Stuck in a chimney! Who will save Santa? Can you?

Santa stuck in a chimney!
Santa stuck in a chimney!

Merry Christmas!  The next story is very embarrassing.  I was stuck in a chimney.  But, Mrs Claus told me to share it with you because she thinks it is very funny.  Well, here goes.

It was thirty-six Christmases ago.  The elves had worked hard all year to make and wrap all of the presents.  The reindeer had flown their hearts out as we had soared around the world.  My sack was stuffed full of presents, and the snow was falling.  It was perfect conditions for Christmas.

I was getting close to the end of my route.  I knew that by now there would be children all over the world, waking and unwrapping their presents.  On this side of the world, it was still dark.  I only had 3,763 houses to go.  We landed on a roof, and I grabbed the presents. I jumped into the chimney, fell half-way down, and got stuck. That had never happened before!  I had never got stuck in a chimney.  I had run out of magic powder.

Quickly, I radioed to the elves and told them what had happened.  They were sending their best elf to help.  I waited exactly one minute and seventeen seconds before I heard a voice at the top of the chimney.

“Um, I may have dropped the magic powder on the way over here.  But! I have an idea,” said the elf.

Stuck in a chimney!

I did not like the sound of that, but what else could I do?  Thirty seconds later, the elf appeared.  He had found some butter in the fridge.  He rubbed it all over the sides of the chimney and began to jump on my head.  Just as I was about to shout, I flew down the chimney.  I shot out the fireplace and slid straight across the room.  I was covered in butter!  The cat hissed as I slid straight into it.  It stuck to my face.

The elf was there in seconds to help me.  He mistook my beard for my hat and began yanking on it.  It was so sore!  He grabbed the cat, but it was covered in butter now.  The cat slid out his hands and ran across the room.  It slid into the Christmas tree.  The tree fell, and the elf tried to catch it.  He missed by a mile. Then the elf slipped and fell on his bum.  That was when he realized that the magic dust was in the pocket he had not checked.

We quickly got everything back into place, before anyone came downstairs. We got out of there and delivered the rest of the presents.  Do you know the elf’s name?  His real name is Winston, but from that day on, we called him Clumsy!

Do you have any silly or embarrassing stories like mine? Have you ever been unstuck from a chimney with a stick of butter?

Santa Claus

P.S.  Has anything like this ever happened to you?  You can click here to tell me or, scroll down to see what happened to other people.

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10 special messages to Santa about “Stuck in a chimney! Who will save Santa? Can you?”

  1. Even though I am 10 I still leave a mince pie out for you because you are amazing! Xoxo P.S am I getting pointe shoes for Xmas???

  2. One day our elves got wine glasses and they were reading the naughty and nice lists! They were pooping out Hershey’s kisses in the glasses! Ha! Ha! Ha! We thought it was so funny! PS It was today.

  3. One morning I was trying to look for my elf. They have a chalkboard that they always write on each and every day. Today it said Santa called us back to report to him longer. So they were not here but I was getting on my iPad and they switched my home screen to a picture of them in my backpack. For some reason I love looking at pictures so I was on it and there was about twenty pictures of them like hiding in Christmas trees,in the freezer,outside playing football. They’re very crazy when they come. They have clothes other than the red costume each and every elf wears. They wear like football uniforms,skirts,pajamas they’re very funny. Yesterday I was being bad so my mom touched my elf. I have two elves named red and Sally. I love sally. So to apologize to red whose out of magic I went on targets website to look for elf clothes. I paid with my own money. I got the girl elf Sally an ice skating outfit with a metal and the boy elf red a sweatshirt that says jingle bells rocks and some headphones. He’s really rocking out in the bathroom might need to pee.

  4. I was stuck in a tree once, because I tried to jump down a flight of stairs and didn’t calculate my landing the right way.

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