Spicy cookies for Santa – I wonder what happened this time?

Santa eating spicy cookies
Santa tries spicy cookies

Christmas cookies are so delicious.  They aren’t yucky cookies.  And they aren’t cookies that give you hiccups.  And they certainly aren’t spicy cookies!

Oh, how I wish I had some nice Christmas cookies. Every time Mrs Claus has tried to bake me cookies lately it has gone wrong.

Do you know why that is? Yes, my dear friend Clumsy the Elf has tried to help. Each time he has tried to help, something has gone wrong!


This time Mrs Claus was in the kitchen by herself. She had told no one. This was a top secret mission. A top secret cookie mission.

She had gotten all of the ingredients. Nothing had gone wrong.

She had mixed all the ingredients. Nothing had gone wrong.

She had double checked all the ingredients. Nothing had gone wrong.

She was about to put the mix onto the cookie sheet. In walked Clumsy reading a Christmas card. He was chewing on his favourite treat, a spice ball. Clumsy loves spice balls. I do not. They make my mouth taste like fire.

Clumsy was so busy reading his Christmas card he bumped right into Mrs Claus. She screamed. He screamed. Mrs Claus screamed again. Clumsy screamed again. He threw the spice ball up in the air. It stuck to the ceiling. Mrs Claus pushed Clumsy out the door. She locked the door and double bolted it.

A Spicy Cookies Adventure

Mrs Claus took her bowl. She walked under the spice ball. The ball dropped. Oh no! The spice ball landed on the table. Whew! The spice ball rolled down the table. It fell off and rolled across the floor. It rolled straight onto a spoon. Mrs Claus turned and stepped onto the spoon handle. The spice ball flipped up into the air and over her head. It bounced on one side of the bowl. Then it bounced on the other side of the bowl. It bounced out of the window.

The spice ball bounced onto a squirrel. The squirrel ran away. A bird spotted the squirrel. The bird spotted the spice ball. The bird though it was a tasty treat. It swooped down and grabbed the spice ball. One second later the bird dropped the ball. It’s beak felt like it was on fire. The ball dropped back in through the open window. It dropped into the bowl of cookie mix.

Mrs Claus did not notice so she baked the spicy cookies.

When I first bit into the cookie it was delicious. One second later I felt like my mouth was on fire. I had to drink nine glasses of water. It tool a long time for me to feel fine again. It made me cry. That spicy cookie made my tongue swell up! It made my cheeks turn pink. It made my lips turn bright red. I don’t think I like spicy cookies!

I hope you never have to taste spicy cookies like that!

Santa Claus

P.S. Have you ever eaten spicy cookies or something else really spicy? Did you like it or did it taste like fire? You can click here to tell me or, scroll down to see what spicy things other people tried.

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32 special messages to Santa about “Spicy cookies for Santa – I wonder what happened this time?”

  1. I was once tried sushi that was quite spicy it felt like my stomach and tongue was on fire. Though that is why I shouldn’t eat the spicy sushi rolls not good.

  2. santa your my favorite i wish you a merry christmas eve and merry christmas thank you for the wonderful gifts.

  3. No I don’t I just make cookies with oatmeal chocolate chip cookies with chapped up nuts in them because I know they are your favorite cookies . That’s why I helped my mom make them for you talk to you next year

  4. I hate spicy food but my friend Becky loves it give her some spicy but not to spicy chips etc for Christmas trust me she will love you for that tell Becky her friend Angela told you to give it to her

  5. This is my second reply in one day but I’ve had buffalo chicken. Oof! And speaking of cookies, I’m sorry that every year we’ve gone to my aunt’s house and we always get home so late. This year because of the pandemic my aunt is not hosting the gathering and me and my mom just made the best cookies ever! I should know, I tasted one to make sure it was good. I hope you enjoy them! And I hope Rudolph enjoys the carrots I left for him!

    P.S. I think this site should remove the “You’re posting comments too quickly” thing. I got it twice during my last reply, and I just got it again. It’s driving me insane.

  6. One time I ate stew chicken from a Jamaican store and stew chicken wasn’t spicy Santa and then if you continue to read the spice I felt a little bit so it wasn’t bad but little did I know the spice began to come and my tounge was a weird my nose began running and I felt distrusted so I drank a lot of water so it wasn’t burning .

  7. Well Santa p.s I can’t believe I’m talking to Santa but I have ate my aunts barbecue chicken and my mouth was fine at first but then it became spicy so my nose was running and my mouth wa on fire so I had to drink water slot then pee.Luckily insurvived.

  8. santa i don,t see an elf on my shelf a toone TN 38383 teage rd the house with rocks on the gound and a red and white onament outside and with wood

  9. 1 My mom spit up all of her recover when me and my sister were sleeping upstairs in bed PS send us up to the north pole so Santa Claus can see it and I hope Mrs. clause sees it to well I better get going bye and don’t feel bad that you had to eat a beach bar for instead of a cookie PSS This is just between you and me I don’t like fizzy stuff like general Pepsi or soda so I just have lots of ice and water

  10. It tastes like it was my mouth on fire.I don’t know if I like spicy cookies.I drank more than 9 glasses of water.It was a long time making it fine like you if you taste the spicy cookies.So,I can’t give you a spicy cookies.I can give you the delicious and the nice cookies instead of spicy cookies.Have a nice day,Santa Claus!

  11. One time, in Thailand, my mom had me taste some of her spicy soup, which she said was very hot. When I first tasted it, I thought it was not spicy at all. Then, a minute later, my mouth was ON FIRE. I had to drink milk over and over and over again to get rid of that feeling.

  12. one time I accidentally got hot Cheetos for snack instead of the non spicy Cheetos. When it was time for snack I opened the hot Cheetos bag with out noticing I ate one then my mouth felt like it was on fire!


  14. I liked your story santa it made me laugh with joy but I feel sorry for you having to taste those spicy cookies.I once was at a friends birthday party and I was asked if i was hungary so i went up and ate a sort of filled chicken it tasted nice for a second then it burnt in my mouth like a hot bowl of curry chicken!

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