Scunner’s New Job

Professor Fumblebumble and the grumpy elf
Professor Fumblebumble and The Grumpy Elf

I am in such a good mood today, even more than usual!

As you know I am a holly jolly happy man but today I am extra holly jolly and happy.  Would you like to know why?

I told you about The Grumpy Elf and his allergy to Christmas?  Well, I have found him a new job and he seems much happier.

Have I told you about Professor Fumblebumble?  He is my chief scientist.  He develops and improves toys.  The Professor is very clever but very absent minded and a little bit clumsy.  That doesn’t surprise me because he is Clumsy the Elf’s Uncle.

Well, I thought that maybe The Grumpy Elf could help Professor Fumblebumble.  I took my Grumpy Elf down the secret elevator to the laboratory.  We went in and saw that the professor was standing at a bench.  His hair standing up on end and his face covered in soot.

The Grumpy Elf Meets The Professor

‘Ah, you must be the unhappy elf?’ the Professor said as he removed his goggles.  There were two clean rings around his eyes.

The Grumpy Elf started to laugh and the Professor looked confused.

‘Santa, I thought you said he was sad?’ The professor rubbed his chin.

‘Och, you look like a Panda.’ Scunner laughed and the Professor smiled.

Just at that point there was an explosion behind him and we all jumped out of our skin.

‘That’s my breakfast.’ The professor ran across to a smoking bowl and looked at it sadly. ‘My porridge is ruined.’

‘You like porridge professor? So, do I and I make great porridge.’

They started talking and sharing stories about porridge, so I quietly left them to it.  As I stepped into the lift I thought I even heard The Grumpy Elf laugh!

Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus

P.S.  Do you think my elf will like his new job?  I wonder what toys the Professor is developing?  Do you have any ideas?  You can click here to tell me about it or, scroll down to see what other people have written!


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34 special messages to Santa about “Scunner’s New Job”

  1. He may be developed a toy that can detect Santa and show the person who is using it a video of Santa and you just fly the toy in the sky like a kite for a minute and pull the toy back down to you to see the video!

  2. I think he’ll do great!!! But he should stay himself, if he doesnt want this job later on, or he is tired of it, you cant force him to stay. If you do, i’ll be so bad, nobody is on the nice list, and all the presents you made will have been pointless! Muahahaha…hhhaaaa!

  3. So how did the job go for him Santa? He should make his own medicine in the toy workshop to feel better on Christmas and he needs sugar or something to him as jolly as you Santa! And a reminder Santa do eat to much cookies you don’t want to get to sick and throw up! Anyway thanks for a good Christmas this year and can’t wait till the next one with everything decorated its beautiful and it was the most wonderful time of the year!(=

  4. Hi Santa its Kaitlyn and I think scunner will do great with is job. Also I really want another picture of u and mis.cluse in the photo with maybe and elf. Ha ha ha ha! I liked that part when he said he looked like a panda well I best be on my way take care now bye bye then. Oh before I go I wish everyone a marry chrismas and happy new year.

  5. Hi! Santa I think Scunner will Have not only fun but he will know he can go to work and be loved by someone new! By the way santa I would really like if you could leave me a picture of you and Rudolph! I always have wished I could be an elf not so I could make toys but so I could be able to take care of mrs.Clause and the reindeer! Also in my stocking this year I would really like the movie the Fault in Our Stars! I love you santa have a merry christmas! P.S. I am kind of obsessed with christmas I mean I already decorated my room a little bit and it’s not even mid October yet and most adults think I’m crazy that I talk about christmas! But I just so in love with christmas!!

  6. Ha Ha Ha! That’s funny! Oh,Umm I think Scunner likes his new job.I would like it.Ha Ha Ha! Oops sorry Santa,I think the panda part was so funny!Another funny part I liked was when the scientist’s breakfast exploded!Ha Ha Ha! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Ha Ha Ha!

  7. I think Scunner will like his new job. We will leave some cookies for you, Scunner and the other elves. (Make sure everyone shares Wink). I think Scunner will make dolls, bikes, and skateboards for kids that sent you a letter. Well this is a goodnight and I can’t wait until you come.
    Your friend Jayden….

  8. good one how about a Elf that makes doll for little kids!ha ha ha really that a good one.

    i hope that he has a very good job Santa.Me and Christy made some sweets for him and hope that he will share whit the OTHER Elf!WE MADE SOME FOR you too.

  9. Santa i know this is a good job for Scunner. A helper for making a Christmas joy for all of the Elf and all of the children,because he is grumpy so he can be happy and i hope that he has a good job!

  10. Hi santa,
    merry christmas. I cant wait intil christmas. Like ur blog by the way! I still believe in santa and i will always do.

  11. a red nose maker
    so all the raindeers can have red noses!
    and kids all over the world can have a red nose!
    you can take it of by the way)

  12. Santa, trust me, he will love his new job. The proffesor will probably blow a lot of things up. by the way, can you leave a note next to my bed that will give me a clue about what I`m getting? Merry Cristmas, and thank you in advance. by the way,i would also like it if you left a picture of yourself and your reindeer sitting on my roof. P.S, can you tell me as soon as possible if I`m on the Naughty list or Nice list? i would appreciate that.

  13. You are always jolly santa!! I never saw one time when you were never jolly!!Also,I heard you when you came to my house last year and even your reindeer.Watch out this Christmas because I might wake up to see you!!

  14. I think scunner will like his job maybe the professser will make a toy car that has an invisibility button so the car and controller will be invisible unless your wearing theses special glasses

  15. Hi How are you? Yes I’m 10 all ready!
    I live in Suttion-in-Ashfied I’m super good but my little sister has been very bad this year and SHE IS NOT GOOD EMMA HAS BEEN TELLING A LIE TO YOU SANTA!! Sory about that and I’m in year6 all ready! And I can’t whate for Thursday beause I’s our Xmax party!

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