Christmas Tree Decorating

Christmas Tree Decorating
Christmas Tree Decorating

It is getting close to Christmas. Have you done your Christmas Tree decorating yet? I love Christmas Trees. Not to mention I love to decorate them too. But I always use too many lights. Mrs. Claus and I always cut down our own Christmas Tree. Do you cut down yours? Or, do you have an artificial one instead?

It does not matter what type of tree you have. The only thing that matters is that you love it. When your tree is decorated, I bet it looks beautiful. I love to see a beautiful Christmas tree when I am delivering presents. Continue reading “Christmas Tree Decorating”

Christmas Decorations Parade at the North Pole

Christmas Decorations parade - as drawn by Mouse the Littlest Elf

Christmas Decorations Parade at the North Pole!

Every weekend before Christmas a different group of elves puts on a big parade.  It is a lot of fun.  After all, everyone at the North Pole loves a parade!

Tonight, the elves that make the Christmas decorations and ornaments put on their big parade.  I think their parade is the prettiest and maybe the silliest.  Would you like to hear more about their Christmas Decorations Parade? Then keep reading!

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Christmas Bonnet Contest

Have you ever heard of an Easter bonnet contest?  The hats I like best have Easter eggs on them!  Mmmm! Yummy chocolate eggs!

The elves had a fun idea today.  They decided to have a Christmas bonnet contest!  But the bonnets were not hats.  They were reindeer antlers! Continue reading “Christmas Bonnet Contest”

Twinkle Twinkle Little… Comet?

Santa and reindeer delivering presents from the elves

The elves have been busy making a special Christmas tree today.  Last year Mrs Claus made them a special star out of sparkles, feathers and lights.  The elves have wanted to put it on top of a Christmas tree for a long time.

The elves decided to make a special outdoor tree for it out of snow.   It started out quite small.   But, it soon got bigger and BIGGER!  It got so big that they needed help to decorate it.

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