumpy. You should talk to Santa and see what you would like best for a job and what Santa thinks best too.

  18. Dear Scunner you must be a very nice elf but try not to be so grumpy because the christmas spiret is all about being happy and I’m sure you love christmas aswell so try not to be so grumpy I’m sur their is a lot more jobs you could do and I’m also sure that there is one waiting just for you. Hugs and Kisses Csepke!

  19. Hi scunner ! X
    I fEel really sorry for you but try not to be angry for so long!
    I don’t think the reindeer did it on purpose so next time make some time to figure out where to hide the carrots so when reindeers are truly good you can give them then.
    I hope you carry on working in the pen and I’m sure it was just a 1 off xx
    Good luck xxx

  20. this is for scunner hello scunner i lve animals and when its around christmas time like this i love polar bears penguins and reindeer etc. so im pretty grumpy myself because of you mr. you better be sorry for making a sweet tween girl like me grumpy shame on you

  21. I know! Mabye he can wowk as a male nuwse.

    P.S. From Suzette: Our 2 year old (a.k.a. the littest) sister wrote the comment, not 7 year old me.

  22. Hello Santa the elves and the reindeer I hope you have a very merry christmas in the north pole. I can not wait until christmas because I get to see most of my family. Can you please give shirts and pants to all of the homeless people in the world.

    From, Noah

  23. I think that your blog is a good start 2 thumbs up oh and if i dont get McKenna i might be on the nauty list grrr!

  24. Oh no !!! poor scunner!!! Well maybe he could help Mrs Claus in the kitchen. Helping her make cookies and candy canes and other treats!!!

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