Christmas chocolate belly flop!

Mrs. Claus likes Christmas Chocolate too!
Mrs. Claus likes Christmas Chocolate too!

Today was a jolly holly day at the Reindeer Games.  HHHOL!!  I laughed so hard I nearly split my sides.  And my pants!

Vixen had learned all about a sport called the “mud pit belly flop”.  What a strange and funny sport.  It is part of the Redneck Games held every year in America.  People take turns at belly flopping into a huge puddle of mud.  The winner is the person who makes the biggest SPLASH!

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World Christmas Parade

World Christmas Parade - Junkanoo
World Christmas Parade – Junkanoo

Every weekend before Christmas a different group of elves puts on a big parade.  It is a lot of fun.  After all, everyone at the North Pole loves a parade!

Tonight, the elves from different countries put on their big parade.  It is one of the happiest of all the parades.

Every year we have different countries in the parade (the elves have to take turns after all!).  Would you like to hear more about the parade?

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Name The Baby Christmas Elves!

Name The Baby Christmas Elves!
Name The Baby Christmas Elves!

Do you remember what happened last Christmas Day at the North Pole?  Twelve baby Christmas elves were born!  After all, all Christmas elves are born on Christmas Day!

You did know about the baby Christmas elves, right?  Would you like to hear more news about them?

Well, everyone at the North Pole has been enjoying the babies.  They are a lot of work though!  Can you imagine having twelve babies?!

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Will Mouse the Elf Lose a Tooth?

Lose a Tooth
Will Mouse the Elf ever lose a tooth?

Did you ever lose a tooth?

Mouse, the littlest Elf, is getting to be a big girl!  She is only 106 years old, which is still young for a Christmas elf.  But that is about when elves start to lose their baby teeth and get their “big elf” teeth.

All her elf friends had lost a tooth already.  She was the last one she thought.  She waited and waited and tried wiggling and wiggling. But none of her teeth were loose.  “Santa Claus,” she asked me “Am I ever going to lose a tooth?”   “Of course you will.  You just have to be patient,” I said.

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