Should Elves Come To Your Home Early?

what happens when elves come early
What happens when elves come early!

Can my elves come early?

That is a question many of my young friends ask me!  And I can see why.  Elves are a lot fun to have around.  And I should know — I’ve had them around me for hundreds of years now!  Those elves are always doing something silly or cheeky.  Ho, Ho, Ho!

But, there is a very good reason you may not want your Christmas elf to come too soon before Christmas.  Would you like to find out that reason?  Well, keep reading!

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Candy Cane Limbo Skating Reindeer

candy cane limbo dancing reindeer

Have you ever heard of candy cane limbo skating reindeer before?  Well, neither had I, until today!

Today was limbo skating day in the Reindeer Games.  Cupid had learned all about this strange sport.  People try to roller skate under very low things.  The winners get REALLY low.  They do the splits on roller skates! Cupid thought the reindeer could try limbo skating on ice.  Reindeer do not need ice skates.  Reindeer hooves make great skates!

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